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  1. Hello my name as it suggests is Fallen Child, but you can call me Fally if you want to call me by a shorter name. I'm an aspiring writer and a regular roleplayer since 2010, i'm currently in Roleplay sites that are a bit underrated and i wanted to find something that had tons of people..And this was the first popular roleplay site i found, i was interested of course since October, however due to some circumstances i couldn't join until now..I have just turned 17 and i cant wait to start here!

    Im mostly into Horror and other such things so i'll be around the Horror section of the site most of the time. I'm also interested in tons of games, shows and cartoons that if i made a list it would of taken a while to finish, especially if its three different types of media.

    Anyway i cant wait to join here and hope i have fun and have as much friends as possible here, so lookout Iwaku, you have another new player..Out of the people that have joined way before i did.

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  2. Welcome ^_^
  3. I hope your stay is excellent! PM me if you wish to plot! :D
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