Falling for the Marine

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  1. Hello!

    I am a girl who is only comfortable roleplaying as a Female, with a Male partner. I am not against MxM or FxF, I am just not comfortable roleplaying like that.

    I have been roleplaying for over five years and I love it. I do wish to find a/some partners to do this roleplay with me. I do not mind roleplaying by Thread or PMs, it is up to you.

    Please note that if you do wish to roleplay with me:

    -I will be needing:

    *A PM with your character sheet, if you know how to do one. If not, send me a PM informing me so, so I can send you mine. That way you'll have a general idea of how to do make one.
    * A 1-2 paragraph response at least once a day.

    - You will be needing to :
    *Be descriptive and detailed, please.
    *Tell me it you do not wish to continue, do not leave suddenly.
    *Be a little creative. Have your own next step planned.

    Here is the plot:

    YC is a twenty five year old Marine, and exactly what broken means.

    He's been through it all. From Juvie to the Army, to war and to Chaos at his own house.

    It's been a hell of a ride for him and he's broken in more ways than one could imagine.

    Paranoia, nightmares and anxiety dominate him. (Doesn't show though.)

    Possessive, strong-willed and emotionless are the definition of his character.

    But when a certain Ivy Hastings, a young twenty one year old with the exact opposite of his character walks into his life. She is damned to use her happiness, friendliness and warmth to fix him up. Even as she is secretly as broken as he was. Even as she has a messed up past herself.

    Will they be able to surpass all their troubles? Will Ivy be able to help YC gain his whole humanity back? Or will they fall flat?
  2. I am intersed in your rp. Can you pm me?
  3. I just did :)
  4. get my pm?
  5. Yes :)
  6. now it is back to you.
  7. Hi, I am in this roleplay. I will send you my character sheet as soon as I am able to. I am quite new to this site, so please forgive me if If I make a few mistakes here and there. I'm a quick learner, so you don't have to worry about me making too many mistakes. Also, it may take me a bit of time to create my character sheet since I like for my character sheets to be descriptive.

    Kaori Senju
  8. Hey if your still interested Id be happy to join
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