Fallen Angel

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  1. Maydon was reeling. He was reeling though space and time. Stars clashed below his feet and the ground rushing up to meet his head. Tilting the tip of one wing, he managed to spin himself so he was facing downward, looking at the ground as it rushed up to meet him.
    'Oh God.' He thought.
    "Maydon Seraphim, you shall never again enter the city of heaven. You are forever banned to roam the earth, never dying to watch those you love die and turn to dust for your actions." Maydon screamed as he was stripped of the robe he was wearing and his pure white wings were dyed red with the blood of his slain.
    He landed on the ground, in a park, crumpled up and looking very much like death. His wings folded in to the depressions on either side of his backbone. He picked his head up with an unearthly groan and looked around. He noticed a girl off in the middle distance staring at him, then looking up at the sky.
    'Crap.' He thought. 'She saw me.' He stood up and promptly fell over again, as his head was spinning around in circles. He raised an arm and waved the girl over.
    Come over here.
    He thought at her, waving again.
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    My CHaracter ^ (But she's wearing skinny jeans and a pink shirt)

    Tae was listening to her music in the park.
    She was fairly annoyed at how her mother had invited company over without telling her.
    She hated her mother's friends.
    A bunch of snobby women making snide comments.
    Tae scoffed and turned her music up louder, having it scream into her ears.
    Atleast she had the park.
    Such a peaceful place.
    All of a sudden, the ground shook.
    She ended up falling on her butt.
    "What in the-" She saw a boy.
    No, not just a boy,he had wings! Red wings...
    SHe stared at him for a minute until his eyes met hers.
    She noticed him grimace and try standing up.
    He fell to the ground again and she gasped.
    The boy with wings waved to her.
    As if asking her to come help.
    Quickly she ran to see if he was okay.
    "Oh my gosh, are you hurt?" She asked, worry filling her tone.
  3. Maydon looked up at the girl. He bit back the reply that was begging to be released. He shook his head.
    "Hurt no. Homeless, yes." He looked at the sky angrily and saw the hole in the clouds flow back together and heaven disappear. Before she could ask any questions, he stood up and realized he had earth clothes on. His jeans were spotless and his slightly v neck black t shirt was tucked in, under a rugby, with a black pyramid stud belt. He grinned despite himself.
    Holding a hand out, he looked at the girl. "I'm Maydon. Thank you for coming to see if I was okay." He knew he was being weird. But he was too hyper to care. "And I'm betting your wondering why I have wings." He stretched, reaching his arms high above his head and bending backwards. "Unfortunately, I can't tell you." He slid his hands in to his pockets and leaned to look down at her. "You are?"
  4. He wasn't hurt, that was good.
    He was hot though.
    She almost blushed when she saw his dazzling grin.
    His name was Maydon.
    What a unique name.
    Good thing she was a fan of weird."
    "My name is Tae, Tae Fredrick," She had to look up into his eyes, he was tall.
    "It's okay, about your wings I mean. I understand not being able to tell someone something," She looked at the ground.
    Awkward Tension seemed to float around them.
    "You said you were homeless? Do you need a place to stay?" She asked suddenly.
    Quickly she put her hand over her mouth, gasping at such a question she asked.
  5. Maydon grinned at Tae. "No. I'll find somewhere soon enough. But between you and me, I wish I could tell you why I have wings." He winked with a smirk. "I think you'd like it." He had no idea what to do now. He glanced around himself. "Where are you from anyways? Where's your parents?" He babbled questions that were of no consequence until his stomach growled.
    "Do you know where I can get some food? I'm really hungry but am broke as I just fell from the sky." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Can I ask you to take me to your house? I don't mean to impose but I really am hungry. And I can show you something in exchange for food." He added lamely.
  6. She wished she could know more about his wings.
    She was curious/
    Tae listened to him babbled and laughed.
    She blushed when he winked.
    "I live with my mom, she has company over..but I can sneak you in," She grinned.
    Grabbing his hand she started off to her house.
    "I'll go inside and open my window, and you can climb in!" She pointed to the window on the side of her small home.
  7. Maydon laughed as Tae tugged him along by one hand. He briefly wondered how old she was but cast the thought away after a moment. HE stopped when she let go and told him to wait. She wanted him to climb through the window. He could do that. He waited at the window, wondering why this girl had agreed to help him and get him food.
    Adsently he shook out his wings after a quick look around and preened the now red freathers with his fingers. He waited for the window to open. He thought of how he was going to hid his wings. 'Sheesh. Where is she?' He thought as he ran his hands through his hair, making it stand up on end. He ruffled his wings by wiggling his shoulders. He did a back flip and ran through the alphabet in his head.
  8. Tae had made it up one stair.
    "Hey! It's the kid! Where'd you come from? The street? Your clothes look so dirty." a friend of her mom's asked.
    She clenched her fist and tried to ignore it.
    "Most likely, the way she runs around all the time," another said.
    "SHUT UP!" Tae screamed.
    She ran up the stair, wiping tears from her eyes.
    This wasnt the worse but it hurt.
    She quickly remembered she had a job to do and smiled as she slammed her room door shut.
    Going to the window she opened it and called down.
    "Hey! Cmon up!"
  9. Maydon looked up. "Oh! Up there? I though I could just jump. Right. Watch out." He said, waiting for her to step away from the window before shaking his wings out once more and flapping them a couple times. With a heavy down stroke he was in the air and at the window in the blink of an eye. He stood in the sill for a second before sliding into the room. He looked around, enough room to re-preen his feathers. "Right. Do you want to touch my wings?" He asked, moving one toward Tae. He took the other in his hand and ran his fingers through the lines of feathers, straitening the bent ones and the crooked ones, tugging a long guiding feather off as it hung there. He looked over at Tae.
    "Want a feather necklace? I can make it silver if you want." He tugged a silver chain from his pocket and grinned. "Good to know I can still manipulate matter." He muttered to himself. "Would you like that, Tae?"
  10. Tae was amazed as he flew into the room.
    SHe was awe.
    His wings were so beautiful.
    She couldn't help but stare.
    "Would you like a feather necklace?" He had asked.
    SHe nodded quickly.
    "THat would be amazing, are you sure it;s alright though? We just met and all..." SHe trailed off, looking at the floor.
  11. Maydon grinned. "Tae, I only give my feathers to people who would completely love them and take care of them." He muttered. He focused on the feather, changing the cells into silver, but kept the blood red color. After a couple minutes, he looked up and grinned at Tae. "Wanna see it?" He said. He held his hands out, one with the feather, the other empty and watched her face as she thought.
    "Either way you get to keep it." He sat down on the floor, mantling his wings and folding them back against his shirt. "Can I ask you something?" He asked, always the patient one. "How old are you?" There was no emotion behind his words it was just a plain old question.
  12. Tae smiled as she was looked the feather, that was now a dyed red silver.
    "I'll do my best to take care of it," She nodded.
    The feather was such a pretty color.
    She quickly put the necklace around her neck
    As he sat on the floor, she hopped onto her bed and crossed her legs.
    "Can I ask you something?" He had asked.
    She nodded, and he continued.
    "How old are you?" He asked. Such a simply question question.
    Tae hesitated, a fact of she always forgot her name when seriously asked.
    Quickly to make up for the hesitation, she said,
    "14 right now...but In a few weeks I'll be 15~, then I can take my driver's permit test!"
    She grinned.
  13. Maydon grinned back at Tae. She seemed to be really sweet. Leaning back on his hands, Maydon decided to ask to play a game, one he had always wanted to play.
    "Wanna play the random question game?" He asked, not knowing if he needed to explain it or not. "I've always wanted to play it. Seemed like a lot of fun. From the sky anyways." He muttered, unsure of himself now. "You don't have to." He made sure to add so she didn't feel pressured into it.
    He cocked his head to one side and closed his eyes, listening to the sound of the wind that blew past the house. It was so peaceful. He sighed audibly. "How do you stay awake here?" He asked as his eyelids dropped so that only slivers showed through the slits.
  14. How did she stay awake?
    It was an odd question.
    It was just normal.
    "It's not always this quiet, I'm surprized my mom hasnt began a fight with a friend of hers." She answered.
    Tae grinned, "Question Game? Your on."
    "Why were you in the park today?"
  15. Maydon shrugged. "I just kinda landed there. I wasn't aiming for anything. I was thrown really." He mused more to himself then her. He sighed. "I was born with wings. I was a six winged angel. Seraphim we're called." He said. "Well, I was called."
    Maydon grinned at Tae. "So as in answer, I fell there." He cocked his head. "Why'd you take me here with you?" He asked. He shook his shoulders, releasing some of the tension in his wings as he leaned back on his hands. "Could i bother your for a pillow I could lean on?" He muttered.
  16. He was an Angel.
    Her eyes grew wide.
    "An Angel...no way..." She stammered.
    It took Tae a minute to hear his next question.
    "You needed help," She answered.
    She then handed him a pillow.
    "An Angel? Then why aren't you in heaven?"
  17. Maydon nodded, chuckling at her wide eyes. "Yes I am an angel, but lets keep that between us, yeah?" He listened to her answer and nodded. "I'm very grateful that you did help me, but you really have to be a bit more careful. What if I wasn't, ya know, an angel? I could have messed you up. Your nice and sweet, I don't want that to happen to you." He said, taking the pillow, folding it in half and leaning on it.
    "I um, messed up. Big time. Angels can be cast out of heaven you know." He added. He shook his wings out again before folding them back up. "I got to keep my wings, but their blood red now, not invisible." He whispered, listening as the adults started to argue downstairs. "What kept you for so long before you left me in?" He asked. His eyes drifting closed again.
  18. Tae nodded as he talkled.
    She should be more careful, but she couldn't
    have left him there when he needed help!
    He said he messed up.
    Tae wanted to know, but didn't want to be nosy.
    She was still in awe over his wings.
    The blood red color was so vibrant.
    She sighed at his question.
    "Well," she began, "I think I mentioned how my mother's friends are all a bunch of snobs."
    "And they reeeallly don't like me."
    She went up to look at herself in the mirror.
    "It's either, my hair is messy, my clothes look like I've been digging in a trash can, I'm never around so I must not be a good daughter, and so on,
    and so forth with they're insults and such."
    She turned around looking at Maydon, and Shrugged.
    "Today It was 'you're clothes are dirty' and 'she runs around all the time.'"
    Then she smiled, "The running around part is right though. I leave this place all the time.
    I call myself a wanderer. I go where ever I please, but, I pay no head to what I'm going.
    I just go with the flow"
    She laughed and asked,
    "how do you plan on hiding your wings? It's not like you'll be able to stay inside forever."
  19. Maydon pulled a face at Tae's explanation of her mothers friends. "Sound like real biddies then. Jerks...I could scare the crap outta them if you want me to." He offered, already feeling attached to this girl. She really was sweet, and he didn't want anyone to ruin her. The world needed more people like her.
    He watched as she crossed the room to look into her mirror, he got up and stood behind her, a good amount behind her, his wings hanging limply. He thought for a second.
    "I have no idea. Normally their invisible, make of light." He tapped his chin with one finger, closing his eyes and thinking. "I'll tuck them under my shirt. There's dents, if you will, on either side of my spine that make it so I can fold them. Hurts after a while though." He muttered. "Or wear a sweatshirt...or a backpack. I'm thinking hidden under my shirts easier, if more painful." He shrugged.
    "Do you go to school?" He asked. Admiring the fact that Tae hadn't been affected by any of the things that have happened to her. She was as happy as a preppy kid and Maydon liked that about her.
  20. Tae laughed.
    He most definatly could scare them.
    She loved Maydon's personality.
    He seemed kind and curious.
    She was still curious about him though.
    "Sweatshirts come in big sizes, they could hide it," She turned to face him.
    Sighing, "Yes, School starts in two days. I don't want to go though."
    Suddenly she grinned and asked, "Will you be coming to school with me?"