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    - Fallen Angels MC: The motorcycle club was founded in 1989 by Franklin Huss, a motorcycle enthusiast who desired to establish a community of bikers in Gastown, Oklahoma. It originally consisted of seven members, a charted known as FAME - Fallen Angels Motorcycle Enthusiasts. During the club's initiation, rules and regulations began to sprout from Franklin. He was the one to create the foundation of the club and what it stood for. They created a 'clubhouse' in an old garage like establishment near their local bar. The club eventually started a business in mechanics. They worked precisely on motorcycles alone, fixing them, upgrading them, things of that matter. After that, they added the storage business to their resume, buying a large storage lot and renting individual storage to people. They were making decent money by this time, but it all had changed when they realized they were not the only club in Gastown.

    The Angels had apparently developed themselves nearly at the same time another club was sprouting in popularity. An MC known as The Skull Crushers roamed the western region of Gastown, near Vale. Unlike the Angles, The Skull Crushers dealt with more illicit business. They were in charge of the transportation of unrestricted firearms throughout all of Crown County. Despite the Angels lack of interference with The Crushers' business, the creation of another Club was enough to cause conflict between the two organizations.

    Skipping all the unnecessary details, let's move forward to what was written down in Gastown history. Old folk who have remained in Gastown since FAME started would know the tales. It was rumored, but the people of Gastown knew the truth. It was told that The Skull Crushers all moved away to another state, but the truth was that the Angels got rid of them. With the help from friends from the north, the Angels killed off every last member of The Crushers. But with the death of a club with such influence on the business of others, someone had to step into their shoes. In a unanimous decision, the Fallen Angels dived into the gun business, distributing illegal weapons throughout the County. The members weren't certain at first, but as the money began to flow, the uncertainty vanished. The club got deeper and deeper as they continued, distributing guns to other rising clubs from other towns. With allies also came enemies and problems. The Angels did most of their business with the Russians, buying guns from them and selling them to other interested customers. But the Russians had issues with the Irish, and the Angels therefore had issues with the Irish too - it was that kind of relationship.

    Anyway, time to skip some other details and move forward a couple of years. The club had come to a point where some of their original members had died do to their business decisions. Franklin believed that with Gastown being free of any other club oppression, they could leave the gun business and return to their legit duties as mechanics and storage salesmen. Unfortunately, money had gotten to most of the other remaining members who desired to remain in the gun business and progress without having to work much. They believed the benefits offset the risks. Eventually, by unknown and unrecorded events, Franklin, founder of the Angels was declared dead after being found in his home with three bullets to the chest. There was insufficient evidence to find the killer, but signs tied it to the Irish mafia. The Angels continued and are currently still smuggling guns.

    - Gastown: Small town measuring 23.7 sq. mi. located in southern Oklahoma, bounded by the Northwater area and two other towns - Wedgwood and Stoneham. It is sixty miles from both Waytown and Pryvale, and only about twenty miles from Stoneham. The boundaries of Gastown end at the Deerhaven reservation and Vale, going east and west. The lowest temperature written down for Gastown has been 31F during winter and its highest 94F during summer. Its usual temperature lands around the high seventies.


    - Cook's Corner: This local bar is very popular to the Fallen Angels MC. The club knows it to be their drop bar, where they keep their unmarked bills instead of depositing them at any of Gastown's banks. This is also where they spend time chilling and drinking while talking some Club business in the backrooms.

    Original Seven:

    Franklin Huss - Deceased
    Christopher Koteas - Current President
    Edwin Morales - Deceased
    Jake "Chewy" Miller - Deceased
    Victor Dixon - Currently in Federal Prison
    Steven Russell - Current Secretary
    Hank McCray - Deceased

    Current Members:

    Christopher Koteas - President
    Abel Huss - Vice President
    Steven Russell - Secretary
    Victor Dixon - Federal Prison

    - Now, this roleplay will take place after Current President Christopher Koteas has recruited an entire new charter to replaced his lost friends. There doesn't only have to be a total of seven members, there can be more, but I'd like to keep it a small group. Because this is a private roleplay, only those invited will be able to participate. The problem with that is that if I am unable to fill the slots with invited players, I'll have to create NPC characters to make more club members. But anyway, the RP (i hope) will have a lot of intense drama that'll keep everyone in tune.

    As for the type of character you can create, DO NOT FEAR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Yes, the Fallen Angels are an all MALE group, meaning only men are able to actually wear the patch and be a full pledged member, BUT do not let that discourage you from making female characters if you are a female or if that's your thang. Make a member's girlfriend, a girl who works at the local bar, a teacher, whatever! Just have some kind of involvement with the club, so that you are not left out. Now, about making police officers who are against the Angels, that's gonna be hard to work with. If you want to be a cop who's corrupt and works for/with the Angels, that's a better choice. It's best to be involved in a way that you are able to communicate with club members because the roleplay revolves around them for the most part.

    Do I have a plot in mind and a direction for where the RP will be headed? Yes. Thing is, without knowing what kind of character you guys joining me will be making, or the type of decision you'll make throughout the RP, there will always be change. I will also try to accommodate everyone and attempt to make sure they aren't lost int he action and can post regularly.

    Character Sheet: (you may change format as long as all information needed is present)

    Nickname: (if applicable)
    Appearance: (No anime/No CGI)
    Rank: (if a member, state their rank in the club. Rank is not necessary) Ex: Rode Captain, Sgt-at-Arms, Prospect, etc.
    Occupation: (only for those with non-club member characters)
    Background: (Include involvement with the club....plz)
    Motorcycle: (include image of the Harley they ride if they are a club member)
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  2. Name: Maria Santos

    Nickname: none

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age: 21

    Height: 5'7"

    Rank: none

    Occupation: bartender at Cook's Corner

    Background: Maria came from down south. Not much else is known about her. No one is even really sure that Maria is her real name. She doesn't like questions. Really, she doesn't like much of anything.
    She came into contact with the Fallen Angels and has been wanting to join ever since. It makes her furious that she isn't allowed to join just because she is a female. But she takes what she can get and that means working as a bartender and sometimes errand girl.
    She has threatened many times to start her own all-female biker gang but everyone in Fallen Angels knows it's just talk. Maria loves the Angels and would never go against them. It is the one group where she feels like she belongs, a part of the pack.
    Maria is constantly on Christopher to give her a chance, but so far he hasn't budged. Mainly the only reason he hasn't shown her the door is because Maria thinks he likes her but doesn't want to say so because she annoys the ever loving crap out of him.

    Personality: Maria is feisty, bad tempered when she's angry (which is a lot), loyal, willing to do what whatever for the Angels (her family), outspoken, can be a pain-in-the-ass once the rapid Spanish starts, confident, stubborn, will tell you you're an idiot for falling down while helping you up again

    Likes: Tequila, Theory of a Deadman, Leather, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Monster movies, Chocolate

    Dislikes: Flowers, Questions, Posers, Fakes, Liars, Cops, Idiots, Morons, Preachers, Busybodies, Gossipers... really anyone who is not with the Fallen Angels is not worth her time

    I'M HERE!!! :bsmile: :bananaman:
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  4. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Samantha Luther[/BCOLOR]

    23 years old

    5’7” ~ 125lbs

    Occupation: Mechanic

    Sam was born to a single mother who barely made ends meet. Because of this, she often enlisted her mother and father to babysit Sam when she was a little girl rather than pay a babysitter. Sam spent most of her time with her grandfather, as her grandmother was a cold, bitter woman. Her grandfather however, was kind and loved working on cars, owning his own shop.

    She began acting out at after beginning school. She became a fantastic liar, trying to get people to like her. By high school she used the skill to her advantage against her never present mother. She lied about everything. What she was doing, with whom, and where. She found what she thought was acceptance with some college guys and girls when she was about 16, beginning to date one of the guys who was 24 years old. During this time she did get drunk a time or two, began cussing now and again, but never anything too brash, and began racing cars on lonely country roads with her boyfriend. He taught her how to race after she sat with him during his own several times. She had a handle on it from the get go, still helping out with her grandfather and eager to become a mechanic after high school. She was talented at it and won a few races.

    Her mom caught her in bed with the older man on day when she was 17 though, and chaos ensued. She was told she was never leaving the house. She would never see the boy again. Not to mention slapped across the face and called a slut. Again. She ran away the next day. She made it out of state before she was caught, and taken in by police. They were supposed to just hold her until her mother could come pick her up, but instead they stripped her down, marked off all her scars on a piece of paper, put her in a jumpsuit, shackles, and cuffs, and transported her to jail for her mom to pick her up there.

    After her mom picked her up, she buckled down a bit more, graduating HS and working with her grandfather who had always worked on the Fallen Angel's bikes and had a good rapport with them. Right now though, her grandfather is in the hospital and has been for about two months. Things don't look good.

    Personality: Hates change, can be lazy, courageous, friendly, thoughtful, trusting

    Likes: Working on cars and bikes, tats, trutv, Mexican food, playing the drums, a good time

    Dislikes: Customer service, nose rings, lame sitcoms, seafood, country music, buzz kills
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  5. Name: Edwin Khan

    Nickname: “K” or just “Kahn”


    Age: 25

    Height: 6’ 3”

    Rank: Sgt at Arms

    Background: Edwin was born in poverty and his parents were not exactly Ward and June Clever, but they did love him (though they didn’t show it that often). They lived in a trailer park where even the cops were afraid to go to after 6 pm. One night at the age of 12 Edwin’s parents were killed in a drive by shooting at the park.

    His only living relative was his Uncle Victor Dixon who agreed to take in Edwin, and figured when he was 18 the kid would hit the road. Victor did everything he could to keep his life with the Fallen Angels as secretive as possible. Like his parents Victor cared for Edwin, but didn’t often show it. To fill the void in his life Edwin joined the Golden Dragons a local street gang. At first they kept him around like he was a pet or mascot, but Edwin was determined to prove his worth as a member. He began working out constantly and eventually became the enforcer of the gang and became known merely as “Khan”.

    One night Khan ran into the leader Warlords of the East Side. Khan was challenged to a fight, and it wasn’t even close as Khan not only beat their leader he killed their leader. To keep themselves insulated from it and to avoid all-out war the Golden Dragons later met up with Kahn and tried to kill him. In the hospital Victor visited him and told him that he managed to set up all the evidence to look like he not Kahn killed the gang leader. Victor realized he shouldn’t have kept Kahn at arms lengths, and saw him going to jail for Kahn as his penance. However this came with a price. Victor wanted Kahn to take his place in the Fallen Angles. Victor saw how the the Fallen Angles could give Kahn the stability and sense of brotherhood in his life that he needed. Kahn was to meet up with a gentleman named Bane who would train Kahn to be a more skilled fighter and not just a brawler.

    Bane was a friend of Victor's who taught Victor how to fight, and remained friends with him for years. Bane was a taskmaster and could beat Kahn like he was nothing. Over the course of 3 years Kahn learned different fight techniques and grew stronger than he could ever imagine. Finally Kahn beat Bane and when he did he took Khan out to a locked shed. There he showed Kahn his Uncle’s Harley and his Fallen Angles Jacket. Kahn was to take Victor’s place in the Fallen Angles. Shortly after Kahn left Bane died in a motorcycle accident.

    Though some at first viewed Kahn as nothing more than a tag along, or someone who was only in gang because of Victor Kahn proved himself quickly. He showed that he could ride with the best of them, and no one was tougher or meaner than him. Though he is tough and intimidating Kahn actually is pretty laid back and enjoys a good laugh. However if something happens to upset anyone in the gang or associated with the “Cook’s Corner” they don’t angry; Khan does and is very protective of them.

    Personality: Laid back with a sly grin, but can go from 0-60 in terms of anger in 3 seconds. Very protective and likes to keep the peace within the family.

    Likes: Loyalty, working out, Bruce Springsteen, his bike, seeing his uncle, and believe it or not meditation. It helps him keep his temper in check. Otherwise he would be about out of control

    Dislikes: Liars, hypocrites, anyone who would threaten the family, rap music.

    Motorcycle: [​IMG]
  6. Character Sheet:


    Name: Benjamin "Benny" Jett

    Nickname: The (Head) Chef/Cook,

    Age: Late 40's

    Height: 5' 4"

    Rank: (To be discussed, if any at all.)

    Occupation: Owner and Head-Cook at Cooks Corner Bar.

    Background: Benny has been cooking up meals and enjoying the company of the Fallen Angels for many, many years now. Several times, Benny was offered a slot on the Fallen Angels MC, though retorted that he was merely a cook and not the "biker type". Although that has never stopped Benny from loving the members of the Fallen Angels like they were his own brothers. Benny is also responsible for propositioning the idea of, Fallen Angel unmarked bills being kept at his Bar. Some could perceive this action as foolish, Benny feels it's the least he could do for an old (Very good) friend. (Franklin Huss)

    Just like the Cooks Corner Bar, Benny's 1969 Corvette Stingray was passed down from his father. (Russel Jett) Due to these items/things being passed down by his father, Benny takes them very seriously and is rather protective over them. At one time he questioned if his father would approve of his actions, of helping the Fallen Angels like he has. However that has never once, stopped him from helping the Fallen Angels as though they were his own family. Currently Benny lives alone with his dog Roy in the suburbs.

    Personality: Stubborn/Hard-Headed, Loyal, Brazen, Unable to say no to a (Very good) friend in need,

    Likes: The Fallen Angels, Cooks Corner Bar, Being a Chef/Cook, His dog Roy, His 1969 Corvette Stingray,

    Dislikes: People causing disruptions in his Bar, Police/Authority, The fact he has no son to pass his business/bar onto.

    Motorcycle: Does not possess a motorcycle, despite how many times persuasion attempts have been made by the Fallen Angel members to get his own.

    (Should of done this sooner >.< )
  7. [​IMG]

    Abel Huss

    Age: Twenty Four Years Old
    Height: Five foot Nine inches

    Rank: Vice President

    Abel is the of the former Fallen Angel president, Franklin Huss. Too young to remember the death of his father, Abel was never impacted by the man's absence. Instead, it is said he turned out better than Franklin had ever been, being raised by current club President Christopher Koteas and his wife Regina. Unlike Regina, Christopher was not always present to raise Abel like a son, but in the times he was, he loved the kid as though he were blood. Regina on the other hand was the one to do most of her motherly duties. Since they took Abel when he was just a baby, she had the opportunity to feed him and teach him many things, especially the importance of family. Abel went to school for a couple of years, but was mainly home schooled because Regina did not believe other people could teach her child better than she could. In the end, Abel managed to get to the third grade before being pulled out and taught at home. Unlike in school, street smarts was the main subject. When he was old enough to learn more complex things, Christopher actually became more involved in Abel's life. He started teaching him about motorcycles, which fascinated Abel. The bikes and leather jackets illuminated in the kid's eyes. His dream had been to do what Christopher was doing.

    When he became an adolescent, he was given the opportunity to prospect as a member of the Fallen Angels, not getting his patch just yet. He became more integrated with the other members, getting to know them, doing things for them to earn their respect and trust. Christopher was a big supported of Abel, believing that when he became to old to continue running the Club, Abel would most likely take his place. Therefore Christopher did everything in his power to hurry Abel progression in Club ranks. But of course, Abel was the one that had to make sure to follow all the rules and his guardian's guidance. He got into the real Club business just a couple months after joining, mainly taking charge of driving the delivery vans. The club was into illegal gun distribution, so Abel was put in charge of the transportation part. He would load the guns and make sure the were delivered to the buyer. Of course he usually traveled with other members, but he was the one with the most responsibility.

    In the end, Abel climbed the ranks quickly and made many decisions that lead to prosperity for the Club. Sometimes he went against some club members, but the end result was triumph. His quick thinking led him to obtain a unanimous decision and become the VP of the Angels. Both Regina and Christopher were proud of the person Abel had become. He loved the two like parents, despite his knowledge of them not being the real deal. He sometimes wonders who his real parents were and what they were like, but doesn't dare to ask.

    Abel is usually very straightforward, wanting to get whatever has to get done - done. But that only concerns club business. In his down time, he loves to joke around with his brothers and his people. He is very determined to be successful, not only for himself, but for the people he loves. He's sometimes doubtful of some club decisions, and for that reason, he has the tendency to do things his way. Like stated in his bio, he makes decisions that he believes will have the club succeed, even if their not decisions the others are willing to ever agree on. But as a person, Abel is down to earth and believes that a normal lifestyle with kids and a house in the suburbs can be a very peaceful and beautiful thing.

    Likes: Motorcycles, Family, Brotherhood, Alcohol, Smoking, Resting, Love
    Dislikes: Nagging, No Loyalty, Untrustworthy people, Selfishness, Greed

    H-D Sportster 750
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  12. Name: Aleyda Cortez
    Nickname: Alé
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'5"
    Occupation: Lawyer
    Background: Aleyda was born and raised in Gastown to what seemed to be a loving and caring, typical American family. To neighbors and co-workers, the Cortez's seemed to be living the American dream in the suburbs. Unfortunately as the economy went into a recession, Aleyda's mother lost her job and it was up to her father to bring in the money while her mother looked for a job. Unfortunately his one job wasn't enough to support the family and the family began to fall apart. Aleyda's parents became more distant, and one day that her father was at work, her mother decided to leave. Where she went to was never found out. Rumor had it she had gone to live in Vegas. Other's said she left the country and went back to her home in Cuba. Either way, Aleyda's father still had her to take care of, and in a rash decision, he got involved in drugs. Soon, selling and providing drugs to the near by gangs became his second full-time job. Since Aleyda was still young, seeing this made her have a different perspective on those who were in gangs. She didn't see them as ruthless thugs.

    At the age of 16, her father had finally been caught and named one of the biggest suppliers in the general area. Aleyda was taken by CPS and instead of wanting to be adopted, she did everything in her power to only have foster parents and continue her education. She had her mind set on working with law. Maybe if her father didn't have such a shit lawyer, she could have stayed with him. That made her decision to become a lawyer and return to the city of Gastown. To keep certain people with affiliations out of jail.

    Personality: Aleyda is about the most stubborn and persistent person to ever live. She's anal and analytical and a complete book worm, yet sometimes it would seem as if she has no concept of common sense. Her emotions are almost always kept in check. She knows when to show them and when to not. All in all, she is a professional woman with a tendency to smart mouth others and show off her favorite language. Sarcasm.

    Likes: A good laugh, a good book, and a good drink. Her guilty pleasure would be books about romance.

    Dislikes: Rudeness towards herself and her clients. Misogyny, and any type of harassment.

    Motorcycle: N/A​
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  14. Name:
    "Dr." Cane Blackwell

    Doc, and various other doctor related terms


    x x x


    Member, gang doctor, body clean up specialist

    Cane was born far from the rustic city of Gastown in West Texas, deep in the heart of hunting land. His parents were normal enough, his mom stayed at home with him and his sister while his dad worked as a hunting guide on season, and a ranch hand off. His family was small but happy. Cane proved to be very bright even as a kid so when he graduated high school he dumped his long time girlfriend and headed off to college. In college he met quite few guys who seemed to think his accent was a good reason to start shit with him. His fighting skills had always been pretty good considering he was a well built West Texas boy, but by the time he was a senior he'd earned a reputation for being pretty good at what he did. He supplemented his natural talents with boxing lessons to keep in shape while studying. He graduated with honors and headed to medical school in Oklahoma City. While studying there, his parents informed him his sister had gotten involved with a Mexican biker gang and was apparently dating some asshole who beat her up. Infuriated but feeling helpless several states away, Cane told his parents not to worry but began doing a little research. Through keeping an open ear and trading some hospital grade pain killers with a couple of shady characters, he got educated on gang life and actually had plans to head back to Texas to fix this situation but he arrived just in time to learn his sister had been raped multiple times by some of the other gang members as some sort of initiation for female members. Try as he might to talk some sense into her, the girl committed to the lifestyle and left her family behind. Devastated but understanding from his research that she was a lost cause, he returned to medical school. He continued dealing in painkillers and other drugs he could get his hands on at the hospital before graduating from medical school. From his friends in the illegal scene, he learned that a well known gang, even considering the small town it originated from, The Fallen Angels was shopping for someone with medical training to look after their guys. Intrigued, he showed up in Gastown and headed over to the bar the gang liked to hang out at. While he was being interviewed an altercation broke out with some guys looking to cause trouble. Cane got a chance to prove himself both as a capable fighter and got the chance to patch up some busted knuckles and one broken arm. In the years since he's fallen into the whole culture of the gang, learning about motorcycles from the guys and even getting one himself. His smooth Texan accent and meticulous habits make him something of an oddball, but he feels accepted none the less.

    Cane is quite an enigma. Being raised on a ranch and an avid lover of hunting and fishing, he's a pretty friendly guy with a charming drawl and a good nature. He'll never throw a punch first unless a woman is involved, and he'll sure as hell not start drama for fun, but woe to those who manage to piss him off. He doesn't stop fighting until the other guy can't get up. On the other hand as a Doctor and often the one in charge of clean up, he's obsessive and meticulous to the point where's developed some pretty odd habits up through childhood. His rooms are pristine, he can't tolerate anything around him being dirty and really can't deal with anything other than blood or spit as far having things on his clothes or skin. He's an odd duck, but he's pretty sure everyone likes him. He's also a bit of a slut, and once he gets liquor in him anyone who isn't a fellow gang member and is relatively attractive is fair game.

    medical books and magazines, black and white movies, horses, hunting, fishing, a friendly brawl, sex with whoever, dogs, exercise, running, naps, alcohol, sweets

    prissy people, woman beaters, people who talk shit and then won't throw down, anything sour, sleep deprivation, dirty things or surroundings, hypochondriacs, his sister, cats, snakes, fuck snakes

    2007 Harley-Davidson FLSTN Softail Classic
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