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  1. Falling Skies: In our Final Hour

    It is year 2899. Humanity has long since conquered the stars around them. The resources and riches from their conquests had brought the human race into an Golden Age of technological advancement. Powerful self sustaining AI's were developed to aid humans and their machines, and cyborg parts allowed cripples and the weak to continue working for society.With the advent of AI, biotech and cybertechnology several centuries prior, the advancement of humanity has grown exponentially. Starships of massive proportions were built, floating worlds in space were created, massive Utopia cities on lush green planets were erected. Worlds beyond even what humanity thought were possible were discovered. Wars weren't fought, the human race was too busy expanding at a breakneck pace. Life was perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

    And then it did. By the year 2480, Humanity had overextended itself; the great sprawling empire it had forged had become too large for it to support itself. The empire collapsed onto itself. In the course of 20 years, the mighty empire humanity had established splintered into thousands of factions. The fall of the Empire resulted in a massive power vacuum and the Galaxy erupted into a large feudal war. Some factions grew power by warring with other factions, taking them over; others stayed secluded for as long as they could. Many were taken back by the earth empire, and just as many were lost in deep space.

    By the 25th Century, most of the numerous factions had consolidated into 3 major powers: The original Earth Empire, the largest and most numerous of the 3 powers, made up of most of the core empire planets; The Coalition, a group of separatists strictly opposed to the Earth Empire, spanning across most of colonial space; and the Krellian Republic, a reclusive, bizarre group focused mainly along the outskirts of known space. The Earth Empire and the Coalition fight bitterly, the Empire seeking to reclaim their lost territory, and the Coalition fighting for a new order in the galaxy. The Krellians choose to stay out of the conflict, their faraway frontier colonies too far away to be bothered by the other two factions.

    By the turn of the 26th century, the Earth Empire and the Coalition had suffered dreadful casualties on both sides, and just as many worlds lost in the splintering had been razed by both sides. The two superpowers agreed to an uneasy truce. That marked the start of an intergalactic cold war, as the two superpowers begin a buildup of military strength and engage in proxy wars with smaller nations and colonies.

    As the end of the 28th century drew near, a series of failed operations by the Earth Empire at an attempt at securing a rumored Coalition Superweapon has sparked up and reignited the flames of war. After almost 300 years of peace, war between the Coalition and the Empire had renewed in earnest. Millions of people from both sides are drafted as fleets of starships and planets are thrown into vicious war. The Coalition forces take advantage of the Empire’s overextended lines to take seize planet after planet.

    The next planet to come into the path of the Coalition warpath is the Fortress World of Cerol. As the UEE world's defense fleets are engaged by a massive Coalition fleet, a huge invasion army is sent to the planet with the intention of capturing the strategic world and using it against the UEE. Caught offguard, the UEE are slow to fortify their positions, and have pulled back to the major military bases and cities on the planet, where they lay under siege by vast numbers of Coalition soldiers.

    As the soldiers of the Coalition begin to pour into the gates of Cerol's Capital City Leis, the men and women of the 8118th Mechanized Infantry prepare a desperate defense. This is Falling Skies: In our Final Hour.
    Hello everyone! Welcome to the OOC for "Falling Skies: In our Final Hour"! Formerly known as Operation Crisis (Back at my old RP site), I've decided to breath new life into this universe/series, rechristening it 'Falling Skies'. The Crisis Universe has been relatively cannon, events of the previous Operation Crisis (completed or not) helping to shape the universe of this current one. As I restart this series, I will also be using the inspirations from this and other RP's to reshape the Crisis Universe- though I guess it would be more appropriate to now call it the Falling Skies universe.

    This particular RP will follow the actions of a group of men and women from the Earth Empire’s 8118th Mechanized Infantry Legion, also known as the Skull Legion as they mount a defensive against overwhelming odds. I will be accepting up to six other players, so this is not first come first served. This will be tactical military RP, with heavy focus on character development, dark, desperate, and gritty themes, alongside a good healthy dose of action.

    If you couldn't be bothered to read that huge blurb up top...
    We the players will play the role of a squad from the United Earth Empire 8118th Mechanized Infantry Legion, as they mount a desperate defense against massive, overwhelming numbers. Our story will be dramatic and tense as we attempt to prevail over insurmountable odds. Our characters will face daunting challenges, testing their wit and willpower, as well as their morals as they are pushed to their absolute limits in this RP.
    Terminology and Technology:

    • The United Earth Empire: The United Earth Empire was the originator of the galaxy’s space colonies. Formally known as the United Nations, the United Nations of Earth was formed after humans had first colonized mars. Originally developed to unite humanity against possible hostile extraterrestrials, humanity encountered few alien species, even fewer of which were intelligent. With no need to worry about possible alien attacks, the UNE was free to focus on rapid expansionism, and renamed itself the United Earth Empire, as international differences became less and less important. After the Great War, the shattered remains of the UEE were quick to regroup and reclaimed the majority of the former empire's core worlds with little difficulty. Now one of the largest powers in the galaxy, the UEE is known for its patriotism and solidarity, despite the presence of an unusually large number of corrupt officials.

      The Coalition for a Free Galaxy: The Coalition for a Free Galaxy, better known as just The Coalition was formed shortly after the Great War as a group of colonies' desire to stay separate from the UEE. A loosely tied confederacy of worlds, the Coalition's movement has picked up a large number of worlds against the imperialism and rigidness of the UEE. Due to the fact that they are allied purely to combat against the UEE, competition and rivalries are common between the Coalition Nations. Despite this, their armed forces are able to remain standardized and well equipped to combat the UEE. Well known for their individualism and its dependence on commercialism, the Coalition is constantly trying to dismantle the UEE once and for all.

      The Krellian Republic: Very little is known about the Krellian Republic. They are a reclusive group of fringe world colonies, and were paid little attention to by both the UEE and Coalition. With their proximity to the edge of discovered space, it is believed there is a possibility for them to be in contact with intelligent extraterrestrials, though this notion is widely dismissed as untrue by both the Coalition and UEE. With the Krellian Republic being so far removed from contested space, the galaxy has yet to see the Krellian Military, and many wonder if the Krellians even possess a standing armed force.

    • The Ghosts: The UEE Ghosts are the most feared military presence in the Galaxy. Top secret, and with extremely advanced training, UEE Ghosts are extremely individualistic and are perfectly suited to any and every situation. The Ghosts represent the UEE's pinnacle of military training and technology. Specially trained and conditioned to be the perfect weapon, the training, biogenetic and cybernetic modifications, as well as gear for a single Ghost exceeds the cost of building a Capitol Class Battleship. Capable of completely superhuman feats and the almost impossible to hit, Ghosts are rumored to be utterly invincible. The Ghost Corps numbers less than 5000, with only 400 of these men and women being active Ghost Operatives, the rest being maintenance, intelligence, and logistical supports.

      Deadly, efficient, and subtle, Ghosts are typically used for covert operations, where their individual talents are most effective.
      Ghost (open)
      a UEE Ghost in full body armor

      8118th Mechanized Infantry Legion: More commonly known as the Skull Legion, the 8118th is one of the thousands of infantry legions that make up the backbone of the UEE military. Well trained in both infantry tactics and armored warfare, the 8118th make up one of the dozen legions that defend the planet. Numbering close to 50,000 servicemen and women, the 8118th is tasked with the defense of the Capitol City of Leis.
      Skull Legion (open)
      A 8118st Legionnaire advancing alongside Mobile Armor Suits

      Coalition Armored Infantry Corps: The Coalition’s Armored Infantry Corps make up the majority of the Coalition invasion force. While the individual infantry can be considered inferior in equipment and training when compared to its UEE counterpart, they make up for it in overwhelming numbers, alongside the support of their large Mobile Armor Suits.
      Coalition Soldier (open)

    • [​IMG]
      Mobile Armor Suits are the newest development in mechanized armor, capable of besting space-craft as well as ground armor. Mobile Armor Suits, while not as fast as air and spacecraft, are considerably more maneuverable, and can make sharp turns to out maneuver and defeat aircraft. They are also more resilient than conventional ground armor, and are even able to take out space warships when properly equipped.

      The 8118th employs 'Ulta-Light' class Mobile Armor Suits, essentially large exoskeletons that a soldier can climb into. The 8118th suit of choice is the PTX-099 Goliath, a 20 foot tall exoskeleton equipped with a heavy machinegun and micro-missile launchers.

    • [​IMG]
      The 8118th equips its soldiers with Arca Mk III Combat Exoskeletons. These fully sealed exoskeletons provides considerable reinforcement and protection across the body. It also comes with a muscle enhancing system, that increases a soldier's strength, speed, and agility when powered by the suit. The main drawback to this system is that it requires a sizable amount of power, a power cell giving a soldier around 7 hours of combat effectiveness. It can be recharged slowly via solar power, or by replacing the suit's power cell. The system is also equipped with numerous high-tech devices, including thermal imaging systems, heads up displays and more.

      The Exoskeleton will also allow survival in zero gravity environments for up to sixty minutes. The suit is not capable of atmospheric reentry.
    • Weapons technology has advanced significantly since humanity has entered the stars, but for the most part splits into three main categories.

      Energy/Laser Weaponry: At first rather ineffective and prohibitively expensive, humanity quickly discovered that laser weapons were much cheaper in the long run than typical conventional weapons. Laser weapons are considerably more accurate, lightweight, and lack the need for any sort of ammunition, and are considerably cheaper than their ballistic counterparts. However, despite these perks, laser weapons are rarely used as military grade equipment. While capable of causing serious burns and injuries on unarmored targets, laser weapons are relatively ineffective against body armor and are more fragile and temperamental than their conventional counterparts. Laser Weapons, due to their low cost and light weight are mostly used by police forces and civilian shooters.

      Conventional/Ballistic Weaponry: The mainstay of weapons technology since before humanity entered the stars. Loud, heavy and hard hitting, mass driving technology has made smaller caliber ammunition more and more effective against body armor and flesh. Effective in most situations, ballistic weapons remain one of the more effective and reliable methods of killing other human beings, though it should be noted that new mass driven rounds tend to overpenetrate soft unarmored targets. However, despite their universality, conventional weapons are considerably more expensive due to their needs for parts and ammunition and the methods used to produce these materials. Conventional weaponry is used extensively by both UEE and Coalition military units.

      Plasmatic Weaponry: A very new concept in modern weapons technology, plasma weapons are regarded as a two edged blade. On the one hand, the damage caused by a plasma burst to any surface, flesh, armor, and nature alike is tremendous. On the other hand, plasma weapons are heavy, difficult to maintain, dangerous to reload and fire, and finicky on a good day. Plasma is not a blast of superhot liquid as the name may suggest, but is instead similar to a bolt of energy. Purely Plasmatic weaponry remains mostly experimental and is not often used in modern military units. Current ranged plasma weapons are typically mounted weapons, or ship based weapons. Projectors also make plasma edged weaponry possible.

    • [​IMG]
      In this day and age, it is not uncommon for the average man to replace a limb with a cybernetic one. Whether it is by personal preference or because of prior injuries, soldiers commonly sport cybernetic limbs along with their exoskeletons. In general, it is taboo to cybernetically replace major/vital organs, and UEE policy prohibits external modifications to the head and face- with the exception of cybernetic eyes.

      Also very common are the presence of full AI on the battlefield, controlling mechanized systems, or operating robotic battlesuits. Combat Drones and Attack Robots are common in the 8118th, and each squad typically has at least one SI (simulated intelligence) or AI operating a battlesuit alongside them.

    The Armory

    • While not an exhaustive list, all 8118th soldiers are familiar with the following weapons:

      ACS Rifle (open)

      ACS - Adaptive Combat System
      The standard firearm that all UEE soldiers are trained to use, the ACS - Adaptive Combat System is a mutlirole combat rifle system that utilizes an advanced mass-driving system to propel its 6.8mm rounds from its 36 round magazine at high speeds with a high degree of accuracy. While typically fired in single auto mode, the ACS also sports a 2 round burst, and fully automatic fire at a cyclic rate of 800 rounds per minute. The ACS is designed to be easily modified, able to switch out barrels, receivers, covers, and accessories by hand.

      SN-1 Pistol (open)

      SN-1 Machine Pistol
      Extremely popular amongst special forces units, the SN-1 is a machine pistol resembling a bullpup design. Its magazine is offset to the side, to allow it to be properly held, though its design prevents it from being ambidextrous or two handed, and the left and right variants must be used in the left or right hand. Featuring a high rate of fire, firing .45 caliber rounds from a 27 round magazine, its high recoil is offset by the combat exoskeleton.

      Bullhammer Revoler (open)

      Bullhammer Mk II
      A powerful revolver weapon favored by Ghosts, rangers, and snipers, the Bullhammer Mk II is a heavy revolver that fires specialized .357 rounds, fit with small plasmatic micro-explosives. An advanced mass-driving system built into the weapon results in high muzzle velocity and power, with a considerably lower recoil. The Bullhammer has a break-open frame (it opens from the top- like the MP412 Rex), and a double action trigger, and comes built in with a targeting laser.

    • Also not an exhaustive list, this is only a few pieces of the more common gear UEE soldiers might carry.
      Electron Grenade (open)

      Electron Grenade
      The Electron Grenade is a multi-purpose smart grenade made for incapacitating enemy infantry and electronics. The Electron Grenade has multiple settings. At its standard setting, the Electron Grenade emits a sudden lethal electrical charge detonating explosives capable of eliminating enemy personnel within a 15 foot radius, and incapacitating them at up to 25 feet. The EMP setting emits a powerful electrical charge capable of overloading and effectively freezing personnel in their suits, and disabling all electronics within a 10 foot radius. This high powered electrical charge also disables the explosive within the grenade from within - though the grenade's case protects it from charges from outside. The Scan setting emits a low power charge across a 30 foot radius, the low powered wash of electricity marks the silhouette of anyone caught within the blast on the HUDS of all UEE soldiers. Due to the relative low power of the scanning charge, the grenade can be picked up and reused almost indefinitely.

      Electron Mace (open)

      Electron Mace
      Heavily used by riot police, the Electron Mace is a retractable baton used for the express purpose of clubbing uncooperative or otherwise troublesome individuals. At the push of a button the mace's head projects an electrical field capable of sending a powerful, debilitating shock through the intended target. Highly effective on unarmored targets, and capable of disrupting electronics, the Electron Mace is often used as a less lethal alternative to a melee or close combat weapon.

      Biogel (open)

      Biogel is a smart, expanding, self-sealing antibacterial gel made to temporarily seal wounds until proper medical attention can be administered. The gel comes in a small cylindrical canister and is can be applied by hand, or with the use of an administrating device.

    0. All Iwaku rules apply.
    1. This Roleplay will have above average standards. I will be expecting at least a few well written paragraphs, and absolutely NO ONE LINERS.
    2. Please do not write in first person.
    3. No Mary/Gary Sues, its alright for your character to be a hero, but they're not perfect.
    4. No God-modding. Its no fun for anyone. I value your characters, but I will not hesitate to injure them if they do something exceedingly stupid.
    5. This RP will have mature content. Violence, foul language, and mature themes are freely allowed. However for the sake of decency any sexual acts will fade to black (or will be taken to PM) before it goes too far.
    6. Player Knowledge is not necessarily character knowledge. Just because you know something (be it through OOC or someone else's post) does not necessarily mean your character knows.
    7. As GM, my word is law, I will expect you to respect any executive decision I make.
    8. If players find a ruling of mine unfair, they are allowed, and encouraged to speak up and offer sound reasoning to dispute my decisions. Provided the discussion is productive, polite, and reasonable, decisions I make may change.

    • Name: Last name, First name
      Age: The minimum age of a character fresh out of training is 20
      Gender: Your character's gender
      Nickname: If Applicable, a name your character goes by. Nick names are typically short and sweet so they can be easily called out during a firefight.
      Rank: For this RP we will be using US Army Ranks - the majority of the squad will be Corporal or lower.

      Psychological Analysis: Fancy talk for 'Personality'. Give me a good paragraph or so describing your character's personality. Rule of thumb: the more detail, the better.

      Military Record: Your Character's background. Again, give me a few good paragraphs describing your character's history. Again, the more detail, the better.

      Equipment: Any tactically important equipment your character carries on his or her person (I.E. Weapons, Grenades, tactical computers, etc). Pack/Survival Gear need not be included. Weapons should follow the following outline:
      Weapon Appearance (If any)
      Description: Whether or not you wish to include technobabble, describe the type of weapon (pistol, rifle, etc), and its class (energy, ballistic, hybrid)
      Caliber:Weapon caliber (4.7mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm etc). For energy weapons list the type (bolt, or projected beam)
      Magazine Size: rounds per magazine (or bolts/shots per energy pack)

    • I am a personal fan of smaller scale RPs, as such, I will only be accepting 5-6 other players to join me in this adventure. While you are free to make your character however you like, acceptance to this RP will be judged by me, and is not on a first come, first served basis. While not necessary, there are several roles I would like to see filled:

      • The Squad Leader - This player will be 'party leader'. This player will have responsibilities as the Team's leader, and will have to manage and deal with the clashing personalities of the squad- as well as the difficulties some of the NPC soldiers may give him/her. Needless to say, if you for some reason wish to play an antisocial character, this is not the role for you.

      • The Rookie - This player should be among the youngest members of the team, as well as the least experienced. He has many roles, such as serving as a convenient reason for characters/npcs to explain and describe the lore that, while known to the characters in the world, is otherwise new or unknown to the players themselves. This character might also have a brighter outlook than his/her compatriots, and if necessary should be the optimistic character of the bunch.

      • The AI - This player will play as the squad's Artificial Intelligence unit, and will perform a variety of roles. They will likely be responsible for hacking and electronic warfare, and will in their own battlesuit - Either a robotic version of the combat exoskeleton, or a humanoid combat robot unit of the player's choice. The AI may be privy to information the rest of the party will not be, and may serve as a Co-GM if the need arises.

      • Mobile Armor Suit Pilot - This player will serve as the pilot of the squadron's Ultra-Light Mobile Armor suit, and will probably have the most firepower in the squad. Their loadouts will be limited to what I provide, and they will be utilizing the 'Goliath' depicted in the Tech&Terms section.

      The rest of of the roles will be normal squad members, with preferably varied roles: Heavy weapons, explosives, medic, support gunners, riflemen.

  2. ---- Reserving this post for character roster -----
  3. [​IMG]

    Eren Milrod clocks in at 5'11" with approximately 180 lbs of flesh on his body. Built through careful and rigorous training, his body is a lean, well-crafted killing machine whose skin is somewhat tan from exposure with a masculine jawline covered in stubble that usually gets him yelled at by superiors for being outside grooming standards. Greenish-grey eyes that shift color depending on the light hitting them adorn his face, as well as brown, wavy hair that is usually kept fairly short.

    Name: Milrod, Eren
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Romeo
    Rank: Specialist

    Psychological Analysis:

    Evaluation by Master Sergeant Deringer, Designated Marksman Training Instructor
    Eren Milrod is a bit of a wise-cracking jack ass to be honest. It seems to be incredibly difficult for him not to make passes at any woman that is mildly attractive, passes that often make him look like an ass. Whether or not he's serious, I can never tell, but he does seem to enjoy screwing around on his off-time as well as "living it up" as he calls it. When it comes to combat, however, the man seems to become someone entirely different, a cold, calculating killer. A damn fine marksman, he shows little remorse for those he kills, part of the reason we chose him for marksman training. Afterall, a sniper who becomes an emotional basketcase after seeing his enemy's brains blown out of their head through a scope is wasted time, money, and effort. Honestly I think he enjoys the thrill of the hunt, of striking down the greatest prey in the universe. In any case, if you can look past his other shortfalls, Milrod will definitely be an asset to any squad.

    Military Record:

    Raised on the UEE frontier and taught from an early age how to use firearms, especially rifles, Eren wasn't too keen on joining the military until the day the Coalition came along and snatched up his colony when he was a sixteen, slaughtering anyone who resisted, including his father. It was then that he killed his first Coalition soldier, using an old family rifle and firing from a concealed location in rubble. He killed five more that day before moving on, hunting the bastards who took his old man away. Eventually it became obvious that the Coalition was catching onto him, so he decided to leave home permanently, stowing away on a freighter headed deeper into the UEE. A few months later, he lied about his age and enlisted. He proved himself to be tenacious in basic training, as well as a crack shot, which, along with undergoing a psychological battery, earned him a place in Designated Marksman School after he got out of boot.

    Unfortunately he didn't excel to the point that he wanted to, failing to achieve such notice that the Special Forces might find him appealing. And so, he was stationed on Cerol, forced to waste away on a world for years with various different squads, until the day came when he could finally put more bullets through Coalition soldiers.


    Kryonix S73 Anti-Materiel Rifle
    Description: This anti-materiel rifle is designed to threaten a wide range of enemies, from some vehicles and potentially ultra-light MASs, to blowing infantrymen into two separate halves. It tends to kick like a real bitch and has some serious weight, but these problems are alleviated by the combat exoskeleton. The rifle itself is equipped with its own targeting computer, analyzing wind direction, elevation, temperature, etc, to try to help the operator ensure the round goes where it needs to, assuming the batteries are powering the computer. Eren likes to call this beauty of a rifle, "Angel."

    The rounds it fires are similar to Bullhammer rounds in that they use explosive plasmatic charges, only these are bigger. This gives them the ability to penetrate armor and then explode in the soft squishy bits or inside a fighting compartment, creating incredibly gruesome deaths in the case of infantry in particular.
    Caliber: .50
    Magazine Size: 10 Round Magazine

    1x Bullhammer Mk II (6 round cylinder)
    2x Combat Knives
    5x Electron Grenade
    2x Emergency Biogel Applicator
    10x Rifle Magazines (10 rounds each)
    2x Revolver Speedloaders (6 rounds each)
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  4. I'm in, ironically, I was thinking of trying to join an RP like this...HOW DID YOU READ MY MIND!?

    I think I will write a demolitions expert, because, explosions are pretty cool in combat.
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  5. Alright, I'll have a CS up for the team medic sometime today or tomorrow, not sure exactly when.

    I might recycle an old character from this site in a RP that died, obviously with updated info.

    • [​IMG]
      All credit goes to dustsplat for the wonderful image.

      Name: Miller, Thomas
      Age: 25
      Gender: Male
      Role: Combat Engineer (Demolition/Explosives Work)

      Psychological Analysis:

      > Enter Username
      > Bishop
      > Prepare for Retinal Scan and Fingerprint Analysis
      > Scanning
      > Biometric Data Confirmed
      > Enter Password
      - - - - - - -
      > Thank you, Bishop welcome to database #2552, remember violating security protocols is a Class 1 Offense
      > Accessing records of Dr. David Johnson, Psychological Assessment Department, LRDG
      > Accessing Psych Evaluation #755, recorded at---- hours on ---- in ----- (time, date, and location redacted)
      > Error, Psych Evaluation #755 is not available, would you like to access the available summary statement of Dr. David Johnson? Y/N
      > Yes
      > Opening summary statement

      Sergeant Thomas Miller appears to be a rather sane individual and based on our long conversations over the last couple of days, I can only conclude that despite his experiences during the defense of Rakis, Miller doesn't appear to be suffering from any long term effects.

      Miller is a friendly chap, but posses an exceedingly laconic sense of humour that can be quite testing at times. He is candid and not one to stand for unnecessary politeness or ceremony, for instance in the course of our sessions he has repeatedly suggested that I should "stop beating around the bush and just ask the damn questions" when referring to any trauma resulting from combat. While, he is not a quiet man, Miller is deliberate in both his words and actions.

      Tests performed in our facility and the results of his military aptitude test indicate that he has a high level of cognitive ability. Examining his military records, it is clear that Miller has a gift for improvisation, especially when placed under pressure,and in my experience he is able to roll with the punches as it were.

      Dr. David Johnson
      Chief Mental Health Officer, LRDG

      Military Record:

      Originally hailing from the inhospitable desert planet of Rakis, Miller is a career soldier. Miller enlisted in the UEE Army soon after completing his compulsory education and as a result of high scores on the standard UEE military aptitude test he was selected to receive training as a combat engineer. A quick learner, Miller did well during training and quickly qualified for specialized training in demolitions work.

      Following the completion of his specialized training, Miller was assigned to then unknown Long Range Desert Group, a reconnaissance and raiding unit of the UEE Army based on his home planet of Rakis. He fought with the unit during the bloody Battle of El Arrakeen, which saw immense casualties on both sides and ultimately left five of the Coalition's finest armies buried beneath the sands of the endless, planetwide desert of Rakis. Cementing the legendary reputation of the small unit was a reported statement by the commander of the Coalition forces during the attack, General Paul von Isenburg, expressing his opinion that the LRDG "caused us more damage than any other UEE unit of equal strength during the fight for Rakis."

      Despite the remarkable success of the LRDG, the unit was disbanded following the UEE victory on Rakis, ostensibly due to high losses suffered by the unit, although rumors persist that the highly effective unit was scrapped because of a conflict between the commanding officer, Lloyd Owens, and the UEE High Command.

      Thereafter, the surviving members were reassigned to other units within the UEE Army and with little warning Sergeant Miller thus found himself transferred to the 8118th Mechanized Infantry Legion stationed on Cerol.

      Military Expertise:

      Miller has a penchant for asymmetrical warfare, specializing in the unconventional use of explosives and reconnaissance work deep behind enemy lines. By virtue of his time with the LRDG, he is well-versed in hit-and-run tactics and similar styles of fighting. His endurance is legendary among the other members of his unit and with his sinewy build Miller is remarkably well-suited for a life on the front lines.


      Main Weapons:

      ACS - Battle Rifle (open)
      Adaptive Combat System Battle Rifle
      Description: The standard firearm that all UEE soldiers are trained to use, the ACS - Adaptive Combat System is a mutlirole combat rifle system that utilizes an advanced mass-driving system to propel its 6.8mm rounds from its 36 round magazine at high speeds with a high degree of accuracy. While typically fired in single fire mode, the ACS also sports a 2 round burst, and fully automatic fire at a cyclic rate of 800 rounds per minute. The ACS is designed to be easily modified, able to switch out barrels, receivers, covers, and accessories by hand.
      Caliber: 6.8mm
      Magazine Size: 36

      AS-5 (open)

      Defiance Industries Devastator Automatic Shotgun 5, "Mjolnir"
      Description: a highly specialized belt fed automatic shotgun intended for use with Combat Exoskeletons, the AS-5 is useful as a breaching tool and is devastating in close range combat. An extremely flexible weapon it can be loaded with various types of ammunition and presently operators can choose to employ buckshot, solid metal slugs, flechettes, non-lethal, and even high-explosive rounds. A belt fed weapon, the feeding system utilizes belts of ammunition that are usually enclosed in polymer boxes. The AS-5 is equipped with an advanced digital reflex sight, targeting laser and a backup iron sight. A durable weapon, the AS-5 has come to be called the "Mjolnir" by the UEE soldiers due to the loud, 'thundering' noise it makes when fired.
      Caliber: 12 gauge
      Magazine Size: 100 (ammunition belts enclosed in a polymer ammunition box)


      Bullhammer Mk II (open)
      Bullhammer Mk II
      Description: A powerful revolver weapon favored by Ghosts, rangers, and snipers, the Bullhammer Mk II is a heavy revolver that fires specialized .357 rounds, fit with small plasmatic micro-explosives. An advanced mass-driving system built into the weapon results in high muzzle velocity and power, with a considerably lower recoil. The Bullhammer has a break-open frame (it opens from the top- like the MP412 Rex), and a double action trigger, and comes built in with a targeting laser.
      Caliber: 9×33mm
      Magazine Size: 6 rounds

      Specialized Equipment:

      Composition C-15 Explosive Charges (x 4): an advanced form of malleable plastic explosive. Intended for use in combat environments, C-15 is exceedingly stable and an explosion can only be initiated by the combination of extreme heat and shock wave from a detonator. Another major advantage of C-15 is that it can easily be molded into any desired shape to change the direction of the resulting explosion.

      Breaching Disc Charges (x 4): a small disk shaped charge used primarily for bypassing enemy armor and destruction of reinforced structures. The disk explodes without shrapnel, vaporizing anything unfortunate enough to be within a 2.5 foot radius. When used to facilitate forced entry operations the direction of the explosion can be limited so as to allow safe deployment of friendly forces behind and to the sides of the weapon. Time or remote detonation are available at the operators discretions.

      General Purpose Mine 75 (x 3): a recently developed mine that allows for both anti-personnel and anti-tank use. Utilizing an advanced energy charge, the GPM-75 is capable of firing either a shaped charge meant to penetrate even the thickest of armor or multiple charges that mimic those of anti-personnel explosives. The mine is fitted with an anti-handling device and is exceedingly hard to disarm even for a trained professional. Detonation can be accomplished via pressure, vibration and motion detection, as well as through a wide range of other passive sensors such as infrared.

      General Equipment:

      Electron Grenade (x 3)
      Revolver Speedloaders (x 3)
      Emergency Biogel Applicator (x 2)
      ACS Magazines (x 5)
      12 gauge ammunition belt (x 2)
      Combat Knife

    Edit: Still looking for a picture to use, a picture for the AS-5 and I'm also trying to figure out a suitable nickname.
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    • Name: Wilson, Luxe
      Age: 27
      Gender: Male
      Nickname: Daedalus
      Role: Squad Leader/Scout.
      Rank: Sergeant

      Standing in at 6'2, Luxe sports a fit yet lean build with slightly prominent muscles. His right eye shifts from the standard amber/orange to red when he enters combat.

      Psychological Analysis: Half a year ago, Luxe was your run-of-the-mill rookie hotshot who thought he was, to put it simply, 'hot shit.' But, an ambush which he believes wiped out his entire squad changed him on a fundamental level. A man who was once hard-headed and self-willed is a now a by-the-books soldier, the tragedy which he witnessed changing him forever. Having been rocked to the core and built back up physically, it was up to him to rebuild himself mentally. And he did so, doing away with his past recklessness for a more 'professional' persona.

      Military Record: Luxe never intended to join the military, only doing so because a childhood friend got it in his head to join. Not wanting the man who had been like a brother to him to face such hardships alone, he enlisted as well. Such was the beginning of his tour through hell. Luxe was never one to take orders, much like his 'brother', which frequently landed them in trouble with their COs and other recruits.

      It wasn't until an attack on their training camp, which left several dead, did Luxe begin to take the situation seriously. But, the accolades he received during his training, eventually got to his head, making him into somewhat of a cocky man. He was naturally chosen for an 'advanced' squadron, being second in his close with his 'brother' being first. He was then put through the grueling physical hell that was UEE's Special Forces training, spending 2 years further developing his skills.

      And, on his first mission as Special Forces, his entire perception of himself and the world around him was blown to Hell. He, along with his longtime friend, were ambushed. Systematically they were taken out one by one, being ill-equipped to navigate through the enemy's well-laid trap. In the end, he found himself taking cover with brother until a grenade destroyed their cover and several pieces of shrapnel embedded themselves within him, blowing away his entire right arm while also piercing his right eye.

      But, eventually, he awoke in a UEE Medical Facility. His right arm had been replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic and his right eye was also replaced. Several skin graphs had been done on his face to fix most of the damage, though some scars remained. He was told that his entire squad had been wiped out, and he had been offered to go to a treatment facility. Declining, he opted to continue service, unable to 'run away' when everyone he knew died tragic deaths.

      Spending the next year and a half going through physical and mental rehabilitation, Luxe was given the opportunity to reenlist, this time being transferred to the 8118th Mechanized Infantry Legion where it was decided he would be better suited.

    • Equipment:
      Show Spoiler

      ACS - Adaptive Combat System
      The standard firearm that all UEE soldiers are trained to use, the ACS - Adaptive Combat System is a mutlirole combat rifle system that utilizes an advanced mass-driving system to propel its 6.8mm rounds from its 36 round magazine at high speeds with a high degree of accuracy. While typically fired in single auto mode, the ACS also sports a 2 round burst, and fully automatic fire at a cyclic rate of 800 rounds per minute. The ACS is designed to be easily modified, able to switch out barrels, receivers, covers, and accessories by hand.

      Show Spoiler

      Description: A pair of dual ballistic automatic revolvers that, when up close, can pierce through most armor, though their effectiveness dwindles at long range.
      Caliber: .50/12.7mm
      Magazine Size: 6 RPM.

      Specialized Equipment:
      Phantom Blade -
      A weapon which hearkens back to ancient combat with a modern twist. Shaped like a mix between a longsword and katana, it is strapped to Daedalus's back and it sports a projector along the blade which, when activated, allows the sword to use plasma coating for a total of thirty seconds before shutting down, with a five minute cooldown before it can be used again.

      Phantom Boots - Specially designed combat boots that have magnets in the soles and vamp of the boots. They also come modified with lower power thrusters designed to assist a soldier in getting to cover when under fire or generally moving quicker. The maximum distance for the thrusters is 3 Yards/9 Feet.

      Cybernetic Right Eye - With built in heat-senors, it is capable of assisting Luxe in tracking enemies from behind cover with an effective range of 1 yard.

      Exosuit - Sporting a modified Exosuit, Luxe sacrifices extra protection for extra speed, suiting his style of combat.
      General Equipment:

      ACS Magazines (x 5)
      Electron Grenade (x 3)
      Revolver Speedloaders (x 4)
      Emergency Biogel Applicator (x 1)
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  6. As will I! Consider this spot reserved as well. I can have my character be the squads engineer if needed.
  7. I think we may have combat engineer covered by virtue of my character, I may be mistaken, but I believe that to be trained in explosives/demolitions work, one is generally a combat engineer to begin with.

    Essentially, my understanding is that an explosives specialist is really just an advanced combat engineer with a specific MOS that entails a lot of time spent making things go boom.

    At least that is how I wrote Miller, as a combat engineer turned demolitions specialist.
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  8. Combat engineers are the demolitions people, yes, they also typically build or design defenses. Miller also has the gear to be a breacher as well apparently.
  9. Generally speaking a US Army Sapper (Demolition Expert, all of which are Engineers I believe, although I could just be straight wrong on that) is drilled and trained in safe disposal of munitions, demolition (Bridges,buildings, equipment etc.) and they also put a very large emphasis on breaching and the different ways to do so. So Miller having breaching capabilities makes sense.
  10. I suppose so, they're somewhat different in the U.S. Army, sappers and combat engineers.

    In any case, I'm not sure we're allowed to have Ghosts, Jager. I got the impression that being in the 8118th meant you were just a soldier.
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  11. @Ascendant, he used to be one, and when he took the grenade, he lost a lot of his Ghost-augmentation cybernetics. The only thing he was given was the arm and eye. Which is why he was placed in the 8118th instead of being sent back to the Ghosts, because it would have been less costly than replanting all of the damaged equipment they had to take out of him.

    It was just something I tossed into his background to compliment, what I hope, will be his position as squad leader.

    that and I saw a way to connect him with Constantine xD
  12. I did some reading and I think I found some information that might shed some light onto the differences between sappers/combat engineers:

    I do like the summary explanation of what a sapper does that seem pretty applicable to the explosives character role for this RP:

    Of course, I found the above on wikipedia, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Surely, I cannot be the only one who saw the potential for a future event where the 7th MAS Team can somehow end up meeting/working with the 8118th Legion?

    Can you say awesome crossover? :bsmile:
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  13. In regards to the pre-existing convo, perhaps what Horizon meant by 'Squad's Engineer' was a character designed to maintain the upkeep of the squad's Exosuits/the MAS? While Miller is more along the lines of 'blow everything to kingdom come'? This may be somewhat of a flimsy comparison, but it could be viewed like a doctor and a veterinarian - while both are knowledgeable in the art of healing, they're geared towards different things. Miller's loadout compliments his nature as a Demolition Expert, while perhaps Horizon's will be geared towards Fixing the MAS and Exosuits?

    Just my own thought on the matter.
  14. It would probably make more sense to have all combat professions and leave the logistics and support to NPCs, excepting maybe a medic. There is still the AI and/or MAS pilot that Vietmyke wants.
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  15. So like the squad Mechanic really.
    :EDIT: The MAS pilot should really be able to repair their own MAS. Needing a second person in order for another to operate a weapon of war would inevitably slow things down and create bad situations, so as Ascendant said that role is more of a logistical NPC role then a real squad role.

    As a side note a Squad Leader in the Army usually holds the rank of Sergeant, not Corporal, a Corporal in charge of a Squad is more along the lines of how the Marines operate.
    So Wilson being the Squad lead as a Corporal is a bit odd seeing as there is another Sergeant in his command (But that can happen, its a rule of 1 up, 2 down in terms of rank, I can explain this if it's needed)
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  16. Good point.
    Went ahead and adjusted Wilson to Sergeant - two in one squad shouldn't be detrimental. But, I'm still curious in regards to the 1 up, 2 down - so please explain.
  17. I just tacked a rank onto Miller and his backstory doesn't really require a certain rank to have been attained, so changes can easily be made on my part if he is too high up in the hierarchy.
  18. As in a position can be held by someone with a rank one-below the desired rank for said position or two above said position. So a Corporal could be a Squad lead as could a Staff Sergeant or a Sergeant First Class (The next two ranks up from the desired Sergeant rank).
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