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    "In the beginning there were two birds: The Raven, which symbolized death, despair, lies, disease, and war was the bird of the God of Darkness. The Hawk, which symbolized strength, honor, courage, peace, and all that is good in the world, and was the God of Light. For years these two brother gods fought and fought day after day, causing the beings in the middle to suffer through the War of the Gods. Growing sorry for the animals, humans, and other beings in the world, Hawk ended the war, attacking Raven directly. With the Raven injured he tried to flee and flew across the worlds sky his feathers dropping."

    -Prophet of the Church of the Hawk

    The First Feather:
    The first feather drifted into a volcano, creating the first hell creature, Lord Magma. Magma is king of fire, hell, torture, heat, and destruction. He is seen as the Father of Despair.
    The Second Feather
    His second feather glided into a cavern, and was tangled into a spiders web creating the second creature of hell, Senra. Senra is the queen of spiders, decay, disease , and toxin. She is seen as the Mother of Mystery.

    The Third Feather:
    His third feather drifted down into a wolves den, which created a set of creatures to make up the third creature of hell, Lunar, Stella, and Savage. Lunar and Savage are the twin kings along with their sister Stella are the lords of animals, betrayal, war, and hunger. They are seen as the Triplets of the Night.

    The Fourth Feather:
    His fourth feather was caught in a dragon's wing, which created the fourth creature of hell, Caelum. Caelum is the queen of dragons, ruins, the sky, and the sun. She is seen as the Mother of Monstrosity.

    The Final Feather:
    His fifth and final feather fell into an Elven kings tomb, creating the final creature of hell, Lord Spiritus. Spiritus is king of the undead, spirits, the afterlife, and eternally. He is seen as the Lord of Death.


    "With the Raven defeated, Hawk flew over the world and saw the horror's he caused. In his frustration and anger, he flew high in the sky, his feathers also dropping. He dropped six feathers as well, but before the lords they created had enough power, the Creature's of Hell imprisoned them each, causing a darkness in the world. The creatures keep to their domains, but they frequently attack our nation's borders. There seems to be no hope in the world, and each nation battles the five dark lords alone and in fear.

    However, the prophesy states that the six feather never became a lord, and instead stayed a feather. The prophesy continued with:

    When Darkness is stronger than Light
    and the world is in the Devils Plight
    the final feather will awake
    and the Lords of Night will shake
    The Lord of Death will no longer be
    The Lady of Mystery will flee
    The Lady of Monster's will cry
    and The Lord of Magma will dry

    And finally the prophesy ended with 'Until the heroes unite."
    -Prophet of the Hawk

    The guidelines of this RP is a quest for the sixth feather of the Hawk, forcing the heroes against the creatures of hell and their minion's. The heroes are from around the world, all drawn to this small village for a strange reason. Once there, the village is attacked, and the heroes are forced towards the church. Once there, they meet a preacher, who starts their journey! (Not the best at plot summaries :P There will be more than this, but that just gets it started!.)


    The most diverse race. They are a 'jack of all trades' sort of race, their bodies hardly limit them from doing anything. They originated in Sarok, a half plain/forest mixture and half desert country. They are known for their spear men, diplomats, and Calvary.

    Elves tend to be the most in touch with nature and wildlife. They originated in the forest of Elinshire, and still live their to this day. They are known for their spies, archers, and assassins.


    Dwarf's tend to be true to their stereotype, being drunks, miners, and grand traders. They originated in the West Iron Rock Mountain range and along with the Humans in Sarok. They are known for their traders, paladins, and engineer's,
    Iron Rock
    Sarok Dwarf

    The Orcish people are grand warriors and savages. They originated in the South Eastern Jungles of Thresas. They are known for their throwers, berserkers, and their siege weapons.

    **Not Playable**

    An rare and exotic race, Fae were nearly hunted to extinction years ago due to their incredible intunement with magic. Most of the last surviving Fae live on islands far way from any large islands. Fae are the most intune with magic, but are extremely sensitive to it aswell.


    Barbaric Tribes of the Northern Badlands

    A mix of races all pilled into various tribes that scatter the Northern Badlands. Nothing special here.

    The Elven Nation, Elinshire
    (Home to the Spider Queen)
    The Elven Nation Elinshire is the homeland of the Elf's. They are lead by the Council of the Wise, a group of elven woman and men. It is in the center of the continent and is entirely forest. The capital is also called Elinshire.

    The Dwarvish and Human Empire, Sarok
    (Home to the Triplets of Night and Lord Of Death)
    The Dwarvish and Human Empire Sarok is the homeland of the human's and the Sarokin Dwarves. They are lead by King Sternfire, a human warrior. It spans the west of the continent and is made up of half desert and half plain's land. It's capital is Dragon Gate.

    The Dwarvish Clans of Iron Rock
    (Home to the Dragon Queen)
    The Dwarves of Iron Rock are on the East side of the continent. It is the homeland of the Iron Rock Dwarves. They are lead by a council of several family clans spread across the country. It is entirely mountainous.

    The Orc Jungles.
    Similar to the barbaric north, the Southern jungles are home to the orcs. They have several tribes that elect a leader. The current leader is Chief IronTusk.

    Notable Groups
    Trial for Orc-Hood: Granted by the Chief of the Orc Forests, it consists of a series of harsh trials to prove a non-orc’s right to enter into the land of the tribes and be treated with the same courtesy of a pure-blooded Orc. It is the only way for an enslaved person to once more become a free person. Those who bear the mark of success are bound by the laws of orc custom when on orcish territory, but are also protected by its laws.
    The Lords: One of the largest crime syndicates in the world, run by dwarven leaders and spreading over both the territories of Sarok and Iron Rock, and through the Elinshire so as to maintain a connection between the two countries. The Lords are the leaders of the underworld, and have been using the continuing chaos of the Creatures of Hell to spread their influence. They are working to find a way to control the leaders of the world, or, if they cannot find a way to control them, replace them.

    While their tactics are underhanded, The Lords are very handy ally to have, as high ranking members in their organization can command respect from almost any underground organization that has managed to spring up in the cracks and gaps they left behind.

    The Guild: An underground organization of mages, dedicated to some of the more... dangerous and esoteric forms of magic. It is said that, for the right cost, the Guild can do anything. But the costs are as dangerous as the rewards are great, since the Guild does not accept physical forms of currency.

    The Guild has been divided up into many factions, all of which have only a little to do with each other. There have been many times where the Guild has come very close to breaking up into countless different groups, but the threat against them from all of the legal forms of law enforcement keep them banded together, as one part of the Guild can call upon another part should they come under threat. Should they actually fall apart, the many different portions of the Guild would almost certainly be crushed within a year.

    Knights Errant: A group of knights, warriors, and other combatants who have decided to dedicate their lives to the fight against the Creatures of Hell for the good of the world in general, rather than their own person country. They roam the land in large groups, dispensing aid wherever it is needed, and living primarily off of the generosity of the local people. Their numbers are constantly in flux as they frequently gain new members, but their job is also incredibly risky and has a high death toll.

    Harbingers of Dawn: A fanatic group, convinced that the darkness in the human soul is what is giving power to the Creatures of Hell. They believe that the only way to save the world is to obliterate all of the evil in the world, and they believe that if you do not subscribe to their policies it is better to kill you than let you continue to “feed the Hellspawn”. Pretty much to be avoided at all costs. Luckily they are a very small group, that only really has any power in the city of Dragon’s Gate.

    The Craftsmen: A loose organization that is responsible for maintaining the different craftsmen across the civilized countries. It does not really have much power, but is rather a support system for all forms of craftsmen. However, you need to be able to demonstrate “mastery” in your skill before you will be able to join. The marks of the Craftsmen is a fairly powerful symbol for a shop, as it means your craft is the top of its group.

    The Road: A traveling band of entertainers, comprised of all the races present in the world. Like Earth Gypsies, they are a close-knit band, and always take care of each other. Unlike Gypsies, the Road is also has a network of homes, healers, craftsmen, and the like, who will take in, supply, or care for anyone who is also a member of the Road. The Road is generally frowned upon by most regular forms of government, so it is hidden from those who do not know about it. After all, the Road is perfectly in place to get anyone out of any situation without being detected. The Road does not align with any government or religion, and is therefore a threat. The only way for someone who is not born into it to become a member is for that person to save the life of someone who is a member. This binds the two of them together, whether the saved person likes it or not, and the debt can either be repaid by returning that person a service equal to twice their life, or bringing them into the Road. However, the punishment for breaking the rules of the Road (related to secrecy and hospitality. I’d gladly write these out as well, as I’m very fond of these guys.) is very harsh, and can be acted out by any other member. That is why it is a very rare occasion for those who are not born into it to enter the Road, because, without the indoctrination from childhood, the potential to break the rules is a lot greater, and that terrifies those who have grown up in the culture.

    Warriors of the Damned: A cult that originated in the Barbaric Northlands, and has been growing in power simply through the force of fear. A small group of med and women, after facing a horrific defeat at the hands of an opposing tribe, were not longer able to believe that the God of Light cared for them, or even existed. They turned to the First Hell Creature, Lord Magma, looking for a new way of life. Over the generations the Warriors of the Damned have perfected their technique, and now they rampage across the Northern Badlands, destroying anyone who gets in the way. Those who do not submit and join their cult are tortured to death, as practice for the new acolytes. So far, the governments in all three of the Civilized States have been ignoring the plight steadily growing to the north, not believing that it will ever pose a threat. However, the Damned fully intend to gain enough manpower to invade the southern states, and continue their rampage of terror.

    The Warriors of the Damned have a very harsh induction process, often involving the torture and subsequent death of a loved one. However, their expectations on their own members are just as stringent, and no one who is a long-term member of the cult will come away without signs of self-inflicted torture.

    (Magic uses energy, use it too much CAN kill you)

    The magic in the land varies from death magic, to light magic, to nature magic, to elemental magic, to shape shifting.

    1.) Be Nice
    2.) Don't be OP
    3.) Have Fun
    4.) Respect everyone
    5.) Use common sense
    6.) Make Friends!
    7.) Go easy on me, I've never made THIS big of a roleplay Dx

    Character Sheet

    Picture or description
    "Class" (What would you call yourself? Archer, Mage, Shaman, Knight, Paladin, Etc.)
    Magic (If Any)
    Bio (Optional)

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  2. Reserved for until I can work out the best way to combine archer with magic. Also, Yaay innistrad!
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  3. Picture: [​IMG]
    Name: Draak Morgenstern
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Nation: Sarok
    Class: Mage
    Weapon: A one-handed sword that he only uses when he doesn't want to use his magic.
    Destruction Magic -

    Destructive magic is, obviously, all about the destruction of your enemies. It is all big booms and exploding death. There is no way to only target one enemy with destruction magic, which, in turn, can cause just as much damage to the user and allies as it does to the enemies. Destruction magic is very powerful, but takes a lot of talent and practice to use and it takes a major toll on the user.

    Bio: Draak comes from humble beginnings. A normal family that grew up in the slums of The Dragon's Gate in Sarok. He was never much more than a little street rat who did what he could to survive, but he was much more intelligent than others, leading him to be thought of as a tactition of sorts. When he grew up, he had begun hearing of magic and had wanted to learn it himself. Being the little trouble maker he was (and is) he was fascinated with the books he had 'acquired' on Destruction Magic. He quickly learned how to do it and he grew up to be a great practitioner of such magic.

    He quickly rose up in the small world and became quite the famous mercenary, being called on to do a multitude of different jobs for people. Whether it be hunting, reagent gathering or deconstruction, he has made quite the name for himself.

    Personality: Draak is a relatively sadistic and sarcastic guy. He isn't one to make many friends, and the ones who are his friends are normally just like him. He is quiet most of the time, but he will speak up when he needs to. He is very intelligent and gets quite frustrated when he is forced to explain the true meaning of his words.
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  4. I took an elf under the assumption that they are a long-lived (if not almost eternally youthful) species. If such is not the case, I can change Cirdan to meet new expectations. But I'd rather not. :)

    Name: Círdan Ancalimë

    Description: Cirdan is slightly under average height for his race (which I am assuming is around 6’?), and is also slightly more heavily set. He has shaved off his hair, leaving only a fine brown stubble behind. He is dark skinned for an elf (assuming we are running off of standard fantasy elf things), coming close to the color of an Egyptian or Indian, in our world. Cirdan is primarily defined by two features, both of which relate primarily to his skin. The first is that he is covered in scars, some fine and some very heavy. The second one is that he has been tattooed many times, mostly in different tribal patterns. These are primarily on his arms and torso, although there are a couple on his face. ( I am hoping that at least some of these tattoos, primarily the ones on his face, mark him as inducted to various influential gangs and tribes across the world, but since I know nothing about those portions of the world I cannot say for sure. Perhaps we could discuss this?). His most notable scar is something that looks like claw-marks that cross over his face from his right temple to the left side of his jaw. These have partially damaged both of his eyes, leaving them covered in a cloudy white film. (Depending on the difficulty of writing for a semi-blind person, I may change this. If so, his eyes will be blue. But I am feeling very inclined to keep them this way.) For an elf (again, making assumptions), Cirdan is incredibly heavy set and muscular. He is still lighter on his feet than most human, dwarf, or orc opponents, but he applies a strange mixture of light and heavy movements in his combat. Yet most of his muscle is dense rather than bulky, giving him a deceptively thin frame underneath his clothes. This has given him an advantage over many attackers, who expect to be able to bowl him over with ease, and find themselves instead confronted by something more similar to a rock wall. Cirdan customly wears a modest combination of light pants and long sleeved shirt, usually in shades of brown. He wears tall, well worn boots suitable for long distance travel, and also often has a hat nearby. He is also always seen wearing a sash of various colors that binds around his waist. If he is not wearing it, Cirdan is, to the best of his ability, never far from a large, military style rucksack that rides on his hips and over his shoulders.

    Age: 283. Physically, he would look about twenty eight.

    Race: Elf

    Nation: Wanderer. Comes closest to calling the Orc Jungles home, but only because he is most familiar with the lay of the land. It has been many decades since he has spent any length of time in Elinshire.

    "Class": Monk

    Weapon: Cirdan is familiar with almost all forms of weapons, although he is most experienced with pole weapons like the glaive, bo staff, and naginata. He is, of course, also familiar with a bow, but he would rather fight with a mid range weapon like a sword, especially in close combat. As a monk, though, his most deadly weapon, naturally, is his own body. Cirdan does not travel with many weapons. He keeps a dagger in his boot, as well as a set of double bladed and spiked brass knuckles in his bag. But, if in combat, he will often choose to disarm his opponent of his or her weapon and use that instead.

    Magic : Limited, but technically present. Most of his “magic” is more hypothetical, following some of the Earth principles that martial artists use in relation to internal energy and using that to manipulate the abilities of the body. He uses that kind of “magic” as an extrasensory ability, making him nearly impossible to sneak up on, despite his lacking sight. He had quite a bit of talent with illusion magic about a century and a half ago, back when he was being trained as an assassin, but it has been so long since he has used it that it has deteriorated to a point of almost nonexistence. Cirdan isn’t one for trickery. He strove to learn shapeshifting magic after the loss of his sight, but he now considers the loss of his eyes a right and natural punishment for his own failure, and has learned to work around it so efficiently that he is no longer certain that having his eyes back would aid him. In an extreme situation he might be able to do some successful shapeshifting, but it is unlikely.

    Bio: Círdan Ancalimë was born into a semi-noble Elvish family that had been serving as top spy- assassins for the Council of the Wise for many generations. From the moment of his birth, Cirdan was trained in the arts of deception and assassination. He became just as at home in the fancy rules of high society as he was in the dirty slums. He was praised for his incredible talent in illusion magic, and was expected to go on to become one of the greatest assassins in the past millenium. Yet there was something in Cirdan that hated the dishonesty and the deceptiveness of the life of an assassin and a spy. And the longer he worked and the better he became, the more he found himself hating himself and that for which he stood.

    He started slipping out of his house in the middle of the night, getting past guards and his own family without detection. Impressed at his ability, and trusting to their “golden child” his family, consisting of parents, older and younger sister, uncle and aunt, and their two male children, chose not to try and keep him in the house. Cirdan would make his way to the quarters where foreigners, those not of elvish descent who wished to visit the capital city, would stay. He frequently wound up in brawls outside of some of the taverns, and would receive a very solid thrashing, as he knew nothing about how to fight without killing.

    One night, a group of dwarves ganged up on him, completely wasted and determined to beat the life out of him. He was saved by a human warrior, who took him away and tended to his wounds. Cirdan found himself frequently returning to the warrior while he was in town, a large, friendly man named Aaron, and Aaron, suspecting nothing about his new friend, gladly set about teaching him the ways of a warrior. And in the honest, forward combat of a warrior, Cirdan took the first step towards his true calling.

    His focus on his lesson as an assassin quickly deteriorated, while his skill as a warrior grew. His family, starting to become suspicious, eventually found out about the man meeting with their son, and set about killing him. Cirdan’s little sister found him and told him about what was happening the night of the attack, and Cirdan raced away to try and save his friend. He arrived too late to protect Aaron, although the warrior had succeeded in killing a couple of the assassins who had been sent. Cirdan violently confronted his family that night, and left the next morning dead to everyone there, except for his little sister, who he would contact again after about a century. That night in his 43rd year of life would be the last he saw of his family.

    Cirdan fled the woods of the Elinshire, disgusted by his former home, and wandered his way through the known lands. Allowed to be himself and himself alone, he rapidly fell into the rhythms of a monk, roaming from the Northern Badlands to the Orc Jungles. He faced many experiences over the next fifty years, and would have died several times over if not for the aid of some unexpected allies. He lost his eyesight to a pair of tiger claws wielded by a rogue barbarian, before finding a temple and monastery, where he lived and studied for seventy years, until the monks there told him that they had no more to teach him, and he would have to find his own path to continue learning.

    Cirdan set out across the land once more, roaming the land, finding new allies and new enemies over the next hundred years. Now, he finds himself drawn to a small village, for unknown reasons. :)

    Personality: For now, I’m going to leave this relatively vague. After writing all of that up, I am starting to become a lot more familiar with him, but he has had a lot of... interesting experiences that, until I actually start to write him, I’m not sure how they affected him. If you want me to, I can add more to this at a later date, once I know a bit more.

    After all his years of life combined with his training, Cirdan is a very stable soul. Not much takes him by surprise, nor can much get a rise out of him. He is used to taking abuse for his way of life, especially from other elves, but it is his only true love, and nothing will get him to abandon it.

    At the same time, Cirdan is a very passionate ally. He is quick to trust, and, despite his strong independence, works very well in a team. He learned the value of having someone to watch his back many times, and tends to actively seek out companions if one does not find him. He would willingly sacrifice himself for his allies if that was the only option, but he also believes that there is always another option. Because of that attitude, and also because of his past, one of the only things that Cirdan will never forgive is betrayal for the benefit of oneself.

    Additional Information: One of the tattoos on Cirdan's face is the mark of the Trial of Orc-Hood. Back when he was adventuring, before he mostly lost his sight and found the temple, Cirdan was an Orc slave. He won the Trial of Orc-Hood, and later came back. His tattoos mark him with the skill of a low level Orc Chief. Cirdan is also a member of the Road, although he does not use his connections often.

    People have told me before that I struggle with knowing what exactly is overpowered when it comes to a character. I am more than happy to make changes if they are necessary, but I will first attempt to explain my own thought process to keep him as he is. After all, I like him. I’m not going to argue for arguments sake, but I will argue so as to better understand why exactly I might or might not be wrong.

    It has been a very long time since I have attempted a group roleplay, so I approach it with some amount of... wariness. Take care of me please.
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  5. Very nice CS both of you! Both accepted!
  6. Appearance
    Name: Aavet
    Magic: heals, telepathically communicates with animals
    Bio: Aavet loves animals more than anything else. Her white cat, Jasper, follows her everywhere. She has healing powers, which uses energy, but communication with animals doesn't use any energy. She comes from a high class elven family, but they were killed by the Spider Queen, so she now lives with her aunt, who maltreats her and makes her do housework. She daydreams of running away, but she knows that she couldn't do it alone. She is very in touch with nature, and uses her energy to heal dying plants and injured animals. She is deathly afraid of arachnids.
    Personality: Aavet is very quiet and timid, especially towards her aunty. She obeys orders but is still not afraid to give her own opinion. She is independant and able to look after herself, but deep down, she just wants somebody to keep her safe.
  7. I'm super interested. Can I come back and fix a profile?
  8. I'm interested aswell. Can I come back and make a CS to?
  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Zeke Falstin
    Race: Human
    Age: 26
    Class: Paladin
    Nation: Sarok
    Weapon: 1-Handed Holy Longsword
    Magic: Offensive Holy Magic

    Offensive Holy Magic is in terms, like Destructive magic without the destructiveness. There are few spells that can be targetted at one creature, and these spells cannot harm creatures that are not evil or evil at heart. This is why the Paladin Order focuses on using a blade and shield than there magic. Casting takes awhile, but is effective against Demons, Fallen Paladins, etc. Anything evil.

    Bio: Zeke grew up in a noble family of Sarok. His father was a Paladin before him, so was his grandfather, so on and so forth. He began his training at a young age, his father wanted him to become a strong paladin just like him. He spent years around the order and his father, embedding the paladins ideas into his head so he would not fall of the path of becoming one.

    After becoming a Paladin, he traveled with many parties that heard from local rumors, merchants, and nobles of demon sightings. Some of these adventures were false and led them to nothing. While others led to black magic or real demons. He has some experience with demons in his young life, though they are lower class demons and nothing special.

    Now his order has sent him to some small village were his new adventure awaits.

    Personality: Brave when it comes to a fight. Hardheaded when told to retreat, nice when is around others that aren't evil. He doesn't normally speak unless spoken to or if he cannot stand the current situation around him.
  10. I'm sick. So I will edit my CS when I'm feeling better, to me it just feels...jumbled and stuff.

    Just hard to concentrate while being sick.
  11. Can I be a half human half something? Actually, Half-dwarf. Pretty please?

    Pandora Crosse
    Northern Badlands
    Broadsword infused with some luck magic: Al-Papila , daggers
    Rudimentary elemental magic-rarely used, it's just part of her training
    Pandora seems passive and mellow most of the time, but when she speaks, she makes her sharp tongue heard. She's brash but poised, a strangely contrasting combination. She acts firsts and thinks later. She's feisty and unafraid, but is actually not quick tempered.
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  12. Thats fine accutally, but you would have the more traits of the more dominate parent
  13. So, is my character okay or should I edit that a bit more? Answer when you're feeling better, okay? Looking forward to it!
  14. @Lorchenne Your Accepted!

    @Hattori Hanzo Your Accepted!

    @freyy Could you perhaps make the age 16? That would equal 160 years in elven years, and being 14 and going into this journey would be horrible for that age xD
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  15. Do elves age one year for every ten years? Is it that directly proportional? Because it seems odd that they would spend 40 years as an infant/toddler...
  16. [​IMG]
    Irah stands at 6 feet with moss green skin, clawed hands and feet, and two short tusks that protrude from her mouth and curl over her upper lip. Her pointed ears are torn and have several ear cuffs made from the vertebrae of various small animals on them.
    For attire, Irah wears [the above top, but longer and with a flatter chest plate] as well as leather chausses. She remains barefoot as that helps her stay connected with nature.

    Irah ShatterBone



    The Orc Jungles


    She uses two jagged sickle swords and a spear on occasion.
    Nature Magic

    Irah rarely uses it, but when she is having trouble tracking someone she calls upon the forces of nature to guide her.
    Irah was born and raised in the Orc Jungles by her father, Mazra BloodSplatter. Her mother had left shortly after she gave birth to Irah, to go into battle. She brought great honor and respect to her family, by dying in battle. Orc men and women are very different and are treated pretty much the same in Irah's tribe, so Mazra had no difficulty raising his daughter. And Irah grew up normally (for Orc standards)
    When Irah turned twelve, she killed her first enemy, by striking him with a spear and breaking all of his bones, this earned her her warrior's name 'ShatterBone'. After that, Irah was trained to become a beserker, as it seemed like she always had a never ending amount of energy when she fights.
    When she turned 18, Irah left her tribe to travel the world. After 5 years, she found herself travelling through a forest very near to a particular village.
    She is a loud and brutish woman who hates relying on others, especially non orc males. She finds that males of other races tend to belittle and underestimate her,
    unlike her own people who automatically know that she can hold her own in battle. So it's fair to say that she is quite aggressive and standoffish towards males.
    With women her attitude is different. She hates seeing weak women who can't fight for themselves, but she would never turn her back on them, be they orc or something else.

  17. [​IMG]
    Celthric Rivtdale

    Dual Long Swords
    Easy Going, Joyful, trusting, hard to anger, can be demanding

    Sir Kwah or Brother Kwah
    Barbaric Tribes

    Dwarvish Hammer
    Elven Shield

    Offensive and Defensive Holy Magic
    Offensive Holy Magic is in terms, like Destructive magic without the destructiveness. There are few spells that can be targetted at one creature, and these spells cannot harm creatures that are not evil or evil at heart. This is why the Paladin Order focuses on using a blade and shield than there magic. Casting takes awhile, but is effective against Demons, Fallen Paladins, etc. Anything evil. ;D Stole This from @Hattori Hanzo

    Defensive Holy Magic focus much more on helping those that are good at heart, creating helpful things such as light, fire, and those skilled enough at it holy weapons.

    Very Serious, easily mad, and never joking!

  18. @Peregrine It's hard to explain, but think of it like dog years, kinda. An Elven one year old will look similar to a human one year old, but would grow and develop faster.

    @The Red Tazelwurm Accepted!
  19. My main concern is that I said he left home at 50 years old. I just want to make sure he isn't a five year old, physically, at that time.
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