Fake Romance

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  1. It was the usual hustle and bustle at the main office of the Subaru Company, the largest and fastest growing company in Japan. Known not only for it's fast success but for the CEO's intuition and his sharp remarks. And with such a great mind it was only a natural that his son would inherit his bright mind and fascinating ideas, and he would do anything to maintain his regal bloodline.

    "I refuse." Kotarou stated firmly, turning down his father's request of meeting a sister company's daughter for a blind date. His brows were knitted tightly together as he stared his father down through the laptop's screen. Kotarou was at Japan, while his father was at their American branch.

    "You're being hard to handle, Kotarou." His father replied in a menacing tone, his fingers laced out in front of him. "It's about time for you to marry. And this child is the best candidate for you, I assure you." It was at the spur of the moment decision but Kotarou found himself replying almost immediately and without a second thought.

    "The reason I refuse to marry is because I am already engaged to someone else. I would never replace her for our company's success. If you truly care for me as your son you would at least see her for yourself." There was silence on the other end of the line before Kotarou heard him grunt. "Very well, I'll be home in three months. I'll see her by then."

    And the screen turns black.

    "So why did you call us here again?" Akio yawned, clearly not in the mood for Kotarou's antics. It was three in the morning and he was sure that nobody would be happy to have been woken up at such a time. Kotarou groaned, bent over his desk as he looked up at his friend.

    "Do you think you can help me out with my father?" Kotarou had already explained everything to him over the phone so there was no need for him to say anything else. Akio grins widely then brings out his phone, smiling at his friend as he dialed up a number.

    "I've got just the person."
  2. Sydney had been up late that night, and while she would have usually ignored any phone call at almost two in the morning, she recognized the familiar name before she groaned. As she picked up the phone and said a soft hello through the speaker, she heard her friend Akio talking.

    Sydney had asked Akio and his brother for a favor a few months before, and without him she wouldn't know where she would be right now. So in debt to him, she listened quietly to his favor. Although technically it wasn't his favor, he asked her to do it, so with a little begging from Akio, Sydney agree. Plus, if everything went well, she could have him come to a few family dinners so her mother would stop bugging her about not having a boyfriend.

    "So, when will I meet this guy?"she asked slowly after Akio finished explaining what she would have to do. She nodded to his response and with that the screen went black and it was quiet running through her empty house. She stood up from the chair she was in and changed out of her jeans, and into her night clothes as she laid down for bed.


    The next morning Sydney woke up early and dressed herself into her work uniform. She smiled as she pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail and slipped her tennis shoes on. As she drove towards the hospital where she had been working as a nurse for the past few months, she remembered the deal she had promised Akio the night before.

    A groan slipped from her lips. What was she thinking? Pretending to be someone's fiance for three months? She didn't even know the guy that she was suppose to 'marry', and she didn't know if she'd even get along with him. She turned her radio up softly and listened to the music as she tried to get her mind off of her stupid and fast decision.
  3. The day of their meeting soon arrived. Kotarou had woken up early that morning, washed his face, ate his breakfast, dressed, and drove to the cafe he agreed to meet Akio's friend. For the sake of a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, he invited Akio along. He was after all her friend. It would be better to be with someone she knew than with a complete stranger.

    "Your tunes are boring." Akio groaned, pertaining to Kotarou's choice of music which was classical piano and jazz. He rolled his eyes and changed it to a modern pop radio channel and he nodded, seemingly satisfied. "Better!"

    "Whatever." Kotarou grumbled. He pulled the car out the driveway and zoomed off.