Fallout 4: Automatron

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  1. Discuss.

    It's coming out on the 22nd, which is nice. Bethesda hadn't mentioned when it was coming out beyond 'March', so I was worried it was coming out on the 31st, like Team Four Star did with their last Hellsing Abridged.​
  2. Hoping it goes on sale for the base game so I can snag it for the PC. As for that ridiculous price hike? Fuuuuuuuck that.

    I'll keep doing my five minute surveys for a dollar until Gamestop sends me another gift card in a few weeks before dropping it on that. Maybe.

    As for the actual DLC.. Revamped survival mode, not really my cup of tea considering the game's knack for shenanigans. Robot companion, awesome for my int stacked science character using a gauss rifle+ suppressor I named the Pillar of Autumn. Wondering if they'll have references to the Machinist from the past games.

    Also, G.E.C.K. when?

    Edit: Just watched the launch trailer. Literally the Mechanist. Who's also a Silver Shroud character.

  3. HA! That's clever. They do look similar.
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  4. I didnt think of the appearance.

    I thought it was clever because the Pillar of Autumn's main armament was a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, essentially a gauss rifle.

    Fuck I'm a nerd.
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  5. Well, that... that actually makes sense. How did I not realize that?!

    Visual comparison (open)
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  6. *Also fangirls at @Windsong *

    That aside, I bought the season pass when it was cheaper after I read they were planning two rounds of DLCs. Is it true? I don't care, I still got a decent deal. That said, I'm really looking forward to seeing what mods people add to accompany the DLCs.

    Constantly wedgied vault suit mod, anyone?
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  7. I'll likely wait for it to be cheaper.

    It seems cool, but I still need to sort out my Mods long enough to have one longer playthrough myself before I starting throwing money at expansions I risk never reaching.
  8. I should've gotten it while it was cheap. Otherwise g2a probably has it for less like usual.

    Otherwise.. DEADBOLT came out today and I still need to make a Black Desert thread..

    The trailer for the dlc showed a lot to it when it came to making bots. Looks fun. But without those intelligence perks for scavenging and collecting I see it being a slog for the less common parts. Seeing a sentry bot torso on a handy hover jet just looked silly too.

    Oh the science abominations..

    ... Mods will fix it

    Oh wait, gonna grab that PC version. Lol console commands
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  9. *Cries tear of joy*
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  10. I really hope with this that anti-robot weapons come out, like Pulse Grenades/Mines. But, cautiously optomistic for it.
  11. ... Those are already in the game.
  12. I can't say I've ever found one, or recalling finding one. My mistake.
  13. [​IMG]
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