Fallen Skies

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The teenager stumble through the woods - lost, as it neared sundown. It had been weeks since they set out to find themself a dragon to tame for riding as well as making a new member to their dwindling family. Their dark hair was sticky with sweat and dirk along with their freckled face. They rubbed their necklace as the pushed through the thick brush; it was engraved with their name: Miran. A gift from one of the hunters they crushed on years ago. Not only was the trek through the forest harsh, it made matters worse since they traveled in leather and cotton clothing, even a few pieces of copper armor meant for more decorations made movement hard and more stressful on the body.

There were rumors that dragons lurked in the forest, ones that had not seen the skies in decades and hide themselves in damp caves that seemed to go on forever. It seemed useless to Miran to search here anymore but they couldn't find a way out of the winding forest. Most of Miran's friends had already discovered dragons and even a few hatched their own yet the dragonless rider found none of their weeks of searching. "This has got to be the stupidest thing I've done," they muttered to themselves as they came across a clearing with dozens upon dozens of trees shattered at their trunks. Miran smirked, their dark eyes twinkling, seeing the promise that the area might hold.
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