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    picture is above

    It was a bright, sunshiney day like it always was in heaven. The
    golden gates sparkled, and the angels lived in harmony. Well, most of
    them did. Kieara wasn't one of them. She never really was at peace in
    Heaven. Always so curious, and wanted to have fun.

    Something very peculiar had happened today. She'd been banished from
    Heaven. Oh, this had happened before, but normally an angel was sent
    to Hell when this happened. She was banished to Earth. This was an odd
    happening in heaven. One would think it would be inhumane for the
    angels to even think of this torture right? Well, for most. There
    was always the exception made on....rare offenses. This was one of

    A loud boom echoed for miles around. Kieara was in a local park
    unconcious. She lay across the ground loose feathers scattered about
    the area. There was a large crater that she'd landed in. Her wings
    would no longer function to allow her to fly into Heaven. Yes she
    still had them, yes she could still fly, but not very long, or very
    far. Her halo lay at the tip of the crater.

    She was a new angel and had a very open mind and a kind heart. She was
    also very niave. She didn't mean to be, but it was in her soft, smooth
    nature. She couldn't help being the way she was. After all, her
    creator had made her that way.

    She was a petite girl and had pretty light greyish brown eyes. Unlike
    most angels, she had yet to get her white robes and such. She was
    still wearing what she had been when she died. Her simple outfit was
    black and loose. She had long brown hair that framed her face.
  2. [​IMG]
    "This won't do..." A sigh of exasperation emerged from the boy as he scanned the drawing in front of him. The drawing that he had sketched out for a client looked utterly flawless, but in the lad's eyes, there were many mistakes in the piece of art. He frowned beneath the white hood that seemed to be permanently glued to his head. Although he was drawing in the dark corner of his apartment, he had kept the hooded cloak over his figure. Perhaps he wasn't even aware of the fact that he preferred keeping the hood over his head, especially while drawing or in public. It was merely instinctual for him now. The hood casted a dark shadow over the features of his face. One would assume this would hinder him from drawing decently, but it actually assisted him with focusing better. Swiftly, Lorin gently erased a couple of lines prior to attempting to redraw them.
    Silence loomed over the apartment until the lad broke the pattern by abruptly screaming out with frustration. "Argh! It looks so much like crap!" he yelled, glaring down at his sketch. He stood up from his seat and dropped the pencil onto the square table from slamming his hands down, turning in the direction of the door. "Maybe a quick break will help." Brushing his white cloak off--as the edges probably collected dust from remaining in the same spot for hours--, he grabbed his key and walked out. A brisk walk usually helped with clearing his bustling mind. Despite that the day was a luminous one, it was still faintly cool. Thus, he didn't look completely out of place wearing the hooded cloak. The shadows that the hood created over his face prevailed even in the sun. If one were to look close enough at him, they would probably only obtain a visible glimpse of his bright eyes, the edges of his white shoulder-length hair, and his mouth. Nothing else.
    And honestly, Lorin preferred it that way for various reasons. It was almost comforting to know that no one in this town had ever seen his face because of the hood. His slim frame shivered gently in response to the cool breeze as he walked away from his apartment complex. He would usually head to the library for simply a change of scenery, but he'd sometimes take a swift stroll through the park. The scenery alteration had always been successful in providing a boost of motivation to complete various artworks. The air smelt fresh of morning dew and the outdoor noises complimented the sensory experience, rendering it just as stimulating. His stroll appeared a tad aimless, which was partially true as he absent-mindedly moved deeper into the park. However, it was a good thing he was paying some sort of attention to his path. If he hadn't been, he would've fallen right into the crater that he'd abruptly stopped in front of.
    He paused a little too suddenly at the edge, so at first, he did threaten to stumble right in. He struggled to bring his balance backwards, which inevitably caused the boy to fall back onto his rear with a thump. After uttering a small 'ouch', Lorin gradually stood back up. He stared down into the crater for a moment, frozen in his spot. Then, about several seconds later, he rubbed his lavender irises with disbelief. Had he...remained in his apartment for too long? Were his eyes genuinely telling the truth, that a girl with wings was unconscious at the center of the crater? "The hell...?" he mumbled, moving closer to the edge. He made sure not to fall in, however. His occasional clumsiness compelled him to be more cautious than usual, aside from the previous moment of unawareness. His body could become traitorous again at any given instance.
    Lorin wasn't exactly what you'd call 'physically adept', so leaping down into that crater and attempting to carry her out simply wouldn't work out very well. Instead, he decided that it was appropriate enough to use his magic. After all, he was in a section of the park that was rather deserted. It was relatively safe to assume that no one would see him from here. Opening a palm in the direction of the unconscious angel, Lorin began to cast a levitation spell to move her from the center of the crater to where he was--right beside the crater's edge. His lavender orbs widened once she was close enough to confirm that she really did have wings. He had also picked up the halo with his levitation spell, the one that laid at the tip of the crater. They couldn't have been real. He never believed in angels before, but...seeing this truly shook his firm beliefs about them.
    Minutes later, Lorin was back in his dimly-lit apartment with the unconscious girl. He had placed her on the couch in the living room while he sat across from her in a wooden chair, still fixedly watching her with dilated eyes and a thoughtful frown. How long would it take for her to awaken? He pondered about this, mainly because he was a bit concerned that she was terminally injured. He didn't notice any major lesions upon her exterior being though, but another component that was not visible to naked eye could have been wrong and that was what unnerved him slightly. Both curiosity and bewilderment conquered his facial expression, though that would be a bit difficult to view beneath his white hood. Then again, the curiosity did prevail strongly in his eyes. 'What should I do...? Should I try waking her up myself, to make sure nothing's wrong?' he thought to himself, eyes shifting to her wings. His mind had chosen to assume that they were plastic wings for Halloween for the time being. This notion was what kept him from poking and prodding them out of both fascination and shock.
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  3. The halo as well as her wings had a faint omniscient glow. A white glow that just gave them light. The halo glowed brighter as the girl shifted with a groan. She flinched and tried to open her eyes. When she saw where she was a look of confusion crossed her face. She had a strong air of innocence and perhaps quite a bit of the naive trait. She opened her eyes and looked around her eyes falling on him. She stared a moment and tried to sit up.
  4. Lorin doubted that she would wake up very soon, so he lifted a thick book from the nearby end table and opened it to resume reading from his previous stopping point. Drawing probably wasn't the best activity to perform right now anyway--not with his current distracted mindset. He had already attempted to cast a gentle healing spell upon her, just in case. However, now, he could only wait and reading tended to ease his mind of various tensions. Would the mysterious girl turn out to be all right? Time passed on gradually as he sat there, glancing up from his book every frequently. Still no sign of awakening. He mentally sighed and returned to skimming, concerning prevailing at the edge of his notions. When the boy had least expected it, a brighter glow emerged from the halo. Before, the rays emitting from it were faint so he hadn't notice it, but he finally did become aware of the fact that it was no longer as difficult to view the words.
    Squinting, Lorin subconsciously lowered the hood even further over his head in order to block out the new luminescent source. As if the light would make his skin disintegrate with direct contact. Perhaps he didn't need to put on the faltering light at the corner of the living room after all. He stood and immediately shut his book prior to walking over to the sofa she'd been resting on. As he neared her, he felt the aura surrounding her being. As a magic wielder, he was more in tune with the spiritual traits of others, and so it was much easier for him to catch a whiff of the aura compared to that of a normal human. Something about her aura felt...pure, if that made any sense at all. Her energy somehow gave off the sensation of innocence. 'Okay, that doesn't make any sense.' he reminded himself, shaking his head. Her presence also gave off an energy that seemed a tad different from regular humans. This girl had to be human though, right? Above all, the halo and wings he thought were fake glowed in unison. Was she really an angel? Impossible...
    Attempting to push insignificant thoughts aside, he spoke as her grayish-brown eyes landed on him. "Hey. Are you alright? You've been out for awhile now." he queried to confirm her current condition. He noted the confusion on her face. "I brought you back to my apartment when I saw you unconscious outside." His voice was calm, but his tone was a quiet one. It was best to attain how she was feeling before proceeding to other matters. Although, speaking to her reminded him that she was probably the first person he'd spoken to for... Wait, how long had it been? Most likely too long, considering that he preferred keeping to himself. It was surprising that he even chose to initiate a possible conversation with her first, instead of it being the other way around. His lingering concern for her well being had pushed him to question her.
  5. Kieara watched as he crossed the room to her. She sat up fully and winced. Her wings were still sore and had a few glowing loose ones fall from the two luxurious wings. They were as soft as the softest of down all over them. If one were to touch them a sensation of pleasure would move through them. They were very sensitive appendages of hers. She smiled at him a bit. "Hi." Her voice was like satin. It ran smooth and was nice to the ears. "I'm okay....Where are we? I must've fell harder than I thought." she told him as if he knew what had happened.
  6. Optics widened gradually as the young man perceived her voice. He was apparently aware of how smooth and lovely it sounded. Such even voices were hard to come by these days. If he didn't know any better, he'd describe her voice as 'angelic'--whatever that meant. As much as Lorin didn't want to, he found himself ogling her feathery embellishments again. He temporarily remained fixated on the several feathers that fell to the ground. Swallowing harshly, he forced himself to answer her question. "Specifically, you're in the west part of a town called 'Treamala'..." he replied, but trailed off when she mentioned that she must have fallen harder than she thought. Did she just say that she fell? Wouldn't a fall like that--a fall that could cause enough of an impact to form a small crater for that matter--normally kill a regular person? "........." Speechlessness seized him, but merely for a moment.
    "You...you fell...? Where...exactly did you fall from, if I may ask?" he hesitantly inquired. 'Please don't say Heaven....' he thought to himself flatly as he awaited her response, faintly rubbing the back of his hood. He was already in disbelief that those white wings were real, naturally being a skeptical individual. No doubt he'd refuse to believe that she really was an angel that came from Heaven. It was ironic that he couldn't come to believe it currently, considering that he was a magic-wielder. Being a mage was literally unheard of these days. Thus, it was also a trait that was rather 'unbelievable'. He should have been more open-minded about the whole predicament altogether. Lorin was just being mentally stubborn though, with his beliefs and whatnot. He was clever enough to swiftly distinguish the differences between what was fake and what was genuine. It was already evident that she was not normal. And her wings certainly weren't artificial either.
  7. "Heaven silly." She told him and giggled softly. She tried to stretch but it only hurt more and she winced. She looked confuse. She wasn't used to pain. She didn't recall feeling it previously. She looked at the young man. He appeared nervous. "Are you ok?" She edged closer to him.
  8. Although the boy's facial expression was still covered with a sheet of darkness from the hood, the uneasiness that prevailed when she replied, "Heaven silly," was quite obvious through his gaping mouth and troubled-looking irises. "Aha... Yeah... Silly me..." he stated weakly, prior to burrowing his eyebrows faintly. 'Maybe she just hit her head too hard?' he mentally guessed. He finally remembered to close his parted lips, before a fly decided to dart right in. A fly was not currently in sight, but that was what Lorin thought the last time a fly chose to lunge into his mouth. He refused to be deceived again. Discerning her wince, he neared her slightly more. "Just let me know if you're in any pain or where it hurts. I can ease the pain for you." he informed her, blinking when she asked if he was all right. Perhaps he had appeared more uncomfortable than he thought when she mentioned that she fell from Heaven as casually as she did.
    "Yes, I'm fine. You just took me by surprise a little, when you said you fell from Heaven." he began, gently rubbing his chin. "I mean, isn't Heaven a little....high up?" he questioned flatly, raising a brow at her even though one could not see such an expression beyond the darkness of his hood. He didn't directly come out with his assumption that Heaven was a mere simulation, but he humored her instead. Would she play along and even describe Heaven to him? "And wouldn't you have to be some sort of miraculous being, such as an 'angel' for instance, to not die from such a fall?" he added, absent-mindedly folding his arms over his chest. It was as if he was indirectly asking for more evidence, in spite of the wings and halo in front of him.
  9. Kieara spoke. "Well, it hurts a little where my wings meet my back, but I think that's just where I hit the ground so hard. She looked at him as he answered her and smiled. "Heaven is really high up. Its way up beyond the clouds. You can't see it from here, and to watch over people angels have to come down here, but they hide so no one sees on the clouds." she told him. She looked a bit confused at his doubt. "I am an angel...that's how I survived." She told him.
  10. Lorin nodded slowly at her explanation, allowing her words to sink into his powerful brain. 'Face it. She's...the real deal. Those wings are definitely real--I can no longer ignore that fact. The question now is what is she doing here on Earth? Why did she drop from Heaven like that?' he mentally pondered. The lad eventually swiveled back in her direction. She still appeared slightly confused, as if the bewilderment was directed towards his apparent doubt of the situation. "I understand. I apologize for doubting you. It's just that....people are more skeptical nowadays, and I suppose I'm no different. Angels are beings that aren't exactly believed in by everyone anymore either." he told her honestly, averting his eyes. His voice sounded a tad on the hoarse side due to his lack of speaking in general. His voice box was stiff from disuse, and all of this talking was already beginning to wear it out. It'd adjust eventually though. Hopefully.
    Lorin nearly resembled a ghost in that long, loose white cloak because of how swiftly he'd moved behind the angel's wings. Lifting his open palms at ivory feathers, a mild green essence gradually surrounded his hands. The gentle glow was then projected out to the angel, embedding into her wings. Lorin lowered his hands and glanced down at her after a couple of seconds. He had just used a bit of healing magic on her, which was designed to ease a moderate amount of pain. He wondered if his magic would have any effect on an angel, however. "How does it feel now? Does it still hurt?" he questioned. He had moved behind her intentionally to use the healing magic. It was basically an instinct that assisted him with cloaking his magic from others. In other words, it was a simple habit. A habit that was similar to the way he'd always wear the hood over his head, whether indoors or outdoors.
    He wasn't sure if there was a point in shifting behind her to use a quick magic spell though. After all, she was an angel. She probably wouldn't have even batted an eyelash if she spotted him wielding magic, but Lorin could never be too cautious.
  11. Kieara watched him and listened to him. "I see....that's rather troubling." she told him. With lack of belief in angels, it was very troubling to them. Their power wasn't just drawn from the lord himself. Lack of belief had to do with that. She listened to him and turned her head. She watched. "Yes it does actually." She spoke to him softly. Her voice was quiet but it was smooth. "thank you." she told him and smiled. "Can I see your face?" She asked curiously. She had an air of innocence around her that made her genuinely curious about such things.
  12. "Troubling? How so? Does a person's belief in angels influence you in some sort way?" Lorin asked with an arched brow. Could it be that angels did not actually obtain all of their power from the Lord himself? Once he had used his healing sorcery on her, she confirmed that it did assist with easing her pain. "Sure." he replied when she thanked him, relieved that the healing magic did not backfire when used on an angel. Nevertheless, he was taken aback by the next query she had uttered. She asked him if she could see his face. Before he could stop himself from making such peculiar and unfamiliar expressions, his optics dilated once again. His slim frame visibly stiffened up from beneath the cloak. "Um...why do you want to see my face?" he asked with genuine uncertainty, a faintly apprehensive tone tipping his question. As much as he'd worn the hood, no one ever asked to see his face out of mere curiosity, which was what obliged her rare question to be even more startling to him.
    "I'm sorry, but I'm not very comfortable with showing my face to others." he added in a calmer fashion. Subconsciously, he gripped the edge of the hood that remained permanently over his head. In reference to her purity-filled aura, he could safely assume that she was asking to view his face out of mere inquisitiveness and nothing more, but still.... Over time, he'd learned to feel 'safe' under that hood of darkness. Thus, abruptly changing his routine to reveal his face to a stranger would be too unnerving for the lad. Conveniently, Lorin changed the subject. "It's obvious that you must not have anywhere else to go since you came from...such a far away place, so you can stay here if you'd like." he informed, spinning on his heels to walk towards his desk in the corner of the living room. It was odd that he was too uncomfortable unveiling his facial features, but not too awkward so as not to allow her to sleep over.
    Lorin wasn't exactly heartless, so he couldn't just tell her to leave while being fully aware of that naivety of hers. He stared down at his incomplete sketch, figuring that he would need to finish it some other time.
  13. She spoke. "It does influence us. An angels job is to help mankind. We draw most of our power from our lord but we lack the ability to help a person if they do not believe in us. No matter what we do if they don't believe it causes problems." She listened to him about his face. "Oh....I'm sorry I didn't mean to be rude." She spoke and smiled. "That's really nice of you. Thank you." It made her feel better now knowing she had a place to stay. She didn't want to trouble him though. She got up and seemed to glide across the floor as she walked. She looked at his drawing. She was awe struck. "Wow......it's so pretty..."
  14. Despite that the young angel's explanation was brief and to the point, her description of the predicament was filled with so much information that he was not aware of. "Wow. I had no idea that was the case... Sounds like that would indeed cause many problems for both the angel and the nonbeliever." he commented with a nod. He'd never realized how difficult the situation could become from merely disbelieving. If he was not such a skeptical adolescent male, it would have been effortless to conclude that she was an angel beforehand. However, he never exactly pondered about angels in the past--about whether they existed or not, but with the reality directly in front of him, he had to come to terms with it moments ago. An incredibly faint smile surfaced onto Lorin's features, behind the sheet of darkness. He shook his head as she apologized for supposedly being rude.
    "No, it's fine. You didn't offend me when you asked. It's probably kind of strange for me to not want to show my face anyway." he replied with a mild shrug. "And you're welcome..." he included in a softer, almost shyer tone as he scanned his sketch. He released an inaudible sigh as notions began to flood his mind again. 'I'm going to need to work overtime to get this right.' he mused, frowning. It was then that the angel traveled over to his current location, looking as if she was gliding instead of walking. Lorin blinked blankly when she stated, with awe, that his drawing was pretty. "R-really?" This was already the second time he was caught off-guard by the mysterious woman, and he hadn't known her for very long. Even so, he thought that the drawing was far from being 'pretty'. "Um, thanks. I...actually have a lot to work on before I can finally send it to the client." he said as he pulled out his chair, plopped into the seat, and picked up the pencil. "I didn't quite catch your name, angel. I'm Lorin." Well, this was a first. Willingly introducing himself to a stranger, let alone speaking this much in one day.
  15. Kieara giggled at his shock at her statement. "Yes, I really like it." She watched him for a moment. "May I sit and watch you draw?" If he didn't want her to she wouldn't, but she did find herself rather bored at the current moment. She smiled and spoke. "Kieara. I like your name." She seemed to be very happy go lucky and positive. As most angels should be. A few loose feathers fell from her wings. One landed on his arm. With the angelic magic in it, it should have given him an over pleasurable sensation just by the touch.
  16. "Thanks." Lorin smiled ever so faintly beneath the hood, momentarily turning back to the drawing. Prior to her question, he scanned over the drawing quietly. When asked if she could watch him draw, he hesitated for a moment. He was a bit self-conscious about being watched while drawing, but...if she really wanted to, then so be it. He assumed that she must have been bored anyway, leading her to inquire about that. Besides, her aura made him feel a bit more at ease. "Sure." he replied softly, right before she gave her name. "Kieara huh? That's interesting. I like your name too." It was relatively easy to gauge how optimistic she was in personality. It was very distinct; that was for certain. However, despite that he would probably be described as the complete opposite of 'happy-go-lucky', he honestly didn't mind it at all. It was an intriguing change of pace, given the fact that he didn't know many people that were like her. Even if she had just been a regular human being, he still would have found her rather interesting.
    Notwithstanding, Lorin suddenly felt a rather unfamiliar sensation spread throughout his frame. Speaking of the angel's own apparent happiness, he...actually felt happy himself, an extremely rare occurrence in itself. He was uncertain about why it appeared so abruptly, and in spite of the point that the sensation unnerved him at first instance due to the unfamiliarity of it all, he swiftly resumed sketching. Something about the pleasurable feeling compelled him to draw, whether she was watching or not. He didn't feel as self-conscious doing so in front of another individual either. In a matter of minutes, he had corrected all of the errors that had been irking him greatly beforehand. Instead of the usual harsh criticism he projected onto himself after completing a drawing, he was actually satisfied with it. Then, as quickly as it had occurred, the happy feeling had vanished. Why did it even appear? What just happened? Lorin glanced down just in time to spot the falling feather, of which had recently been resting on his arm. Oh. Had the feeling been due to angelic magic, perhaps? He realized at that very moment just how powerful it was, to be able to make him of all people feel happy and optimistic about himself in a matter of seconds.
    "Huh. That's...some strong magic there..." he commented with an expression of surprise etching his features beneath the hood. Speaking of his hood, he'd been close to pulling it off when he was feeling happy. Very close, but not quite. "Looks like I'm finished now, but wouldn't you rather do something a little more interesting than watch me? You could watch television or play one of my games." he suggested a bit awkwardly, unsure of what else was around for entertainment purposes that might peek her interest.
  17. She tilted her head innocently. She'd died years ago. Back in the 1600's. "Games? What kind of games? And what is a television? How do I watch it?" she asked him curiously. She spoke. "It's a beautiful drawing." she told him with another charming smile. She stood and gently dusted her lap off from invisible dust. She moved over to him and gently held his hand just feeling like he needed a friend. "What do you like to do?"
  18. Her intuition was certainly right on track. As much as Lorin refused to admit, he was lonely due to his lack of friendship (and his reluctance to form some). After all, he’d been alone for years, ever since his teacher had died. Within those years, he found himself avoiding any sort of contact with other people, hence the definition of ‘recluse’. Even for a recluse such as himself, who often preferred to be alone, the solitude still proved to be a bit too much for him from time to time. Her peculiar questions caught his attention again. He raised a brow before responding. Who didn’t know what a television was in this day and age? Her queries merely increased his curiosity on the matter. Was she from another planet, or perhaps another era? On the contrary, the idea of the angel coming from an entirely different place in time made more sense despite that, on a regular basis, such bizarre concepts would be chucked out of the window. She was an angel supposedly, and if that was the case, she must’ve lost her life at some point…unless he was totally off-course and possessed much less knowledge on angels than he thought.

    “Um… That’s a television.” Lorin began simply, pointing an index finger to the medium-sized flat-screen on the other side of the room. “You can watch a crap-load of different shows on it, and the games I’m talking about can be played on the television as well. If you want, I can show you.” The boy suddenly paused when he felt another strange sensation, quickly realizing that it was coming from the hand she’d just gently held. As the next question was directed towards him, he felt his mind go blank for some reason, most likely because he was completely unaccustomed to physical contact. Even such a minor form of physical contact. “Uhh, I…like doing a combination of everything I mentioned. A morning stroll is something I do occasionally too, but I’m often glued to this seat working on client orders.” he explained with a slight shrug, trying act normally as she held his hand. The warm feeling didn’t feel terrible to him though.
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  19. Kieara smiled as she continued to hold his hand contently. She was very relaxed with him. She liked holding his hand. She liked him too. He was the most interesting person in the world in her opinion. She spoke. "It's whatever you would like to do. I'm not hard to please.." She admitted with a smile coating her pink lips. She spoke again after a minute or two. "That was one of my favorite things to do before. Go walking or hiking."
  20. ‘Why am I getting so worked up over a gesture as simple as holding hands…?’ The boy mentally pondered on this, his exterior maintaining a calm state as the angel continued to hold his hand. He merely couldn’t comprehend why he’d become internally uneasy, but he eventually chalked it up to his lack of contact with others in general. The opposite gender especially. After mentally sighing, momentarily considering how pathetic he was, he managed to make eye contact with her when she spoke to him. He figured that he must’ve been boring the daylights out of her by now, being rather inexperienced with entertaining others. Nevertheless, Kieara’s following words set his mind to ease in that aspect. Her next statement caught his attention even more though.

    “Was? You mean you don’t take part in your favorite activities anymore?” he questioned, but paused upon spotting her wings. Oh, right. She was an angel, and they didn’t usually just go for walks or hikes on Earth…right? Well, that was just a guess anyhow. He didn’t really know it worked for them, to be honest, so he was curious as to how she would respond to his inquiries. Inquisitive lavender orbs stared up at her behind the white hood, patiently waiting in his seat.
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