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    Queen Victoria (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) sits upon the throne of Britain. Her influence spreads across the globe, from the colonies of Africa to the still conquered America, and even up into the stars, to the new colonies of Mars.

    [size=+2]DARK FORCES ARE AFOOT.[/size]​

    In the East, the Great Bear that is Russia continues to expand, and in China the devilish influence of Emperor Fu Manchu spreads into Europe. All across the Empire, insurgents, terrorists and other such undesirables attempt to sabotage and damage the Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) rule.

    [size=+2]THE EMPIRE NEEDS YOU.[/size]​

    In years past, agents of “The Cheese Shop” (finger-quotes necessary) fought to defend Britain from such dastardly threats and to keep the Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) rule stable. Yet it has been many years since the last recruiting drive, and now “The Cheese Shop” is in need of fresh blood.

    It needs you.


    You are amongst the good and the great of the British Empire, a noble or officer with skills and abilities outside of the norm.

    It is time for you to step up and do your duty to Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) and Country. It is time for you to face the forces who would destroy the United Kingdom and stop their terrible and insidious plots of destruction.


    'Falkenstein' is a pulp-fantasy steampunk game set in the Victorian Era, where players take the role of new agents of “The Cheese Shop” (I'm serious, there'd better be finger-quotes happening when you read that), otherwise known as the British Secret Service, tasked with taking on the dastardly schemes of the Empire's many enemies and defending Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) and country.

    There will be action. There will be adventure. There will be ridiculous plots, and even more ridiculous enemies.

    And a lot of ridiculous accents. Those are necessary, too.
  2. [size=+3]THE RULES[/size]

    - Should the Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) be mentioned, both in the OOC and IC, all must respond with “ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!”. If you're feeling inclined, a toast to her health might be well received too

    - Within the IC, should a lady happen to swoon (pass out, fall unconscious to you uncivilised American types) in the presence of the gentlemen of the party, they must ensure that she is caught before she touches the ground. The first man to do so (decided by whoever posts first saying they catch her) gets kudos, and if all the men fail to catch the lady before she lands on the ground, Lady Luck is angered by your uncivilised behaviour resulting in you all losing a Fate Point

    - Keep to the rules of Iwaku, or else the Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) herself will come down and chastise you for your poor behaviour

    - Characters should be officers in the British or Colonial military, or noblemen (or women) of some variety. Think extravagant, unnecessarily long titles and the like

    - Let's stress the fact that THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS RP, if that has not been inherently obvious from the beginning​
  3. [size=+3]CHARACTER SHEETS[/size]

    [b]Character Name:[/b] (The more titles, the better)
    [b]Birthplace:[/b] (Where you born on the soil of the Queen's ((ALL HAIL THE QUEEN)) land, or off in one of the Colonies?)
    [b]Fate Points:[/b] (Explained later, don't worry)
    [b]General Appearance:[/b] (Photos preferred, use of anime will result in death by firing squad)
    [b]Current Goal/Purpose:[/b] 
    [b]General Personality:[/b] 
    [b]Inner Personality:[/b] 
    [u][b]SKILLS AND THE LIKE[/b][/u]
    EXTRAORDINARY (Choose 1):
    QUITE FANTASTIC (Choose 2):
    EXCELLENT (Choose 4):
    GOOD (Choose 8):
    PASSABLE (Choose 15):
    [u][b]HISTORIC BACKGROUND[/u][/b]
    [b]General History:[/b] 
    [b]Present Life:[/b] 
    [b]Special Historic Notes:[/b] 
    Now, here's where Falkenstein gets weird.

    To keep things at a level playing field initially, a character's skills are chosen in a specific manner. Each skill you choose is given a level, the highest being EXTRAORDINARY and the lowest being PASSABLE.

    These skills can really be anything you would like (within reason, mind - you can't get away with game-breaking shit); the more insane and ridiculous the better. Your character could have for his EXTRAORDINARY skill “I'd like you to meet my extremely capable indigenous manservant, Tyun”, and would therefore have an assistant NPC capable of saving his ass on occasions, or they could have “Looking Amazing”, meaning that no matter what they do in-game, they look incredible whilst doing it.

    For the PASSABLE skills, players are welcome to decide on a few now and decide upon the rest later in-game. After all, you're only PASSABLE at whatever it is you decide you are; it will not make a huge difference.

    FATE POINTS are a measure of how well you get along with Lady Luck at the moment; you spend them every time an event would likely kill, maim or incapacitate you permanently, and in doing so you miraculously escape harm in some insane manner. Run out of Fate Points, however, and the next time Death comes knocking Lady Luck will not be there to save you. They can be earned in-game by playing to character and generally being awesome.

    * * * *

    [size=+2]THE HEROIC CAST[/size]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [size=+2]AND INTRODUCING[/size]


  4. Name: Maximillian Vonheldus, Earl of Lincoln ("The Pilgrim Father")
    Gender: Cheese toastie
    Age: 31
    Birthplace: Lincoln, England
    Occupation: Professional thief
    Fate Points: 3

    Current Goal/Purpose: To find love.

    Fears: Flying, butterflies, burnt toast and clowns.

    General Personality: Sharp but creepy. Dependable but averse to leadership. Resourceful but neurotic.

    Inner Personality: He's screwed up a lot of things, particularly relationships. He's not comfortable in emotional situations and prefers to just follow orders. He steals because he feels forever on the periphery of other people's lives.

    EXTRAORDINARY (Choose 1):
    Discretion is the better part of valour. (Escapology is Max's middle name)

    QUITE FANTASTIC (Choose 2):
    Consorting with the riff-raff. (He's spent most his life in the company of scum. He talks their talk and walks their walk)
    I know a shortcut. (Max is good in cities. He knows the best way to navigate rooftops, sewers and backstreets)

    EXCELLENT (Choose 4):
    Gunslinging is all the rage. (Max was taught to dual-wield and quiick draw by the pros of the Wild West)
    This ain't fisticuffs. (On the boat to America, the Irish sailors taught him how to use his fists)
    Once learned, never forgotten. (Max still remembers the etiquette his parents beat into him)
    When a door becomes a jar. (Max is a dabhand at lock-picking)

    GOOD (Choose 8):
    Nimble fingers/sleight of hand
    Has learned to avoid spoiled food and sources of infection
    Good knowledge of boats and dockyards
    Knot-tying, securing ropes, etc.
    Competent climber
    Knows how to fall and minimise damage on impact
    Knowledge of the taste and smell of common chemicals
    Knife fighting

    PASSABLE (Choose 15):
    Literate and well-read
    Good with the ladies (when he makes the effort)
    Limber and flexible
    Travel experience of Ireland and the Americas

    General History: Maximillian was the fourth child of Lord and Lady Vonheldus of the Lincoln Estate. He was perpetually bored and restless, a mischievous child who excelled at hide and seek and at vanishing from his parents and their servants whenever they most needed him. While his other siblings got married and kept to the social calendar, Maximillian was to be found gambling with the groundsmen or smoking in some opium bar in Lincoln. He was the runt of the family, his parent's shame - a scoundrel and a womaniser. When he came of age and his parents began seeking a wife for him, Max flew the nest. Leaving behind the pregnant daughter of the local vicar, Max talked his way onto a ship leaving for the colonies. And during this trip the spoilt child became a man, beaten and ridiculed by the Irish sailors, forced to work the ropes and scrub the decks. But from the pain and torment he found a new strength, and when the ship arrived in the New World Max was one of the boys, stealing and brawling with the best of them. He worked his way inland, running with the smuggling rings and the gangs of New York. After ten years of urban mischief he wound up out in the Old West, where he honed his thievery skills with the outlaws and lowlifes. And this was where he met Annabel, a femme fatale and lady thief, who tricked him out of everything he owned. But he loved her all the same and he pursued her eastwards, following the trail of cheated husbands and duped old men who she left in her wake. He almost caught her again, in Boston harbour, but for his troubles got apprehended by the British Secret Service, who were also on the trail of Annabel. Max had no choice but to help them as they set a trap for Annabel, but such was his love that he got a message to Annabel before the trap could be strung. His beloved escaped across the ocean and Max, now ingratiated to the Secret Service, started looking for the next boat home.

    Present Life: From his first chance meeting with the Cheese Shop, Max has kept a quiet eye on news reports of their activities. He is now back in London, selling out his old criminal contacts and securing vital intelligence on London gangs in order to pass it to the police. He has been called upon more than a few times to lend his wisdom on matters of international theft and transatlantic smuggling. He serves with a quiet humility, but though pale his heart is alive and it searches... year after year... for the clues that will lead him back to Isabella.

    Character Name:
    Julianne Carter; Doctor Julie or Doctor Carter at your service, but stop calling me Doctor Cuckoo!
    The Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!) Land
    Biomedical Scientist; Or just call her Doctor!
    Fate Points:


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To be the best medic in the world and find a cure for everything! And to get some of her memories back. They're a tad fuzzy. Her purpose is to serve the Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN)!
    Her crazy nightmares. She also has Paraskavedekatriaphobia: The fear of Friday the 13th.
    General Personality:
    The woman is crazy, but has a warm, comforting aura to her. She does evil laughs when she conducts experiments, but when someone comes to her for help, she's a totally different person. But even then, people get freaked out when she talks to herself and makes faces at whatever wound or sickness she's treating. At least no one has to face her crazy eye twitch anymore, hence the metal eye.
    Inner Personality:
    She's a troubled soul, all torn up inside because she has no memories of some years in her past. Although she is constantly recognized for her her success in medicine, it's not enough to make her happy. Let's face it, no one can love a quack. Aside from all that, she's a truly optimistic person. She has to be for the sake of others.



    1. Mini laboratory in her brief case

    1. Multilingual
    2. Little-Miss-Fix-It
    4. Shotgun savvy

    1. Groin kick
    2. Pistol whip
    3. Cooking
    4. Shiny smile
    5. Optimism
    6. Math whiz
    7. Actress
    8. Comedian

    PASSABLE (Choose 15):


    General History:
    Julianne was a lead medic in the British Army. She trained nurses, told them what to do and took charge for the serious injuries or sicknesses. Everyone appreciated her for her kindness, skill, beauty and ability to keep them calm. She was even able to defend their medical base with hand to hand combat skill and the ability to shoot a rifle. During these years, she was involved with a solider that she loved very much. She knew that someday he would marry her and they'd have a successful life together. One tragic day, he kissed her goodbye and said they had to take separate paths. Distraught and confused by this, she retired from the army and had one of her colleagues--an inventor--use his handy memory erasing machine on her. While he was able to perform this task, something still went wrong... She experienced side effects and minor insanity. Julie also developed insomnia because she sees some of these memories in her dreams. They are so mysterious to her that she stays awake thinking about them; this lack of sleep makes her weirdness even weirder. That's better than being crabby, though.

    Present Life:
    When her services to the army came to an end, she opened a small doctor's office in her house and turned her garage into a laboratory. She has no memory of her life in the army, nor of erasing those memories, so people are hushed about it. Whenever she asks, they instantly change the subject. Her great service in the army is forever remembered though, and she'll be remembered even better when she finds cures for cancers and diseases. When she's not in her lab making medicine and testing her creations, she's in her little patient room to cure people seeking her aid. Everything had to be closed up and put on hold though, because "The Cheese Shop" requested her participation.

    Special Historic Notes:

    Character Name: Lord Byron Antilles, Earl of Remington
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Birthplace: Lord Byron was indeed born on the Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN *Toasts*) Land
    Occupation: Entrepenuer/ adventurer
    Fate Points: 3



    Current Goal/Purpose: Lord Byron seeks to establishin himself among the lord in service to the Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) through his adventuring and establish the most successful gun-making business within the Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN) empire
    Fears: Being without his guns
    General Personality: A Chivalrous and Outgoing fellow
    Inner Personality: Deep down he can't stand 99% of humanity and keeps everyone at arms distance


    EXTRAORDINARY (Choose 1): Gun running (The ability to start, maintain, and expand a gun-smithing business)

    QUITE FANTASTIC (Choose 2): Lord of Guns, Looking Sharp

    EXCELLENT (Choose 4): Binge Drinking, Drinking Games, Alcoholism, Social Etiquette

    GOOD (Choose 8): Operate aircraft, Sailing, Spelunking, Wilderness survival, Awesome, 'Tard Beating, General Adventuring, Bassist

    PASSABLE (Choose 15): other stuff


    General History:
    Lord Byron's parents were the Great Duke of Smith and the Countess of Wesson; his younger years were spent learning his parents' trade, enjoying fine and exotic liquors, and when he felt particularly adventurous, skiing.

    Present Life:
    He spends most of his life now working towards establishing himself as a successful businessman, but a lust for adventuring still possesses him from time to time.

    Special Historic Notes:
  7. SAMPLE CHARACTER (will probably not feature in the game)​

    Show Spoiler
    Character Name: The Lord Sir Darcy Hilary Edmund Darling, Lord of Canterbury
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Birthplace: Oxfordshire, England
    Occupation: Member of the House of Lords, occasionally a Foreign Diplomat and Explorer
    Fate Points:


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Current Goal/Purpose: To find a way out of having to disappear out of the country (or worse, off-world) on diplomatic missions for months on end, so he can settle down in England and do little but write
    Fears: Foreign countries, space, new worlds, just about anywhere that isn't England
    General Personality: Lord Darling gives off an impression of snobbish superiority a lot of the time, though when he wishes to he can be the height of manners and grace. He uses his title and status to great effect where he can, and seems to know exactly how to act in any social situation.
    Inner Personality: Terrified. Utterly, completely terrified. He's a man thoroughly out of his depth anywhere outside of England, but doesn't want anyone to know it. Thus he puts on a brave face, but inside, he's panicking.


    EXTRAORDINARY (Choose 1):
    QUITE FANTASTIC (Choose 2):
    Social Graces
    Dressing for the Occasion
    EXCELLENT (Choose 4):
    "I went to Cambridge, you know!"
    "I would like you to meet my African manservant, Occo."
    "Occo, be a chum and deal with him, would you?"
    GOOD (Choose 8):
    "I must say, I could swear tea has healing properties!"
    PASSABLE (Choose 15):


    General History: Born to a family so noble one could consider their blood to be literally blue, Darcy, the first son of the British war hero the Lord Sir Arthur Darling, spent his early life never wanting for much. Well-educated, all the money he could ever need (which he mostly spent on books and the like), it was a good life. He left Eton to go on to study History and Politics at Cambridge, from where he has recently graduated.

    Present Life: Last year, Lord Arthur Darling passed away, leaving Darcy the new Lord of Canterbury. Good, you might say? The new Lord Darling thought so too, until he was informed that with the title came the induction into the Diplomatic service, forcing him to travel across the globe and into space.

    Something he's less than thrilled by.

    Character Name: John Zakharov, Regius Professor of Chronology, Professor of Parapsychology
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Birthplace: Romania
    Occupation: Inventor!
    Fate Points:


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Current Goal/Purpose: Do cool things!

    General Personality: A inquistive man and a gentleman, though he is prone to bouts with SCIENCE FRENZY and has an unhealthy fixation on explosives.
    Inner Personality:A inquistive man and a gentleman, though he is prone to bouts with SCIENCE FRENZY and has an unhealthy fixation on explosives.
    Secret: He has a very special hatred of vampires. Also has a bit of a fondness for the american rebels.


    EXTRAORDINARY (Choose 1):

    QUITE FANTASTIC (Choose 2):

    EXCELLENT (Choose 4):
    Running (Gotta beat the mobs, you know)
    Rifles (mm, bear meat tonight!)
    "You mean there are people who don't carry dynamite on their person?"

    GOOD (Choose 8):
    European Languages
    "I'm not a doctor, but I saw the outside of a hospital once."
    "Please. Where I come from, this is considered a flesh wound."
    "Ciphers? Please..."
    "If you want my secrets, first you must decipher...MY ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS"
    Occult Slaying
    Deathtrap Design and Construction
    Lady Pleasin'
    PASSABLE (Choose 15):


    General History:
    Zakharov was born to wealthy parents, his father having come from Old Money, and his mother being a noblewoman swooned by the exotic foreigner that was his father. (Though his dad was mostly english, too...it just didn't show.)

    Much of his early life was spent in the dark forests of Romania, where he learned to deal with his father's strange inventions and was taught proper english by his mother. Eventually he fixed up a ancient castle for himself, and started to use it as a research base.

    Present Life:
    Due to some political troubles regarding his experiments in Romania, John moved off to England, where he won a fair amount of prestige for his work with the power of LIGHTNING and improving the efficiency of the steam engine. So he got himself as the professor of Chronology, which entails that he make sure time flows in a linear fashion.

    Spoiler: It does!

    He does like to teach a class on Parapsychology, and does SCIENCE in his spare time.

    Special Historic Notes: Met Dr. Frankenstien once. Odd fellow, and a bit to focused on death (and not LIGHTNING)
  9. Character Name: Nathaniel Harper
    Gender: Male
    Age: mid 30s
    Birthplace: Colonial Australia
    Occupation: Major
    Fate Points:


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Fears: Failure, shame, dishonor
    General Personality: Awkward as only a common man in a gentlemen's business can be. other than that, Nathaniel is a man thats calm under fire, and able to make quick decisions.
    Inner Personality:


    EXTRAORDINARY (Choose 1):
    Musketry/Rifle Drill

    QUITE FANTASTIC (Choose 2):

    EXCELLENT (Choose 4):
    From the Ranks (Nathaniel isnt a coward or incompetent who purchased their commission, he has earned his ranks though valor and deed this does make most officers look at him either with awkward admiration or distain.)

    GOOD (Choose 8):

    PASSABLE (Choose 15):


    General History: Has been in the army since he was 15, when he was picked up in a draft for a rifle regiment, fighting the french.
    He served in the regiment for more than a few years, before apparantly saving a general, who in turn, made him an officer.

    Present Life:

    Special Historic Notes: detests the French.

    will finish the rest later
  10. WIP​


    Character Name: Lady Raleigh “Leigh” Victoria St John
    Gender: The Fairer Sex
    Age: 29
    Birthplace: Bombay, British India
    Occupation: Translator, Linguist, Cultural Attache’, Negotiator, Intelligence Agent
    Fate Points: 3


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler


    Current Goal/Purpose: To see the world and take everything that life has to offer. Then, when she's old and tired of fame and fortune, she'll marry some handsome prince or king and retire.
    Fears: Snakes, driving automobiles, father finding out
    General Personality: Practical, shrewd, sophisticated, ambitious
    Inner Personality: A lady through and through, for better or worse.
    Secret: Due to a gypsy curse, Raleigh is prone to being kidnapped and accosted, ever the damsel in distress


    EXTRAORDINARY (Choose 1):

    “I speak their language.”

    QUITE FANTASTIC (Choose 2):

    “I believe I have a solution that will make all parties happy.”
    Spectacular memory.

    EXCELLENT (Choose 4):

    “Give me a moment, I can decipher this code.”
    “I did a bit of fencing in my school days. Father was so scandalized.”
    Always stunning.
    “I have friends near here.” (Very well connected.)

    GOOD (Choose 8):
    Intellectual snobbery.
    Impeccable manners.
    “Do I look like someone who would lie to you?”
    “Nothing to worry about. I’m calm.”
    Natural grace.
    “Do you want to be seduced? (Please don’t tell my father).”
    Gossip/rumor magnet.
    Concealed weaponry. "These skirts are more than a fashion statement."

    PASSABLE (Choose 15):
    “Father insisted I learn the piano.”
    Horseback riding.
    “Surviving the corset.”
    Running in high heels.
    “Father also insisted that I take ballet, as a girl.”
    “A former acquaintance taught me how to use his revolver, but I cannot stand that noise.”
    Expense management (unless the latest fashions are involved).
    Indignant slap.
    Never late, but never early.


    General History: As the only daughter of the governor of Bombay City, there were many 'expectations' of the young Raleigh. The girl spent most of her time buried in her various studies and activities her father thought befitting a future Lady. It was her yearning for companionship with someone her own age that revealed her unnatural ability to learn languages quickly, and by the age of nine, Raleigh could fluently speak and read all of the native dialects in Bombay City, as well as the classical languages her father insisted she study. At age fourteen, Raleigh was sent to live with her grandparents at their estate in Oxford, where she would continue her studies and learn to become a proper, British lady.

    Present Life: After completing her university studies, instead of fulfilling her father's wish and marrying some rich Duke or Earl, Raleigh put her talents to use and became an agent of the Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN). She hopes to use her accomplishments and connections as an agent to climb all the way to the top before her father finds out what she's really been up to.

    Special Historic Notes:


    Character Name: Lord-Commander Alaister Nemo, Lord Strange, Earl of Derby
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Birthplace: County of Derby of the Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!) land.
    Occupation: Officer in the Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!) Navy, Engineer
    Fate Points:


    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler



    Current Goal/Purpose: To Serve the Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!)! Oh, and to build awesome.
    Fears: Spiders, Midgets
    General Personality: Erratic, Ecstatic, Energetic and E-uh... Pleasant.
    Inner Personality:
    Secret: "I have no bloody secrets! Now off with you, shoo~!"


    EXTRAORDINARY (Choose 1):
    "I got got the most INSANE idea..!"

    QUITE FANTASTIC (Choose 2):
    "See that there? I can shoot it!"
    "See that there? I can fix it!"

    EXCELLENT (Choose 4):
    "Of course I can fly this- I BUILT it!"
    "Allow me to introduce you my prize hound, Baxter!"
    "I can't see you if you can't see me!"
    General Crazyness

    GOOD (Choose 8):

    PASSABLE (Choose 15): Everything else.


    General History:

    Second son of the Earl of Derby, it was expected that his eldest brother Bastian Nemo would inherit the Earldom of Derby and represent his family and Derbyshire within the House of Lords. Alaister did what any loyal second-son would do following his all-encompassing secondary and third-ary educations-- he joined the British Navy!

    Utilizing his prized inventive mind, he established the First Order of the Rocket and earned his Knighthood and title of Lord of Strange-- or Lord Strange, for short. To go along with his "steampacks", he devised an aquatic vessel that was specifically designed to deliver the "rocket jumper." Alaister became the famous 'First Lord of Steam' when he created the first suit of 'jumper armour. Many 'jumpers refuse to wear the whole suit, as Alaister does, to his consternation...

    Present Life: Following some years in the Navy (and serving in India), his eldest brother and father both died in a horrific dirigible accident. Alaister inherited the Earldom from his father, and now has the enviable position of being both a military man and a man of politics. Oh boy!

    Special Historic Notes: Alaister clung to his educative years to avoid time-served in the military, not necessarily out of a lack of jingoistic fervour for Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!) and country, but more so to stay behind in the realm of academia and perfect his slew of invention.

    Which has yet to be done. There are quite a few issues to be found in his inventions, including the ones in service to the Queen's (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!) Navy...
  12. I have literally spent two hours writing this character sheet and have now only come across this second page in which you say that you're not overly interested in accepting any additional characters. I have some years of roleplay experience if that helps in your decision making. PLEASE HAVE MERCY, O WISE ONE :weird:

    Character Sheet:
    Show Spoiler
    Character Name: Florentz Delacroix
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Birthplace: Paris, France
    Occupation: Aide to the French ambassador
    Fate Points:

    Genearl Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: Desperately seeking a promotion
    Fears: Horrible fashion sense, the clergy, anyone better looking than himself
    General Personality: Sarcastic, arrogant and generally unpleasant.
    Inner Personality: Florentz does not suffer fools and is quick to make a cutting remark; sometimes to his own detriment. Narcissistic and a notably selfish individual, the well-being of others is of little concern to him. He is not afraid to exploit friend or foe for his own personal gain. Despite his humble background, he has a peculiar sense of entitlement and expectation of special treatment. Unnecessarily proud, but willing to set it aside if it will serve him well. Surprisingly, Florentz can still be quite deep.
    Secret: "How vaaaary dreadful zat ze last aide was murdered in such curious circumstancez LOLZ"


    "Look at my face, Victoire. Iz thiz the face of a liar?" (highly convincing and seemingly trustworthy)

    "Does my body not drive you vild vith dezire? But first..." (manipulative)
    "Shush now, lady features. I am trying to zhink!" (critical thinker)

    "You vouldn't dare" (intimidating)
    "Oh really?" (excellent sources of information)
    "I am on a strict diet of cigarettes and ze occasional grape" (light footed)
    "Until we meet again" (concealed dagger for stealth kills)

    "Fly, my beloved Henrí" (messenger pidgeon)
    "Surely we can come to zome sort of arrangement, oui?" (influential conversationalist)
    "Fire!" (impeccable marksmanship with a revolver)
    "I'll be fine" (recovers quickly)
    "Bingo. It seems I win again" (good at cheating)
    "Hmph" (literary snob)
    "Your face is making my eyes sting" (observant)
    "To be or not to be?" (dramatic philosopher)

    "It iz you zat cannot speak vary vell, Madaaaaam! My ability to zay ze English iz unmatched in all ov Froooonce" (English leaves a lot to be desired)


    General History: Born in gay Paris to parents with backgrounds in government administration, Florentz's future seemed set in stone. As a child he had a noticeable disdain for other children. He would spend most of his childhood hatching master schemes to run away with the circus, but cowardice dashed his dreams. Florentz instead buried his head in books and excelled academically. The government would later grant him a scholarship to study abroad in England. He soon bored of university and shifted his focus to the criminal underground of London. After leaving university he was somehow offered a job at the French Embassy in London.

    Present Life: Florentz has quickly worked his way up through the embassy and is now one of the French ambassadors three shadowy aides. The ambassador tends to delegate the less noble tasks to dear Florentz. He isn't exactly happy with his position, but the job allows him to exercise his intimidating nature. He rents a room in the slums. Will occasionally feed information to the British when funds are looking low.

    Special Historic Notes: Disappeared from history at the age of 20.
  13. You think the disgruntled Scottish student is wise? >___>


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    Right, anyways.

    I've written the initial stuff for this game with six people in mind, so the seven we have as it is is gonna be a stretch. So I'm really sorry, Meno, but I really can't throw any additional characters at this just now.

    However, should someone drop out or lose interest, or when I expand the game a bit (thinking of making two groups of agents, seeing how there's a lot of interest for this) you're more than welcome to jump in. Sorry again, man. It's just that loads of folk having been asking to join and I've had to say no; it'd be a bit of a dick move on my part if I let you jump in now.
  17. Nah, that's fine. Don't worry about it, chap. I'll just climb into my time machine and go get those two wasted hours of my life back.... oh wait TIME MACHINES DON'T EXIST.

    But srsly, enjoy the rp! XD
  18. The suspense!

    It kills!
  19. Righto, Meno and I have concocted a rather cunning plan, so the rest of you get to find out what that is soon enough.

    IC'll be going up tomorrow. Those of you who haven't finished your sheets yet do so ASAP or suffer the wrath of the Queen (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN).

    Let's do this, mofos.
  20. Silence! O pray tell, what be the source of that far off sound? Ah, Ophelia, I do believe it is the sound of success. TAKE THAT.