Falllen Angel/Ascended Demon

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  1. Fallen Angel/Ascended Demon

    I was digging through some old notebooks while doing late spring cleaning , and found this story idea that I never really got to work on, and probably never will make into a full novel, but figured it would make a good RP with the right partner.

    MC is Azrael, an angel who got a little mouthy in Heaven and was banished to the mortal world. YC is a Demon who rekindled their faith in God and was also banished to the same city for, according to Satan, "Going soft" and hoping some time on Earth would make them understand why they do what they do.

    Here are some things to make it interesting.

    Angels and Demons are neither male nor female in the physical sense, and on the physical plane can change between male and female genitals(or have both) but can have a primarily masculine or feminine personality (or both, if my partner wishes). Azrael will have developed a masculine primary personality.

    Expectations: I consider myself adept, and so would like the same in my partner. 3-4 paragraphs per post to work with will suffice. I may at time be unable to post multiple times a day, and so won't be expecting the same of you, but I will make an effort to at least put in to one to two posts a day minimum.

    We could explore the dichotomy of good and evil, have more plot than smut, or just have fun with the characters, depends what we can hash out together.

    PM me if interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.