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  1. So I had an idea for an RP:
    We'd convert the story of Fallout 4 (with some modifications) into a campaign we'd run with the Fallout PnP system.

    We'd probably start in Diamond City, since that's a place where a lot of characters could conceivably meet at once. I'd play the Sole Survivor who would gather up a team of people (you guys) to hunt down the Institute.

    Would anyone be interested?

    Here's the system we'd be using:

    The OOC IS UP:
    OPEN SIGNUPS - Fallout: The Commonwealth | IwakuRoleplay.com
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  2. I'm down for Fallout anytime, but I'm a little iffy on the whole 'travel freely between areas/all the stories happening at once' bit. I generally like leaving canon events out of my Fallout RPs, especially since there are usually so many potential endings.
  3. Sounds great (probably since I love fallout)... but maybe leave the Mojave out since its pretty far maybe just news and rumors from there. To be completely honest I could care less just a suggestion. So keep the Mojave if you want.
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  4. Alternatively, I could try a Fallout-4 themed RP. That'd probably be easier to pull off, anyways.
  5. That could be easier to do, Once again I don't care it's your Roleplay so execute it however you wish I'm down either way!
  6. Ok. I'm thinking a Dice RP in Fallout 4's setting. I'll change this thread to suit its new purpose.
  7. Okiedoke, thread succesfully converted!
  8. Interested, will review the PDF and get back with you soon.

  9. Interested
  10. I'd like to bump this.
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