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  1. I don't have much of a plot in mind, but I like the idea of a fake marriage, maybe one of the character needs money, or needs to be able to stay in the US and their Visa is up, something like that.

    They don't necessarily have to hate each other, but it would be a bit more interesting.

    If anyone has any more ideas or is interested in some kind of rp with a fake marriage just comment or message me!
  2. This sounds fun.
    What time era were you thinking?
    I have an idea if you're interested?
  3. I'm open to any time period :) and I'd love to hear it
  4. Okay, so please feel free to make corrections or add in something if you'd like. This is just a suggestion. :)

    Everyone is under the shared belief that those born into royalty actually want to someday inherit the position of their elder relatives. Another words, to one day become the King of the country. However, what if this isn't always the truth?

    One country's eldest heir (whatever country you'd like, real or not) is the exception to the throne. He actually doesn't want to become the King. The very idea of commanding an entire country has his extremely frightened. Also, he has never truly accepted the lifestyle of his heritage. He doesn't enjoy being the heir, nor living by the traditions and standards set upon him by the elders of his family. This twenty-first birthday is soon approaching and on the night of this celebration he'll be named the new King.

    How can he escape this entitlement? Well, marriage of course. The Royal family disowns anyone that decides to marry outside of the pre-selected spouses. This is done to preserve the bloodline's purity. So if the Prince was to marry a mere commoner, he'd automatically be disqualified as the next in line to his father's throne.

    Everyone in the country knows who he is, though. So this won't be a simple task. Unless he decides to become involved with a visitor to his country? A tourist that wouldn't be knowledgeable enough to recognize him? Even so, afterwards he would have to continue living a lie. Would his family get involved? He is a beloved member of the family and a treasure to his country. Surely he wouldn't be released from the responsibility so easily? Can he get a woman to fall in love with him?

    I would like to play the female in this role play, if that's alright?
  5. That sounds pretty darn awesome :) would you like to have it set in a different time period or modern time period?

    Also, I am fine with playing the 'prince' almost King, but be warned that It might not sound completely how a guy would say things or do things. I do my best, but since I am not male I will never really know the inside of a guys mind.

    I would love to do this rp with you though :)
  6. Any setting is perfectly fine with me. I have no preference either way. :P

    Oh, no worries. I completely understand. Also, there's no set personality for him. You can play his character however you see accurate. I'd be delighted to just role play this idea with you. Haha.
  7. How about we do it in a modern way? I think that could work out well.

    Do you want to make descriptions for the characters or just start out? I have been on this site for awhile but I still don't know how to do some of the set up things :)
  8. I could take care of all that.
    Just a quick question, do you mind writing through PM?
    It's easier for me. Haha.
  9. that's fine, works for me :)
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