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  1. There had been fliers posted in small coffee shops, alleyways, and on a few telephone poles. A discreet advertisement for those who had lost their way with God and were looking for a new type of religion. It asked simple questions about if they’d been down in life, felt betrayed by God, were looking for a new place to put their faith or even if they were just looking for a friend or group to confide in. That was what they needed, after all. Those who were shy, depressed, distraught with life, and those who were just damn curious.

    The sun had just settled down below the horizon that summer evening. A small chill filled the air through the back alley where the door into the meeting area was. A location change would have been nice, but when you were running the type of business that he was, sometimes it was just easier to take the loss of a few potential patrons to be set back in a sketchy location.

    It didn’t stop the handful of lawyers, accountants, a young couple, and a few average aged humans to pour into the door and go down the dark steps into the large room in the basement. You’d have never guessed that it was in the basement with the way it was decorated. The walls were a smooth red wine color, the floor a dark cherry wood, and the ceilings were taller than one would expect. There were candles, small arrangements of decorations and red roses around the room. At the front was a large decorative alter, outlined in gold with a dark podium beside it.

    There were chairs in rows in place of pew-type seating, all individual with padded seats and elegant arms.

    In front of the room, speaking with a tall brunette woman dressed in red was Michele.

    For the ‘leader’ of this new church, he looked very young. He was dressed in black dress pants, shining dark shoes, a red dress shirt and black suit jacket. Ugh-restricting, if anything. His hair was styled modernly, curving over more to one side than the other. As the patrons began filing in, he paused his conversation with the brunette up front.

    “Welcome everyone- we’ll begin in about five minutes. Make yourselves at home- enjoy the refreshments outback if you’d like.” His voice was deep and smooth. He was right- in the back of the room was a small table with an assortment of casual foods to attract the guests. The room wasn’t exactly the most comforting thing at first sight, but with the friendly individuals that were there- it seemed easy enough to stay.

    If anything, the turnout was nice, and would be more than profitable. The meetings usually started at 8, with the drinking of the wine beginning around 8:30. Then the bidders would should up around 8:45, lugging off their spoils for the evening- and it would happen again a week later. Simple as that. The demand had been high for human vessels, slaves, and whatever needed lately among the demons, fallen, and other humans which was great for him, but getting more people interested and getting the /right/ kind of individual was tough these days...
  2. The haunting stories that had been occupying rumors and spreading amongst those who dared to believe it was treated as some harsh or idiotic joke for thinking such a thing could happen. But people were disappearing and others could not explain it. Nor did they look into how or why. It was becoming something that was almost taboo with no one wanting to research or look into. Loved ones, friends, family - gone without a trace and people were just beginning to accept it.

    Not her. Elizabeth had followed clues and talks and anything she could to find her best friend who had gone missing. There were a lot of people who seemed to care at first, but as time went on, she heard less and less and it almost became some sort of norm and feeling of accepting that she just may be gone. That was not acceptable! This was her last chance - she was told that her friend had heard about this group and was seeking some sort of .... condolence? Something. She wanted a group or to be a part of something apparently, and this possible religious group would be the answer she was looking for. And it was kind of hard to find out about.

    But now she was here and was hesitant as she walked into the basement, the feeling as she went down was off. She couldn't place how she was feeling, but noticed there were quite a few people there around her. Her dark brown hair, emerald eyes, and dark blue dress did not put her out of place. It felt like everyone had dressed nicely for this event like they would a real religious ceremony. She looked down to make sure she was still presentable and her knee length dress seemed to be appropriate still. She lightly tugged on the sleeves of her light and flowy grey cardigan as a nervous habit. She wasn't used to being around so many people and especially because she didn't know anyone. But she was doing this for her friend.

    Elizabeth sat down for she really wasn't one who was good at small talk and just wanted to take in her surroundings. It was then that she noticed the man who seemed to be the leader. He... wasn't what she expected. She expected some middle-aged man with a soft smile and possibly glasses to be welcoming people in. Not a young man with a stylish hair with a very appealing voice. Again, something screamed at her senses that this whole thing wasn't as it appeared but as she glanced around, she couldn't prove it.
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  3. The brunette clad in red noticed that the room had filled with a suitable amount of people and quickly parted ways with the man up front. She made her way past the seats and up the stairs, shutting the large door that lead to the alleyway. There was an audible and haunting click that echoed through the hall. Most were too busy talking to one another to notice. As she walked back down her eyes fell on the woman in dark blue. Her eyes were dark and the definition of color between the whites of someones eye and the pupil was none existent.

    Michele took notice of the woman that had entered and made his way to her. The others were people he had meet by chance or were people he had already talked to earlier in the evening. New people always peaked his interest. The truth was, everyone that came to the meetings was new, because most who stayed for the drinking of wine and socializing were the ones that had gone missing. The ones that didn't come back. Michele had done a fantastic job with keeping it all under wraps, mostly because the victims were shipped off and never seen again. However this one... There weren't many young women that found their way down here, and he'd yet to keep someone for himself.

    He sat down beside her, "I trust you found your way here through a recommendation or one of the posters I've placed around the town?" He started, "Michele Anselm," The young man extended a hand to her, a small grin coming to his lips. "I like to introduce myself to anyone new before I talk. I think it makes it all the more personal. What is your name, love?" The one thing that God had made a mistake with was making his angels of perfection. It was dangerous for humans after their fall, most turning to dark-natured activities and using their looks and persuasion to their advantage.
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  4. Elizabeth could not help but jump a little bit when he sat down beside her and started to speak. The notion of someone actually coming to her to introduce themselves seemed far fetched in her mind for it seemed like everyone seemed to already have a group or click - for most people naturally fell into such a habit. But mostly what surprised her was that it was the young man who she had noticed earlier. The fact that he came over and introduced himself gave her some sort of... relief?

    This whole place gave her a chill that screamed something was wrong, and for him to be the leader means he would give some sort of creepy feeling, right? So why...

    She could not help but gave a slight smile as she accepted his hand and gently shook it. "I am Elizabeth Williams. Nice to meet you Mr. Anselm." Elizabeth had felt a little awkward at referring to him by his last name because he was so attractive - er, young seeming. But polite is polite.

    The original intention of coming here was to try to read people and figure out who was who and who might have seen her best friend last. But there was something with how he spoke that made her lower her defenses just a little bit. "And thanks for stopping. I hate to admit this, but I am a little nervous to be here." Because this may be the last place her friend was seen, but she wasn't going to tell him that. "But I actually heard about this from a couple people. Can't remember who though, but they made it sound really appealing."
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  5. “Please, call me Michele.” The man spoke in a soft, welcoming tone. Little did the woman know, most of the small groups looked the way they did because strategically placed amongst them were individuals like himself, or worse, who would aid him for some extra cash. Michele glanced to everyone else, knowing he should have started his talking by now but wanted to make everyone feel comfortable before he showed a bit of his darker side.

    “Pleasure to meet you, Elizabeth. Oh- do you mind if I call you that, or would you prefer Miss Williams? Or is it Mrs?” Boy, was he filled with manners tonight. The being nice and displaying kind gestures was quite against his nature, and made him almost feel sick to the stomach. But still, he was able to show seemingly genuine smiles and laughs with her.

    The idea that she was nervous to be here and had heard of the place before struck him as odd. Not many who came here ever made it out back into the same city where they came from, and if they had they were under strict watch. Maybe there were people talking about his posters? Still, people had been disappearing from the area for quite some time without returning. Many believed they didn’t want to be found. They were mostly people who didn’t have much for family or who worked the same 9-5 job for a corporate company and were just tired of it. Then there were the occasional young tag-alongs who thought that this place was going to be some underground sanctuary for all of their problems. In that sense, they were right.

    The fact that people had made it sound appealing and him not having spoken with her before was a giveaway that it was a lie, but he wasn’t going to point it out, not now. He tilted his head, “Oh? Well I’m glad our word is spreading around!” He said with enthusiasm. “We have a lot of important messages here, so hearing that is very heartwarming. But why are you nervous?”

    The woman in red was standing nearby, carefully listening to their conversations and hoping she wouldn’t need to intervene.
  6. Elizabeth lightly shook her head as a smile escaped her. "It's Miss, but Elizabeth is fine," she stated as she let out a sigh of relief. There was something about this place that bothered her but she couldn't pin it down nor even try to figure out why. Luckily her fibbing didn't seem to phase him - honestly, she had found a poster for this place at her friend's apartment and it was just the last lead she had. Everyone had brushed it off as just garbage, but what else is left? She couldn't tell him that she was nervous because of the odd atmosphere or the fact that this may have been the last place her friend was seen....

    "I just am not that good with groups of people I suppose," she answered, blushing a little bit. Play the timid shy girl, it should work. People generally fall for that and believe in it more than anything else. Plus she could get away with much more. Something about a shy girl that people are drawn to.

    There were so many people around and everyone seemed so genuine. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe her friend didn't get lost at a place like this, but then where else should she go? This was the last clue, the last hint. Elizabeth was about to call it quits at this point. But the hesitation is still there. It made her stomach churn a little even. She cannot ignore her instincts too much... but-

    Michele was distracting. She was almost taken in and almost forgot about everything. "Thank you though, for talking to me. I honestly appreciate it."
  7. With a signal from the woman in red Michele knew he had to get along with things or else some would start getting anxious. They were already a few minutes over. He shook Elizabeth's hand once more, "I'm sorry Elizabeth, but I need to go speak now. I look forward to catching up with you to see what you thought after the talk we have today though."

    Michele stood and moved to the front, standing behind the podium. He looked out at the mere fifteen to twenty people that had decided to show up in the basement meeting area that day. The flyers were working, that was for sure. There was a grin that creased his lip at the idea. This place had transformed from somewhere where the homeless and less fortunate would come to a place where ever the most prestigious of men and women went to find something else, not knowing they would never return. Michele didn't care about that though, all he cared about was the money he fetched for them.

    The room hushed as the man cleared his throat.

    "Good evening everyone," Michele started in a smooth tone" I trust you all found your wy here through recommendations and the few posters I've placed around town. Let me introduce myself- My name is Michele Anselm, for those who don't know. It means one who is like and related to God." A short though of how much of a joke his own name meant in this mortal world made him want to laugh, but he held it back. "I would like this evening to be short for you all, a small talk followed by a communion that will take place each week."

    As the fallen looked out into the people who had attended, he felt like their stories were all the same. Worrying about income, cars, when their bonuses were. If their wives were cheating, if their husbands were running of with their secretaries. Where their children were sneaking off to at night. The young man had to keep the rush of questions out of his head, keeping careful control over his facial expressions.

    "Lindsay, it is?" He pointed out one woman in particular in the small group, a secretary at a small lawyers office if he remembered correctly, who was a bit on the heavy side and dressed in a pant-suit type outfit. "When was the last time you prayed for something?"

    "Umm... well, about a year ago, for my mothers health..." The woman answered.

    "And did God answer your prayer?" Michele asked her.


    "We are brought up learning that if we pray, everything will go in our favor. Psalm says ' I sought the Lord and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears'. The People of Zion in Isaiah read 'you will weep no more. How gracious he will be when you cry for help! As soon as he heras, he will answer you'. If this is true- then why are our prayers never answered by 'God'. We spend our days praying to a God who doesn't listen. We open our hearts and pour our souls to closed eyes and ears. But why?" He questioned in a sincere tone. Oh, he was going to milk the small crowd for all it was worth. Drawing them in was his favorite part.

    "He says 'Do not make any gods to be alongside me', but this is not that. There is not a God that will be alongside him, but one /above/ him. A God of asking and recieving, a God with open ears and heart."

    One woman slowly raised her hand, "But what is his name?"

    "Abaddon..." The name rolled off of his tongue, the name sounding Hebrew and him pronouncing so.

    The name in itself sent shivers up a few spines as a coolness flooded the room.

    The woman in red found her way back down the steps, her heels clicking with each step. With her she carried a crystal bottle with blood red wine in it. "Before you all go," The woman turned to face them at the front of the room, "A toast- to your welcoming to this home, should you so please. You're always welcome here, and we hope to see you return. Just please- a small drink before you leave as a sign of our gratitude." She smiled and gave a small flirty laugh that made a few of the men in the audience get up and make a line for the taste of wine that she put into small disposable glasses.

    Needless to say, none of them knew that in a matter of five minutes they would be knocked out from whatever was in it...
  8. Elizabeth was ... uncomfortable. Being surrounded by all of these people and they seemed to know what they are having problems with. It seemed to differ from hers vastly: cars, family, work, the normal situations that seemed to draw people to a religion - and they all seemed truly authentic in their desires. But she was here for a completely different reason, but could not wonder if it was becoming selfish.

    If all of them were here for a selfish reason. They could want a greater good for all or hoping to reach out to others, but instead they all seemed to be more for themselves. If it was for a family member, it felt like they wanted the issue fixed so they would have less to worry about or just for it to go the way they wanted.

    She lightly shook her head and knew that it was a downer and horrid way to think of it all, but being surrounded by what she has been lately trying to locate her friend kind of brought her to that mindset. Maybe - maybe something like this was what she really needed. Maybe her friend had been right to try to seek something like this. Putting her head in her hands, Elizabeth sighed trying to sort her thoughts. No doubt that the atmosphere was having a great impact on her mindset right now. She just needed to step out and get some fresh air when this was all over.

    She had mostly blocked out all information besides 'Abaddon...' That made her pick up her head again and look at the charming man Michele. How he was just seemed to put her at some sort of ease. Or comfort. Or as if she should be seeking him for some odd reason. It resonated in her - but also set off some personal alarms. But for now, she would ignore them and just let go for now.

    Figuring that drinking the wine would not hurt she was going to prepare to stand when the rush of men to the front made her pause then quickly move her hand to cover her mouth. Oh, it would be so wrong to laugh, but it was obvious why those so-called 'gentlemen' moved so quickly.

    Do religious areas normally use such a flirty method? That woman dressed in red was... very different than most who would be in that type of position. Something was nagging her mind but she just pushed it away. She was tired of over-thinking and honestly she was tired of listening to her gut. Her instincts told her to leave and smile and just not come back. It had to be wrong. Elizabeth looked at Michele once more as she reasoned that he had been nothing but kind and sounded so genuine. So when it was her turn, she stood and calmly went to the front to drink.

    One drink couldn't be that bad.
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