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    Nathan James Sykes was a guy known around the world for being in a boy band called The Wanted. At the moment, they were in LA and putting on concerts, going to other places and singing and mainly promoting themselves in America. While they were out there, they were also recording their new album for the fans but everything started to go all wrong for Nathan when he started to clear his throat a lot more and it started to hurt when he sang, when trying to record a song, it was settled that he was going to see the doctor because it hurt and he just couldn't sing. He was put on voice rest, this meaning that he wasn't allowed to talk or sing and this made him feel really down and not happy at all. He had to use a whiteboard to write what he wanted to say to people and felt so guilty when he couldn't talk to fans or sing for them and having to mime instead, he felt like he had let the fans down because he never mimed.

    Right now he was in his bedroom in the big house and getting dressed for the fan event that was today, he was hoping this would get his mind off things. They had ordered in a load of games to play and was going to do a barbeque and everything and just have fun, this whole fan event had caused an argument and he had used his voice a lot to talk, which wasn't a good thing because it was honestly getting worse by the day. He heard the door knock and wasn't going to use his board today, he was going to just talk, it was for one day but wouldn't talk a lot. "I got it" he said as he went downstairs and knew it would be the fans from Wanted World. He opened the door and smiled. "Hello, come in" he said to them, yeah his voice was like shit and was all croaky and just sounded horrible but he would rather talk and than write everything down.
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    {blue eyes, 'Aly' instead of 'Avril' on shoes

    Alyssa "Aly" Horan, yes HORAN as in Niall James Horan of One Direction. Yes, she is his sister but thankfully she had a normal life where no one even made that connection. She comes home to Ireland every month for a few days but she mainly lives in LA, pursuing her own career in music. She was a rocker unlike her brother which is the main reason why no one ever thinks of the relation. Obviously she's a directioner but she's an even bigger fan of The Wanted. Yes, she knows of the rivalry of the bands and their fandoms.

    Today she was throwing that rivalry away. Today she was going to meet The Wanted at their LA house at a Wanted World event. She was lucky enough to win a contest to attend this event. She put on her best outfit and fixes her blonde hair then goes outside to get in the bus. She was listening to The Wanted's self-titled album the entire drive to her idol's house. She was even more excited to meet her crush - Nathan James Sykes. She knew he was having throat problems recently so he wouldn't be able to sing or talk but she didn't care, just being in the same room - hell the same house - as him was good enough.

    After what seemed like forever, the bus finally pulls infront of The Wanted's house. She turns off her iPhone and grabs her 'I <3 Nathan Sykes' bag, putting her phone in the small pocket in the front along with her TW CD. She takes a deep breath and walks out of the bus, following her fellow TW Family members to the front door. She makes her way to the front and knocks on the door. After a moment, the door opens and she sees Nathan standing in front of her smiling. He was talking and his voice honestly sounded like crap, but still he was talking just for them.

    She smiles and happily walks into the house, the rest of the girls following behind her. She stops once they get to the main room and her jaw drops. A glass windowed wall showing the huge pool outside, a pool table and mini-bar inside. It was amazing.
  3. Nathan smiled at the group and let them all in and giving some of the girls hugs when they asked for them and gave their cheeks a small kiss to the ones asked and was joined by the others at the door to greet them in. He closed the front door and went into the room, sitting on the piano when he went in and smiled at everyone and wasn't going to talk, so let Tom speak to them. "It's really nice to have you all here and you get to see where we are staying and spend some quality time with us, we have a bit of music to play for you live, some fun games that I'm sure everyone will enjoy and then a barbeque" Tom said smiling. "So let's have some fun!" Jay cheered with a smile.

    Nathan shook his head with a smile and sat properly at the piano and cleared his throat or trying to do it secretly anyway because it sounded horrible when he done it. He smiled and let everyone go outside to where the games were and would join them in a bit, he slipped off into the kitchen and rubbed his throat as he got the salt water that his Dr had asked him to gargle and put his head back as he did and didn't think anyone was watching him as he done it and he spat it out into the sink and had to do it twice. He looked when he noticed a blonde girl and furrowed his eyebrows, she looked familiar to him for some reason and very familiar. "You didn't see that did you?" he asked her.
  4. Aly smiles, looking around at the massive house, taking this moment in. She listens to Tom talk and tell them about what they had planned for today. She notices Nathan sit on the piano. She couldn't believe she was in the same room as her idol, her biggest crush. She nods, smiling as Tom finishes talking. She takes her iPhone 5c - purple of course - and takes some pics of the house, tweeting them out. She was heading outside with everyone else when she notices Nathan slip into the kitchen. She smiles and walks outside with her fellow fans.

    She seen a dunk tank, bag toss, inflatable slides and some inflatable bungee cord game. Max and Jay was at the grill making burgers and hot dogs while the rest of the guys were among the fans. She sits on one of the lounge patio chairs and takes some more pictures, tweeting them out once again. Finally she seen Nathan walk out of the house and smiles. She notices him look at her and she looks away, blushing slightly. She gets up and goes to get a Coke from one of the coolers.
  5. Nathan knew they had got loads of things for the day but he was honestly really excited to try everything out and have fun with the fans. He went outside after gargling the salt water and raised his eyebrow as the girl looked away from him blushing and he shook his head a little and talked to fans that came up to him and he smiled. "How's your throat Nathan?" a girl asked him and he just shrugged. "It's not so great to be honest, I'm meant to be on vocal rest but i had to get a new whiteboard, Max and Tom decided to chuck it into the pool" he said with a smile and took a bottle of water from a cooler as he had been put on a strict diet. "Anyway enough about my throat, let's go have some fun" he said smiling and ushered the fans to where everything was and getting some off the chairs with a smile and took this as his chance.

    He went over to the cooler where the girl was. "Are you going to come and join in with the games, you look really cute when you blush by the way" he said with a smile on his face. "May i know what your name is?" he asked her and studying her because he honestly thought he knew her from somewhere. "Have we met before?" he asked her.
  6. Aly looks over where Nathan sat and listens to him tell them about his throat. She can't help but frown slightly hearing he wasn't doing any better. She hated hearing his voice so scratchy. She chuckles about Max and Tom throwing his whiteboard into the pool. She smiles and nods happily. She puts her coke down and her heart skips a beat when Nathan walks over to her.

    "Yeah, I was just getting a drink." She replies smiling. She can't help but blush slightly at his compliment. "Thanks." She says shyly. She smiles back and nods. "I'm Alyssa Horan, I go by Aly though." She answers. "No, we haven't. I would remember if we had." She says smiling. She notices him almost study her and sighs. "Yes, I'm related to Niall. I'm his younger sister. Thankfully no one makes that connection and I have a normal life." She says.
  7. Nathan smiled to the girls as they walked away and he looked back at the blonde girls. "You and me both" he said with a smile and had a sip of his water before putting it away, as he would join in with the fun. He smiled at her blushing and nodded. "No need to thank me" he said to her and raised his eyebrow, knowing that last name instantly of course, seeing as he knew Niall Horan, he had nothing against the 1D boys of course and never got involved with the fights between Tom and Louis an all that, he just stayed focused on the fans.

    He was about to open his mouth and say what she did and laughed. "I was just going to say if Niall was your brother, as soon as you said Horan i knew, i can see it now, the blue eyes are the same" he said smiling and thought about it. "Don't you do music as well?" he asked her and held his hand out for her to take and would take her up to the games and fun. "Your brother's a nice guy, does he know you are a fan of us?" he asked her with a smile.
  8. Aly smiles, looking at him. She noticed his reaction to her being Niall's sister. She knew that he never got involved with the twitter fights or any hate with One Direction like Tom and Max often did. "I know, not many people realize that. Thanks." She replies smiling. "Yeah, of course I'm in music. I live here in LA and right now pursing a career in Pop/Rock." She answers happily.

    She smiles and accepts his hand, walking with him over to the games. "Yeah, he's amazing. Yeah he does. He jokes about me being a member of both fandoms but I just ignore it." She says. She always got joked on about being both a Directioner and TWFamily member. She just didn't care about the rivalry. Music is music to her without any limits or rules about who you can be a fan of.
  9. Nathan smiled at her and screwed the lid back on his water bottle and nodded. "I think it's because I've met your brother and i remember him telling me that he had a younger sister, plus i have nothing against One Direction, some of their music are pretty good" he said with a smile and shrugged. "I think it's because people know you have another older brother and you seem like a really private person" he said to her and smiled. "Do you have any music out? i recognise your name, How old are you?" he asked her. "Okay that was rude of me, i shouldn't ask a women her age" he said with a smile.

    He grins when she accepts his hand and he laced his finger's with hers and brought her over to the games, to be honest he had completely forgot that they were filming this for the show. "Oh so he does know that you are a fan of us" he said smiling and laughed. "Well big brother's annoy their younger siblings, i can annoy my younger sometimes" he said smiling and brought her over to a game everyone was at. "Nath you want a go?" Jay asked and Nathan nodded. "Yeah I'm down mate" he said and smiling. "Want to go against me?" he asked Aly.
  10. Aly smiles and nods. "Probably. He doesn't really tell that many people about me. He wants to give me a normal life, away from the cameras and everything." She explains. "I know you don't. I'm glad that you don't start trouble with them like Tom and Max do." She says smiling. She chuckles and nods. "I guess I'm kinda private. Sometimes I don't mind the cameras finding me but most of the time I just keep to myself." She explains, looking at him.

    "Unfortunately not yet. I'm working towards that though. Right now I'm putting a demo CD together so I can start going after some deals." She answers. She laughs and nods. "It's okay. I'm nineteen. Probably from all the small gigs I do. I mostly 'perform' at fan events and sometimes karaoke bars." She says smiling.

    She can't help but smile more when she notices Nathan lace their hands together as they walk over to the games. She didn't even care if this was going to be filmed for 'The Wanted Life'. "Yeah. I guess, I just ignore him most of the time." She says laughing a bit. She sees everyone was at the bungee cord race thing and laughs seeing the current racers falling over. She smiles and nods. "You're so on." She replies happily. When it came to any game, she was very competitive, just like Niall.
  11. Nathan smiled at her and nodded. "I guess, but then he didn't really tell anyone about your older brother did he, but it's nice of him that he wants to give you a normal life and away from the cameras and fame" he said smiling and nodded. "I don't, I'm not going to say anything about that and what they have done because I will instantly stick up for Tom and Max of course, as they are like brother's but I'm not going to say anything" he said smiling and nodded. "I wish I could have some privacy in some things" he said to her.

    "Really? I thought I've heard of your name somewhere though music, I bet your demo CD will be really good though" he said smiling and nodded. "Same age as me then, I might of heard you by them, I don't know, I guess I heard your name by somewhere else, unless I am imagining it" he said smiling at her. Seeing as the camera's had been following them a lot, he was used to it by now. "You love your brother really he said smiling. He looked at the fun they were all having and he smiled a wide grin at her and winked, taking his shoes off and getting onto one of the sides and strapping it around his waist.
  12. Aly smiles and nods. "Yeah. He really loves and cares for us. It's already hard enough with all the attention he gets. He knows it will be unbearable if we got the same attention." She replies smiling back. "I know and I really like that about you. I just wish everyone would just stop it. So what if you're both amazing British boy bands, all that should matter is your music and making your fans happy. Not trying to be better than the other." She says, looking at him.

    She nods happily. "Yeah. Niall's tried helping me out by talking to Simon but I just refuse. I don't want to be handed a deal just because I'm his sister. I want to earn and work for it myself." She replies. She chuckles a bit. "I don't know about that. People don't really like my style of punk rock anymore." She says. "Really? Where from then? If you heard my name I want to know." She asks eagerly. She smiles more. "Yeah, Niall's my best friend. Whenever I have a problem or need help he's always there for me." She says happily.

    She laughs playfully, watching him get onto one of the sides of the game. She takes off her shoes and gets on the other side. She straps on the cord around her waist. She can't help but blush slightly when he winks at her.
  13. Nathan smiled at her and laughed. "I really hope he does love and care for you both but yeah he does get a lot of attention, which I'm sure the whole band does, mmm well if you get into a music career Aly, then you will get attention as well" he said to her and smiled. "To be honest, it's over stupid stuff and it's not even worth it, we are both different bands and we don't do the same music either, it's both different, it's the fans normally that fight between each other and I don't know why, I just don't get it, there isn't any band better than another, we didn't do it for competition, we became a band because it's what we love to do, sure we go up in awards against them but One Direction win and we know they would" he said with a shrug. "See what you said is just exactly right, it is about making music, making fan happy and not trying to be better than the other, which I don't think we personally do, it is about the fans because at the end of the day, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for them"

    "I should think Simon would give it to you as well once he had heard you sing but I can understand that you want to actually work for it, than just be given it because you are a Horan and related to Niall, that is a true person trying to get into music, any other person would most likely take that" he said to her and shrugged. "I think it would be alright, didn't you say a minute ago that you have pop as well pop/rock?" he asked her and nodded. "I thought I have heard your name before, maybe Niall mentioned you, I don't know, I think it might of been Niall that mentioned you"

    He smiled at her as she laughed playfully and laughed as she blushed when he winked at her and he started running and trying to get to the end and wasn't very good at the game either and kept being pulled back and had even tried holding onto the sides and pulling himself but this game was hurting his throat a bit from laughing and being yanked back. He ended up flat down on the game and waved his hand, saying he had enough.
  14. Aly smiles back, laughing with him. "Yeah, I know I probably will. I just want to keep my life normal for as long as I can. Sometimes all the attention really affects him and gets too much. It kinda helps having him as a brother since I'm already getting used to it when he does mention me." She replies smiling. She nods, listening to him talk about the rivalry. "Exactly. If it wasn't for the fans, neither band would be as big as they are. I understand the fans thinking their band is better but they just take it way too far sometimes. It's like the attention is affecting them too in a way, wanting to be better than all the other fandoms and it's sad and just plain wrong." She agrees.

    She smiles at his compliments. "That's exactly who I am. I know any other person would take advantage of it but it's not about who you are in the music world. It's all about who you are as an artist, not who you are in real life. I'm just a normal nineteen-year-old girl that wants to make and share her music." She says smiling, looking at him. "Yeah, some of my older songs are more pop than rock but most of my stuff has a rock feel. All of them are personal to me, like pages out of my journal. I write about things I've been through, experiences I've had, emotions I've felt in my life. It's my own style - a pop/punk personal rock. I have some aspects of pop music but also the edgy punk feel, it's all personal though so anyone can relate to any of my songs in their own way. Barely anyone listens to that kind of personal stuff, hell there's not really any rock artist out there that gets as personal as I get. That's why I'm nervous - because no one has really ever heard my style of music." She says to him.

    She chuckles, playfully smirking as her competitive side comes out. She starts running forward, trying to beat Nathan to the end. This game was hard and she wasn't doing the best. She was trying to get her footing, trying to grab onto the sides but kept falling. She laughs with Nath as they tired beating each other. She ended up falling down and finally giving up, waving her hand in defeat. "Looks like neither of us won." She says laughing, looking over at him.
  15. Nathan nodded his head with a smile. "Yeah, I think most people want to keep their life normal for as long as they can, I mean I never thought I would get this much attention to be honest, it was such a shock and I hate when the paparazzi follow you about, it's the most annoying thing ever, yeah my sister get's some attention as well from fans and things, she doesn't mind it actually" he said with a small laugh. He ran his finger's through his hair and nodded. "I just don't understand it, but hey, just let them get on with it, I never get involved, I just want to see our fans happy, that makes me happy and to know what we do for them, it just brings joy to you, like with my voice recently, I have felt so guilty not being able to sing, I shouldn't even be talking at all and I am"

    "Any other person would jump to taking the advantage and offer most likely but it just shows that you want to do this on your own and have a heart and are determined and want to prove that you can do it on your own without your brother" he said to her and smiled. "But that's like me saying the exact same thing, I am a normal nineteen-year-old boy, who yes is living his dream" he said to her and listened to what she said and thought about it. "Why don't you start a youtube channel up then Aly? if you do a youtube channel, you can put video's up of you singing and of your own songs and you could also do twitcams, people will sure enough find them and you might get really big by that and be found by someone that wants to sign you" he suggest with a smile.

    He laughed a little at her smirking at him and he shook his head with a smile. He was honestly trying his best and had nearly got to the end but was just pulled back and was so close to winning. He leaned over the side to see her and laughed a little. "We can call it a draw" he said and undone the strap around his waist and got off, putting his shoes back on and cleared his throat and had a drink of water. He looked at the next ones going to go on and he sat down on the floor and watched with a smile on his face. "Good game though" he said to Aly and his voice was starting to sound a bit worse from talking a lot. "I should think we will do the dunk tank next before having the food"
  16. Aly smiles, nodding listening to Nathan. "Yeah, I rarely ever get involved with it too. I have to admit though, it's really interesting seeing how far the fandoms go. Yes, I'm a fan but I would never go to the lengths they're going." She agrees. She can't help but frown slightly when he brings up his throat. "It's okay though Nathan. You're not letting us down at all. No one knew that this was going to happen. I'm sure your doctor will understand. If I were you, I would be talking today too." She reassures him with a smile. She honestly hated that Nathan was so down about what was going on with his throat. She hated hearing his once amazing, angelic voice so scratchy and hoarse now.

    She can't help but blush slightly from his compliments again. "That's exactly why I want to do this on my own. I want to prove to everyone that you don't need to have a famous connection just to make your dreams come true." She says smiling. She can't help but smile more at his suggestion. "I was thinking about that but I'm not sure. I'm just so scared about what everyone will think about me. Just like Niall, it doesn't take that much hate to knock me down. I'm a bit self-conscious about myself just like he is. I don't know if I could handle the hate..." She says, looking down slightly.

    She laughs with Nathan as he looks over at her. She smiles and nods in agreement. She unwraps the cord from her waist and gets off. She puts her shoes back on and gets a drink with him. She looks around at everyone having a great time, seeing them all at the dunk tank now. "Yeah, good game." She agrees happily. She notices his voice was sounding a bit worse from the talking and feels a bit bad. She pushes the feeling away and smiles. "Yeah, we should." She says smiling.
  17. Nathan laughed a little at what she said. "The fan sometimes, go really far, but then look how many different fandoms you have, there are loads of them and each one supports who they are a fan to" he said with a smile before sighing. "That's what the guys keep saying to me but I just still feel like I am letting all the fans down, it makes me feel like shit if I'm honest, my doctor is strict, if this vocal rest doesn't work or these tablets I'm taking or anything, then I will have to have surgery and that could be the end of my career" he said to her and shrugged.

    He smiled at her now blushing again and he honestly loved already making her blush. "Then you do this on your own babe and prove that you can do it without your brother's connection and make your dreams come true" he said smiling before listening to what she said. "Aly Horan, don't let people bring you down, haters hate because they are jealous, you should do this, it will make you more confident and people will love you, there isn't anything to hate you about, I'd even do a twitcam with you or do a youtube video with you and play the piano or something or sing when my voice is better, you should do this, you will be able to handle the hate because it will make you stronger"

    "It was a good game, a really good game" he said smiling and swallowed, sipping on his water again and nodded. "We should go join in, heck they will most likely make me get in the tank to be dunked" he said and got up from the floor and held his hand out to Aly again with a smile. "You don't have to leave when all the other fans do, i'll take you up to my bedroom and show you around fully" he whispered to her, so no one would hear.
  18. Aly smiles and nods. "Yeah. Sometimes the fans go too far though. It's just amazing how dedicated our fandoms are." She replies smiling. She frowns slightly, listening to what he says about his throat. "But you're not Nathan. We understand how hard this silence is for you. I admit seeing how down you are, hearing how scratchy your voice is, it hurts. If there was a way for me to fix your throat instantly I would but there isn't. Everyday I think about you, I wish that your throat will get better. I really hope that it doesn't come to that cause I know all of us fans would be devastated." She says, looking at him.

    She can't help but feel her heart flutter when Nathan calls her 'babe'. She loved how he believed in her so much already. "I know but it's scary thinking how harsh people can be. Seeing how hate has affected Niall and some of the guys hurts. It got so bad at a point that Niall actually cried on stage during a concert. Even Harry broke down crying once because of hate he got online." She says. She can't help but smile when Nathan says he would help her. "You would really help me like that? That would mean the world to me Nathan." She replies happily.

    She playfully laughs and nods. "Yeah it was." She agrees. "We should. It wouldn't surprise me if they did. Heck I might even dunk you." She says smiling. She happily accepts his hand, lacing their hands together again. "I'd love that" She whispers back. She couldn't put in words how happy she was with Nathan. She really did feel like a normal teenage girl with him. She couldn't wait to get to know him more later after the event ended.
  19. Nathan nodded, "They really do, some of the things I have seen, I feel like just telling them to stop but of course I don't get involved" he said to her and noticed her frowning slightly. "I don't know why you are frowning Aly, yeah and talking and everything does actually hurt as well but trust me, you don't want this problem" he said to her and sighed as he looked back at her. "I sure to hope that it gets better as well and doesn't come down to surgery, because I will be out for months and everything" he said with a sigh.

    The word just rolled off his tongue like it was natural and he honestly felt like he was just Nathan around her and not Nathan from the wanted. He honestly did believe in her and nodded. "It can be scary and I heard about Niall and Harry and even Zayn, I've had hate as well, we all have and it has made us down but listen to me, we all got over it because we thought of the positives" he said to her and moved some of her blonde hair away from her face. "I will honestly help you like that, I will be in the twitcam with your or the video for support, I can't exactly sing at the moment but I can play the piano for you if you want"

    "Oh that is horrible, you would even dunk me, that hurts" he joked with a smile and let her lace her finger's with his and he closed his had around hers and smiled. "I'll most likely be in shit for it, but it's worth it to get to know you more, i'll sneak you up to my bedroom while everyone is going, i'll tell you what room it is and you can go in there while I say bye to everyone else" he whispered with a smile and got over to the tank and smiled at Max in it.
  20. Aly smiles listening to him. "Because it's hard seeing you down like this, hearing your voice, knowing I can't really do anything to help you. It really hurts." She explains, looking at him. She hated seeing anyone she cared about, any of her friends, struggle or be hurting and not being able to help them. "We all hope it doesn't come to that Nathan." She replies smiling.

    She couldn't help but smile more at his words. She loved how... natural it was being around Nathan. She didn't feel like she was with Nathan from The Wanted, she was with the normal teenager Nathan Sykes. "I know, Niall tells me that all the time. It's just... I've never done anything like this before. I've been bullied before and I just don't want to feel that hurt again." She says. She smiles, her cheek tingling as he moves some hair out of her face. "I would love your help Nathan. It would mean a lot to me." She replies happily.

    She can't help but laugh at his joke. "It's for fun though. Not to mention all the girls here would probably enjoy seeing you get wet." She jokes back. She feels her skin tingle when he closes his hand around hers. Her heart was fluttering, her stomach filled with butterflies, the more she was with him. She loved how he was complimenting her, making her laugh, just making her feel happy. "It's definitely worth breaking the rules." She agrees smiling, walking with him to the dunk tank.
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