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  1. Shion nervously made her way up the steps, clenching her schedule tightly in her hands. She stood at the school's entrance, and sighed rather sadly. Obviously, she knew it was going to be hell for her, since she was a transfer student, and would have a hard time speaking, and getting around. Pulling herself right back into reality, she took a deep breath, opening the doors to her new school. The bell hadn't rung yet, and she was sure everyone was too busy talking to their friends to even acknowledge her, so she just pushed through the crowd of people, sitting on a nearby bench.
  2. Gregory never enjoyed just sitting in his classroom the first day of school and greeting people, and he instead would prefer to get up and meet the kids. Actually, he even looked like a teenager himself, if one would believe it, so he fit right in. As he began to survey the new students, ideas about how he would greet them this year came to mind, until he finally settled on a late entry in order to fool them into thinking he was student. But his musings we're interrupted by the arrival of a girl who sat on the beach, away from everyone. So, out of his friendliness, he walked over and sat by her, "hello! What's your name?"
  3. Shion, being startled by his sudden presence, instantly scooted away from him a bit. She glanced up at him, with a rather complicated look pasted onto her face. "Name..?" Her voice was just a whisper, that could really not be heard over the rather yelling voices. "Shion..What's..your..name..?" She had a bit of a strong Japanese-like accent, that sounded rather strange in English. Shion looked down at her shoes a bit shyly, and sighed once more.
  4. Gregory smiled at her soft words, and tried not to take notice of How she no ed away. He guessed she was just startled and shy.
    "My name is Gregory, are you the new transfer student here?" He smiled even more, "if you are then I'm Mr.Rodriguez, the English 1 and European History teacher! I'm glad to meet you!"
  5. Shion nodded, and a warm smile curved onto her lips. "Uhm... She started. It took her about a minute to reply. She had to always take some time, and gather her thoughts, before she could say anything. "Yes..y-yes I am..very nice to meet you, mister..Uhm..R..never mind.." Her face turned a bright red as she attempted to pronounce his name. She ran her fingers through her hair in frustration, leaving her more confused than ever.
  6. Gregory giggled, "it's okay, I can see learning another language would be difficult for you. R-od-ree-guess if that helps!" He smiled at her, taking her in. He had her for his class, but he didn't know which one. He wanted to be friendly with her, foe he understood the pain of being a transfer student.
  7. "Or I could just call you Senpai..since..I cannot really pronounce your name no matter how hard I..Uhm..try..but..I don't think people would really think that is appropriate.. She explained, in her same piano-soft voice. God, what's wrong with me..? I'm litteraly embarrassing myself.. She thought to herself. She sat an empty desk at the far back of the classroom, feeling the safest there.
  8. Gregory walked up to her, slowly staring at her face. She seemed unsure of herself, as if she believed she had nothing going for her and she'd caused this, "well, call whatever you need to Shion! As long as we can communicate. Now I'll go prepare for day one of class!" He smirked and left the room.
  9. "Okay.." Was all she said, before carelessly throwing her head onto the desk again, along with a 'thump'. I don't really think I can make it through this day. I'm just going to get laughed at just because of my accent, despite the fact that I can barely talk to anyone. Wow, how useful I am. Shion sighed in frustration, taking a quick glance at her schedule again.
  10. The class began, yet the teacher wasn't there. At first, the students thought nothing of it. But after three minutes, and no sign of him, it felt wrong. Most teachers stayed their rooms during the first day. Where was he?
    Then he walked in, holding a book, and then looked up in mock horror, "oh my gosh I'm late!" Earning some giggles, he ran over and sat in a student's desk and leaned into one and whispered, "I think the teacher will be here soon!" Again, more giggles. Then he finally sat up, "oh wait, I'm the teacher!" Laughs erupted from the room, "hi, I'm Mr.Rodriguez, and I'm your English II teacher."
  11. Shion couldn't really acknowledge how many minutes she'd been sitting at her desk, just waiting. She suddenly parted away from her thoughts, and glanced up from her desk, to see what all of the giggling and laughter was about. She kept that same blank expression on her face, not bothering to crack one smile. Being uninterested, she placed her head back down on the desk, along with another 'Thump'. Shion just went back to thinking and thinking and thinking, not really paying attention at all.
  12. Seeing his students laughing energized him, and a thought came to mind, "everybody standup! Come on quickly now quickly now!" He ran around, getting them all to stand, "everyone is going to introduce themselves! Go on, start!"
  13. Shion sighed and got up from her seat, instantly leaning against the wall. What fun this is. Everyone is just gonna laugh and laugh and laugh. And I'm sure senpai will, also. Shion crossed her arms, and looked down at her feet, lightly tapping them against the tile.
  14. Using their first names, he quickly got a feel for all of the students in the room, "and what about our new transfer student? You know I used to be a transfer from Britain! Let's hear from her! Introduce yourself back there!" He smiled invintingly.
  15. Shion glanced up, knowing that he was talking directly to her. She pushed herself off of the wall, glancing down at her feet again as if no one was there. "Shion Sonozaki. My name is Shion Sonozaki." As always, her voice was just a soft whisper, but had no emotions within it. She didn't really realize it at most times, but really didn't care. Shion threw herself back into her seat forcefully, burning her head into her arms again.
  16. Letting her small speech talk pass, he sat everyone down and be started to look around, "okay, so this is English. Who knows where it originated though? What country?"
  17. "Here, obviously." She thought, but didn't want to answer, completely fearing that it may be way out of place. "I'm not that familiar with English..so I'd found completely stupid giving a ridiculous answer like that..'
  18. "It actually originated in Germany! Oddly enough, English is apart of the western Germanic branch..." He went on for awhile, then a thought hit him, "so Shion, how easy is it learning English?"
  19. "It's..very difficult..in my opinion..trust me..it just is.." She explained, and tapped her fingers against the desk. "It's just complicated. If you grew up learning another language that was not English, you'd have troubles. She added.
  20. "What about learning a new language is the toughest?" He pressed, hoping to get out a response. It intrigued him to have this resource and he was going to use it.
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