Fall of Olympus: Titans Rise Again

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  1. `Hello all! I've been really craving a Percy Jackson based roleplay but I dont want to put all the work into making one if there wont be enough people interested. So thats where this handy section comes in! Lol, heres my idea for a plot, its still rough so feel free to add anything to it or give me your opinion on something =D I'm very open minded!

    This roleplay would take place 30 years into the future after the end of the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series. All canons are still alive (except for those that died in the books of course) including Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Grover, ect. Your allowed to be a child of one of these canons but in order to be a child and still a demigod your parents have to be extremely powerful demigods, like Percy and Annabeth, if not you would be a mortal with slightly higher than average physical abilities. You dont have to be a child of a canon demigod, you can be a child of a god/goddess and mortal too.

    Anywho on to the real story. Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have become allies after the Great Giant War where Percy and the crew defeated Gaia and her Giant forces. Though they only put Gaia back into eternal sleep since nobody had the power to kill Mother Earth.

    Life has been pretty peaceful sense then, theres still of course monsters around forever hunting the half-bloods. But there hasnt been any sign of another great war, not even the Oracle has any prophecies (of great importance) to tell. That is until 1 year ago, on a dark ominous night, 3 half-bloods suddenly go missing from both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. At first they blamed each other claiming the other stole them for some reason, until they realized there really wasnt any good reason to steal another Camp's half-bloods since they were free to choose which camp they wanted to be in anyway.

    8 Days later the Oracle summons both Chiron and the Praetors of Camp Jupiter (Reyna and Frank). She tells them of a prophecy that will unfold sometime next year, a prophecy that sends chills through each warriors spine like shards of ice and fills their hearts with dread. The Titans will Rise again.

    This could be Teenage or Mature depending on the age group that shows interest.

    So there you go! Thats all I've got so far, let me know if your interested =D​
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  2. I do love the Percy Jackson series but you DO know how badly I'd flip stuff upside down, right?
  3. LOL Oh gawd what will you plan? 0.0 A cyclops with Annabeth's personality? Now I'm curious haha
  4. I havent read the Percy Jackson series since I was in 6-7 grade. Im in college now...
  5. Ahh you havent followed up with Heroes of Olympus?
  6. No. I stopped after whatever book ended the series I was reading.
  7. Let's see some interesting parents first...

    Alastor, the god of family feuds.
    Kratos, the brother of Nike and god of strength and power. Prepare for the references!
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  8. Ah well the series kinda kept going, except theres a whole new bunch of demigods from Camp Jupiter (the Roman version), but Percy and all of them show up too.
  9. Isnt Kratos a Titan? Or is that name just similar to Cronus? Lol

    Family feuds.....I didnt even know there was such a god....XD
  10. You might be thinking of Krios. Alastor is pretty varied, considered a minor god in some sources, a facet of Zeus in others. I figure I could bs my way through it. It isn't like I'm making it up from nothing. It is a subject that not everyone agrees on but no one cares to debate so I can take a little interpretive liberty.
  11. Lol go ahead, your character will just be in a very minor god's cabin XD I'm debating on what god/goddess to go with.....
  12. I'm not sure exactly 100% what I'll do but you won't see anything mainstream from me. No olympian parent at the least.
  13. Percy Jackson? I didn't bother to read the books, but I watched the movies (which was somewhat terrible. Probably not as good as the actual book.)
  14. Hmm...

    -scratches beard-

    I may be willing to add my nonsense to this plot. I have not read the books or watched the movies but I spent a good deal of time in Greek mythology.

    So the half-bloods go missing... what else ya got in mind?
  15. Lol I take it that means your interested =D

    Ya the movies suck, books are much better and more accurate to Greek mythology. But if you still wanna join this site has all the information you need to know, theres really not that much, if you would like I can sum it up for you.


    You has a beard now? 0.0 (note to self - make beard jokes later).

    It would be awesome if you decide to join Warr =D I posted a link above ^ that has all the information on the series if you wanna check it out for reference. I can also sum up what details/info you need to know if you want. I love Greek mythology, knowledge will definitely come in handy with this rp lol.

    Well I was thinking after the prophecy is foretold that the Titans will rise again in the coming year. Both Camp Jupiter (Romans) and Camp Half-Blood (Greeks) will be on high alert. I was thinking its a year later and theres still no word from the missing half-blood. So 3-4 demigods from each camp come together in a quest (quests are not uncommon in the series) to find and possibly save the missing half-bloods. But the Titans start to make their move to freedom at the same time.

    I'm like half asleep right now so thats a real rough draft lol
  16. I suppose.
  17. <_< I've always had a beard...

    I will probably do this... might have to be the son of Hades and a woman who can trace her lineage back to Achilles...
  18. I think I'll work on a OOC/Singups thread if 1-2 more show interest then.

    Hmmm....Duck Dynasty or some whiskers?

    Thats fine as long as he/she is a demigod =) lemme know if you have any questions about the series ect.
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  19. Do you guys think I should make this a Libertine or Teenage rp?
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