Fall of Olympus: Titans Arisen (OOC) ~1 Spot!~

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  1. This is a Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fandom rp
    Warning!! Spoilers below!!

    >Storyline<, blue
    This roleplay takes place 30 years into the future after the end of the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series. All canons are still alive (except for those that died in the books of course) including Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Grover, ect. Your allowed to be a child of one of these canons but in order to be a child and still a demigod your parents have to be extremely powerful demigods, like Percy and Annabeth, if not you would be a mortal with slightly higher than average physical abilities. You dont have to be a child of a canon demigod, you can be a child of a god/goddess and mortal too.

    Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have become allies after the Great Giant War where Percy and the crew defeated Gaia and her Giant forces. Though they only put Gaia back into eternal sleep since killing her would mean disaster for Earth itself.

    Life has been pretty peaceful sense then, theres still of course monsters around forever hunting the half-bloods. But there hasnt been any sign of another great war, not even the Oracle has any prophecies (of great importance) to tell. That is until 1 year ago, on a dark ominous night, 3 half-bloods suddenly go missing from both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. At first they blamed each other claiming the other stole them for some reason, until they realized there really wasnt any good reason to steal another Camp's half-bloods since they were free to choose which camp they wanted to be in anyway.

    8 Days later the Oracle summons both Chiron and the Praetors of Camp Jupiter (Reyna and Frank). She tells them of a prophecy that will unfold sometime next year, a prophecy that sends chills through each warriors spine like shards of ice and fills their hearts with dread. Olympus will fall, Titans will Rise once more.

    11 Months after that ominous Prophecy all connection with both Roman and Greek gods/goddess's have gone silent, nobody knows what has happened but Olympus has gone silent, even Dionysus has gone missing. Until 2 days ago, a small group of minor gods appeared in Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood (havent decided yet on which minor gods, but their not very powerful). They bring with them grave news, the reason for Olympus's silence is....All the gods/goddess's have been frozen in time except for the few before them, even the big 3.

    The only reason these minor gods wernt frozen they say is because they wernt on Olympus at the time. But on their return every Olympian, Roman and Greek alike, was frozen in place. They suspect its some kind of powerful spell, one that can only be cast by one powerful being, with the help of others. Kronos the Titan God of Time, only he would have the power to stop time for all the Olympians.

    But the minor gods bring with them more than just doom, they bring hope. Selecting a few Demigods from each Camp they give each boy/girl a special tool, one imbued with their powers, with this tool they have a chance, though slim, to defeat Kronos and his brethren. But only if they find him before he regains all of his powers. Demigods from Jupiter and Half-Blood have been summoned by these gods to go on a quest to save the world, and Olympus, from the Titans.....Again.

    We will be starting 1 day later after the gods have left, leaving the selected Demigods with the tools to defeat the Titans. The Demigods from each Camp are setting out today to meet with eachother in a secure place where they'll team up before going after the Titans

    ~Available Spots/Accepted Characters~, red

    Big 3 Demigods - 1 Spot Available
    Minor Demigods - Unavailable

    Big 3 Demigods - Unavailable

    Minor Demigods - Unavailable

    Accepted Characters
    Augustus Arellius|Jupiter|Male - @Edge
    Soteria "Teri" Quakidose|Neptune|Female - @Soñar Gardián
    Ember Riknard|Nemesis|Male - @Soñar Gardián
    Jeremiah Liam Grayson|Hades|Male - @WarriorHeart
    Alexander (Alex) Leng|Kratos|Male - @Nevvy
    Morgan 'Azrael' Bernheart|Vulcan|Female - @CrimsonHorizons
    Nassiah Ashworth|Nyx|Female - @Akashi
    Liliana(Lili) King|Fortuna|Female - @Nevvy
    Mina Tacita|Naenia|Female - @firejay1

    >Rules<, aqua
    1. Follow all of Iwaku's rules.
    2. Play nice with others in OOC, I dont want any fighting or bullying.
    3. No OPing, you cant be a master of everything (lol).
    4. 2 Character limit per person.
    5. Put "Ambrosia" somewhere in your CS to prove you read the rules.
    6. No killing other characters unless given permission.
    7. No controlling others characters.
    8. 1 Paragraph minimum per post.
    9. Must post at least once every 3 days, if you cant please let us know via OOC.
    10. This is a PG-13 rp so kissing is okay and mild violence but any further please take it to PM's (Stick to your age bracket!).
    11. All Demigod powers must relate to their godly parent in some way.
    12. [Rainbow]Have fun!![/rainbow]

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Real life or digital art please)
    Age: (12-18)
    Personality: (Optional)
    Godly & Mortal parent:
    Faction: (Greek or Roman)
    Powers: (Limit 3)
    Weaknesses: (Min 3)
    Skills: (What do they excel at? Swordplay? Archery? Cooking?)
    Weapons/Gear: (This includes the Tool if you have one)
    Theme Song(s): (Optional)

    ~Minor Gods/The Tools~, #ed0767
    Khione Goddess of Snow - Soteria
    Tool - Spáthi̱ Págo (Ice Saber)
    If stabbed with this sword whatever body part you stab will turn to ice, cannot be used on mortals.

    Cybele Goddess of caverns, mountains, nature and wild animals - Mina
    Tool - Thi̱río Thi̱riodamastí̱s (Beast Tamer)
    Once this whistle is blown the Chimera from Myth is instantly summoned to your side and at your command. Lasts 4 minutes before the Chimera vanishes, has 6 uses.

    Morpheus God of Sleep and Dreams - Alexander
    Tool - A pouch of óneiro skóni̱ (Dream Dust)
    Just a tablespoon of this dust has the power to put any being to sleep, depending on how powerful the being is they'll stay asleep for 2-6 (10 for mortals) minutes. Theres only enough dust for about 8 uses so use it well.

    Janus God of Doors, Beginnings, and Endings - Jeremiah
    Tool - Aio̱nióti̱ta Kleidí (Eternity Key)
    This key fits into any door imaginable despite its looks. This key will create a portal through the door its used on to anywhere the user pictures in his/her mind (person has to of already been to the place before for it to work)

    Notus God of the South Wind - Augustus
    Tool - Tóxo To̱n Anémo̱n (Bow of the Winds)
    Once the bowstring is pulled back a arrow of wind, nearly invisible to the naked eye, manifests already knocked and ready to fire. Once the string is loosened the arrow disappears. The arrow moves with lightning speed once fired.

    Terminus God of Boundaries - Nassiah
    Tool - Soulshard (A stone shard from Terminus himself)
    If stuck into the ground this shard of stone will put up a translucent barrier of sorts over a 50 ft radius. It wont prevent beings from entering but it will prevent them from bringing weapons. It will also serve as a warning for the Demigod that intruders have entered. Lasts for 2 hours, 5 hour cooldown
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  2. Reserve Roman big demigod for me
  3. Lol oh? I thought this was too kiddy for ya? *Nudges Edge playfully*
  4. When did I say that?
  5. You didnt lol I'm just teasing ya for saying you havent read it since you were a teenager =P
  6. Appearance (open)

    Name: Soteria "Teri" (Greek for Salvation) Quakidose
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 138
    Scent: Sea Breeze & Lilies
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Will rp
    Godly & Mortal parent: Neptune and Megandra Quakidose
    Faction: Roman
    Powers: Manipulation, creation, and control of water.
    Can communicate with waterborn creatures telepathically
    Can heal herself and others with water

    Weaknesses: Fire/Extreme heat

    Has a way with children & animals

    Tool - Spáthi̱ Págo (Ice Saber)
    A backpack
    Theme Song(s):
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  7. Oh oh @Nevvy you could always make a son of Aphrodite and be like Adonis (idk if I spelled that right) lol.
  8. Appearance:
    Name: Alexander (Alex) Leng
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5-7
    Weight: 160 pounds
    Sexuality: Straight
    Scent: Blood. He wears a fair bit of cologne which tends to mask this, a pleasant kind more fit for the upper class.
    Personality: Arrogant, collected, and refined. Alexander does not usually make it his business to get into the middle to make a fool of himself but if anything, he will make sure to "assert his authority" whenever it is his business and has no qualms doing it, no matter who it is up against. That doesn't mean that he stands up for dumb things, only stuff that he believes in, but once he rolls up his sleeves, the other side submits or there's going to be a brawl to make them. Then he'll go right back to acting like a refined part of the upper class gentry. He is a bit more developed with using his abilities than most of the other demigods, having started working with them at a fairly young age and following a discipline to back it up and he knows it. He absolutely hates the idea of his father being considered a "minor god" even though he could barely care less about said father inherently (This isn't to say that they wouldn't get along to some degree). To him, his arrogance alone will not allow it. He will not hesitate to mention how the humans got it right when they made a game with Kratos "tossing everyone's shit from Olympus to Tartarus". He is constantly at odds with the Ares cabin for obvious reasons even though barring a few things, they are very much alike. The best way to get along with him is to not challenge his "authority" which he normally will rarely care to assert if ever. He frequently orders things off Amazon just to annoy them. They hate his guts and he doesn't like them much more with the whole dominant women, submissive men kind of thinking they have. He does it often enough that he's actually somewhat known the them, both as a jerk and a loyal customer. His mother's side has a slight but hazy connection to Alexander the Great, not that he knows it yet. But the whole camp will know when he finds out.
    Godly & Mortal parent: Kratos, god of strength and power. Mei Leng.
    Faction: Greek
    Powers: Super strength, super durability, and the right to bind. The right to bind is effectively the power to, by mortal means, bind things that cannot be bound by any amount of strength. For example, things that his hands would normally go through. Even if it changes shape or would be able to lose form, it cannot escape his grip.
    Skills: Alexander is reasonably skilled with the sword though even when he uses it, it is clear that that is not the key part of his fighting which is unarmed combat. He is much, much more seasoned with it than the average Greek demigod. Martial arts are right up his alley with him mostly focusing on the styles that are most befitting of his heritage, wing chun "the shortest distance between two points" and eagle claw, the one most associated with the iron vice grip that he makes such good use of. He is quick on his feet and is very used to using his demigod reflexes.
    Weaknesses: Conversely, he is pretty bad with a lot of the "plebian practical" things. He considers them beneath him. As such, despite his terrible attitude, sending him to work alone on anything with a wider scope than a wrestling match is not advised. Possibly the best one to have next to you in a fight but one of the worst to spend a week with on a vacation. If you prefer a more defined list, does not play well with others, is terrible with long term survival planning, rationing in general, and a billion other things. He is also terribly impractical. Often self centered and wasteful, he will occasionally do things that other demigods wouldn't consider like eat a small piece of ambrosia "just because it tastes good".
    Weapons/Gear: Cigarettes (Yes, he smokes, much to the annoyance of some), a fountain pen of no special importance other than being expensive, and a golden chain with his power to bind, given to him by his father. It is generally worn around his right wrist and is extremely durable as it should be. He neglects to wear armor, saying that it would get in the way and that it would be useless. It is not entirely true that it wouldn't help but telling him that wouldn't be smart. A lighter with celestial bronze on the bottom. He usually doesn't use it but it comes in handy now and then.
    Theme Song(s): (Optional)

    I might. But first, let the references begin.
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  9. Lol going for a Jackie Chan look there huh? You forgot to put in the "Tool" the minor gods gave you to defeat the Titans with, or is that the chain?

    I also added Scent and Weaknesses to the CS, sorry but could you add those to your CS? I forgot them before.
  10. I didn't list that since you haven't decided on which minor gods. You said that the items were imbued with their powers. Can't list for what we don't know. And sure.

    I thought I'd give him a more devil may care type look since he was going to be an ass to a lot of people.

    So I prettymuch just split the skills section into two.
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  11. Ah this is true, who do you think should be the minor gods? Nemesis? Hestia? Maybe Diana? (Roman version of Artemis)

    Lol true, though it depends on which character your referring to XD

    Hmmm, looks good. Hes accepted!

    Btw, blood? Really? Lol what is he a vampire?
  12. I figured blood since I couldn't think of much of many ways to put strength and power into a smell so I decided to take a god of war-ish interpretation in that. Plus, I had no intention for him to smell like that anyway so it was purposely not a good smell to help justify the cologne. Normally, it would have been something high class and refined but there's really no connection with Kratos there unless you go out on a real limb and make it a royal power subtext with some kind of imperialistic kind of smell. Unfortunately, gold doesn't have much of a smell.

    Nemesis would be a good one. Maybe Janus too. I'd have to research a bit beyond that. At least one of the various winds should be there, though.
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  13. shirtless-friday-111.jpg
    Name: Ember Riknard
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 216
    Scent: Sandalwood & Leather
    Sexuality: Bi
    Personality: Will rp
    Godly & Mortal parent: Nemesis and Lillia Riknard
    Faction: Greek
    Can tell someone their destiny as long as he receives adequate payment in return (payment varies)

    Casts good luck on those around him that are having bad luck
    Able to summon a punishment (depends on the person) against someone with bad enough intentions toward him or his friends

    This is where Ember comes with a price. If people around him are having too much good luck hes forced to cast bad luck on them until their luck balances out.
    If things are too far out of balance around him he starts getting severe headaches
    When he summons a punishment it takes a lot of energy out of him
    /Uncomfortable being around people for extended periods of time
    As soon as Ember tells someones destiny, he instantly forgets it

    Skills: Persuasion
    Throwing Knives
    High Endurance
    Stronger than average
    Weapons/Gear: Acheron

    Big Backpack
    Theme Song(s):
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  14. Isn't this a lot of demigods overall? I just looked at the counts and am wondering if we won't get this ending up sort of impersonal with 12-14 going on one quest? Heck, Rick Riordan was working with 8.5 and he split them up most of the time so it wouldn't get flooded.
  15. Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Jeremiah Liam Grayson
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 238#
    Scent: Vanilla & Salt [most will say cookies]
    Sexuality: Straight

    Personality: Jeremiah is a loner. He is shy, awkward and lacks the confidence a demigod should have. A large part of this is because most of the other half-bloods do not associate with the offspring of Hades, Jeremiah’s father. The other half of the story is Jeremiah himself. He prefers to be alone and relishes the time he gets to himself. Never one to blindly discriminate, he believes that most disassociate with him because they respect his wish to be isolated.

    Something that is worth mentioning is that Jeremiah has bi-polar or manic tendencies. Undiagnosed and very seldom seen, there is a rage and a sadness that will sweep over him in a blink. When this transition occurs, Jeremiah becomes extremely dangerous because of his powers and in these instances, his judgment becomes skewed.

    Jeremiah is a kind soul with very little grievances and tries to fit into the grand scheme of things the best he can. He simply prefers to wait in the wings and dance along the sidelines away from the others. It does not escape him that he is probably a huge disappointment to his father and perhaps the rest of the camp. Jeremiah seldom cares about status and rarely interjects into a conversation or argument. He has been known to stand up against bullies but has never publically displayed his powers.

    Jeremiah’s mother claimed to be from the line of Achilles; a bastard blood-line that over time has gained great wealth and power in the mortal world. Though no one has ever displayed any type of special abilities, the warrior trait is said to be strong in the family.

    Godly & Mortal parent: Hades & Francesca Grayson
    Faction: Greek

    -Spirit Link- He can communicate with spirits that are lingering over an area, object or person.
    -Souls of Torment- He can summon a cluster [3 or 4] tortured souls to fight for him. They do not fight as a person but more a swarm of black energy that swirls around a target, slashing and tearing at whatever is in their path.
    -Rite of the Underworld- He cannot resurrect the dead but he can interrupt a soul’s passing. i.e. A comrade falls in battle, Jeremiah can stop the crossing over of that person’s soul and put it back into their body. If the body is not healed of its mortal wound, the person will simply die again.

    -Unsure of self
    -Using his powers makes his physically weak and mentally unstable
    -Has a severe hatred of bullies that can cloud his judgment
    -Beauty [Jeremiah can be blinded or distracted if something strikes him as beautiful, though it might be a pretty girl, it could also be a dead bird on the side of the road]
    -Bi-Polar/Manic Depressive

    -Perfect physical condition [strong, fast, agile, flexible, etc.]
    -Brilliant [specifically in matters of Physics and Psychology]
    -Weapons expert [staff (all forms), sword, axe, pole arm]

    -Bo Staff [tungsten carbide - hollow] 6’
    -Jo Staff [tungsten carbide - solid] 47”
    -Minor God Tool [I’m assuming Sonar will tell us what is what]
    -Picture of his mother
    Show Spoiler

    Theme Songs:

    Normal Jeremiah

    Psychotic Break Jeremiah
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  16. Hmm very interesting, I love the bipolar/manic depressive twist XD Hes accepted! Just dont go stabby stabby on the other campers rofl. (btw nice Covenant gif)

    Well there will be events that will most likely separate them in 2-3 groups at times as the story progresses so its not that many. 12 Isnt that big considering half will be Greek and half will be Roman too. Dont worry I have plans =)

    What minor god do you guys think would be able to create ice? Thanatos? That one psycho wind goddess chick? Lol

    Edit: Oops I mean snow, Khione is her name
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  17. Will you be mixing Greek and Roman characters in your groups?
  18. Mayba~
  19. Alright, then. Khione could definitely create ice. There are others but she would be the most interesting, already having a canon personality and not being the most savory of the gods. Of course, you could also have her as a turned god as she isn't exactly on board with them in the series.
  20. Thats my plan =D hehe ya she likes making ice sculptures out of people....Not the nicest goddess.

    Do you know the name of a minor roman wind god? I cant seem to find any >_<

    Edit: Nvm found one
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