Fallen Feathers (Fantasy!)

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    "In the beginning there were two birds: The Raven, which symbolized death, despair, lies, disease, and war was the bird of the God of Darkness. The Hawk, which symbolized strength, honor, courage, peace, and all that is good in the world, and was the God of Light. For years these two brother gods fought and fought day after day, causing the beings in the middle to suffer through the War of the Gods. Growing sorry for the animals, humans, and other beings in the world, Hawk ended the war, attacking Raven directly. With the Raven injured he tried to flee and flew across the worlds sky his feathers dropping."
    -Prophet of the Church of the Hawk

    The First Feather:
    The first feather drifted into a volcano, creating the first hell creature, Lord Magma. Magma is king of fire, hell, torture, heat, and destruction. He is seen as the Father of Despair.

    The Second Feather:
    His second feather glided into a cavern, and was tangled into a spiders web creating the second creature of hell, Senra. Senra is the queen of spiders, decay, disease , and toxin. She is seen as the Mother of Mystery.

    The Third Feather:
    His third feather drifted down into a wolves den, which created a set of creatures to make up the third creature of hell, Lunar, Stella, and Savage. Lunar and Savage are the twin kings along with their sister Stella are the lords of animals, betrayal, war, and hunger. They are seen as the Twins of the Night.

    The Fourth Feather:
    His fourth feather was caught in a dragon's wing, which created the fourth creature of hell, Caelum. Caelum is the queen of dragons, ruins, the sky, and the sun. She is seen as the Mother of Monstrosity.

    The Final Feather:

    His fifth and final feather fell into an Elven kings tomb, creating the final creature of hell, Lord Spiritus. Spiritus is king of the undead, spirits, the afterlife, and eternally.

    More WILLLLLL be added, Tad bit tired since it's one in the morning..... Anyone interested already?:D
  2. I am definitely interested in this!
  3. My interest is piqued, but I'd like to hear more about the general plot! :3
  4. Interest has been piqued!! Can't wait to hear about the plot line!!
  5. Me too, I'm excited to see what is to come.
  6. As you all should be! >:D Just kidding :P

    I'm gonna go ahead and make the OOC and a advertisment....

    Now two questions for y'all...

    1.) How many races

    2.) Should this include very early firearms?

    I have been debating these two in my head and can't make up my mind 0.0
  7. 1.) Well... I'd say as many as you'd prefer. But... I'd say at least 4 or 5 (Human, Elf/Dwarf/Orc/Other, maybe?)

    2.) And, you can put in the firearms if you wish, but I wouldn't be one to use them. I prefer magic in my Fantasy
  8. Magic is gonna play a big role :D
  9. Yay!! ^_^ Just pointing out that I'm not against the firearm idea, I just wouldn't be using them.
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