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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ike Sapphire, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Fallen

    I awoken to the sound of a cry, a babies cry. My whole family killed I seem to be the only one left alive. My brother was nowhere to be found and I was left alone. “Where am I to go, what am I to do now?” as I spoke softly with a tear slowly slipping down my cheek.

    I begin to hear an eerie slow breath, as if someone were standing behind me. I ran outside, the only sound I could hear was the silence around me and the sound of that baby crying. I look around the city and all I can see are buildings and blood stains every which way I look. “Something must have had happened in my absents, what the hell happened?” I continue down the streets to hear the cry of the baby getting closer, it seems to be coming out from an old hotel. I walk inside “hello, anyway there?” but the only answer I got back was the sound of that baby and nothing else. I walked over to the steps and begin ascending.

    As I continue up every so often I would call out to see if anyone was around. The cry of the baby got closer, I was at least 30 floors up when I began to hear that same breathing sound I heard earlier. “…” I couldn’t say a word, but then suddenly my phone rang. I pull it out of my pocket and answer it “hello?” a long pause and I get an answer. I wasn’t sure who it was but damn was I glad to hear that someone was still alive. “M-may I ask who this is?”

    Alright this is a jump in RP and I’d like to try this out for once. So let’s get to it, by the way you don’t need to have a char sheet at all. Oh and half the stuff I just typed here will be in my first post so pretty much you can scan my frst post, lol