Fallen angels

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  1. Nova was unconscious; falling down from the sky head first. She hit the ground hard, making the ground shake and causing a larger crater in the ground. A few feathers from her wings where floating around. slowly landing near her. Dust from the ground blew around in a faint breeze. The moonlight shining on her.
  2. Leon was taking a stroll in the moonlight, enjoying the peaceful situation and the break from his studies. He had been working on papers for quite a while, and it was nice to be able to have some free time just to himself. No one would bother him right now, he supposed. A few wispy gray clouds could be seen in the sky as they passed across the shining moon, and he took a moment to look upwards before continuing down the lane. He was stuck in his thoughts, a light breeze ruffling his pale blonde hair.
  3. Nova slowly opened her eyes, looking up at the stars. They sparkled in the darkness. She raised up her arm, pulling her hand up into the air like she was trying to grasp one of the stars. The dust around her slowly disappearing into the wind; blowing off into the distance. "Home." She said faintly. She pulled herself up, now sitting in the crater. She looked around at the scenery. "Where am I." She said to herself.
  4. Leon paused to stare around at the calm and dark settings, smiling to himself. This was the perfect night, and perfect place to be at this time. He was glad to have chosen to come out on a walk. The world seemed magical in the moonlight, and that was how he liked it. Creativity was key to being intelligent, and Leon possessed quite a lot of that. A sudden sound like a voice caused him to snap out of his thoughts, turning. It was a girl's voice, not seeming to be talking to anyone in particular, but he stepped towards it, looking forward.
  5. A brown-eyed young man with spiky brown hair walked the beach on his way home from work. He had moved out of his parents house over the summer and worked for his rent at a beach-side coffee shop. Thankfully, his place was only a mile down the beach and a few more blocks past the park, so he didn't really need a car. He had one, just in case, but he didn't use it to get to work unless it was going to rain.

    Connor got to his apartment about forty five minutes after he left work, and slipped his shoes off at the door before going to take a shower. "Thank God I'm off tomorrow," he said to himself as the water cascaded over him from the shower head. He took a quick shower and got into a pair of shorts before relaxing on the back patio and listening to the ocean breeze pass through the palm trees.


    She didn't know what she had done wrong, all she knew was that she was suddenly falling. She wept as she felt the air rush past her, and felt darkness enclose her before she hit the ground in a park. She was unconscious for several minutes before she stirred and looked around, and then up at the sky. "W-where am I," she asked quietly as she hobbled to her feet. "W-what is this place...?"

    She tested her wings, flapping them once and twice before she hovered and guided herself to the top of the small crater she'd made, and landed on the grass just outside the edges of the dirt. She looked around, afraid and lost. "H-Hello? C-Can anyone help me?"
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  6. Nova slowly raised her body up to stand. She swayed a bit as she was standing; a little injured from the fall. "Where am I?" She asked out loud again, "What happened?" She was confused; how did she fall? She began to walk up ad out of the crater. Once she was out she observed the scene again. "What is this place? It looks different than home."
  7. "Who... are you?" Leon asked slowly, as not to startle the strange girl who looked as if she had dropped from nowhere, "Where are you from?" His questions were simple, but legitimate towards her, as he knew most of the people in the area and had never seen her before. He was very curious, though he didn't want to overwhelm the poor soul, who seemed tired and confused. He paused by a shadowy tree, waiting for her response.
  8. Nova heard a voice. It was dark, hard to see where the voice was coming from. He probably couldn't see her so well either. "Nova." She began to say. She began to walk into the direction she thought she hard the voice. A feather from the ground blew into the direction of the voice before she could get there. The moon that was covered by a cloud for a moment slowly began to shine again; making it easier to see.
  9. A feather blew in front of Leon, shining such a brilliant white in the moonlight that he simply had to look towards it. It was beautiful, but he had no idea where it came from. Looking up, he could only stare. There was the silhouette of a girl with waves of dark chocolate brown hair, but what made her special were the magnificent white wings she had, amazing in the moonlit night. "Your name is... Nova?" he asked hesitantly, "Where are you from?" He was both scared and fascinated at the same time.
  10. "Yes." She said, she raised her arm up, pointing her finger up into the air. "Where I came from." She began to say, "Up there." She looked up at the stars again. The moonlight shining on her face. She looked back down to the boy. There were no wings on him, "Are you a human?" She asked, she heard about humans. They were these creatures that didn't have wings. Who were very different from her and her companion angels.
  11. Leon smiled thoughtfully, looking up at the sky of sparkling stars. It was beautiful, really. Instead of being disturbed, as a normal person might have been, he was interested. "It must be pretty up there..." he mused, as the sky had always been a source of inspiration for him, then he answered her question, "I am a human. My name is Leon." He looked at Nova, the smile still intact on his face.
  12. "Yes. Very beautiful." Nova answered, "Leon." She paused, thinking for a moment. She was now a fallen angel. She had no master; what was an angel without a master. "Master?" She whispered, he wouldn't want her now. She needed a new master; she just had to have one, she was nothing without one. Leon, she thought. A human? Can a human be a master? She began to walk closer to him, closer and closer. She was now directly in front of him. "I need a master."
  13. "A... master?" Leon said, surprised at her request. Wasn't it good to be free? But he did realize that you got used to routines and life, and that angels... they were made to serve someone. He felt a little bit awkward at her request. It would be strange if he just accepted her as a maid and brought her home. But wasn't that what she wanted? He was a little confused. "You want me... to be your master?" he asked.
  14. "Yes." She said. "I need a master. An angels life is to serve her master. I have no point in life if I do not have a master." She said to him. "I will do anything for you; whatever you want. Please." She had a faint smile; the first one she has made since coming to earth.
  15. Leon was hesitant, not sure what he would do with her. But after a moment's silence, he said, "Alright, then, I suppose..." His sentence trailed off as he turned to smile at the angel-girl once again. He turned to look up at the moon, then looked back at her. "Want to take a walk?" he asked, then said "I'll show you around. Our world could be pretty interesting too." Leon offered Nova his arm.
  16. "Yes. That would be very nice. Master." She said taking his arm. "Perhaps you can explain what this world is like as well." She looked at his side of his face; the side that she was on.
  17. Leon carefully looked at her, then proceeded. "Well..." he began, "I'm not really sure what your world is like, so I cannot quite explain many differences. In this world, we live in buildings, you see, that keep the sky out. I suppose you could see the stars when you slept, every day. Is that true?" He paused for a moment, his curiosity slightly sparked at what her response would be.

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    "We do not sleep." She answered. "We have no need for it. Do humans have to sleep often? Us angels just work for are masters all the time." She explained "But we could see the stars outside constantly. There are none of those puffy things in the sky. I like the stars. Space is quite wonderful to me. I am the angel of space."
  19. "I see..." Leon said, again thoughtful, "Humans must sleep to refresh their energy, otherwise they might die." He looked upwards at the clouds, described by the girl as 'fluffy things.' He didn't correct her, she didn't know what they were and she didn't need to know. And space? Space was quite interesting, a topic he liked. He wondered how he would do with an angel of space.
  20. "Die? Really?" She said, "So you are going to have to sleep." She looked at the sky with him. "I suppose I will just have to watch you, to protect you. Master. While your are sleeping."
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