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    • -Story-

      The four kingdoms have fallen, and 4 people are brought into this whole mess. What shall they do about it? The whole RP is based around heaven and hell, angels and demons, and of course has some tragedy, some violence, some humor, and some romance.

      Things take place in the human world as well as heaven and hell maybe even purgatory or limbo. Let's go wild with this one!

      -Character Sheet-
    • No god mods or mary sues please. I'm pretty much okay with anything though as long as you follow the rules of the site.

      Also, you can be one of the characters that are listed on the in-character thread if you want. Just tell me by typing it below. ^.^
    • Name: Marlove Magnolia (Malenea)

      Age: 18


      Gender: Female

      Personality: Very determined. She has an ambition for fixing her life from being in ruins, but once she is brought into this strange world by Maple, she finds herself wanting to help the kingdoms get back into heaven.


      Likes: cats, dogs, sweet foods, making friends, talking with people, and Marley even if he is a little shit.

      Dislikes: war, fighting, arguing, sour things

      Name: Maple Magnolia

      Age: ???


      Gender: Female

      Personality: Very tsundere. She's a tough gal who feels she doesn't need anyone's help. She's even distanced herself from her siblings after they were banished from heaven. She thinks she doesn't care about anyone and doesn't need to use such useless things as 'compassion' and 'love'. Buuuuut we'll see about that. ;P

      History: She's the ruler of the kingdom of shadows and was the one who started the whole mess in heaven. Her siblings only followed. She still talks to Azura and is a faithful follower of his, but will it always stay that way? She was very dedicated to her work in heaven before she caused all 4 kingdoms to collapse and havoc to be reeked on earth. Azura has a way with words when it comes to her I suppose... somehow he managed to convince her that punishing the humans was the right way to go.

      Likes: fighting, causing trouble, doesn't admit it but she ends up liking Marlove as well as Marley. So as well, she likes to protect them, although she doesn't really realize that this is what she is doing... god damn it, you're supposed to kill them, not protect them! XD

      Dislikes: Mitsu. Just fuck that guy. He's an ass. She doesn't approve of the little romantical sparks flying whenever Marlove and Mitsu's gazes meet. 'Gag me with a spoon'.
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  1. Somalion
    Name: Somalion, "Soma."

    Age: Unknown.

    Soma has tan skin, and bright white hair. He was known as a particularly good-looking angel for this unusual combination of characteristics, and was a favorite of some other angels from other realms.
    Soma wears armor that cuts off just before his shoulders, leaving his arms bare. He also wears baggy dark pants, and sometimes a large yellow scarf.

    Soma has bright blue-yellow eyes; almost a pale hazel. Unfortunately after his 'fall,' he was dealt a devastating blow to his face by a friend. This left his left eye permanently, heavily scarred- locking it in a squint.

    Gender: Male.

    Personality: Soma was once a kind, forgiving, and loving presence. He was known for his kindness, and for his child-like naivety.
    Unfortunately, his naivety was his downfall.

    Now, he has become a determined, aggressive presence. He can appear to be rude at times, even cruel... but Soma is just misunderstood.

    He also has a terrible fear of betrayal and abandonment.
    His idea of hell is being left completely alone.

    History: Soma was an Angel. Now... Soma doesn't know what he is.

    Likes: He once loved to fly...

    Representing Symbols:
    Planet: Mars.
    Animal: Ram, Scorpion.
    Plant: Black cherry, Aloe, Cacti, Garlic, Penny Royal, Tea.
    Stone/Minerals: Ruby, Garnet, Red Calcite.

    Weapon(s): Two swords. Sometimes a spear, or a bow.
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  2. Somalion and Ansiel
    "Why... Somalion, why? Tell me."

    But he was gagging on tears and blood, Soma couldn't, even if he wanted do. The sting of betrayal hurt more than the wounds ever could, even if he did deserve this. All of this.
    So, Soma offered a weak sob. Nothing more.

    "Oh Soma..."

    On his elbows and knees, Soma couldn't see Ansiel, but he could imagine the other angel's expression.
    He probably looked just like he did when the Four Kingdoms fell. Soma pictured Ansiel's quivering pale lip, wide, disbelieving green eyes, the hands twisting in his short, silver hair, searching for dainty ears to cover them, and block the sounds of Heaven as the angels fell. Betrayal was layered thickly on his expression. Soma shuddered. And now, this emotion was being directed at him...

    How could Ansiel feel so wronged, when it was Soma being betrayed?

    Always-kind, sweet Soma felt ice crawl along his veins and into his belly, like worms burrowing into spring-wet ground- the darkness came suddenly, and bubbled forth from the burrows like thick tar.

    He twisted his head around to stare darkly at his closest friend.

    "How could you ever support the love of a demon and an angel? What have you done, Somalion? Where has your understanding of right and wrong gone?"

    "And yours...?" The expression of utter disapproval that crossed Ansiel's face made the comment not worth the air in his lungs. Ansiel pointed his weapon at Soma again- a golden, glorious battleaxe worth any angel tasked with slaying demons. How is it that it was being used on him? Somalion felt fresh tears run down his cheeks. They were sickeningly warm. "How could you, Ansiel?"

    "I'm simply following orders that I cannot refuse. Ask the Cherubim, not me. They told me what you did... you did the wrong thing, Soma."

    "Love is love..." He weakly sputtered, for the first time in a while, there was a challenge in his eyes as he glared at Ansiel.

    "No, Soma. No... Not when a demon is involved, you know this."

    Some hated Ansiel's tone. The blue eyes glaring at Ansiel were never so dark.

    "I'm sorry..."

    The axe came down upon his face, Soma snapped his head back, but the curve of the blade caught the inner corner of his right eye and dragged down his cheek. He cried out at the sudden pain.

    "I'm sorry, Bright Eyes." Ansiel's old nickname for Somalion made the whole thing more painful. As he cried, his eyes burned as if the tears were molten lead.


    In reply, the axe came down on his back. He could hear the sound of his own blood splatter against the ground, and it made him sick. He flopped to the ground with a grunt. Ansiel flung the weapon above his head, into the air again, an expression of determination and maybe pain crossing his features again.

    "If you could see the monsters you have created-" The axe descended upon one of Soma's wings. He felt the bone break first, and then he became aware of the fact that he could not feel the limb any longer.
    Outrage and terror filled Soma."W...wait, Ansiel... What are you doing!?"

    "- You wouldn't think yourself so undeserving of this!" The axe was brought up into the air again. Ansiel looked devastated. When first, the darkness had escaped him gradually, like air seeping out of a balloon, now the balloon had been popped and Soma began to hate, hate with his entire being, for the first time ever.

    "I was given orders to kill you... But I've decided cutting you off from heaven is the same thing."

    "Damn you, Ansiel!" Again the axe fell upon him- this time the left wing.

    "Do not condemn yourself further by insulting an angel, Soma!"

    "Damn you, damn the angels, damn heaven and hell!"

    "Stop, Soma!"

    "Damn everything and eternity!"

    Ansiel stomped down hard on Soma's arm with an armored boot. "Aah!" He cried. Ansiel kicked him in the ribs and forced him to roll on his side, and then all the way onto his back. Soma screamed when he felt the Earth press against his wounds. The grinding was almost too much to bear, and Soma almost lost consciousness, but he fought against the oblivion welling in his mind just to stare as Ansiel with as much loathing as he could muster.

    "Soma..." The look on Ansiel's face was one of shock. "I have never seen so much hate in an angel... You really are lost, aren't you?"

    "F*ck you!" Soma quivered on the ground as he tried to move his arms to push himself up.

    Ansiel sighed sadly. "Soma, I..." For a moment, he looked like he wanted to apologize. To offer Soma a hand up, just like he did when they play-fought and Soma always ended up on his ass.

    "In the name of the Lord, Somalion... Do us a favor and stay out of Heaven."

    Soma felt as if the air was kicked out of him.
    He couldn't breathe, even when the whoosh of air from Ansiel's six wings threw it at him like unwanted socks. They propelled the warrior into the sky and up towards heaven.
    Soma felt his back ache as he watched the fluttering silver feathers part the winds like razors, and then Ansiel was gone and Soma was alone on the ground.
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  3. Maple and MarloveMaple lay curled up in black cat form next to Marlove who was writing notes to herself about this new world that she was unfamiliar with. Maple cracked open one eye to look at her host before lazily speaking.

    "Making notes won't help you survive, kid. You gotta learn how to fight."

    "Yeah yeah, Maple..." Marlove didn't want to hear any of it. She didn't want to give in to what Maple wanted. She would find a way to get through this without force, and that was final. Of course, Maple just rolled her eyes. There was no way she would survive without fighting in this world. She would be forced to do it eventually.

    Maple hopped off of her perch and landed on her paws before licking her paw and swiping it over one ear. "I'm going outside for a walk, kid. I'll be back in a bit." As she spoke, she transformed back into a human-like form and waltzed out of the room as Marlove nodded and grunted in response, eyes still glued to her notes. Maple walked through the many corridors of what was once her castle before she reached the main door, which she exited. She started to roam around the outside... which was practically a barren wasteland by this point in time. Hell sure wasn't pretty... but it was a lot more fun than staying up in heaven. She didn't have to work so hard anymore.

    Then something caught her attention... out of the corner of her eye she could see a figure... curled up on the ground. She turned and began to approach it with caution, curious as to what the heap on the ground was. As she neared, her pupils turned to slits... she started to realize what it was. A fallen angel. Then her slits dilated back to normal pupils, as she began to formulate a little 'plan'. Transforming once more, she made herself look younger and sweeter, wearing a dress of sorts before walking up to the fallen angel who lay upon the dirt.

    She knelt beside him wordlessly before pulling out a little bottle from between her cleavage. She pulled out the cork, letting the strange aroma seep out of the tiny bottle... the liquid inside glowed a strange blue. "Hold still... I will not harm you. I can help."

    ((The color blue is Maple's 'innocent' voice I guess.))

  4. SomalionThe sense of laying, defeated, in a pool of his own blood invaded Soma's being to its very core. This was all so wrong... So very wrong. His whole body trembled, feeling the coldness of gradually becoming bloodless- his fingers were numb, his head buzzed, and he felt nothing. His eyes were open wide until they weren't- Soma was slipping away, letting himself go.
    But then...

    Ansiel. Ansiel, and heaven. The thought burst forth from the place in his mind where it had been laying dormant to keep Soma from pain. But now, it burned between his eyes like molten-hot poker. It was the hatred and the gritting of his teeth that kept him floating above the pit of blackness and sleep.
    That final cry as his left wing was severed echoed in his head- it was the final blow to the foundations of his being- his very gentle nature had been crushed at that very moment- the echoes glanced off of the sweet heart-strings until they broke and re-tuned themselves to feel a whole new thing: hatred.

    And then Soma heard footsteps approach him. He did not open his eyes. He must have been imagining things.

    "Hold still... I will not harm you. I can help."

    Soma opened his eyes, pale lashes fluttering against his cheeks as pale amber eyes settled on the face of a sweet-looking girl. She popped the cork off of a strange bottle, filled with a glowing blue substance.
    He could not properly register what was happening. Who was this... A figment of his imagination?

    Soma shot up, and slipped on his own blood trying to get away from her, and was immediately rewarded with the harrowing pain of his sore shoulder being jerked as his arms flailed. "Argh..." His teeth clacked together as he clenched his jaw.
  5. Maple and MarloveMaple moved closer to him. "Please do not move... you will only hurt yourself more." She sat still for a moment. "I have no reason to harm you. Please... just drink this. It will cause your wounds to heal much faster." She held out the glass bottle to him that held the strange potion inside and waited for him to take it.

    Meanwhile, while Maple was with the fallen angel, Marlove had grown impatient. How could Maple take so long? Her walks are usually really short and she's back before you know it. Marlove, know slightly concerned, put her notes down and got up. She summoned her scythe weapon in case she had to protect herself, although she would prefer not to fight... And so, she went outside and searched for Maple. It took her a while... but soon she found her. She could feel her presence in the air... And soon she caught sight of two people. A girl and a man. The girl had Maple's hair but no ears and tail. Although her hair kinda looked like ears too... guess she must of disguised herself. Who is... that man? Maple was talking to him and trying to give him something...

    Marlove crept closer, keeping herself hidden from the two. She listened in on what they were talking about...

  6. SomalionSoma shuddered, the pain was becoming too much to bear. That vial look more and more like an oasis- an ocean of peace and healing in a bottle. Fresh blood pooled around his knees and he reached out, about to take it. But then...

    He hesitated.

    The sweet-blooming rose of innocence had been plucked from his heart- stolen with a battleaxe. Soma could never trust anyone, ever again. Never again would he let his heart be broken. The kind, innocent-looking girl could just be a demon in disguise, here in Hell to poison him.

    "Get that crap outta my face..." He dropped his hands to the bloody Hell-ground, burying his fingers deep into the grit. His arms were shaking, bad. "Never again..." He muttered.

    Then, his arms gave out and he flopped face-first into the mud.
  7. Maple and MarloveMaple frowned slightly and furrowed her brows as the angel rejected her cure. She thought for a second... trying to figure out what she should do about when suddenly the angel collapsed once more. She sighed. "Look at me... I'll take a sip to show you it isn't poison." She put her rosy lips to the bottle and tilted it, taking a gulp and visibly swallowing it. She looked back at the fallen angel to see his reaction. "See? Nothing happened to me. It's nothing bad." She paused. "If you don't take it, you're going to lay here in pain for quite a while."

    Marlove leaned in, hearing in on the conversation. Why was Maple helping this guy? Did she know him? Marlove peeked out to get a look at the man and realized that he had two... things on his back... indications of wings. A fallen angel? Why would she ever help a hurt angel? Unless... she had some idea... maybe... he could benefit her somehow. Marlove wasn't sure what Maple was planning but she felt worried. She wasn't going to stay there too long though. She didn't want them to find her there... eavesdropping. Quickly yet silently, she made her way back to the castle where she would wait for Maple's return. She wouldn't discuss what she saw to Maple... maybe Maple will just tell her on her own. If she doesn't then maybe she has something to... hide...? She wasn't sure. She could only wait and see.

    ((shit pooooooost~))

  8. Somalion
    Soma petulantly glared at the girl from his position on the ground. He couldn't move his arms anymore. Each time he did, the pain grew ten-fold and Soma just couldn't take that anymore.

    So he watched her sip the potion, and his eyes widened and spoke volumes- want, want, he wanted that potion so badly. The way he was staring made that clear. But, Soma couldn't make himself move- he was all out of strength.

    (( Oh plz your posts are great <3

    Btw, just to make it clearer- Soma isn't quite a fallen angel. He's more of something in-between, since he still kept his angel powers since he wasn't fully banished. Lol idk but yeah. xD ))
  9. Maple and MarloveMaple's eyes were glued to his face. She could see the longing in his eyes... wanting to free himself from the pain. It took all of her strength to not break out into a big, sadistic grin at the sight. The corners of her mouth did twitch a bit tho, but quickly stopped as she moved in closer with the potion. "Open your mouth. I will give it to you... And in no time, you shall be healed."


    Marlove was still inside the castle, now accompanied by the eldest scythe clan member that everyone referred to as, "sage". He sat, hunched over like the old man he was, next to Marlove. He had come to once more, warn her about Maple and the danger she was in. Marlove only sighed as he droned on about demons being nothing but trouble and that there was nothing she could do to help them.

    "Don't worry about us, child. Save yourself while you still can. Break the contract and seal her soul once more."

    "Sage... I know you're trying to help me and all but... I really don't think that running away from the problem is going to help. Maybe you think that I'm just a regular old human who can't help everyone get back into heaven... but I feel as though... I could do something at least..." She paused. "I know that I don't know anything about this world. I'll probably die here eventually... but..." Another pause. "I don't have anything to go back to anyways."

    Sage thought about what the girl said. "So... you would prefer being here with the possibility of dying... rather than living as a normal human being..."

    "Sage, I have nothing to live for in my normal life. The closest people to me are dead now. I might as well stay here."

    "Alright, child... but remember that demons and angels alike can be merciless and cruel. Maple was right about one thing... eventually you will have to fight to protect yourself and the people here as well. After all... with Maple's powers... you are considered to be the new ruler."

    Marlove's gaze wandered to the floor, where she kept it for a while. Would she really have to fight? Maybe... was there a way she could fight back without hurting someone? Almost as if reading her thoughts, sage spoke up.

    "You can use your weapons to deflect attacks and protect yourself as well as others... but you don't have to inflict damage."

    "Thank you, Sage..."

    Sage shook his head. "There's no need to thank me. After all... you don't know... one day... you might have to inflict damage to ensure someone's safety." He got up, and slowly started to walk out of the room. "Please, keep this in mind while you are in this world." And with that, he was gone.

    Marlove would have a lot to think about.

  10. SomalionSoma held his body rigid as he allowed the potion to be poured into his mouth. It tasted like nothing, and at first it was rather pleasant, but then the consistency kicked in and it made Soma gag a bit. He hated syrupy things.
    But, the relief he felt made it it worth it.

    Sweet and instantaneous... "Ah..." He rasped.
    Soma felt the wounds close... The splits in his back snapped shut like venus flytraps. Even the scars left from the fight dissolved from great white snakes into paper-thin lines, and then into nothing at all. Somalion sighed, and pushed himself up to his knees. The relief could not be measured by words. It was like the very amber-glow of heaven returned to him- caressing his wretched body. Soma felt for a moment as if his grace had been re-gifted into him, but soon the feeling was gone, and he was again a blight upon the world.

    He perched like that for a moment longer. Now he could think clearly. Now he could see...

    His wings, laying in the dirt like discarded white rags. He stared at them, wide-eyed. And then, like they were sand sculptures designed to fade... they dissolved into dust before his very eyes, and the hell-winds carried them away.

    Fresh tears lined the angel's eyes.
  11. Maple and MarloveMaple gave the fallen one a tender look and gently places a hand on his shoulder. "Why are you down here?" She asked, softly. "Being hurt like this... and being so out in the open... you can be killed so easily..." she paused before standing up and overing a hand out to him. "Come. I can take you somewhere where you shall not be harmed."

    Maple new that this angel had to be interesting if he got so badly beaten up. He must have done something truly terrible. Perfect... he'll be just fine....

  12. SomalionSoma returned to his previous expression of stone. The tender look looked like pity to him, and Somalion wanted to hide under a rock. Immediately, he thought of Ansiel standing over him.

    He shrugged her hand off of his tan shoulder. Soma watched it fall with eyes filled with contempt and betrayal. It fell away like spilled milk against tanned rawhide- she was so prettily pale.
    He stood up by himself.

    Without his wings, Soma did indeed feel vulnerable on the ground. He was a downed dove in a pool of piranhas. It was only a matter of time before a demon caught his scent. It would be smart to accept this girl's help, even if he didn't like it.


  13. Marlove and MapleMaple got up and brushed herself off before going in a certain direction. "Follow me then." She was going to stall a bit. She still wasn't sure if she should take him directly to her castle. No... he wouldn't trust that. She would have to ask him some questions first before telling him who she really is and offering for him to join forces with her. If she let him know right off the bat, he might run away or try to fight even. That's not what she wanted right now.

    "What is your name, fallen one?" She asked casually. "And what has happened to you? If it's something you do not wish to answer, you are more than welcome to keep silent."

    She had to somehow gain his trust, otherwise it would be difficult to convince him to join her. For sure, if he is an angel from heaven, he would recognize her name once she said it. She's become infamous for her crime, of course.


    "E-Excuse me miss." A young demon girl had walked up to Marlove and snapped her out of her daze. "I don't mean to bother you but... I-I need your help with something."

    "What is it?"

    "Th-there has been a mistake... or so it seems... we were sent a soul from earth today... although I don't think it should be in hell."

    "Why?" Marlove raised an eyebrow, not exactly understanding what the girl meant.

    "We received a um... cat... miss... a black cat..."

    Well this was weird. "Just a normal black cat? Can't cats go to hell too? They can kill." Marlove giggled a bit. A cat going to hell? Sounded pretty absurd.

    "They can... b-but this one seems to have done nothing wrong really." The girl fidgeted awkwardly. "W-What should I do?"

    Well, Marlove didn't have anything better to do... so she got up and began walking with the girl. "I'll take a look. Show me the way to this um... cat."

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  14. SomalionSomalion darted his gaze back and forth between the ground and the gild beside him. It was hard to find his voice, all of a sudden.

    "My name is Somalion. Don't call me 'fallen one.' I'm no fallen angel." He kicked a hell-rock down the path they were walking. It cluttered loudly against the ground and disappeared to the left.

    To her second question... Somalion lookup at the 'sky' and answered, "I was betrayed." He left it at that. Best to do so- otherwise he'd have a hell of a long story to tell, to a not-so-trustworthy being.

  15. Marlove and Maple"Oh, I see." I all Maple said before going back to being silent as she lead him through a forest with a dirt pathway. It stayed silent for a while before she spoke once again.

    "Do you want revenge?"


    Marlove followed the girl who she now learned was named Naomi. She was a sweet and young girl with short black hair. She wore a pink bow next to her right ear, which twitched every so often. It was kind of hard to get used to these people having animal appendages... and it was difficult to cope with her own new body parts as well.

    Naomi led Marlove to a small, white room. In the middle was a glass container of sorts which inside held the black cat. It seemed frightened because it was looking around quite frantically, and hissed when they walked in. Naomi seemed a little sad about the creature's confinement in the container.

    "So this is the cat?"

    "Yeah... h-he has't let any of us touch him since he first arrived."

    "Where did you find him?"

    "In the forest... he was badly injured... so much that he couldn't put up a fight when we picked him up. But now that he has healed, he won't let anyone near him."

    Marlove took a step towards the glass, and the cat inside backed up. It's hair stood on end and it continued to hiss at her. It's eyes were mixed with anger and fear. Ever so gently, she placed a hand on the glass. "I want to try and figure out why he's here... we have cat-like features... can't we like... talk to cats or something?"

    Naomi shook her head. "I wish it was that easy... b-but... there might be another way to speak to him... although the process is a bit more... ahem... complex."

    "Can you somehow do it? I really want to speak with him somehow."

    Naomi shifted in place, looking uncomfortable. She hesitated before she spoke. "I... guess I could manage something." Her response made Marlove grin from ear-to-ear. "Thank you. I owe you one!" Naomi just sighed in response and left the room to tell the others she worked with that they were going to have to turn the cat into a more human-like form... direct orders from Marlove herself.


  16. Somalion
    The question caught Soma off-guard and he stumbled, then stopped walking. His eyes were wide- all the former grace he had screamed at him, saying don't, don't- just like Ansiel.

    "I don't know..." There was a moment that he looked weak in resolve, standing there- stature small and unsure like a child's. White, feathery eyelashes batted tears out of soft amber eyes- and then they became all rock and ice, and sheer determination. "I want to..." The eyes were trained on the girl's face, outpouring pure willpower. "I want to be strong. I want... power." Soma hoped she understood.

    There was a brief flash of something sinister in his eyes, and then it was gone.

  17. Marlove and MapleThis was it. Maple's chance. She had heard enough. Looking down at the ground, hair covered her eyes. She looked solemn for a minute before that grin that was threatening to show up on her face, broke loose. Wild and crooked. She started to laugh a little insanely, not too loud. More to herself, but loud enough to be heard by the former angel. She then looked up, her eyes clearly ruby red like all other demons. Her pupils were only slits among the blood red irises.

    "Boy... can I give you power! Power beyond your wildest dreams..." She calmed down a bit, staring at him through half lidded eyes. Her smile faded, and she looked a lot more predatory and serious now.

    "I can strike up a deal with you. One that won't cause great damage to you... I will give you your power... as long as you stay by my side as a loyal follower. I can guide you... take you to where you want to be... I can do great things..." She stopped for a moment to think.

    "You know who I am... don't you?"


    "Argh what have you done to my beautiful feline body!" The boy screeched. He hissed, making Marlove giggle a bit. It truly was funny to see a teenage boy hiss at her like that.

    "Calm down, will you? I just wanted to ask a couple of questions..."

    "Well, I'm not answering them, whatever they are."

    "Aw come on... please? What's your name."

    The boy looked over his bare shoulder at the girl. Her gaze was tender, and he could feel himself breaking under it. He scoffed at her, trying to not let her melt his feline heart.

    "Marley..." he mumbled, feeling a bit defeated.

    "Marley..." She echoed after him. "What a nice name. Marley... why are you down here?"

    Now he went silent. He seemed to be hesitant of telling her the reason for his fall down to hell. He wasn't sure if she would even believe his story. It sounded ridiculous... even to him.

    "I... um... I made a contract." He paused once more. "I sold my soul for someone dear to me... I wanted to bring them back to life... and I was told that if I give my soul to a demon... then that demon could grant my wish. I... was willing to die to bring back my owner."

    Marlove frowned. "I'm sorry to hear that... You know..." She scooted closer to him, with some caution. She didn't want to make him feel to uncomfortable. "I too, have made a contract... to bring back what I have lost." At this, Marley's ears perked up.


    "Yes... I don't know how long it will take, but I hope that someday I can bring my loved ones back."

    Silence again. Marley's ears seemed to droop now. He couldn't help but miss his owner. He wished they could be together right now... but it just wasn't possible with him down here. Marlove was looking at Marley with the tenderness of a mother. She felt sincerely bad for the boy- er... cat... and wanted to do something to help him with what was going on now currently.

    "Marley..." She spoke slowly with caution. "I have... a proposition for you."
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  18. SomalionSomalion was speechless as he watched the girl transform before his eyes.

    She was the little red speck that feel upon men's minds and made them mad. She was the red on Lady Macbeth's hands that could never be washed away. She had the Scarlet Fever in her eyes, and sin on her silver tongue.

    "Maple." It sounded like an accusation- like Soma was someone who had finally identified a terrorist in a police line-up. So she was a demon. What filth- what ilk he discovered around him. But, he was proud of himself for not entirely trusting her from the beginning- perhaps it had been thanks to his angel-senses tingling.

    And the sweet promises dripped form her tongue like honey, just like they did once upon an age. Anger flared up in his belly, and his hands became white-knuckled and tight like snares.

    "You're a demon..." Without thinking, Soma drew a fist up into the air. It was pointed at her like a torpedo- tan muscles taunt and quivering. He played the part of tragic angel well.

    But, it was never unleashed.
    What was this calling within him? I begged him to accept, to take his way out of heaven forever, maybe even see it burn some day from the eyes of the demons.
    But, then he would then have to be one of them.

    Soma let his fist drop to his side. He took a deep breath, willing himself to relax.

    Freedom was calling him- and it won out against taking a clear side. Is she could really offer him the power that he wanted... Enough to... Somalion wasn't even sure to what... maybe enough to just make himself feel better... He was sold, though not entirely. "I'm my own being... But, I'll fight with you willingly." Then he added, "I think a willing ally is more valuable than one that is forced through contract, wouldn't you agree?"
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  19. MapleHer grin returned, looking a lot more devilish this time around. It could even be seen that her teeth were a bit sharp, making her look even more menacing. Her eyes grew a little wider with excitement, and her voice went back to being distorted and demonic.

    "Of course, of course.~ I didn't plan to have you contracted. I simply was asking if you wanted to, willingly, be by my side.~"

    She turned away from him.

    "Now that you know who I am... come. I will take you to my kingdom. I will explain everything there. And don't worry... I can't use the full extent of my powers anyways... so you can relax a little bit." She scoffed. "A little girl is keeping my full powers suppressed."

    She sighed. "It does not matter right now. Follow me please."

    MarloveMarley was now clothed and seemingly quite happy. It was quite funny for Marlove to watch Naomi stutter and blush and she handed the cat boy clothes to wear. Well, at least now he was dressed and ready. Even though he wasn't a cat anymore, Marlove decided to take him in under her wing. The more she talked to him, the more he seemed like a mischievous teenage boy.

    "So do I start calling you mom now?"

    "You're like... my age in human years, Marley."

    "So? I'm going to be a demon now, so human years shouldn't apply. Also, you seem kind of like my mom to me. Or at least you remind me of my cat mom." He circled around to stand in front of the girl, bringing her to a halt. "So all I have to do is help you out with your mission, and at the same time you'll help me with mine?"

    "Yeah, pretty much."

    "Sounds pretty awesome sauce to me!" The boy grinned at her, then gave her a sly look before pointing to the middle of her chest. "Wait a sec, what's that?"

    "What's what?" Marlove asked, raising an eyebrow and looking down to where Marley was pointing. Marley then started to grin even more.

    Quickly, he swiped his finger up hitting Marlove playfully in the nose. "Gotcha!" he said before giggling and running around the corner to hide from her. She just sighed and shook her head, not being able to hide the grin that was slowly creeping onto her face.

    "Yeah... you got me, kiddo.~"

    "See? You even called me kiddo. You are TOTALLY a mom."

    Marlove couldn't help but chuckle. She was glad she managed to recruit this cat. At least he would keep her spirits up in this desolate world.
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