Falling To Deep

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  1. "Today is the day we take the land that was given to us by the gods themselves!" His words are met with mummers of agreement. The heat of the evening sun drives them forward, clan members nodding their heads and talking low among themselves fills the silence of the cave. Alex licks his dry lips and tastes the faint tang of blood from the kill they made. It makes electricity run through his tail with pride. Static fizzes through the air as they listen to Victor, warrior of the old.

    "Alex." Alex's head snaps toward Victor, the old mans eyes glistening with amusement as he smiles gently at his grandson. "I want you to a group of three towards the border of darkness and remark it as our land. Can we trust you to lead this expedition?" Others turn towards Alex eyes hopeful as they wish he would take all of them. In the corner of his eye he sees Jason. He's the only one who's not cheering and sits solemnly near the entrance of the cave. Eyes glittering with jealously as he glares at Alex. Alex turns toward him and nods slowly. Jason raises an eyebrow and blinks. Looking away sharply as if embarrassed.

    "Yes, grandfather, you can trust me. Not only you, but the rest of out people also! Jason, Brea, and my lovely sister. May you come with me to show our enemies who's truly owns the borders?" He clenched his fists as he turned towards his sister. His tail curled gracefully around her as he smiled at him. A single nod made his heart pound even faster.

    Bowing towards his people he made the sign of Luxray on his chest and walked out. Knowing that the others would follow him, he dashed as light hit him in the eyes. Forcing him to blink once or twice as he heard the footsteps and cheers burst from behind him. At the corner of his eye he caught three shadows alongside him. Courage sparked through his mane and electricity thorough the air.

    It was time to prove his worth.
  2. Wynn hated this. The constant and generation-long war between Luxray and Absol, a clan war that no one even knew the start of anymore. Wynn couldn't stand violence, though he could hold up his own in battle. He was one of the lower ranking members of his clan, considering the fact that he never tried to kill or raise his rank. The only time he'd killed had been accidental. He'd meant to simply knock out a higher-up member of the Luxray clan so that he could escape, but his strength had made him end up killing the higher up. The next two days had been hell, praises being sung about him and gifts of all kinds being given to him. Once his clan had gotten the hint, though, that he didn't want the celebration, they stopped. And he was glad for it.

    Wynn lived on the outskirts of his clan's territory, a house high up in the trees for safety and being able to watch out for incoming Luxray. He was along one of the lesser-invaded borders, though, so he never had to do much calling out and he'd never had to start a battle. He never expected to have to start a battle, so he was happy with where he was. He had a simple house in the safest of locations, as far as he was concerned.

    Wynn was currently walking around along the border of the Absol-Luxray territory. He knew it was dangerous, but he figured he could just run if he was spotted. If it came to the most dire of situations, he could defend himself long enough to get away. He relied mainly on defense tactics, which was why he had a dagger of the strongest material he could get his hands on. This was the weapon he had on his belt as he walked along the border, not expecting any problems.

    The Absol froze up when he heard a group of footsteps coming towards the border, and those steps were from the Luxray side. He looked out at the lit area, his eyes growing wide when he saw mere shadows running towards the border. He turned and quickly took off running to escape danger, hoping he wasn't spotted. He got to his tree home quickly and climbed up the rope ladder, closing the trap door that was the entrance and starting to rush around his home, searching for the horn that would call out to the main village to warn them of danger.
  3. Alex hears the heavy coughing of Jason as he slows to a stop. A cloud of dust forming around them making Alex squeeze his eyes shut for a moment. Tension fills the space between them as the quiet settles in. Jason's hunched form is visible in the shadow of the woods, eyes glittering as his coughs subside. About time he stopped all the damn noise, Alex thinks bitterly. He can see he's not the only one who's regretting his choice to bring him. Both girls are glaring at him slightly and they turn their heads toward the border ears pricked and tails swishing the leaves on the ground. His sister, Alyssa, shoots a questioning glance at him sideways and points to the mud on the ground. Alex smiles at her her brilliance showing again even as cubs. Alex motions flicks his tail and points it towards the mud. The thick substance stinking and smelling of the musty tang of earth. Jason wrinkles his nose and Brea rolls her eyes, despite the amusement that shines in them.

    As they lather the mud onto themselves Alex can help, but copy Jason's actions. He wonders briefly if it's mud at all. He shakes away the disgust that rolls along his spine and nods his head toward the shadow of the trees that line the border. Running for the nearest tree he hides behind it and motions for others to do the same. They copy with little resistance as they blend in with the background. Alex makes a small prayer towards Arceus for his sister.

    He pricks his ears and listens for the sound of footsteps and sniffs the air. Alarm sparks through his fur as he smells the faint scent of someone. Most likely an Absol that passed recently. He drowns back a growl of distaste as it hits the back of his throat. Disgusting. He can tell by the look that Brea's giving him that she's thinking the same thing. She glares at him as and nods sharply towards the rocks that line the border as if telling him to go on with it. He waves towards the others to stay put and sneaks out from behind the shadow of the trees.

    His skin prickles as his body leaves the comfort of the forest. His heart in his chest as anxiety fills the spaces in his body making him tremble slightly. He shakes himself and swallows, he can't let them see his fear. Lest of Jason who would go running back to grandfather at the slightest mistake. He smirks at the irony.

    "Hope it doesn't hurt to bad." he jokes to himself as he touches the first rock. Static flies from his fingers and bounces off the first rock. It spreads leaving of trail of yellowish hue along the countless rocks. It would be charged with electricity for days, weeks even. Anyone who dares touches the rocks before the electricity wears off will be shocked into tomorrow. He hears a small yes behind and snaps his head around to glare at the noise. Jason's out of the shadows of the trees and quickly puts his hands over his mouth. His sister slaps her forehead.

    He listens for the enemies footsteps and glances around. Something in the pit of his stomach hopes that they'll see him. Absol's were always solitary and weak Pokemon. He just hopes he has the strength the defeat one in battle. His tail swishes the ground as excitement prickles at his skin. He hopes it will be today.
  4. Wynn, despite his scrambling and searching, couldn't find the horn. He tensed up when he remembered where it was, and he slapped his forehead. "Dammit..." He remembered he'd left it with the blacksmith in town for some fine tuning, since the sound had been growing weak. The Absol groaned and hit his head against the wall before walking over to the window. He could only smell the faint 'stench' of Luxray, as the Absol clan called it. To him, though, it smelled like dust in the air after heavy rain, a scent that was pleasant without being sweet. That was how he was able to easily tell it from the area, unless there had been rain recently. That's when he relied on the others smelling out their version of the Luxray scent.

    The Absol male looked around, freezing up when he spotted a Luxray walking below, He blinked a bit, surprised to see one simply standing out in the open. It was a bad thing, though, because that meant he would have to go down and try to scare the rival clan member away himself. He kept internally calling himself stupid for forgetting to pick up the horn. He gulped and looked around his home before patting his twin daggers on his belt, as well as his modified rapier. He let out a breath before going over to the trap door, climbing down to the ground.

    He began walking in a slight crouch, staying hidden as best he could as he pulled his daggers from his belt, holding them backwards in his usual defensive manner. He would get a distance away before stepping out of the shadows, his red eyes focused on the Luxray. He cleared his throat quietly before speaking in as powerful a voice as he could, though his voice was cracking up from the fear that he was feeling. "Y-you there! Luxray... I advise you get out of here. There are Absol reinforcements on their way as we speak!"

    He was lying, but he didn't know what else to do to intimidate the Luxray male that stood before him. He stood straight, but defensively, and began walking forwards, gripping his blades tightly in his hands. "I-if you don't leave, I'll be forced to deal with you m-myself!"
  5. Alex raised an eyebrow and cocked his head slightly. He blinks slowly and took a step forward closing in until his feet touched the rocks themselves. He felt a small prickle of static roll through his body, but ignored it. The other male was a lean figure up close, his dark eyes popping from behind the sunlight. Shadows covered his angular face as he stood his ground. "Go on. Do it." He could practically feel the heated stares of his clan mates behind him as he challenged the absol. He looked weak, yes, but his mother taught him to never underestimate an enemy no matter what they looked like. He frowned and looked down at the blades pointed to his chest. Sniffing deeply at the stench that clouded his nostrils he wrinkled his nose and snorted. Stepping back slowly he risked a glance at the others, certain that this creature would not dare to attack.

    "Tell your elders that this land belongs to us now." he turned his back on the other male and looked over his shoulder, "They know who you'll be talking about, Absol."

    Turning his back on him swishing his tail as he did so and walked back to his clan mates. His steps purposeful and confident as he loitered back to his clan mates. Slow steps faded in to nothing as he dissipated back into the forest, the darkness closing in around him and his shoulder drop as he took in the homey smell of earth and wood. The sharp tang of absol was on his tongue in the back of his throat. He turned to look at the others and nodded to them once again not stopping as they all shot glares at the absol. "Well, that went easier than I tho-"

    "You coward! You didn't even fight! I'll show you who's boss!" Brea swung around sharply, ears pricked and tail straight as an arrow, as she ran growled low under her breathe words even Alex couldn't hear. Alex scanned the group and sighed with irritation as Jason's hulking form was not visible.

    "What is that idiot doing?" Alex sighed and signaled for them to stay put, ignoring his sisters sigh and Brea's cursing, and ran back towards the border. He jumped over a small creek and nimbly dodged the trees that appeared in his wake. Worry and annoyance clouded his mind and he made a mental check to never bring Jason anywhere with him again.

    Stopping at the edge of the border Alex's chest tightened and he swallowed back the impulse to yell. Jason was standing in front the absol, absolutely towering over him in height and muscle. Alex noted with unwelcome feelings sprung into his mind as he noticed the sharp dagger in Jason's hand. He wondered slightly where it could have came from.

    "Jason. What in the name of Giritina are you doing?"
  6. Wynn was tense when he heard the Luxray challenging him to attack, and he knew he wouldn't be able to. He really only knew how to defend himself, not how to initiate battle or fully attack an enemy. He gulped and licked his lips, feeling a fearful sweat just barely breaking out along his skin, goosebumps lining his arms. He wouldn't attack the Luxray. Not now, and not ever. A shiver shot through him when the male took a step back, thinking that he was doing so in preparation to attack, but all he got was a yell, a shout to tell the elders of the Absol clan that the territory had been taken over. He couldn't do that, and he didn't want to. His home was in this territory, everything he'd ever wanted or needed resting in his small home that he'd practically grown up in. If the Luxrays took the territory, they wouldn't even be giving him a chance to get everything out of his home. He wasn't worried about the danger of the clan. He was worried about the danger to the only place he'd ever felt comfortable.

    The male flinched when the Luxray spoke the clan's name in such a hateful way, using all of his willpower to not tear up. Sure, he hated the clan for being enthusiastic about the war, but that didn't mean he hated his clan's name. He felt like calling out to the Luxray that was turning away, though he couldn't find the strength to let his voice out. He was trembling where he stood. He wanted to relax, to call out, to do anything, but he couldn't. He was a coward, and he knew it very well. The Luxray disappeared from sight, and he let out a breath, though it was a tense on. He stood up straight, still trembling, and he almost got to turn around to go home. But another danger swiftly appeared.

    Wynn found himself staring up at another Luxray, this one much, much closer, and his eyes went wide. His hands dropped his daggers from the shock, and he could see a sharp dagger in this new Luxray's hand. He was so much taller and larger than the Absol, no doubt able to beat him in any battle of brute strength, which is what it would become if he attacked. Wynn had no advantage of a hidden spot. In his mind, he knew he would die, right then and there. His eyes quickly watered up, tears starting to trickle down his cheeks. He took in a few small, gaspy breaths, sniffling and on the verge of fully sobbing. He didn't even register the voice of the returning Luxray, his legs shaking to the point that he would fall down at any second.

    He spoke, his voice a mere whisper. "I-I don't want to die... N-not while the clan still hates me..." It was then that his fear presented itself as darkness, overtaking his mind, and he fell to the ground in a slump, passed out.
  7. "Now look what you've done!"

    Alex couldn't help the anger that leaked into his voice. He glanced sharply at the absol, who's form was now a crumbled heap on the ground, and snapped his head towards Jason. Jason met his gaze steadily, hand still gripping the dagger, but not as tight and shrugged.

    "Not my fault he couldn't take the heat." Jason shrugged as he put his dagger away slowly, eyes scanning the area as he listened for potential foes.

    "Is that it? It that your form of apology?" Alex growled low to himself and glanced back among the trees. His sister gazed steadily back at him with glowing eyes and blinked before stepping out the forest with Brea trailing behind her.

    "I thought I told you to-"

    "Oh, hush brother. It's obvious what this idiot," Jason made a defiant noise in the back of his throat, "has done already. We don't have time to start a meaningless quarrel over something as pathetic as this." her voice was sharp as she glared down at the absol.

    "Fine. Now what do we do with him? We can't just leave him here or-" Alex spoke softly as they gazed at the downed creature. His body was even smaller than before, he noted with apprehension. "He'll get eaten alive out here based on his....performance."

    Jason opened his mouth to say something, but Brea stopped him with low snarl. Jason snorted and rolled his eyes at her. Don't you have any respect, Alex thought as he gazed at Jason, for anyone but yourself?

    "All I know is that we can't leave him here alone or it'll look like we attacked him," Brea spoke calmly, though her eyes still glowed with impatience.

    Alex gazed around and sniffed the air. His tail lowered with disappointment as he smelled nothing, but the stink of the mud. "I'll do it."

    His sister swung her gaze around and glared at him though her eyes shone with worry. "Do what?"

    "I'll carry him back to his clan. If we all go together it'll look like were there to gloat. It'll be safer if one of went along."

    "That's the dumbest ide-" Brea started before his sister stopped her.

    "He's right." Her voice shook as if she couldn't bear the thought of letting her younger brother go without her into enemy territory. So, would I sister. So, would I, Alex thought numbly as the other turned away. Jason shrugged and walked back into the forest calmly. Electricity flowed from Brea's cheeks, but Alyssa stopped her. Brea blinked and glanced back at Alex before nodding and ran to catch up with Jason.

    "Go." Alex started to say something, but Alyssa cut him off. Her voice sharp as a knife, "You have until sunrise tomorrow. If you don't come back then I'll come looking."

    Alex nodded and smiled at her softly as she broke into a run. Her shape fading into the shadows of the woods and her footsteps were only an echo in his mind. He sighed and glanced down at the absol. He noted with uncertainty where he should go. He shook his head and decided to think about that later. He leaned down and picked him, surprise in his mind as he realized how light he was. He wondered briefly if was eating enough. He looked back at the woods once more before crossing the border. He only hoped this absols stench wouldn't get on stay on him, but something in his mind hoped so.
  8. Wynn was fairly light, at most 90 pounds, so his small runt-sized form was easy to carry. He hadn't been a runt or starving himself, though. He simply didn't train like all the other Absols. The clan started training at the pup age, the moment they were able to hold a weapon and walk. Wynn had gone through this training and was taught, like all the others, about how and why the Luxray's were 'evil', though he was a child with a clear mind. He didn't see any reason to hate the opposing clan, let alone continue the war. He'd refused training before he even reached his teenage years, instead finding someone to train him defensively. As such, he didn't pack on the muscles that others who trained had.

    The Absol breathed quietly in his passed out state, and after just a few steps his hand would lightly grip the Luxray's shirt, taking in a deep breath and letting out a sigh in his sleep. It was only about halfway to the clan village that he began to wake up, taking in another deep breath and speaking in a mumble. "Dust after heavy rain..." It was then that he tensed up in the Luxray's arms, his eyes slowly opening. He then raised his head, his red eyes widening when he saw just who was carrying him. Sure, it wasn't the Luxray that had held a knife to him, but this Luxray had been the initial threat.

    Wynn yelped and quickly jerked himself from the Luxray's arms, his hands going to the dagger sheaths on his belt. Of course, having dropped the two weapons earlier, they weren't there. He glanced down and then back to the Luxray, his eyes filled with fear. "Wh-what the... Wh-why the hell are you carrying me?" He looked around for just a moment before his eyes settled upon the Luxray. "A-and we're closer to my clan... D-did you plan to make a sh-show of my killing or something?" He gulped and took a small step away. "P-please, just spare me... I-I hate this war, and want nothing to d-do with it." His eyes were becoming watery. "E-even the elders don't know why we're fighting anymore... and that's when a war should stop..." He wiped his eyes, falling to his knees and sniffling. "I-if you're going to kill me, do it here. I-I'd rather not be the reason my clan goes into a battle they're doomed to l-lose... S-stupid food shortage..."
  9. Alex's tail twitched with exasperation as the Absol pleaded with him. Annoyance lurked low in his mind and he had the breathe to settle it. He closed his eyes and brought a hand to his face and calmed himself. His heart was thudding in his chest and his ears were pricked at the chance that someone might find them. It was bad enough that he was in enemy territory....he didn't have time to waste on this small creature.

    "Look. I don't have a need or do I want to kill you, so clam down." Alex rolled his eyes and sighed. He was only going to scare this creature if he kept up a tone like that. He sighed and leaned down. He put a smile on his face and held out his hand. "I need to get you back to your clan. I know you're feeling okay...What's your name?"

    Alex decided it was best to put on a nice front and then leave him once he was gone. He didn't want rumors spreading about the 'terrible Luxray who threatened an Absol' wondering about. He glanced around the plains and scanned the area thoroughly. He looked to his left and sniffed, smelling the faint scent of smoke to his left. He looked up at the sun and realized it was almost night. He wondered briefly if his sister had told their grandfather about what happened. He also hoped that she told him who got him into this mess...He growled low to himself as he thought of Jason. Idiot....

    He turned his attention back to what the Absol had said flicked his tail. He said that his clan had a food shortage....his ears pricked with interest then he scolded himself. There was no honor in fighting a battle when your enemy was weakened. It made a small amount of pride leap into his system as he thought of the surplus of food from the Luxray clan.
  10. Wynn froze up and then slowly raised his head when he heard the Luxray's words, that he wasn't going to die. Not that day, at least, nor by this male's hands. He gulped and then shakily stood up, accepting the Luxray's help with a few remaining tears of fear trickling down his cheeks. "Y-you're not going to kill me?" He shuddered lightly. "O-oh, thank Arceus... Th-they all hate me, but they're not going to see me dead by electricity's hands..." He was taking in deep breaths to relax himself, his arms dropping to his sides for a moment. He then hugged himself, thoughts starting to pass through his mind clearly. If this Luxray had no aim to kill him or capture him... what was his aim?

    The Absol eyed the male in front of him a bit, taking in a gulp of air before speaking, his voice just loud enough to be heard as he glanced around. "U-um... my name is Wynn..." He pursed his lips for a moment, taking in a deep breath of that candle-like scent that he knew he'd only be able to get from the Luxray for these few minutes. "I-I don't know if you'd let me know, but... what's your name? Y-you don't have to tell me, b-but I would like to know which Luxray member decided to have mercy..."

    He lowered his head when he thought about the Luxray that had actually threatened his life, a shiver going through him. "A-and... who was that L-Luxray that attacked me? I-I'm not aiming for revenge or anything, I-I just want to know who to stay out of the way of?" He raised his head, peering up through his white hair at the male.
  11. Shrugging his shoulders as he helped Wynn up on his feet. He stood there, eyes narrowed, and senses alert for sounds of other before he answered whilst glancing around. The wind was different almost, the smell of decay starting to rise in the air. He felt the back of his neck hairs rise up. Glancing past Wynn he felt sighed and slapped his tail to the ground. "My name is Alex Stormson, eldest born to the Storms and future leader of my clan." He decided to announce himself formally, to remind this Absol that they were not friends in this matter. "That fool is Jason," Alex was sure Wynn knew whom he was referring to.

    He wanted to press the matter of why Wynn didn't seem to want to go back to his clan, but he didn't try. With a jolt of electricity that went through his fingertips he decided that it wasn't his business. Luxray looked down at the other male in front of him. He noted with unease that he seemed thin and almost asked something that was too personal for either of them to digest. He took in a deep breathe and sighed, he felt weird around this Absol. Turning his head away he wrinkled his nose in confusion as he thought about the softness in his arms as he carried him or his scent that made him not want to gag unlike the other Absol he'd battled.

    "Is that all the questions you have for me or is there something else you want to know?" he didn't mean for it to come out as threatening as he made it. It was meant to be light or playful.
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