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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Grumpy, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Queen Victoria (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) sits upon the throne of Britain. Her influence spreads across the globe, from the colonies of Africa to the still conquered America, and even up into the stars, to the new colonies of Mars.

    [size=+3]DARK FORCES ARE AFOOT.[/size]

    In the East, the Great Bear that is Russia continues to expand, and in China the devilish influence of Emperor Fu Manchu spreads into Europe. All across the Empire, insurgents, terrorists and other such undesirables attempt to sabotage and damage the Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) rule.

    [size=+3]THE EMPIRE NEEDS YOU.[/size]

    In years past, agents of “The Cheese Shop” (finger-quotes necessary) fought to defend Britain from such dastardly threats and to keep the Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) rule stable. Yet it has been many years since the last recruiting drive, and now “The Cheese Shop” is in need of fresh blood.

    It needs you.


    You are amongst the good and the great of the British Empire, a noble or officer with skills and abilities outside of the norm.

    It is time for you to step up and do your duty to Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) and Country. It is time for you to face the forces who would destroy the United Kingdom and stop their terrible and insidious plots of destruction.



    'Falkenstein' is a pulp-fantasy game set in the Victorian Era, where players take the role of new agents of “The Cheese Shop” (I'm serious, there'd better be finger-quotes happening when you read that), otherwise known as the British Secret Service, tasked with taking on the dastardly schemes of the Empire's many enemies and defending Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) and country.

    There will be action. There will be adventure. There will be ridiculous plots, and even more ridiculous enemies.

    And a lot of ridiculous accents. Those are necessary, too.​