Falem: A "New" World

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    The Birth

    Its a whole "new" world. The year has now been decided to become 1. Last year was the year 2015. The world fell in love with vampires. Stories, costumes, teeth, everything. In the 2013 scientist created a "poison." This poison causes you to thirst for blood. Nothing but blood. You can calm the thirst with human food but there is always that thirst for blood growing stronger as you become older. It also allowed you to retract canines. Some where mutated and had canines on top and bottom. There where defaults in there plans though. They tried releasing them into the "wild." They would shrivel though and once returned to the shade would go back to normal soon after but if not retreaved soon enough would turn to ash even if in the shade.

    The Hosts

    It took them a couple of months but they soon figured out how to get them to reproduce. The process was complicated at first but soon was simple. They needed a human host. The human would have the child emplaced in them unknown. They would be placed in a trance either to stay in the vampires home, typically the mothers, or to follow the vampire(s) around. The process would drain almost every ounce of life out of the human for the short month. IT was even harder to get a human because they couldn't go out in the sun.

    The Evolution

    It soon becamse easier though once sientist made another poisen that they injected into the vampires heart. This allowed them to walk durning the day light. With it other things came though. The vampires skin became hard. They froze in there age. There eyes would go completely black at the smell of blood. They seemed to transport themselves up to a yard away. They also could compel humans without using them as hosts.

    The Powers

    They each had there own individual things though. Not completely. They have groups. Some split into smaller groups. There was The Elements that are split into smaller groups of each element. There was The Creatures that are split into smaller groups of "mythical" and known creatures. There was The Gods that were split into smaller groups of enhanced abilities. Last but not least (what so ever) there was The Elders. Not split into smaller groups but the original vampires the scientist made.

    The Elders

    The Elders where the original vampires. Even from the beginning they never seemed to die and had something different about them. They where always charming the scientist since birth. They showed signs of the powers before they where developed. They seemed stronger then the others as well, when it came to there powers. Although they didn't have all of the powers they seemed to have the vast variety of them. There where 14 elders in the beginning. Two died with the sun experiments. The remaining 12 where not necessarily grouped but then again they where. Four in each of the different ones. They seemed to have combinations of the different powers.

    The Pairs

    The Elders where soul mates with each other. The scientist made sure that there was 7 males and 7 females. They saw the growing bonds between certain ones as the grew each day. So each pair would do things together. The two that died where a pair. The rest paired together. They paired with each other but didn't necessarily like the pairing. They where paired based on what was best for the survival of the species. That doesn't mean each couple got along. That made the next generation a lot harder to make.

    The Next Generation

    The Elders did have children. They used the same host but would get a new one if there died. They used the same host that they where born from and would switch depending on parents. This was before the second poison so they where not clear on the powers and couldn't go in the light. Before they got the poison they managed to double there population. This children grew up fast and similar to there parents but didn't have the same charming affect. After the poison the tripled there population because they had more space. That was just from The Elders. There children were not that successful.

    The Beginning

    They soon broke loose of there "parents" (the scientist that raised them) grasp. They broke free in the year 2015 and took over the world that year. They still needed blood so they captured all of the humans and placed them on the smallest continent they could fit them all on. T Hey would take them for blood or as a host as they needed them. If they felt the population was falling they would entice them to reproduce. If they felt the population was growing to much they would have a killing spree and none of them went thirsty.

    The Fozer

    The Fozer was born in the year 15. She grew to her point and looked of the human age of 17. She received her powers or abilities when she looked at the human age of 10 like all vampires. She was different though. She had all of these abilities. There is no one like her. She is grouped in each of the different categories even the smaller ones inside of the categories. The Elders had disappeared in there castle a long time ago. If you saw them you where saying your last words. Of course she was a threat to the elders but she didn't know that. She was open about everything. Everyone would gasp at her. She had all of the different tattoos all over her body. One day someone went to The Elders castle and relayed the information he had. That there was a vampire that had all of the markings of each power and that she was clueless of strength yet.


    ----- Fozer: Scarny

    -The Gods






    -The Elements






    -The Creatures








    Age(Human Look):
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    Parents(Dead or Alive):
    Generation(Which are you): EX: The Elders are 1 The Fozer is 25
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