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  1. Pressed against the cold stone ground, the dark haired girl began to cough up blood. Slowly Sayomi raised to her hands and knees, still coughing out blood. She had been caught trying to escape again. With the crack of a whip, she fell to the stone once more. She did not cry out. She just let it happen, tears of pain rolling down her cheeks. She wasn't going to give up. She wanted to go home. She was pulled up by her hair, a man's face shoved into her's "Am I going to catch you trying to escape again? Well am I?" You held at her, spit hitting her smooth skin. "N-no sir." Sayomi studdered to the dungeon guard. "I find that hard to believe!" He yelled again as he threw her against the wall. "we have caught you trying to escape at least once every couple of weeks. I don't think right now is going to be any different!" He came over and hit her across her face, causing the young women to slide down the wall slightly, she could feel her cheek and eye begin to swell. "If it was up to me, girl, you would be dead. I would have just cut my losses and killed you." He picked her up by her hair again "If you get caught one more time, I might just kill you and say that it was an accident." He whispered in her ear. He threw her out of the room harshly, ordering her to go upstairs, clean up, and start breakfast.

    Sayomi ran out for the dungeon, and into the kitchen, holding back the tears of pain and sorrow. She wasn't going to let anyone see her cry. She went to the sink and began to wash herself up. Cleaning the blood from her face and body as best as she could. The men were watching as she took her dress off, and began to clean it, before the blood stained it. She felt a warm rag be pressed to her bloody back, causing her to jump. She looked back, only to see another one of the maids helping to clean her back. "Thank you Mia..." She said softly, an accent strong on her voice. The girl helped to clean the wounds, and stop the bleeding "Sai, you need to stop trying to run. It is not so bad here. It would be better if you didn't keep trying to escape, and the guards always watching you, and you always getting hurt. Please. Just accept your fate." The young girl told her as she stepped back, and Sayomi put her clothes back on, then without stopping, began to start making breakfast.

    "Mia, I cannot do that. I don't want to stay here. I have a family, a life. I cannot stay here. They need me. Somewhere you have a family too!" She said as she turned to look at the maid. She was not going to accept this has her fate.
  2. "Well she's back." Announced the gruff voice.
    "Oh?" Marcelo replied arching his neck back over the arm of the throne he had draped himself across. He stared at the upside-down image of the guard.
    "Yes your highness." The dungeon guard replied. "I beat her especially harshly this time." Marcelo rolled his eyes.
    "I don't know why it means so much to you guys to keep bringing her back." He glanced at his fingernails, twiddling his fingers to watch his rings glitter in the light of the throne room. The tall stained-glass windows cast beautiful pastels across the hall. "She's just a servant."
    "It's a matter of dignity, Marcelo." The queen answered as she walked through the hall. "And get off of the royal throne like that. Honestly! A boy of your age..."
    "I'm nineteen, mother." He reminded her, re-fastening one of his cuff buttons with his teeth.
    "I'll start treating you like it when you start acting like it." She answered, waving her hand at him. Defiantly, he did not move as one of the attendants slipped and began to lace his shoes on over the other arm of the chair. "The point is, if that girl gets away the other slaves will think that they can do the same thing. If the name Serling is going to continue to command respect we can't have girls running off!"
    Marcelo stood up and stretched his arms over his head, long and lithe as he cast a shadow across the marble floor. Pale blonde hair and even paler skin made him glow fluorescent in the morning light. "Well I can't say I'm not intrigued by her gumption." He replied. "She does give us something to talk about, doesn't she?" The queen, dungeon master, and the various attendants traded looks. Marcelo smiled crookedly. "Mother, why don't we go to breakfast?"
    "I have meetings. You go ahead, darling." She waved him off again and exited the room. Marcelo ran a few fingers through his wild curls, the attendants straightening the hair he had just mussed as soon as he took his hand away.
    "Alright, alright!" He shrugged them away. "Let me go to breakfast. Someone call Mia."
  3. As Sayomi put the final touches on the breakfast, she left the food to be put on the plates by the others. She quickly went down to the maids quarters. She knew that she didn't smell that best, or look the best. She was already in trouble, and hurting, she didn't want to be hurting even more later. She brushed out her long black hair, and dabbed a scent on herself that she had made herself. If was made from lilacs that was used a couple days ago, and from a small amount of vanilla. Where she was from, she was not poor, nor rich. So she knew what it was like to be a lady. She pulled her hair up into a pony tail with a ribbon that was usually tied around her neck. She felt a bit more presentable, and then went back to the kitchen to clean the dishes. She was left alone in the kitchen as Mia went to get the prince for breakfast. The sun tanned girl began to sing as she washed the dishes.

    Mia wen quickly to get the prince. "Is your highness ready to go to breakfast?" The young girl ask him in a sheepish voice. She didn't like addressing the prince, or even the queen. She never knew what to say. She waited silently for his response.

    As Sayomi washed the dishes, singing softly and not paying attention to much, she felt a hand slide from her lower back, and onto her butt. Then without thinking about it, she twirled around, grabbing the person's arm and bringing him to his knees. It was one of the servants that was in the kitchen while she was cleaning up. "I ain't never seen no girl like you before. I like yo' darker skin." he said in rough english, and with a horrid smell on his breath. She pushed back on his hand, causing him some pain. "Please, for the love of god, brush your teeth. And also, learn how to talk properaly." She bent down and whispered, causing him even more pain "If you ever do that again, I swear, that I will hurt you beyond anything you have ever experienced." her sultry voice rang in his ear. She let him go, and watched as he ran off. She brushed her cheek with her hand, and winced in pain. She sighed, and begane to clean, waiting for more orders. As she cleaned, she sung the cheerful tune once more. It was more to help keep her own moral up. To remember where she was from.
  4. "Mia, nearly everyday you come and fetch me, and every time you say the same thing and go straight to staring at your shoes. Do you think I'm ugly?"

    He meant to tease, of course, but a part of him secretly wished there were a girl who would answer him straight-out. Mia wouldn't do it, but if only she did! No girls were ever like that. They were either feeble and submissive like the maids or shameless flirtatious sycophants like the various princesses he was told to court. Those girls, they were too simple, hiding behind fans and framed in blonde loops, asking him to engage as if the scripts they read from in their minds was something wholly original (far from it). He didn't hate women of course, in fact he loved the idea of them. If he had not been born a prince he was sure he would've been a poet or playwright if only to write about (and slum around with) real women. When he read about them from books he snuck in under his mother's nose (contraband from the commoners) they were exciting and rebellious, yet gloriously maybe even addictingly soft and sensual all at once. Sweet contradictions. But oh, his options were so typical they may have well as been his sisters. On that thought he turned to his assistant Desmond. "I know! Before I answer, Desmond-" he turned towards him and closed his eyes and held his pointer finger to his lips theatrically in mock prayer. "Do I have any courting appointments today?"

    "No, your highness. None today."

    "Oh good. Then I think I shall have my breakfast today, Mia. Otherwise I would not have been able to keep it down for long." He chuckled through his teeth and let Desmond and a few other attendants snicker politely as he stared out the window and played absent-mindedly with his cuff, already bored with his own joke. He remembered at once how hungry he was and looked back to Mia.
  5. Mia was surprised when the prince asked if she thought he was ugly. She wasn't sure what she was suppose to say. She knew that saying yes was definatly the wrong answer. And even though she, and the rest of the maids believed him to be extremely handsome, she didn't think that that was the right answer either. Mia was thankful when his attention turned else where. It meant that she didn't have to answer the question. She watched the pale skinned prince. She was curious as to how the prince was so pale, but then Sayomi was a beautiful tanned color. But it was natural, not like the workers that are outside and have rough leathery tanned skin. Sai's was soft, warm, and smooth. She shook the thought from her head. Mia had grown fond of the newest slave. She helped Mia, talked to her, and helped keep the men away from her.

    "I will have your breakfast brought here my highness. If you change your mind to go to the dinning hall, we can move it there." She said, held up like the woman that she looked to. Sayomi was a slave, but held her dignity. Mia admired how the women never let her head hang, and hadn't given up like everyone else here. Mia looked over at another maid and nudged her head to tell them to go get the food.

    Sayomi was still cleaning the multitude of dishes that had been used that morning for breakfast. She had made a small dent in them, but not too much. As she closed her eyes singing still, she had to open her left one. It was too sore to close and not hurt. After she looked at her face in a pan for some time, another maid came in, "Mia, do yo...." She stopped once she realized that it wasn't the young maid. She looked at her, waiting "Well?" She asked, becoming impatient. "You need to bring the prince his food." She said simply, then turned and left quickly. That was something that she hadn't done since the first time she had tried to run. She went over and grabbed a plate, filling it with meats, eggs, potatos, and toast. She grabbed a goblet, and filled it with some milk. She wasn't sure that the prince drank milk, but he needed to. It was good for him.

    She picked up the plate with her free hand, and carefully made her way to where the prince was. As she entered the room, she stood straight, head held high. She would not loose her dignity just because she had been beaten. When she entered the room, the smell of lilacs and vanilla filled the area. She was curious if only people from her area made scents to where. She liked to use roses and peach the best, but they didn't have roses, and she couldn't think of a secondary scent to compliment the rose. She stood next to Mia, awaiting what to do next. Her satin black hair falling around here face, and her honey brown eyes were looking straight at the prince. One thing was for sure, he was a looked. He was pale, but he was still very good looking.
  6. Marcelo had slid into the throne again. He sat off-kilter, fist against his cheek as he stared off thinking deeply his own private thoughts. Some about where his father might be, some about what his mother might be doing, and quite a lot about the next play he should have Desmond fetch for him. Lilac and vanilla filled his senses and he drifted along with the pleasant new smell. Looking down, he saw when a pair of servant's shoes approached him. He looked up slowly, lifting his eyes expecting to see the familiar gentle and shy face of Mia. Instead he saw her. The surprise was apparent on his face. His demure brow furrowed and he fought from contorting his mouth. She stood straight and with confidence looking him straight in this eye, her soft brown met his bright green, and although he should not have been struck by this he was. He had forgotten just how long and dark her hair was or the way her skin looked liked a mixture of milk and coffee, damningly pretty despite the presentation. What most surprised him though, and what he had to fight letting his skin crawl visibly at was the injuries all over her. "What is this?" He announced suddenly, waving his hand at her and looking accusingly around the room at the others. "You call this a proper presentation? Her wounds haven't even been dressed properly! You'd leave a woman like this? Pretty soon she'll be bleeding in my-" he glanced in the goblet. "Milk. Eww, that's terrible. Well, regardless." He looked her back in the eyes and stunned by the surreal effect of someone so battered yet confident he had to shake his curls for a moment to get past it. He stood up and pointed to a couple of the servants. "You and you." He motioned to them. "Take her to my washroom and disinfect her and for God's sake, cover those gashes!" He sighed dramatically and slumped back in his throne and pick up a piece of toast between his thumb and forefinger. He turned it over curiously and glanced over again, pouting from thought. "Well go on, let a prince eat in peace!"
  7. The darker skinned girl kept looking at the prince, acting like she wasn't taken back by the surprise that was written on his face like the books she used to read. She started to think of all the books and play scripts that she had read. She missed them. She wondered if she could get a book or the likes. Something for her to read in her small amount of down time. She bit back a smile when she head Mia gasp behind her. She figured that it was just because of the wounds that she held. She bit her lip softly, holding back a smirk. If only he could see the open wounds on her back. She was going to need to wash her dress again very soon before it turned pink with blood. She didn't couldn't help but notice his green eyes. They remeinded her of grass, or trees. It reminded her of outside, and her home. Even if she didn't have a family, she wouldn't want to stay here. This was not a place to call home. This wasn't a place to live a happy life. It was just living to live. When he commented on the milk, a smile came across her face. "You need to drink your milk. It is good for you. Helps so you don't get sick, will keep you strong and keep you healthier when you get old. It may not taste the best, but it is very good for you." she did her best not to laugh when Mia gave an even louder gasp of surprise behind her. Apparently she was the only one who didn't cower in front of him. Even though the prince was a very good looking man, and held high power, she was not intimidated by him in the least bit.

    Once he had told the other servants to take her to his washroom, she was surprised. She didn't want to let them take her. "No, I am fine. I can wrap them myself. Do not fret over me." She said in her smooth and sultry voice. She didn't want people to think of her as weak, or to take pity on her, but before she could leave, she lead away by the couple of servants. She looked over her shoulder at Mia, and then back to the prince. She was not happy about it in the least bit. As she was led into the washroom, she felt like a horse. She was stripped down, and once the other two saw her back, one left to get more bandages. The other, began to scrub at the girls back. Sayomi let out small yells of pain even now and again. Her naked body still held gashes from times before that probab;y should have been stitched, and there was one on her side that she sewed up on her own with just a normal needle, and string. She knew it needed to be done, so she sucked it up and did. The naked girl covered her chest with her arms, feeling exposed, especially because she was in the prince's washroom.
  8. Marcelo saw her staring (perhaps glaring) at him as she went. He regarded her objectively for a moment and then went back to his food. He chewed on the toast and meats he glanced at the goblet of milk and remembered suddenly what she had said. "You need to drink your milk. It is good for you. Helps so you don't get sick, will keep you strong and keep you healthier when you get old. It may not taste the best, but it is very good for you." He stared at the goblet for a while, sloshing it around. "Insolent girl." he muttered and then took a long gulp. He looked up and saw Mia staring at the floor, clearly mortified.


    "Your highness I-I apologize for her-"

    he waved it off. "Don't." He stared at his goblet smirking for a little while and looked up again suddenly. "Actually, I do accept your apology but you have to promise to make sure none of my maids go walking around with open wounds again. Honestly, almost lost my appetite."

    She gave her promise and went away.

    he thought. I never noticed it before but she is interesting. That's the first time any woman besides my mother has spoken directly to me in years. He liked it. He grinned as he finished his food.
    "Desmond."he called when he finished eating. "I have two jobs for you. First, check on that girl. Second, go into town and get me the newest copy of Doctor Faustus you can find."

    "But Marcelo."
    he whispered. "Don't you already have that one?"

    "It's worn. I haven't been able to read it properly in a long time. I'd like another copy."
    Marcelo insisted. Desmond was the one person he considered a friend and trusted without the use of blackmail.

    "Sir, you know if your mother ever discovers me doing this..."
    Marcelo understood his friend's fear. His mother could be appalling sometimes. She couldn't accept Marcelo's lackadaisical attitude and given that they were both more than a little spoiled they often got into petty fights that had to be ushered apart by the assistants and advisors.

    "Desmond, I'm appalled at how little faith you have in yourself! I trust you and surely you trust my assessment of competence."
    He took once last slip of milk, earning an amused expression from his aide. He scowled. "Go on, then! Shoo!"

    "Yes, your highness."
    He nodded and headed off to find the maids.
  9. Sayomi stayed still as the maids went to work on her body. Neither one of them doing more then pouring water on her side. They could see how deep it actually was because she didn't do the best of job sewing it close. She winced as they stared to actually scrub. It hurt, but she knew that it needed to be done. Sayomi decided to try to make small talk with the two. "Is there any extra books laying around? Maybe Mcbeth? Or Romeo and Juliet. Anything really. I miss reading, and the feel of the pages against my fingers..." She asked to the girls. They looked at eachother confused, then finally one spoke up. "Only the highness has the books. You might be able to talk to Desmond about old or damaged books...But you can read? You are a slave.. And a women?" "she turned her head, dark hair flowing around her face "Can you not read?" She asked the maid, surprised beyond beliefe. The maid shook her head, and Sayomi's jaw dropped, showering her white, straight teeth. "You are missing out on something great. The books, they can teach you, intertain you, make you feel like you are in a whole nother world. They can take you out of this world, and into another." She shook her head and looked back down at the floor.

    While one girl cleaned the wounds, the other girl washed Sayomi's hair to get the blood and sweat out. The water was coldm but she didn't mind. Her long hair needed to be cleaned any ways. As she looked down, water streamed down her face, and over her full lips. Just as Sayomi's eyes closed, the girl started to clean inside a deep wound, pain shooting through her body, a scream came out of the girls mouth that echoed through the halls or the castle. She flung her body against a wall, her dark skin going pale. "No! You are done! Stop!" She yelled at them, tears of agony sliding slowly down her cheeks in a steady stream. Her hand was over her wound, and her back against the wall as she almost cowered in the corner. She tried to get as far as she could into the corner, like it would help protect her.
  10. "Miss-" Desmond's meek voice called from the doorway. To say that naked women (or women in general) made him a little bashful was an understatement. "I-I'm sorry." He stared at the tiles to the right of his feet as he walked, holding a towel out to cover her and making sure not to look as he draped it over her.

    "Did you clean all the wounds?" He asked the maids and they nodded eagerly. "Well then-uh." He was blushing and still looking at the floor despite the fact that Sayomi was covered now. "Shoo." He waved his hands to send them off and off they went. He finally looked up, cautiously. "The prince has asked me to come check on you. I see the maids are as- overzealous as ever. Well then, I assume you want me to leave so I'll just say you're fine and-" He began to walk out and then stopped and turned around again. "I'm sorry, I'm being rude. I'm just in a bit of a hurry. I have to run into town for his highness' books. You, you are okay, aren't you? I feel bad about the dungeon master. He's overzealous as well. Everyone in this castle is overzealous. As well as his highness. Gah- that is, don't tell anyone I said that!"
  11. When a shy man's voice rang out from the doorway, the honey brown eyed girl was surprised. She looked up to see the man, just as he draped a towel over her naked body. She was surprised by this more then anything lately. It seemed that most of the men in the castle would have jumped at the opportunity to see her naked. Or any of the girls for that matter. She stood up, holding the towel close to her. As she stood, she winced. Her back hurt more then it did actually getting beaten. She knew though that it was because they were not cleaner properly, and because the tools used to beat her were not clean in the least bit. There was a lot of bacteria, and even more in the ones that were older. It stung, but they felt clean.

    "You... You're Desmond right?" she asked him, her voice wavering at first. Her accent was not too thick, and wasn't very soft either. Depending on the word, depending on the word depending on if it sounding funny or not. "I thank you for coming to check on me. I know it's not exactly what you wanted to do, but you still decided to actually come in and you could have just stayed by the door, or just simply said that I was fine without looking. But you didn't." She said in her smooth voice. She gave him a soft smile, him and Mia had proved to her that there was sill good in a bad place. Sometimes it was just harder to find then others. "Both the maids and the dungeon master were doing what they were told to do. I do not blame them." She said as she looked down for a moment. She did her best not to hold grudges towards people, she was told by her father that grudges slow your health and stunt your life. People were not made to hate, but to love. and the demons of the earth had just tainted man kind. But the God above tries to make it so that they all love and care, and compassion is shown to everyone. It is easier to remember the bad stuff because pain and anger hurt, while happiness is something that people take for granted. "So please, do not feel bad for anything that is out of your control." she stated to him, looking him in his eyes.

    After the man had metioned the books, she got a little excited. "Desmond... Do you think that I could ask a favor of you. I don't want you to do anything that will get you into trouble, so if it has even a possibility, then do not even think of it." She didn't want him to get into trouble just to try to get her a book. That would make the young woman feel terrible. She would rather take the book, and get in trouble, then have him get the book for her, and him get in trouble. "The last few days I have found myself missing books. I miss the words, and the feel of the pages on my finger tips. The maids told me that you would be the one to ask, and I know that I am just a lowly slave, but would there be any way I could get a book?" She held her head high, and didn't let the fact that even she called herself a salve bring her down. She knew that it was only for so long. "It doesn't have to be anything fancy, it could be older then dirt, just any book that would not be missed by the prince or the queen for a few weeks till I could finish it.." She tried to explain the situation to him, hoping that maybe he would be able to help him. But she was not about to punch a gift horse in the stomach.

    "Also, do not worry about me saying anything to anyone. It helps to vent to someone, it keeps us sane, yes? You can talk to me if you ever need anyone. It's always nice to have someone to talk to." She offered help genuinely. She wanted to help whoever she could while she was here, even that meant just sitting and listening to them.
  12. "Oh I appreciate the sentiment. But you- you read?" It was clear he was surprised. It was practically unheard of that a foreigner, slave, and a woman should be able to read. He handed her the simple clothes the maids had left and turned around and covered his eyes so she could get dressed. "Actually, the queen doesn't have any books that aren't religious, political, or about the family history. She doesn't approve of any other type... which is why I prefer you not mention anything to the other maids." He sighed and straightened his collar with the hand that wasn't covering his eyes. Inhaling he detected the scent of lilac which now lingered in the air of the washroom.

    "I recognize the perfume you wear It's popular among well-born ladies where you're from... I think perhaps we should talk. I haven't talked to anyone who wasn't Prince Marcelo or one of the village peasants for so long." He glanced at the door and then turned around to find she was dressed. "Here, I think I can help you about the books but we have to go quietly."

    He led the short distance down the hall to the prince's bedroom. The room was as opulent as one would expect, or perhaps more than one would expect. The room, once gaping, was filled in every corner with imported treasures from every foreign land and the windows loomed tall lighting the space even filtering through the exquisite silk curtains. Every mirror and frame and even the bed frame was painstakingly carved and gold inlays brightened the edges of the dark wood furniture. Desmond went to the wardrobe but before he turned his back spoke cautiously to Sayomi. "I hope you don't take offense to this, because I don't mean it unkindly. Just, please, don't steal anything. He won't notice but his mother will."

    On that note he slipped the bottom piece out of the wardrobe to reveal a hidden compartment filled with stacks of very-worn books. "It's mostly poetry and plays." Desmond explained. "He probably won't object if you take some of the most worn-down ones." He pulled out a copy of Volpone and one of The Duchess of Malfi both folded, dog-eared and with notes written-on some of the pages. "Perhaps these would be a good start. He also has all the Shakespeare and Marlow I've been willing to risk my neck over the past couple of years." He paused and looked up at her. "What do you think?"
  13. Once again, found it rather odd that he was surprised that she could read. She would have to get to the bottom as to why. She believed everyone should be able to read. Yet, it seemed that only the best people could. She listened to him as she dressed. She was thank full that he did not look at her. She did not like the thought of anyone seeing the wounds on her, and the make shift stitches that she had on her side. "It's not the real perfume, I made it with lilacs and vanilla." She said with a smile. She wasn't surprised when Desmond commented about how the Queen doesn't like any other type of books. She would never preach to anyone as to why they should read something else, but she would never be someone who would only read one type of book. "I am glad that you find that I am worth of talking to." She thought it would be nice to talk to someone who knew something besides the castle and only cooking and cleaning.

    She couldn't help but gawk at the prince's room once they got into it. She went over to the mirror and gently touched the wood. It was smooth, and seemed to be made from cherry. In her house things where carved, but not as detailed. She looked at herself in the mirror, she was surprised at the color of the bruise on her face was. It was a dark color, even compared to her skin. She let her fingers run through her dark hair. It was still wet, but it was soft. "I wouldn't steal anything and risk getting you into trouble for bringing me in here. Plus, what good would it be? I can't leave to sell it. And I wouldn't want to have it just sitting around by my bed. People still go around through each others things here." She explained with a shrugg. But she understood what he was saying.

    When she saw him pull out the two books, her face lit up. They were books she had never read, but she had heard of them. She hugged him, "Oh thank you Desmond. Thank you so much." She hugged him for a few more moments, then stepped back and looked at him, her face still glowing. "The prince is into plays and poems? I didn't expect that." Some of the words that she said sounded rather odd because of her accent. "You are so amazing For helping me Desmound." She looked down at the books.
  14. Desmond was surprised at the hug but smiled gently, patting her shoulders in a friendly way and making sure not to irritate the wounds. He had not seen her anywhere near happy before that moment. "You're welcome. If Marcelo is going to have me collecting them all the time I should think they ought to be there for someone else to appreciate."

    He smiled when she thanked him again. "Oh yes, his highness is fanatical about his readings. Something about the element of escapism. He's having me get a new copy of Doctor Faustus for him later today." He closed the secret hold off again and closed the doors to the wardrobe. "Anyway, I was hoping that you might help me. You're welcome to decline but, I was hoping- that you might explain to me how I might- approach a woman."
  15. "It seems that me and the highness do have at least something in common." the girl said with a laugh. Sayomi was surprised when the man asked for her advice on how to approach a woman. "Well.. A lot it will depend on the woman. Each girl, from different classes, and her personality. It also depends on what you want to approach her for. Do you wish to woe her?" Sayomi thought for a bit about some basic things.

    "There are the basic things. But one thing that is most certain, unless you have a need from her, like help finding something, then just approach her. Let her prescience known. You don't want to seem to over bearing or anything. If you seem too over bearing, you seem either cock, or like you just want one thing. But you can't be too shy, or else you can come off as just making poliet conversation, not actually wanting something, you want to find a happy medium." Sayomi didn't know if what she said would even help. "I am not sure if that helps. Why do you ask me some question Desmond. I will do my best to answer any questions that you have." She felt bad not being able to just tell him what he wanted. She tried to think about what else to say, some basic information, but he hadn't exactly descibed what he wanted to know, or what his intentions were.
  16. "Well that's good to know." Desmond nodded, thankful for the advice. "The only problem is she's-" There was the sound of boots clicking across the tiled foyer to the room.
    "Desmond, I'm impressed. That was faster than I thought." Marcelo called as he strolled in the room, his eyes on his shirtfront as he was undoing his shirt buttons. "I haven't even gotten changed for fencing yet and you're already back-" He looked up and stopped suddenly fingers freezing about midway down his shirtfront when he saw Sayomi. Twice in one day now she'd appeared out of nowhere. It was the most times he'd actually interacted with the girl and now here she was clutching his plays to her breast in the middle of his bedroom. The worst part was there was something about her that made nonchalance in these situations nearly impossible.
    "You. You're in my room." He stated, dumbfounded. His green eyes were round as quarters.
    "Your highness, I was just lending her some books. It's not her fault, really." Desmond promised. Marcelo didn't acknowledge him, but kept his eyes on Sayomi. He tilted his head curiously, blonde curls shifting. He squinted as if trying to decipher her and his nose wrinkled curiously.
    "-You can read?" He added, truly befuddled. He grabbed one of the plays she was clutching and glanced at the cover. "You can read Webster?" He handed it to Desmond who tentatively gave it back to Sayomi.
    "Sir, I've over-stepped my bounds. I understand that. But please let her keep the books. The maids have so little to entertain them." Desmond pleaded.
    "Yes, yes. That's fine, Desmond. Where's my new Faustus?"
    "Well, that is- I haven't had the chance to fetch it yet." Desmond confessed. Marcelo finally turned to look at him.
    "Well then go fetch it." He told him, as if the answer were obvious.
    "Go on." Marcelo repeated, nodding his head toward the door.
    Desmond nodded and obediently scurried out the door without sparing either a second look.
  17. When the prince walked in, Sayomi froze, her eyes widened for a few moments before they returned to normal. She found it odd that he didn't see her. Though Sayomi looked slightly at the bare part of his skin, thinking about how white his skin looked compared to hers, and for the first time in her life, felt like darker skin was bad. She tried to shake the thought from her head, knowing that she shouldn't think that. She knew that she was cute to say the least. She gave a soft sigh, once again, someone commented on her actually being able to read. While the two were talking, she kept quiet. Not wanting to make matters worse for Desmond. She thought that she had gotten him into trouble. Which was something that she would try her best to do.

    As soon as she left, she kept her head high, and looked at he prince. "Sir, please do not blame Desmond. He thought that if he gave me something to do, that I enjoyed that I wouldn't try to run away. Which I do believe is what your mother, the queen wants." She knew that she should have addressed him, and talking about the queen, differently. But one, she didn't care, and two she thought that if she made him angry enough towards her, then he would think that she tricked Desmond. He was too nice to her to get into any trouble. Though she felt like her hopes were being ripped from her hands, she would take that, over him getting into trouble.

    "As for reading, I am not your common peasant girl that your people decided to capture. I have read Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. I also know math, and how to dance. I am not like these other maids that you have. Though I am a slave. Not a maid. I know I am just a slave, but please, do not looked so far down on me." It was not polite, but she didn't enjoy being looked down at. She continued to hold the book to her chest, watching the prince's every move. As she thought about what she knew about the prince, she didn't even know his actual name. Only prince, your majesty, and occasionally sir. She wondered why she had never heard it before.

    "You're highness, please to do not punish Desmond for something I talked him into.. He doesn't deserve that." She finally said. She wanted to keep him as a friend, not loose someone other then Mia to talk to. She wanted to help him get the girl that he wanted.
  18. "I have no interest in punishing Desmond." He informed her, quickly re-buttoning his shirt. "I don't think any punishment could deter his gullibility." He looked up again and crossed his long arms. "And by the way, where's my thank you? I let you use my washroom, have your wounds protected from festering, and I let you take my things. Such generosity, I should add, comes entirely unwarranted." He tried to maintain a flippant and nonchalant attitude as he watched her face, surprised by her unwavering confidence. The maids had wrapped up and powdered many of the wounds, which hid the offending characteristics and made her even more striking to look at. He watched carefully, her serious eyes and soft lips, the way the black curtain of hair spilled over her brown shoulders. She had a fascinating quality to her that made him want to stretch the moment for as long as he could manage just so he might have more time to decode her.
  19. Sayomi looked at the prince. She was glad when he said that he would not punish Desmond. "He is not gullible. He just cares too much in a matter he shouldn't." There was a difference between gullible and compassion. Desmond was sweet, and compassionate. Something she didn't think that the prince had. "I do thank you for letting me use your wash room, and helping my wounds cleaned and bandaged. But I would have gotten to it in my free time after I had cleaned up breakfast and all the dishes." As Sayomi talked, she realized that she was sounding rude, and even though she was not fond of the man who's family captured her, and bought her as a slave, taking her from her home, and her mother, she still needed to show respect to him. Though from where she was from, she was not lowly, he was still higher then her. "I'm sorry your highness..." She said softly "I do thank you for your kindness, and for letting me borrow your books. I will return them, and they will be no more worn then they already are." She looked into his green eyes, still fascinated by the color of them. The green reminded her of the emperor's clothing that he would wear when addressing his people.

    As she looked into his eyes, she began to talk, not really thinking about what she was saying, before it came out. "Might I offer you some advice, my prince?" She asked at first, then before waiting for his answer, she began to talk. "Some humility might do you some good. The way you treat your people will eventually end in a civil war. You are only as strong and as powerful as your people combined. Without them, you would be nothing. Would have nothing. You should really keep that in mind." She said it simply, as if it was nothing, but once it sank in what she actually said, she froze everything. She didn't apologize for it though. It would not help to do so. So she just awaited from him to start to yell at her.
  20. Marcelo stared fascinated as she spoke, squinted for a moment, and then, after a pause, he laughed aloud. He laughed for several seconds and wiping his eyes looked back at her. "You! What a strange girl you are! Civil war, what a thing to say! You lecture me about keeping the peace and yet you run away every other day! Send my soldiers out there into the country! Irrate my mother! Oh, girl, you have no idea." He shook his head, still chuckling. "As only a prince, I owe nothing to the people. And you cannot judge based on what I say to you, anyway. You're not even a citizen." He walked away from her and went back to unbuttoning his shirt. "I don't understand you, I really don't." He shrugged his shirt off and pulled out his fencing shirt and pulled it on. He kicked off his shoes. And picked up his other boots.