Fall of Olympus: Titans Arisen

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  1. Neptune, blue
    Setting: Camp Jupiter - Terminus Boundary
    Nearby: Augustus, Liliana, Mina, Morgan

    Soteria adjusted her backpack making sure it was secure on her shoulders as she looked back at New Rome, a sense of nostalgia washed over her as she saw Legionnaires, pesky Fauns, and Citizens around the only place she could call home. But that didnt stop the excitement bubbling inside her at the new adventure that lay ahead. 'I just hope we all make it back home...' She thought as her deep jade eyes scan her comrades gathered around as they prepared to set out on their quest to save the world. 'This seems so surreal....'

    Subconsciously she touches the pommel to the Tool she was given, Ice Saber....The longsword was in a dark purple sheathe, strapped to her left hip. Just by touching the pommel Soteria could feel a frigid cold radiate from the magical weapon. Shaking her head to clear he thoughts causing her blonde hair with caramel streaks to flutter slightly, she looks to the group. "Everyone ready? Dont wanna forget anything, this will be a long journey." Her voice is deep and smooth, like softly rolling ocean waves. Her tone lighthearted and calm. She was wearing the purple Camp Jupiter t-shirt with hunter green knee length cargo shorts

    Nemesis, #990303 Setting: Camp Half-Blood - Next to Thalia's Tree
    Nearby: Jeremiah, Alexander, Nassiah, Thomas

    Ember was leaning his shoulder against the giant tree that signified the start of Camp Half-Blood's boundary line. His milk chocolate eyes scanned the small group gathering together, it was quite the variety of people these gods chose. He honestly had no idea why they chose him, he wasnt anything special, and there was definitely more skilled Demigods than yours truly. Hell he was almost like a curse for this quest, if their group starts getting too much good luck he had to give them bad, what crazy god thought that would be helpful?

    Letting out a soft sigh he folds his arms, he was wearing the usual camp half-blood orange t-shirt along with a black short sleeve overshirt unbuttoned. His naturally fierce eyes stop on Nassiah, the daughter of Nyx, having a mother as dark as hers he could connect with the other Demigod. At least on the subject of which-parent-is-more-willing-to-eat-you
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    Morgan stood outside with the others as she adjusted everything she brought with her. She held the 'Engine of Creation in a large holster strung across her back and she tried grabbing at it several times without any luck. The large book chained to her side jingled lightly as she finally began to wake herself up. It had been a few hours since she had woken up but she still wasn't fully awake. Her hair was frizzled and she looked like she wanted to kill everyone around her. She eventually stood up straight and grumbled "Well... Here goes nothing.." She said before running a hand through her hair.

    It was then she realized what exactly they were all going to do. They were going to meet with those from Camp-Half-blood and she wasn't sure how that would go over. She was the only person able to Forge their weapons so she wasn't to worried. She just hoped that they would accept her even with her hyperactive and pyrotechnic personality. She finally pulled herself together enough to speak "Yeah, I have everything.. I think. None the less I can make whatever I left behind... I can survive with less." She said and seemed to shiver lightly. She wanted to be in the heat and despised any sort of cold. She cupped her hands in front of her after pulling a coat over herself and caused a small flame to form that began to warm her body. "Just waiting for the others..." she said before falling silent once more.
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  3. Mina nodded once, curtly, in response to the question. She gripped the golden whistle dangling around her neck tightly. She had packed a small hobo sack as soon as everyone had stopped staring at her. Why had Cybele chosen her, of all people? Animals hated her. There was not a chance in Hades she'd use the whistle. It was more likely she'd lose control and the Chimera'd kill her and the entire company than it actually being helpful. She wasn't some kind of warrior, or charmer. In fact, she was the exact opposite. Having Dea Tacita as an adoptive mother was not exactly conducive for learning great people skills. She brushed her golden brown hair out of her face, her classic Camp Jupiter purple shirt covered by a thin grey fleece. Biting her lip, her main hope at the end of this was that nobody ended up dead, and even that would probably take a miracle. She bit her tongue inside her mouth and just waited.
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  4. Jupiter, #00CCFF
    Setting - Camp Jupitah.
    Nearby: Soteria, Morgan, Liliana, Mina.

    Augustus was the son of Jupiter, also the oldest member going on the trip. His slick black hair, dark as a raven's body. An imperial gold gladius was strapped to his side, the short blade polished and sharpened on a daily basis. He wore the purple Camp Jupiter shirt and some green cargo pants. He had a backpack of regular survival gear and other things, and the bow he was given from the Gods. Why was he given such a Tool? Was it because they trusted him with it and he knew how to actually shoot a bow, or was it because his father was Jupiter and he was given the bow because his Father demanded it. His Father wasn't as active in his life as a real dad, but he was there sometimes and it was mainly to check on Augustus and see if he was still an 'Outstanding' Child.

    Obvious by his name, Augustus is named after the first Roman Emperor. He would of been named Julius by his Mother, but she didn't want to name him after somebody that was betrayed. She felt like if she named him that, she would put a curse on her son.

    His body did have taut muscle, very wiry but it was still there. Because of his height, he didn't get 'bulky' like others and it was harder for him to gain mass in muscle and actually have it noticeable.

    Augustus arrived at the meeting sight where the Roman party would leave, noticing most of the group was already there and gave them a slight smile. He was kind to everyone, and generally a nice guy. He just wasn't the best leader and not the best advice giver. "I believe we are just missing one person and we should all be ready to go." They have known about the journey for a long enough time to get ready for it.
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  5. Setting - Camp Jupiter.
    Nearby: Soteria, Morgan, Liliana, Augustus, Mina.

    Lili hurried over to where the rest of the group was, characteristically unprepared. She felt very out of place here among a bunch of demigods who had much more tangible and apparent skills. Dumb luck was pretty deplorable and unreliable. Still, here she was anyway, even though given the choice, she'd rather have headed the other way and let someone else handle the dangerous task of going on these world saving quests. Why they never just picked the most experienced and capable she would never know.

    "I'm coming, I'm coming," she said nervously picking up her things that kept dropping from her bag. Unlike the others, she didn't have much of a main weapon or an important talent. And she certainly didn't have any special gear from her godly parent like some of the lucky ones did. Heck, she had never even seen her mother as far as she could remember. In her bag of things she had some medical supplies, food, a compass, and various smaller weapons that she figured she would try to decide on during the quest even though it was hardly the right place. There were a couple pugios, a gladius, and a pair of cestus that probably wouldn't do her much good anyway due to her comparative lack of muscle. Really, it was mostly gear to help for the journey, all that stuff that was convenient when resting or travelling and not so useful in a fight.
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  6. Neptune, blue
    Setting: Camp Jupiter - Terminus Boundary
    Nearby: Augustus, Liliana, Mina, Morgan
    Soteria smiles slightly at the rest of the group as they assembled, they were a pretty various group. "Alright looks like we're all here." She kneels down picking up a compass Liliana had dropped from her bag and handing it to her. "There ya go." Her voice is light before straightening up, her thumbs hooked into the straps of her backpack. "Okay we have to make it to Detroit, Michigan by tomorrow. We cant fly, its too risky, I think we should go by train. Anybody else have a suggestion?" Her eyes look from person to person, she didnt want to be the leader or anything, but she didnt see anybody else really standing up
  7. Setting: Camp half blood
    Nearby: People. No one, really.

    Alexander meandered about his cabin. It still felt rather foreign to him even though he'd been in it longer now than most of the campers even though the Kratos cabin was only made a six years ago. They hadn't started construction on it till there was an occupant. He supposed that that made sense to some degree but he could feel his father's displeasure over being so low on the priority list even now. Major superiority issues... even if they were well placed superiority issues. On the bright side, once it had been completed, he had gotten to move out of the dingy Hermes cabin and into his own, much cleaner, space that he could decorate to his liking. That of course meant that he had much more in the way of modern luxuries than the other campers. Unfortunately, he couldn't make calls with it but he even had a cell phone. Calling was still well known to be suicidal but anything short of that, even the internet, was all good. Skimming back down to Amazon.com and making an absentminded purchase, he rose from his bed and headed out the door. It was about that time, meaning fashionably late, but he'd get there and the train wouldn't leave without him.

    "I wonder what I should be getting this time..." he wondered to himself on his way out to the edge of camp near the remains of the tree. The new camp defenses weren't nearly as strong as the older ones but it did mean that it was more convenient for him to poke his nose out to receive his orders than it was to deal with the hassle of letting the delivery girl in. He strolled just outside the boundary line, tapping his foot. Within a minute, a girl showed up with a single pack of malboro cigarettes with a wide if confused smile.

    "Your order, Sir," she said but Alex didn't even look up from his phone. With one hand, he forked over the measly amount of money for the order and clicked for another purchase.

    "Ah, thank you," he smiled, "Now I think you'll have to pick something else up before heading back."

    Given from the look he received, he figured that this must have been a new employee. Well, she'd get the idea soon enough. Kind of like that one day he had gotten bored and abused their immediately discontinued "frequent customer shipping and handling package program". He also had to get a few more things before they left, mostly gear that he had been too lazy to get before. Just some convenience stuff. Especially since shopping outside the camp was a lot more dangerous and he wouldn't be able to annoy them that much while on the quest.