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  1. I'm just kinda curious, I recently discovered the game and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I recently became a person of some importance and its just like a whole new game now XD (Working on getting a ship for myself.)

    Anyone else playing? I could use a few delicious friends.
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  2. How. I've been playing it for months, grinding my way through Veilgarden, and my Persuasive just peaked 100 with modifiers.

    Also, fun fact, I played my FL character on this site in a roleplay that is currently close to ending.
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  3. XD I've been playing for about 3 months. Started March 30th. If you can there is a place after Veilgarden, the empress's court, try to make your way there, one of the stories has an option that's luck based and if you pass you get a confident smile, I grinded on that one for a while and then spent 5 confident smiles a piece to provide a massive boost to persuasive every time, and did that while completing the story there.

    I have all stats above 100 with gear, and 72 Watchful, 81 Shadowy, 101 Dangerous, and 120 Persuasive (But I also have the best gear for that spot so I can boost it to 151 if I need to.)

    Btw Person of interest unlocks a lot of stuff, but if you were use to using items to drop your issues get ready to get rocked. Since being a Person of Interest just tanks their usefulness.
  4. I've been to the Empress' court, though the amount of options available intimidated me. I guess going for Confident Smiles is a good idea. For the time being I try to focus on Whispered Hints, as that's what I need to get five cards in my hand.

    My stats are something along the lines of 74 Watchful, 80 Persuasive, 68 Shadowy (I spent a lot of time chasing cats in Spite), and 43 Dangerous. It's enough to get by without relying too heavily on second chances
  5. Meh, dont worry about the cards, I honestly check them after doing some big story in a location since most of them are just like free stuff cards that can get you some things. I have a place that lets me hold 3 and thats all I need cause I just discard the worthless ones.

    The story you want to go for is attempting to be come like the artist or writer of the court, and then once you have a little progress look for an option that is luck based (It amounts to you throwing your work into a fire and rewriting it) if you pass like I said confident smile. Then you can spend those at your lodging in Matters of Scandal and stuff for massive (I do mean big) boosts to persuasive.
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  6. Ok, so I have a few questions for you.

    Enpress' court. Where is it? The closest thing I can access is the Shuttered Palace. It appears in no options either, just mentions.

    Two. The Help page said to raise one of your base stats to over 100 to begin becoming a person of some importance. Although, when I spoke to the woman letting me become that, she tells me to go to Watchmaker's hill, where my dangerous has to be 100 first.
  7. Empress's court is inside the shuttered palace, do a few things there that relate to improving your status. (Like your name signed with a flourish) Then an option should come up with card with a golden or special border. This will get you access to the court.

    In order to become a person of some importance you need all your stats at 100. It triggers when you have one that is above 100. (Then you need to do a few other high end things before you can become one)

    You can fudge the stats with good equipment too btw.
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  8. I'll get to grinding, then. Judging by the wiki, I thought you had to make your name in Veil garden or something.

    As for becoming a PoSI, that gotta wait.

    Scuttering squad is a reccomend, by the way.

    Update: I got to the court. Now to find that chance based writing storylet.
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  9. I already have one :P

    If you want to add me as a friend its Nickboom on there. I think I could even serve as your mentor for now since I'm a Person of Some Interest.
  10. I think I'll avoid adding anyone besides RL familiars for now, sorry. I did the mistake of logging on using FB, which does display my real name more often than not.
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  11. Update: I figured I was close enough, and finally bought the Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar. 80 000 Whispered Hints. Now I just need to get the remaining two actions necessary to move in.

    Then I'll grind more Confident Smiles.
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  12. Man, I played this shit back when it was called Echo Bazaar. And I still play the shit out of Sunless Sea. The setting and writing is just incredible. I wish I could come up with material this good.

    Running a new character here, if you wanna add his ass.
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  13. Added ya! I llove the writing too. I gotta get sunless sea. (I played it a little bit...through ways, when it wasnt out to give it a try, needless to say I didnt know WTF was going on XD)
  14. Sunless Sea is a real long-haul game. You've barely scratched the surface even if you've put about ten hours into it.

    It's like Fallen London in that respect. It requires an investment of time to pay off. But it's so very worth it.
  15. So, after finding out I could change my account name, I did so, and adding this guy should now be safe towards my privacy unless you're a top-tier hacker.
  16. Oh noes, I'm a top-tier hacker! I cant befriend you now X_X (I added you :P)

    Btw I dont know how mentoring works cause no one accepted my applications but if you want to apply for a mentor-ship with my guy I'd be willing to give it a try.
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  17. I don't know how you'd do it in the first place, but I can't see that you've added me as a contact. Which is inconvenient if I'm planning on making your aquaintance. Which I in turn need for you to be my patreon.
  18. Nickboom's Mantelpiece | Fallen London

    There that's me, you can just add me too. To get a mentor I think you have to travel to your lodgings and it should be the first thing unless you are a person of interest. (Which I dont think you are yet.)
  19. I believe, unless we are talking about two things, it's called a patreon. And hopefully only you have to be a PoSI.

    I'll add you right away.
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  20. Yea, its patreon, sorry thats what I meant XD
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