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    - Fallen Angels MC: The motorcycle club was founded in 1989 by Franklin Huss, a motorcycle enthusiast who desired to establish a community of bikers in Gastown, Oklahoma. It originally consisted of seven members, a charted known as FAME - Fallen Angels Motorcycle Enthusiasts. During the club's initiation, rules and regulations began to sprout from Franklin. He was the one to create the foundation of the club and what it stood for. They created a 'clubhouse' in an old garage like establishment near their local bar. The club eventually started a business in mechanics. They worked precisely on motorcycles alone, fixing them, upgrading them, things of that matter. After that, they added the storage business to their resume, buying a large storage lot and renting individual storage to people. They were making decent money by this time, but it all had changed when they realized they were not the only club in Gastown.

    The Angels had apparently developed themselves nearly at the same time another club was sprouting in popularity. An MC known as The Skull Crushers roamed the western region of Gastown, near Vale. Unlike the Angles, The Skull Crushers dealt with more illicit business. They were in charge of the transportation of unrestricted firearms throughout all of Crown County. Despite the Angels lack of interference with The Crushers' business, the creation of another Club was enough to cause conflict between the two organizations.

    Skipping all the unnecessary details, let's move forward to what was written down in Gastown history. Old folk who have remained in Gastown since FAME started would know the tales. It was rumored, but the people of Gastown knew the truth. It was told that The Skull Crushers all moved away to another state, but the truth was that the Angels got rid of them. With the help from friends from the north, the Angels killed off every last member of The Crushers. But with the death of a club with such influence on the business of others, someone had to step into their shoes. In a unanimous decision, the Fallen Angels dived into the gun business, distributing illegal weapons throughout the County. The members weren't certain at first, but as the money began to flow, the uncertainty vanished. The club got deeper and deeper as they continued, distributing guns to other rising clubs from other towns. With allies also came enemies and problems. The Angels did most of their business with the Russians, buying guns from them and selling them to other interested customers. But the Russians had issues with the Irish, and the Angels therefore had issues with the Irish too - it was that kind of relationship.

    Anyway, time to skip some other details and move forward a couple of years. The club had come to a point where some of their original members had died do to their business decisions. Franklin believed that with Gastown being free of any other club oppression, they could leave the gun business and return to their legit duties as mechanics and storage salesmen. Unfortunately, money had gotten to most of the other remaining members who desired to remain in the gun business and progress without having to work much. They believed the benefits offset the risks. Eventually, by unknown and unrecorded events, Franklin, founder of the Angels was declared dead after being found in his home with three bullets to the chest. There was insufficient evidence to find the killer, but signs tied it to the Irish mafia. The Angels continued and are currently still smuggling guns.

    - Gastown: Small town measuring 23.7 sq. mi. located in southern Oklahoma, bounded by the Northwater area and two other towns - Wedgwood and Stoneham. It is sixty miles from both Waytown and Pryvale, and only about twenty miles from Stoneham. The boundaries of Gastown end at the Deerhaven reservation and Vale, going east and west. The lowest temperature written down for Gastown has been 31F during winter and its highest 94F during summer. Its usual temperature lands around the high seventies.


    - Cook's Corner: This local bar is very popular to the Fallen Angels MC. The club knows it to be their drop bar, where they keep their unmarked bills instead of depositing them at any of Gastown's banks. This is also where they spend time chilling and drinking while talking some Club business in the backrooms.

    Original Seven:

    Franklin Huss - Deceased
    Christopher Koteas - Current President
    Edwin Morales - Deceased
    Jake "Chewy" Miller - Deceased
    Victor Dixon - Currently in Federal Prison
    Steven Russell - Current Secretary
    Hank McCray - Deceased

    Current Members:

    Christopher Koteas - President
    Abel Huss - Vice President
    Steven Russell - Secretary
    Victor Dixon - Federal Prison

    - Now, this roleplay will take place after Current President Christopher Koteas has recruited an entire new charter to replaced his lost friends. There doesn't only have to be a total of seven members, there can be more, but I'd like to keep it a small group. Because this is a private roleplay, only those invited will be able to participate. The problem with that is that if I am unable to fill the slots with invited players, I'll have to create NPC characters to make more club members. But anyway, the RP (i hope) will have a lot of intense drama that'll keep everyone in tune.

    As for the type of character you can create, DO NOT FEAR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Yes, the Fallen Angels are an all MALE group, meaning only men are able to actually wear the patch and be a full pledged member, BUT do not let that discourage you from making female characters if you are a female or if that's your thang. Make a member's girlfriend, a girl who works at the local bar, a teacher, whatever! Just have some kind of involvement with the club, so that you are not left out. Now, about making police officers who are against the Angels, that's gonna be hard to work with. If you want to be a cop who's corrupt and works for/with the Angels, that's a better choice. It's best to be involved in a way that you are able to communicate with club members because the roleplay revolves around them for the most part.

    Do I have a plot in mind and a direction for where the RP will be headed? Yes. Thing is, without knowing what kind of character you guys joining me will be making, or the type of decision you'll make throughout the RP, there will always be change. I will also try to accommodate everyone and attempt to make sure they aren't lost int he action and can post regularly.

    OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/fallen-angels.101940/
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