Falling Through Space (With RafaDark)

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    RP content:

    Futuristic Weaponry.
    Hi-Tech battle creatures.
    Government Lies.
    Gore, Blood, Death, etc.


    Class: ( Assassin, Charger, Brute, Rogue, Runner)
    Other Info:

    My CS:

    Name: Reagan Timor
    Age: 21
    Image: 90ee56d3915cb157579a48cf271b5d21.jpg
    Assault rifle with a scope and two pistols holstered to her sides at all times.
    Class: Runner
    Other Info: None
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  2. CS:

    Name: Rafa
    Age: 16
    Weapon(s): An Huge Plasma Great-Sword and An Heavy machine gun.
    Class: Brute
    Other Info: When he is not using his Great-Sword, it is at the same size of a combat knife but when he use it for the first time it became huge, His heavy machine gun have unlimited ammo but it have an heat level that if he exceed 250 bullets, it stops working for 1 hour and for finish his armor looks heavy from the outside but it is easy to fit in and is so light that he could walk with it in thin ice and don't break it but because of that, it doesn't have too much defense from bullets. All his weapons and armors are made by himself.

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  3. Basic Class Info:

    Often travels alone. Known for stealth and agility.
    The tougher soldiers, have thicker armor and heavy duty weapons. Take the front line.

    images (1).jpg
    These are the big guys, they are hardest to take down, and they have the big guns.
    Rogue's work in groups of five or more, built for vigilance and agility, being more fit than most.
    Like mine, built thinner and usually female, fast and flexible, able to fit into smaller places and have faster smaller weapons.
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  4. Check the extra info post I made and try to work on your sheet a bit, it;s good but needs some work.
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  5. Like I said, I'll edit my CS tomorrow...
  6. Edited my CS, it is acceptable?
  7. I found lots of grammar errors but other than that it's acceptable. 100%. you may have multiple characters if need be but for now let's stay at one. ready to start?
  8. Yup, sorry for my grammar... I tried to change it a little, but don't know if there are grammar errors in this edition...
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  9. Sorry, i forgot to tell. I suppose I should make the opening post, but you can if so wish.
  10. You can begin, i still need to think how my char will appear.
  11. Alright then. One opening post coming right up.
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  12. Reagan was leaning against a wall, messing with her rifle again.
    Repeatedly adjusting her scope vision and flicking the safety on
    and off. She was fidgeting because she was bored and she had a
    need to get something done. She wasn't known for her patience
    and she had finished training for the day. Waiting for some alarm
    to start blaring throughout the building, she walked down the
    brightly lit hallway and looked out a window at the desolate outside
    world that was left after the invasion. The intruders had left their
    world nothing than a barren wasteland. And it was their job to
    restore it.
    "Don't understand why we had this goddamned war anyway..."
    Once again restless, she wandered around until she found an empty
    room, stepping inside and sitting down, leaving the door wide open to
    passersby while she took her gun apart and put it back together
    several times.
  13. (( Extra post for the Alien Classes))

    The brute's of the alien race.
    images (4).jpg
    The assassins of the alien race.
    The chargers of the alien race.
    The runners of the alien race.
    The rogue's of the alien race.
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  14. Rafa was in his room, adjusting his suit, his weapons and waiting for something to happen. He was tired of going out of his room every time to kill those damn aliens but that was his job, He putted on his suit and readied his weapons, the heavy machine gun first and the plasma sword last. Putting the code on his door and waiting it open by itself, he readied his fists and grabbing his sword on one hand, going out of his room and entering the main hall, he explored the place trying to find someone like he always did but like always no one was there, going close to some chair on there, he sat and waited for the alarm.
  15. Suddenly the lights went red and an alarm
    Started blaring throughout the building.
    Soldiers grabbing guns and running to line
    Up in Mrs of three at the front doors, an air
    send all screeching as the door slid open, a
    board of aliens, particularly Rancors, stood
    waiting. Reagan had taken he rifle and had it
    propped on her shoulder. She was ready to spill
    some blood today and she was hungry for the
    death of the aliens.

    " Come and get us you glowy bitches..."
  16. Hearing the alarm, he saw the others running to the front door, following them he stopped in the front line of defense, he waited for the right time to attack the Rancors. The Rancors were the ugliest of the aliens for him, he couldn't stand just looking at them he needed to kill but it would not be smart of him, so he waited for the snipers to begin the battle.
  17. Being placing in charge during the absence of their ranking officers,
    she gave a motion that signaled for the snipers to take out as many
    rancors as they could. They were harder to kill at close range so
    snipers were used to lessen their numbers and make it easier for
    the rest of them to be killed off. Sounds of bullets whizzing through
    the air could be heard, and within seconds, rancors were falling left
    and right. Many of them quickly realizing there were hidden assailants
    and taking charge, hissing with anger. Reagan got down on one knee
    and propped her gun on her shoulder, aiming for one of the larger

    " Fire when you have a clear shot! Don't let them past the front lines!"
  18. Seeing an Rancor falling in the ground, giving an war-cry he ran to battle the aliens leaving the others. The more closer he got, more of the whirring sound of the bullets could be heard, slashing one of them with his sword, he aimed his gun to another one that was trying to attack him, shooting it he tried to slash the bigger one but he just could do some cuts until he was attacked by it and threw closer to the door.
  19. Looking as Rafa ran right into the mass of Rancors, she rolled her eyes
    and popped some shots into the Rancor that had attacked him and had failed
    to be killed. causing it to fall still on the ground.

    " Rafa! What in the name of Christ are you doing? Get back here!"

    She had to yell over the sound of guns rattling away and she piercing shrieks of
    Rancors. It was rather earsplitting but she bared through it. Some of the other
    runners had gone a little ways out from the front lines with a few chargers and were
    acting as a barrier, shooting down Rancors by the dozens though some still got past
    them occasionally.
  20. Rising from the ground a little woozy, he heard Reagan, she was one of the bosses in charge or something that he didn't care "Ok... but next time I won't! I will fight 'till the end of every enemy!!!" He shouted grinding his teeth and using his heavy machine gun to protect himself from the Rancors, going back to the defense line he started to shoot any enemy that appeared in his way.