Fall Of The Shadows

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Once upon a time there were four kingdoms in the heavens. Each Kingdom has a purpose which all tied down to keeping the earth protected and in order. Each kingdom had their people... their castle... and their royal. There was the kingdom of souls, which took the souls of the deceased and gave them a pleasant after life. There was the Kingdom of Life which created and brought new life into the world. There was the kingdom of water, which made sure that life on earth was plentiful... and then there was the Kingdom of keepers. Their job was to be a gate keeper to the gates of hell. Only punishing bad souls by sending them to hell. Everything was peaceful in the kingdoms, and life on Earth was beautiful. Until one day... the ruler of the Kingdom of Keepers came face to face with a demon named Azura.

He told this ruler that he could give her more strength and power... as long as she would contract with him and become his servant. She didn't agree to the contract and continued to do her work as a Keeper.... but soon enough she began to wonder... she thought about his offer, and the more she thought about it the more she began to consider it. Her life as it was, was certainly boring. It would be nice to have some more power... more strength... And she was sure her other siblings would want some of that too. She started to even think about getting her siblings, the other three rulers, in on the deal.

She went back to Azura, wanting to talk the deal over. Power was nice, but she still wasn't completely sure she wanted to do this. Then he mentioned something that caught her interest...

"If you make the contract with me, I'll help you get revenge upon the humans."

This baffled her. "Why would I want revenge? For what?"

He smirked and chuckled darkly. "My my... you don't know? Your father fancies them more than you.~ Who knows? Maybe one day he'll even toss you all aside for them. Are you going to just sit back and let that happen?"

This startled Maple... and made her think. Was she really willing to harm humans for her fathers love and affection? She realized... she was. She was willing to make a contract with Azura at this point. To that, he grinned a devilish grin. "Then that makes you mine now, child.~"

Maple, leader of the Kingdom of Keepers, made a contract with the devil. Now being bound by this contract, Azura commanded her to do his bidding. Her first task... let the gates to hell open up, releasing everything evil upon the earth. She planned out when to do her task for days... and soon her siblings caught on. They realized something was different about their sister. When confronted, Maple did not hide anything. She told them about Azura, the contract, and the promise he made to her. This interested her siblings...

They discussed the risks and rewards and all three siblings agreed to help Maple. Maple would be the first to start, then each sibling would contribute to the destruction. Azura would certainly be pleased.
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