Fallen and Hunted

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  1. All had grown harsh and cold. There was no longer any indication of where she was, how long it would be until she hit the ground of the world below and met her fate. She knew only that she was falling, and it was her fault that things had ended up this way. She couldn't even feel her wings. Lynneth was terrified.

    Life in the heavens had been strict, to say the least. They'd been told to stay pure and follow the path set before them. But where that path led was not somewhere she wanted to go. And so she ran, and this was the result. Was it nothing more than she, the fool, deserved?

    Daring to open her eyes but a little, Lynneth glanced the place where land met sky. It was close now. She couldn't help it when her eyes snapped shut again and whatever strength she had failed. All that could be done now was brace for impact.

    Lynneth (open)

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    There was always something magical about the forest and other such wild places. Everything seemed still and quiet, the afternoon was warm and as peaceful as could be. The only movement to be seen in the verdant scenery was the gentle swaying of the leaves, sent dancing by a calm breeze. In the middle of this serene clearing stood a young man, his eyes closed as he inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of growing things and fertile earth. He seemed the simply belong in the forest, donned as he was in his simple brown tunic and plain trousers and his sandy blonde hair tousled by the wind, nobody would guess the tall boy was anything but a common hunter or ranger. How he cherished times like this, when he was able to get away and enjoy the simple peace that the world had to offer for those who would just look.

    To his slight disappointment, the boy had to open his eyes again and with this action fall back into reality. Releasing his deep breath, Alexander continued along his route which was by now engraved into his memory. Within a few short minutes he had left the embrace of the small forest and entered a wide field of golden grass, equally beautiful and serene, if in a different way. Alexander's favorite part of the expansive field was the way the sky seemed to stretch on forever. He cast his jade eyes toward the clouds and saw something odd. There appeared to be something falling from the sky, though it was too far away for him to make out what it was. The young man's brow wrinkled as he watched the blur plummet toward the earth. After a moment it dawned to Alex that whatever it was that was falling might very well land in the field before him, judging by his quick calculation of it's trajectory. Maybe the studies could be good for something after all. He mused to himself as he took off at a light run toward the falling object, now very close to the end of it's dive.

  3. Gorgeous scenery was lost on the seraph as she fell impossibly faster towards the earth, eyes pressed shut in the anticipation of the oblivion that would surely follow her collision. At a time like this any other might have lingered on their greatest regrets or triumphs, feats that would be remembered or shames that would disappear. Lynneth found herself incapable of any such self-reflection; she just longed for it to end, sooner rather than later. What point was there in pondering something that was coming to a close?

    Though the numbness was such that she could not summon the strength to make them fly, her wings pulled instinctively around her petite frame as though forming a shield. Her own muscles moved almost without her knowledge, and she acknowledged a bitter humor in the fact that her subconscious could not even tell when it was pointless. I must be close now, she thought, though it was more of a vague idea than an actual mental phrase.

    And when she should have been already smashed into the ground, Lynneth felt a sudden warmth surround her, coupled with a sort of floating sensation. Slowly opening her lavender eyes to observe her immediate surroundings, she wondered idly if this was what dying felt like. Not to her knowledge, she'd been encompassed in a soft blue glow, which before saving her from the fall had flashed its rays through the world around her, an inexplicable occurrence.

    She noted that her wings were still tight around her, and the feeling of levitation faded as it seemed she was being lowered to the ground. Her delicate features bore an expression of incredulity as her wings relaxed and unfolded to reveal the scene around her. Though already on her back and staring up at the sky, she felt almost faint.

  4. Alexander jogged through the field, golden stalks of grass brushing against his waist as he made his way toward the falling object. He was within two hundred feet of it when it was finally closing in on the ground and Alex paused, bracing himself for the loud boom that would likely accompany it's impact. However after a long moment nothing had happened. The young man opened his eyes just as a soft blue light was fading away, leaving him to wonder whether or not it was just his eyes playing tricks on him. He was highly puzzled by the lack of any sort of loud noise or vibrations through the ground. Something falling that fast, even if it was small, should have made quite a din upon colliding with the earth. In any event, he reasoned that whatever had fallen should be in front of him and nearby.

    As he continued forward, Alex's confusion only grew. There was no smoke, no flying bits of earth, not even the grass was disturbed. He scanned the ground in front of him as he walked, the tall grass made it difficult to pick out anything at a distance. He began to wonder if he saw anything falling at all, what with the lack of anything that would result from such an event. It could have been some sort of bird or- His thought process was brought to an abrupt halt as he came across something he had never expected. Laying in the grass not five feet away was a girl, seemingly a bit younger than him. While that in itself was odd, seeing as Alex was the only person to frequent the town's natural surroundings that he knew of. However, two things about the girl were even stranger. One, Alex had never seen her in his life, which was strange because though it had an important part in the realm as a whole, Alexander's home was remote and new arrivals were few and far between. The second oddity was that the girl appeared to have... Wings?

    The young man was struck speechless, standing there very confused and staring down at the girl who had apparently fallen from the sky. He was normally very astute and quick to take in new facts and ideas, but this was a bit much for even him.