Falling for the enemy

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  1. Summer finally comes around and everyone is excited, no more school and nothing but fun. Mostly everyone is gone for Summer Vacations which is the case for everyone except two teens. All of their friends have pretty much left, so they have just been spending their vacation alone. The girl is the bullied while the boy is the bully, he goes out of his way to hurt her and make her life miserable and she has no clue why. (You can make up the reason, or I can.) She tries to stay away from him as much as possible since she is afraid of him hurting her again, well when she runs into him in the park as she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking he sees how much damage he has done to this poor girl. She fears her life when around him and once she ran into him he can see that, he immediately feels guilt and sadness because of it so he tries to make it up to her with Summer. Will she let him? Does he truly feel bad, or is it all just another way to hurt her not physically but emotionally?

    My character:
    Ashton Pfeiffer

    Ashton is a keep to herself, shy, only talk when spoken to kind of girl. She studies hard in school so that she can have a nice future, she has nameless friends here and there but only two that she considers real friends. Her and her friends are always inseparable and they all support each other no matter what. One is a guy named Paul and he is closet gay, and her other friend is Darla and she is known as a cutter. Ashton is the shy one of the group, she can be funny and outgoing but only with those two. She used to have a good home life before her parents split up and now her dad gets drunk, she gets abused by him when he does but then he always tells her he's sorry and that he'll never do it again but he never sticks to it. Ashton often found school as her escape from being abused until she became the victim of a bully, she has no idea why he bullies her but she's scared to death of him.

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  2. Camden Wiess
    Age: 17

    Camden grew up with only his mother. His father split before he was born and they had never met. His mother raised him the best she could, but with her working all the time, gave him plenty of free time. He started to hang out with an older boy named Mark Samson who quickly made Camden his little 'buddy'. By the age of thirteen, Camden had been introduced to drinking and drugs. His group of friends consisted of the towns local burn outs, stoners, and trouble makers. Friends who only come around if they want something and quickly disappear if its not available. Before the summer began, Mark was arrested on drug charges and sleeping with a minor. Camden was suddenly elected the leader of the group in his absence. He took the power happily leading his followers to cause some serious trouble during the remaining weeks of school. All fueled secretly by Camden's unrecognized anger. Anger at his ghost father, poor status, mother's worrying, and his Mark's sudden disappearance.

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  3. Ashton woke up at the sound of her alarm clock, she sighed when she realized it was just going to be another Summer day she would spend alone. Ashton took a shower to wake herself up, she decided to let her hair dry itself to its naturally straight form. Ashton did her makeup lightly and finally decided on a cute Summer outfit that Paul picked out for her. ( http://media-cache-l..._Cj7lVPcr_b.jpg ) Once Ashton finished getting ready she walked downstairs, she saw her dad passed out on the couch with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. Ashton didn't want to remember last night and what he did, she could honestly say that makeup is a girls best friend not diamonds since makeup is the only thing she can use to hide the bruises. Ashton sighed as she walked out of the door just to go on a walk around the park, she kept her head down as she wasn't really paying any attention.
  4. His mother had already left that morning. In her wake was a pot of cold coffee and an empty mug in the sink. Camden could remember when he was just old enough to stay home alone. His mother used to leave notes back then. They would tell him to be good and how much she loved him. There were no notes anymore. He rubbed the back of his neck as poured the rest of the coffee into a clean mug. He would have to figure out what he would be doing today.

    Most of his little gang had left for the summer for various reasons. Mark was now in jail, Jerry in boot camp, and Rick was staying with his dad in Rhode Island. He really didn’t care to call anyone else. The day before last he had seen another buddy who became increasingly irritated Camden didn’t have any Xanax.

    He sighed before taking a big gulp of the dark liquid. He guessed he could always go to the park. He had some grass he could sell and it looked pretty nice out. The ceramic cup clanked against the metal sink as he grabbed his bag and left the modest apartment he had grown up in.

    When he got to the park, he had his ear buds in. He had no intention of starting anything or really interacting with anyone but customers, but then he saw her. Suddenly Camden was smirking. He was pretty sure her name was Ashton and that she hung around with some fag and a little emo girl who pretended to hide her cuts. He’d noticed Ashton before. She was pretty, but quiet, no fight at all.

    Camden took out his earphones and slung his pack on his shoulder. He didn’t know why he had the sudden urge to give this girl some shit, but there was no one around to stop him so why not? “Hey, Ashton, right?” He called over to her.
  5. Ashton was just minding her own business, she twirled her yellow bracelet around her wrist. Ashton was trying not to think about what had happened last night, she just really hated her dad sometimes. He never knew when enough was enough and when he was drunk he never saw how much he was actually hurting Ashton, but the next day he usually always apologized until he got drunk again. Ashton always forgave him though no matter what he did, and he has done some pretty awful things to her.

    The sad part was that it just didn't stop there, she was bullied in school just as much. Verbally by both the girls and guys, and then physically by guys since girls would never dare get into a fight since they might break a nail. Ashton had only been sexually abused once, but all of that was still a lot for one girl to handle. Ashton had been at her breaking point a few times, but Darla and Paul always made everything better.

    Upon hearing her name Ashton looked up from the ground, she saw Camden and yeah she knew who he was. She had been bullied by his group various times, so Ashton kind of just stood there a little frozen. He didn't just say something to her to be friends and say hello, she knew he was probably just going to hurt her like everyone else did. Why should she expect anything else?

    Ashton slowly nodded since he asked if that was her name, and to her luck it was. Ashton felt like just running away but she couldn't, she only found the strength to nod and advert her blue gaze to the ground. Yeah she was scared, she was scared of any guy who could easily hurt her or anyone in general that could. Ashton really wasn't open to people, she was only open to her two friends and for good reasons too.
  6. He smirked at the little deer caught in headlights and waited to say anything till he was standing in front of her. “Don’t you know that it’s not safe for little girls to be wandering around this neighborhood?”
    He inched closer to her, if only to intimidate her more. He suddenly felt his blood rush at the thought of just dominating her. She was so tiny and venerable. He could easily feel bad for her, but that part of him had died along time ago. “Oh tell me, you’re not scared of me Ashy.” He grabbed her chin and forced her to look up into his eyes.
  7. Ashton kept her eyes on her shoes as he spoke to her, but that didn't last long as he made her look him in the eyes. The only thing in Ashton's eyes were fear at the moment, she was scared of what he would do. Ashton wasn't too sure what exactly he would do, or why he was doing this since she didn't do anything to him. Ashton felt inferior to him, she knew he could easily take her so there was no point in fighting back.

    "P-Please don't hurt me." Ashton stuttered a little in almost a whisper, she looked off to the side since she couldn't look him in the eyes any longer. Ashton could already feel her eyes start to water, she tried not to show her fear but failed miserably. Ashton's eyes, voice, and whole expression gave away the fact that she was scared and intimidated by Camden. Ashton bit her bottom lip softly and closed her eyes, she knew what was coming and she knew he was going to hurt her so she prepared herself for it.
  8. Camden shook his head when her eyes left his. “Hurt you?” He left out a chuckle. “Why would I want to hurt a pretty little thing like you?” He jerked her chin slightly to try and get her to look at him. He hated when people didn’t look him in the eye. It made him feel like he wasn’t worth their time and that made him angry. “Now stop making those tears. You should be happy, honored even that I would give a little slut like you any fucking attention.”

    She was so weak, so afraid. He should feel bad and leave her alone but all he could feel was anger. How could just let him do that to her? How could she be so weak? She deserved whatever happened because she was letting it happen. He didn’t understand why he did it, maybe it was just because Ashton was pretty. Maybe it was just because he could, but Camden pulled her chin up higher and crashed his lips down on hers.

    It was not a romantic kiss he gave him, but a cold and hateful one. He dominated her mouth, uncaring how she felt, just taking the cruel moment as it came.
  9. Ashton unwillingly looked back at Camden when he jerked her chin, she didn't see why he would say he wouldn't hurt her though when they both knew he would. That thought was also assured when he called her a slut and cussed at her, she felt a tear go down her cheek then. Verbal abuse hurt almost as much as the physical abuse, she wasn't a slut not even close. Ashton had always planned on waiting until marriage to do anything and still does, but that choice was taken from her from a certain event that happened a year ago but Ashton likes to pretend it never happened.

    Once Camden crashed his lips into hers, she immediately froze since she didn't expect that. Ashton would endure the physical and verbal abuse, but she didn't like this at all. It wasn't okay this time just as much as it wasn't okay the first time something like this happened, she tried to stop it from happening the first time but the guy was much stronger than her and had the advantage.

    Ashton tried pushing Camden back a little, but it didn't work all that well. She did the next thing she could do, so she bit his lip. Ashton hoped he would stop and sure she knew she would probably get hit for that, but it was better than this in her mind.
  10. He resisted her when her arms tried to push him away. It was so feeble, he could had laughed. At least he could have laughed until he pulled back in pain and surprise. The little bitch had bitten him! Without thinking he slapped her hard across her face, before pulling back to check his lip. On his fingers was a small amount of blood, he turned back at her and screamed. “You fucking little bitch! I can’t believe you fucking bit me!”

    He raised his arm to slap her again, but stopped when he noticed the bloom of red on her cheek. He usually didn’t hit girls. In fact he couldn’t remember ever actually hurting a female before. Some how this one got underneath his skin. He didn’t like that at all. “You’re not even fucking worth it.” He spat out before walking away. Suddenly it was him, afraid to meet her eyes.
  11. Ashton wasn't surprised at all that he hit her, but it hurt a lot so her hands soon found their way to her cheek to stop the stinging or at least try. Ashton flinched at his words since they were pretty venomous, she didn't mean to bite him that hard but he kind of deserved it anyway. Once he turned to walk away Ashton immediately ran, she was already in the park so she just ran towards the forest part of the trees. Ashton stood against one of the trees once she was sure that nothing was around her but trees, she automatically sunk down to the ground against the tree.

    Ashton had already been through so much last night that his wasn't helping, she broke down since nobody was around. Ashton gently laid on the ground not caring if there was dirt beneath her, she took too much and it was just painful. Everything was painful, but she could never bring herself to self harm like her friend since Ashton just wasn't like that. She just dealt with her dad, and everyone else who seemed to want to hurt her.

    Ashton never understood why they liked to hurt her since she would always be nice to everyone, she would forgive them no matter what they did, and even would still help them no matter what. Ashton tutored a girl who always teased her, so she definitely was not one to hold grudges though it was still too much for just one girl.
  12. “How was your day?”
    Camden looked up at his mother. She was washing dishes her bathrobe, clearly worn out from her long shift.
    “It was fine, just hung out around town.”
    His mother turned and eyed her son suspiciously. “You weren’t out doing something you aren’t suppose to, right? You know Camden the next time you get in trouble…”
    “I will be prosecuted as an adult and have to face the full punishment for my crime. I remember what the judge said last time. Seriously. It was a good calm day. I didn’t do anything.”
    His mother dried her hands and walked over to her son. Gently she placed a kiss on his forehead. “Good. I love you, but I am going to bed.”
    He watched his mother leave to her room and took a deep breath. He could still taste the sting of torn flesh on the inside of his lip because that girl.
    The next day worked out much like the last. His mother was already at work and he had nothing to do. He grabbed his bag and walked the block length to the park. Part of him was partially hoping to see Ashton again to apologize for hitting her. The other part was still angry at being bitten. He glanced up to see some kid from high school. The Sophomore left a few minutes later with a bag of weed stuffed in his pocket and Camden sat on the bench twenty dollars richer.
  13. Ashton knew her dad didn't work today so that was her cue to try and get out before he woke up, she quickly got dressed into black shorts and a white tank top. Ashton grabbed her purse and placed it over her shoulder, she opened the door and went to rush out of her room but bumped into the chest of her father.
    "Where are you going?" He spat and pushed her back and on the ground, he laughed a little before taking a drink of the bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand.
    "To get you breakfast." Ashton whispered and lied, she shut her eyes but only to be laughed at.
    "You're a f*cking liar Ashton." Her dad said with venom dipping off every word, he pulled her up by her hair taking her over the stairs.
    Her dad tossed the whiskey bottle to the bottom of the stairs to allow it to shatter, and once it did he pushed her down the stairs.
    Ashton ended up with pieced of glass in her hands and some on her sides and arm, she ignore the pain though as she scrambled to her feet and ran out of the door. Once Ashton was out she wiped her tears with the back of her hand since they were bleeding, she picked out the glass as she run ignoring the pain from her sides.

    Ashton also ignore people she pushed pass as well, she was going to the only spot she knew which was the little opening in the forest part of the park. Ashton always goes there to hide from things, she sat against the same tree she usually sat by. Once she settled onto the ground she started picking out pieces of glass, she had to bite the inside of her cheeks to stop from crying in pain.
  14. He sat there, listening to music and waiting for any other potential customers. It was another beautiful and bright summer day. If his friends were around they would have probably gone swimming or held a bonfire when the sun set. Today, though, he was on his own. He watched the on goings around when he noticed Ashton running. Something wasn’t right. She was in a panic and was that blood?

    He told himself it wasn’t his business and that he should just leave it alone. She wouldn’t want to see him anyway. So he sat there until finally guilt got the best of him. Camden got up from the bench and followed her trail into the woods. When he finally found her, he didn’t know what to think. She was bleeding. In fact she was plucking glass from her hand. “What happened to you?” The words came out gruffer than what he wanted.
  15. Ashton looked up to Camden though she didn't need to in order to know who it was, she could tell just by his tone that it was him. Ashton didn't want him here though since this was her place, she always went here when she needed to be alone and he had no business being here. Just taking away something that's hers who doesn't, she shrugged at his question and cleared her throat a little before speaking.

    "It doesn't matter." Ashton said softly though it came out shakier than she wanted, but there's nothing she could do about that. Ashton hoped Camden wouldn't hit her for speaking out of line, she tried to be polite about it but right now just wasn't a good time for her. Once the glass was out of her palms she looked up to Camden, she shifted herself a little so her back was to him. Ashton carefully lifted her shirt up a little and looked at the glass in her side, she went back to biting the insides of her cheek as she tried to get it out.
  16. Glass on her hands he could make an excuse for. Maybe she dropped a dish doing dishes, went through a glass door, tripped and fell on the street. What he could not understand was glass in her side. However it happened, it had to have been bad. Especially with the way she had been running. "It does matter. What happened to you?" His words came out softer this time but were still tainted with the tone of a command. He was demanding she told him the truth.
    Though he had no right, he took a step toward her till he was towering over her.
  17. Ashton bit her bottom lip lightly as she got the glass out, she let out a shaky breath that she didn't even know she was holding. Ashton set all the glass up in a pile, she didn't want anyone else to get hurt Ashton was ignoring Camden, but once he towered over her she felt immediately intimidated. "No it doesn't matter Camden. I'm not going to tell you my life story. You don't care anyway, so I will save you the trouble." Ashton said quietly and she wiped the blood from her hands onto her tank top, she normally wouldn't have since it was white but it already had blood on it because of her side.

    "Can you please just go?" Ashton said tryin to keep her tone steady and calm, but she failed miserably. Instead it came off more as meek, pleading, and shaky. Not to her liking of course, but she herself was shaky from the blood loss. What could Ashton do in her situation right now though, she sighed as she pressed her hands to her tank top on the side. Hopefully that would both stop the blood from her hands and her side, she hoped it would anyway but it was still worth a shot.
  18. "No, I won't go. You coming running through the park like a bat out of hell and now I find you pulling glass from your hands and side. I don't know what happened, but I can take a damn good guess. You don't get upset like this when something is an accident and you certainly don't run like that and then tend to your wounds. Who did this to you and what happened?" Slowly he kneeled before her. His blue eyes locked on to hers. He wasn't going to leave and there was no way she could make him.
  19. The first thing Ashton did was quickly move away from him, and even if that wasn't the smartest thing to do since it hurt she still did it. Just her instincts since he'd probably try and take advantage of this, he had some of the work done for him so he could easily finish her off. "I did it okay. I... I shattered my mirror then fell on top of the glass." Ashton lied though it was hopeless, she was a horrible liar and she knew it. Though she didn't want anyone to know about her dad, and only her best friends knew about it and they were the only ones who deserved to know. Camden wouldn't get her to say anything though even if he tried to beat it out of her, but considering she was pretty bad at lying if he kept taking guesses he could figure it out.
  20. He arched a brow at her excuse. "The glass in your hand is brown. It is not from a mirror Ash." He shook his head. "Come with me and we can patch you up." His voice suddenly became softer. "I owe you after yesterday." He stood up and offered her his hand. "I promise I won't hurt you, seems like you had enough of that for one day."