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Fallen Grace - A Low Fantasy RP

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Glaciercold, Mar 13, 2015.

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    When it comes to fantasy today, high fantasy works dominates both the wider world and the forum we use right now. Undoubtedly a lot of people, including myself, find stories of otherworldly magic, immortal elves and nefarious wizards enjoyable. However, I feel like there needs to be something more believable; adventures of down-to-earth people instead of world saving heroes. This was the intention that initiated Fallen Grace, something exotic but can also exist rationally.

    Without spoiling much, this is what I can tell you. The story is set one thousand years into future, on a terraformed Mars. Specifically, a devastating war happened sometimes before the story and was responsible for destroying Earth, majority of humanity and all of its technological achievements. What's left of human beings managed to rebuilt on Mars, they have regained technologies similar to the late middle ages. This is where our role play begins, our regressed world will be facing crises it never imagined, and you will be there to experience it.

    What makes Fallen Grace unique game-play wise are the mechanics. In the beginning, I thought to adapt DnD or Pathfinder systems to the story. This makes sense for enhancing player interactions, as a D20 dice rolling system with detailed statistics tend to formalize what was traditionally arbitrary encounters. But as I further explored, I realized the tabletop mechanics are unsuitable in their original forms for storytelling. These games are fine for a night of fun around the table, but when it comes to writing, they tend to shift focus away from the plot to gaming. I have worked to vastly simplify the latest Pathfinder rules, leaving only the bare essential; therefore, making it easier to understand and wider room for your imaginations.

    Still not convinced? Go to the OOC, skim through the contents and maybe you'll change your mind. I understand different people have different tastes when it comes to roleplaying. Even though I have a set of core principles to uphold to, I am still very much open to suggestions. In other words, join us and you can make this journey your own!

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