Fall on Magiterra (OOC&Plot)

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  1. -Plot-
    In ancient times magic was freely flowing through the world, and it was inhabited by countless magical beings. The gods looked over the Earth and maintained balance. Slowly the Human species advanced.
    But most of the Humans started to abandon magical arts, technology became prevalent. Finally, in unison with the magical species of Earth, the gods created a separate world from Earth, existing in the same place, yet magically shifted, making it impossible for Humans to reach it.
    This world, Magiterra, was inhabited completely by magical creatures and gods, no Human would ever find they way inside, or so it was for over 8000 years.

    The Human species, who were abandoned by the gods advanced even further, with the aid of Wormhole gates they pushed deep into space, colonizing and discovering countless worlds. Guided by the Human Alliance Earth commands over a thousand worlds and several alien species. Massive corporations are capable of producing countless vehicles and space-ships. However this is far from an utopia, as everything has a back-side.
    The Human Alliance is nothing but a puppet to the corporations, who hold it in tight grip and direct it where they want. Despite allowing independence to its colonies and defeated aliens, all jump gates lead only to and from Earth, meaning that any trade and traffic has to go over Earth stations, effectively destroying any attempts at resistance. Besides, all military fleets are to be stationed at Earth.

    In the meanwhile, on the gods' world, the situation does not fare good as well, the world remains dead locked in an constant war between the Demons of Utgard and the Angels of Asgard, these two factions refuse to yield to each other and draw the remaining 3 continents of Magiterra into the war, with the gods disappearing soon after the creation of Magiterra, nothing remains to stop the war.

    But the cogwheel that moves this story does not originate on Earth or on Magiterra, it originates in a distant system, Cassiopeia.
    Cassiopeia is a system composed mostly of a massive accretion disk, several small planets orbit inside of it, each located within a clearing in the disk. This system was extremely rich in metals, but was also the location of a doomed colonial rebellion.
    The Cassiopeian colonists fought bravely against the infinite numbers of the Human Alliance, but ultimately they were doomed to lose.
    Their final hopes lied in an experimental ship, a remodeled Cruiser holding the name of the system, Cassiopeia. This ship was equipped with the only existing portable wormhole drive. A ship capable of unhindered travel beyond the wormhole gates. The ship launched barely complete, with only the skeleton crew on board, and broke through the Alliance blockade. Activating its wormhole drive and escaping the siege.
    Without proper navigation, the ship locked onto Earth, but rather then exiting in its orbit, the ship exited in the orbit of Magiterra. Critically damaged the ship locks in emergency landing procedures and aims for one of the continents of this alien planet.

    -Player Role-
    There is two distinct roles players will have. four to five players will be the crew of the damaged (and soon crash-landed) Cassiopeia. While the rest of the players will be Magiterrans.

    The Cassiopeians are a collection of Colonial rebels, civilians and scientists, they will have to gather their whereabouts on this alien world and then choose will they attempt to fix the Cassiopeia, or perhaps inhabit this alien world. There will be only four or five slots for this!
    Feel free to ask about technology of 4000 AD!

    The Magiterrans can be the inhabitants of a city near which the Cassiopeia will land, a town named Noctis, which is inhabited mostly by Hunters, but is also frequented by various ships and travelers who decide to travel deeper into the continent; The Land on The East.
    They can also be expeditionary forces or spies of the Angels or Demons, who wage war on the Eastern and Northern parts of the continent.
    Feel free to ask about the available species or the species which mostly inhabit The Land on The East.

    -Map of The Land on The East-

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    Sign Up Thread Coming soon!
    But you'll have to wait for the IC a bit longer.~
  2. Why would you have an OOC thread and then a separate sign up? It'd be better to combine the two, then OOC discussion could be generated more easily stemming from issues raised in applications. On that matter, what are the races i could be if i were a magiterrian? Also, what is the tech level of magiterra? "Ships" is rather unclear given in the circumstance it could mean either boat-type ships or space-type ships.
  3. Right, in order of questions.
    First of all, I'd like a separate Sign up so I have all the CS's on the same place, rather then hunt them all around OOC. Though if necessary I guess I could put it here, I mean, if the players find it more convenient.
    As for races, Magiterra has pretty much all the mythical creatures and monsters you can think of, with some slightly more modern ones created by the magicians (as you can see Magai, their capital is on this continent). If you need examples... I guess Werewolves, Naga, Vampires, Imps, other assorted western demons, Yokai, Oni and eastern demons, etc.
    As for technology, it varies a lot on Magiterra, the capital of the mages looks almost steampunk, airships and technology powered by magic is common, while the rest of the continent leans towards medieval, just that life is made easier by the widespread use of magic. So Magiterrans have ships, as in sea ships and airships, which are constructed by the mages of Magai, though the latter are pretty rare and expensive to run.
  4. I generally tend to put all the CSs ive accepted into one post, in spoiler tags, in the first post so I don't lose track of them. It also allows me to keep track of the two halves of the OOC/Sign ups thread rather than having to flip between two threads, but thats just lazy preference.
    I asked about the races purely so I could see if there was any limitations on what I could use. Some people don't like the use of the more obscure races, like faeries, and some don't like the use of races with multiple interpretations, such as Naga, Werewolves etc.
    I asked about the ships purely so I know if my character is likely to know a single thing about the spacecraft that just crashed in plain sight.
  5. Yeah, I know that some of the races have so many versions... I should get a compendium of them somewhere and set Magiterran standards. As for obscure races, feel free, I actually have a thing for obscure references and races.
    Do note that The Land on the East is more of a place for those rouge races that rarely get along with others, because only the western part is an organized country, beyond Ferrum there is no organized law and order, besides in the cities. The massive mountain range is also home to dragons, which enjoy eating people.
    Also, about the ship, they might think its an crashed airship, that seems somewhat likely.
  6. Right, ok. A crashed, for some reason metal plated, airship. Got it :P. I'll probably play an Oni or a vampire, if you don't mind me going a little overboard with destruction. Just played Castlevania LOS 2, and the excess of blood in that made me remember the extreme over-poweredness of vampires in Hellsing etc. I'll try to be balanced though.
  7. Vampires are very rare in Magiterra due to the lack of Humans around, but I don't mind having one or two.
    An Oni being destructive though, somehow that doesn't surprise me.
  8. Technically a vampire could theoretically be made from any race that has blood. I would probably have gone with vampire faerie or elf. Humans are boring so it'd never have been one of them.