Falling For the Bad Boy

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  1. Justin Andrews rolls over and grasps his alarm clock in his hand and throws it across the room, making it hit the white wall with a thud. He groaned and sat up in his bed, ruffling his shaggy brown hair and rubbing his brown eyes. He had forgotten to take his contacts out the night before. He slowly threw his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, wobbling a little, but making It over to his closet and changing into a pair of dark jeans and a grey tank top. He grabbed his bag, ruffled his hair a little more, then grabbed his phone and was out the door, heading towards the horrible place he was forced to call high school.

    'At least it's my last year I'm required to go to school,' he thinks, jumping in his car.
  2. Kate Smith doesn't wake up until school has already started and her older sister sees her still asleep and gets her up. Kate has long blond/brown hair that she just thought into a ponytail and puts on some jeans and her favorite tank then runs to her car to get to school
  3. Justin walks into the school and walks through the hallway. Being the most popular boy in the school, he could get away with just about anything. Even the teachers didn't say not to him. He could have anyone that he wanted in just a seconds time. He went to his locker and then up the stairs. Us quickly passed his first hour class without a second thought and walked down the hall to the art room where he took a seat and started working on a home project.
  4. Kate walks in late to first hour and sees that someone is in her spot

    "Ummm, hey, you are kind of in my seat" Kate tells the person
  5. Justin heard a small, sweet voice above him. He doesn't bother to glance back up and see the face, instead he keeps working."So sit somewhere else. If you would've been here on time I might not be in your spot. Besides, this is my spot next hour anyway."
  6. "That's next hour. Not this hour" Kate says trying not to get a little mad at this guy
  7. "Maybe it is next hour already,"he says."Maybe you should check your clock. Oh wait-- if you had one, you would've already been in this seat before I was,"he says annoyed. "Go sit somewhere else. There's plenty of other seats."
  8. Kate is to nice of a person to be to mean so she just goes to fine a new seat and her two best friends came over to sit by her
  9. Justin sighs and looks up after the girl walks off and looks back down, continuing to work on his art.
  10. At the end of the hour Kate leaves and goes to her next class
  11. Justin stays in the art room throughout the next two hours until Ms. Jenkins made him go onto English since that was his worst subject and he was failing the class.
  12. Kate is in the same class and she ask the teacher if she could miss today because its her best subject and could go to the art room. But Mr. Shown says no because they are starting a big project today
  13. Justin walks through the door of the English room and passes by a few girls that we're staring at him and flirting. He keeps walking until he sits down in a seat near the window and leans back, ignoring the teacher
  14. Kate sees that it was the guy who was sitting in her seat first hour and makes a face. Then turns and talks to some of her friends in the class
  15. Justin looks out the window, across the road, and past to the woods. He smiled a little but instantly stops and starts thinking about his art work.
  16. The teacher asks for every one to listen up. Kate takes out a notebook to start taking notes in.
  17. Justin looks over at his friend and laughs at a home he tells, ignoring the teacher while he talks and starts explaining the assignment.
  18. He start to pair people up and Kate is just listening
  19. Justin heard his name called, so stupidly, he says,"Here," thinking that the teacher was taking roll.
  20. Kate raises her ha d. "Mr. Shown there has to be a mistake" Kate tells him
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