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  1. This whole was between aliens and humans has been becoming a real problem. The population has decreased tremendously, and human victories were way too rare, even with all the nuclear weapons they threw at the aliens, they would never fall. The humans were fed up, and it was time to take action.

    They began to work on androids. Nuclear weapons that had human minds, and human bodies, but with amplifications all over. They looked just like humans, but of course, they had a skeleton of metal, weapons, rocket fuel, etc. O-327's mind was only recently transmitted into his body, however he wasn't awake yet.

    They launched all the androids into space only a few hours before the ship was blown up by, yet again, the aliens, which wasn't expected. All the androids were destroyed...well at least that's what they thought. O-327's body was exploded back down to earth. After people found him in his case, they took him out and gave him more modifications and enhancements since he was the only one left. They didn't have time to rebuild, only modify. One night they had him locked up in a room where only human scientists could get in to take him out. However one girl found a way in and she wanted O-327 out. Aliens were going too far and time couldn't be wasted. They needed O-327 now, and they were sending her to release him.
  2. why do I have to do this. Dark said in her head. "if I die I'm going to hunt you guys' she yelles out loud. she walks up to his case and looks at him. "what the hell its dead I think?" she said out loud to herself. she then touched the Door to reveal the Number pad. she Types the number down and then the door opend. and the ice malted. Why me why me why me what if he kill me' she can stop having the feeling he will kill her. her black hair blowed to the air and her lab coat blowed as well. She waited to see if the thing would mobe or not. she glace at it with her dark blue eyes. her black suit was under her lab coat.
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  3. Warmth...I haven't felt like this in a long time. O-327's eyes shot open. His eyes glowed a light blue. His eyes began to shoot around so he could take in his surroundings. It was hard to see out of his case, but he was able to determine that there was a person, maybe a female, standing outside of his case. He looked straight at her, still unable to move.

    A good few minutes later, he was able to feel his limbs, and functions start to move. He had control over them. He then looked back down at the girl and his arm shot through the virtually indestructible, bulletproof glass. His palm hit the girl's throat and his fingers wrapped around her neck. In a deep robotic sounding voice the words formed. "Who are you?" His eyes turned red which obviously meant it he was getting ready to kill. O-327 tilted his head to the girl waiting for an answer.
  4. She covered her face from the glass. And when she looked up his hand was already on her neck. She laughs nervously as his eyes turned red "I-I-I-I'm Going to die." she said it out loud hoping someone would send the team down to save her. NOW. she was starting to cry as she knew it would be to late before they came. "Before I died I Like hi AND thank you for saving us if you Yeah so you can kill me now" she said closing her eyes hoping he would do it fast.
  5. "Why are you here!?" he asked in a deep robotic voice once again. "Answer the question please!" his grip tightened but he still allowed her to speak. He wouldn't kill her until he understood why she was here awakening him.
  6. she grunts and trys to g him off hera "We-We need you the world is beening distroyed" she was still crying "the aliens killed many people even my family we need something strong to save us" she ponits at him "you" she knew he mant bussens now "Can- can you let go of me please"
  7. O-327's eyes turned back to a peaceful blue. He let her down, but grabbed her wrist. "I'm not officially letting go until you tell me who you are!" he said. He was now able to get a good look at her. She was a very attractive girl. His human feelings seemed to sky rocket after getting a gander at her. She was quite a sight to look at. "Can you tell me who you are, please? Otherwise I refuse to accompany you."
  8. she sighed and was about to run for it before he trys to grab ger but to late he got her wrist this time lucky he was being kinder then before "its umm Dark" now that she has a closer look at him she starts to think he not that bad looking but to bad h a robot."what yours i mean whats your name" she was nevrouse
  9. "I have no name! I am O-327! A name i my last priority....u-unless you'd like to give me one..." he said with an awkward, yet stern voice.
  10. "ummm Im not so good at names but i will think of something" s said with a small smile thats whe the othesintcescame in as well and clapped there hands "well done Dark you jobe is done here" Dark looked confused "what do younmean done?" they siled " We dont need you in other words good-bye miss Dark" and before she knew it the lead sinte had a gun ponited at her and shot her
  11. O-327 quickly appeared in front of dark and he caught the bullet. He looked at the guy wielding the gun and his eyes turned to a crimson red once more. "Why would you try to kill an innocent girl!?" He dropped the bullet then ran up to the man, sweep kicking him before simply knocking him to the ground with absolute force. Once the man came in contact with the ground he was dead instantly. He looked back at the rest of the crew and tilted his head. "Anyone else?" he asked, before watching the crew rush out. His eyes then turned back blue. He then looked down at his naked body. How lucky was it for it to be super foggy in that room or dark would have seen 'everything' "Do you know where I could get some clothes Dark?" he asked.
  12. she opend her eyes to see the bullet didnt hit her and looked around when she heard his voice again asking for clothing "Umm yeah come with me" she smiled and walk strat "wait no stay here i will go get you some what size are you?" she asked thinking knew
  13. "I don't know..." he said looking at himself. "What size do you think I wear? I'm an android that just woke up....I don't know too much...other than what I've been programmed."
  14. "ok umm you look like a size you know what im goingo g you a shirt and baggy jeans if to small give it back it to big i will just give you a balt is that ok" she said trying to not look at at him. she walks to a room and grabbs tree tops tree pants and then comes out wi thm. as she was grabbintham she was thinking of names for him
  15. "Thank you Dark," he said as he accepted the clothing. "Is this "stylish" in the world?" he asked before slipping the clothing on. "You can look now by the way."
  16. "yes they are" she turns to him and looks "Akio" she though he is a hore well will be one soon and he bright. "your name will be Akio which means Bright hore or man"
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  17. "Akio...I like it," he said. "My name is O-327 A.K.A. Akio. It's catchy!"
  18. shensmiles "very now come on time to show you a round and then to your room" she smiled and starts to walk forqoerd
  19. Aiko followed the nice looking girl with a smile. He looked down and noticed her ass. Damn he thought to himself. Obviously the human feelings were kicking in quickly. "Where is there to go Dark?"
  20. "nothing realy just wanted to get way from that place it scary" she said not turning to look at him when she was speaking. she goes to the elevator and puch the up button. with a smile waiting for the cart to come down. "so Aiko how long where you in there for" she was new to this place. so she didn't know everything
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