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  1. Hey, everyone I'm tossing this idea around in my mind, and I think it'd be entertaining to rp.

    So, the concept revolves around an entity that used to reside in the heavens (This concept doesn't revolve around any particular faith, and is open to interpretation by the people who perceive the character) whom was forced from his home. His penance for the unknown transgression was to live among the mortals as a human (or near human, rather) while being plagued by the horrors of his former life.

    From time to time, he encountered various enemies from his past, forcing him to travel from place to place. His latest home is a small town in Indiana, where he is going to soon arrive at a crossroads. In the center of this event lies a young woman, and her choices will influence his, and thus shape the world around them.

    I suppose it's something of a romance, and I'd accept just one person, but, I'm more into groups. Mostly because it's interesting to get multiple ideas going from multiple sources. Anyway, if anyone is interested, just say so. ^_^
  2. Sounds a lot like the novel Fallen by lauren Kate, but if you want to do something along those lines send me a message and we can throw some ideas around