Fallout 4 Confirmed!

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  1. ----> Check it out! <----
    I think this is actually it folks! E3 is in less than three weeks and Bethesda is attending, so this is very likely a way of getting hype going before the reveal there. Either way I'm crossing my fingers that this isn't another hoax.​

    EDIT: The page has all the company logos at the bottom so I really think this is it, 'cuz someone would get sued if it wasn't.

    EDIT EDIT: Also a bunch of legal fine print stuff so I am pretty much 100% sure this is it.


    Post E3 EDIT: 11/10/15. Prepare yourselves.
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  2. God I hope it's set in the commonwealth.

    Post apocalyptic warfare + androids would be the sweetest thing ever.
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  3. Yes! I am hoping and praying for Fallout 4.

    My friend and I want it more than Half Life 3.
  4. @Cowboy Well whatever is at the end of the countdown is probably just a teaser. I bet we won't learn details until E3.
  5. I don't trust his lies.

    Obsidian did so well with New Vegas, it's a shame they missed their bonus by a single percent on MetaCritic which likely got them kicked from making more.
  6. Here's hoping they learned their lesson from Elder Scrolls Online and aren't trying to make a Fallout Online.
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  7. Oh god that would be the worst.

    I really don't like MMOs (ever since I stopped playing WoW, years ago). They take up too much time and have a tendency to suck you in.
  8. Pretty sure the Fallout MMO fell through a couple years back. I think most major companies have accepted that there's no room in the market for new MMOs now.

    Just a shame that now they're all making fucking mobas.

    Anyhow, colour me cautiously hyped. Been looking forward to some more Fallout.
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  9. The only reason I might get a current gen console. I realize PC is the master race, but saving money long enough to get a decent gaming rig seems impossible in a household that runs into bad luck as often as mine. If there's not one thing emptying my pockets as soon as I fill them, there's something else.

    Fallout 4 though. Plsyes.
  10. That was Interplay trying to make an MMO though. Bethesda hasn't tried and failed to make one themselves, so it's possible they'll try it, thus my hoping that they won't. :P
  11. Bethesda seems pretty set in their ways. I don't think we'll ever see them hit the MMO market.

    But seriously;

    Pls be Commonwealth.
  12. Bethesda tried to get the rights to make a Fallout MMO, but they couldn't.
  13. Er, the last game Bethesda released was an MMO by the name of Elder Scrolls Online. Not so set in their ways after all.
    Incorrect. They reached a settlement with Interplay to retrieve full rights to Fallout development, including the possibility of a Fallout MMO, early in 2012. Bethesda gained full control of the Fallout IP from Interplay back in 2007, then licensed the rights to make an MMO out of it to Interplay. That deal had certain contractual conditions that Interplay failed to meet (have the development in full swing by April 2009 and secure at least 30 million dollars in funding), thus Bethesda sued them for breach of contract and reached an out of court settlement that included that licensing being rescinded. Bethesda currently owns all rights to making new games of any type or genre in the Fallout IP.
  14. Hmm...

    I was misinformed then.
  15. ESO was a catastrophic failure. Bethesda has a history of learning from its failures. They won't gamble a second major license on an MMO anyway, that doesn't make any sense: Why make unnecessary competition for the failure that is ESO, in a public market that doubts their ability to make one?

    It'll be Fallout in the Skyrim engine. Just like how Fallout 3 was Oblivion's engine. Seems to be their safe and comfy status quo now, and they could really use a nice, safe release. A nice, streamlined, safe release, with pretty slow-mo kill graphics that every beer-swilling retard will buy. :ferret:
  16. Excuse me for thinking publisher and developer were different things, I am very silly sometimes.
  17. So, is everyone ready for the plethora of unfixed bugs and glitches that will undoubtedly plague Fallout 4?

    Make sure you stock up on extra keyboards and game pads while you can!

    You'll need them!
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  18. Trailer! It is here!
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