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Faith in Humanity

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Cpt Toellner, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. A random desire to look up some famout pirates in history just hit me, and I decided to check out a "Top Ten Historical Pirates" list on a known history website.

    I should have never ventured into the comments section;






    And of course:


    Thanks for going there Johannes
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  2. I think it's cute you had such a misguided faith in people and the internet!
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  3. So when you title the thread, "Faith in Humanity," do you mean you've lost or gained said faith? I'm assuming lost?
  4. I'm with these people, Captain Jack Sparrow should have totally been number 1 on that list.
  6. Whoooosh...

    Don't feed the trolls, hon
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  7. I swear to god, I will dress up like a pirate, put burning sticks of fuse in my hair, and hunt you down.
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  8. *Gasp*

    I'll be waiting for you.
  9. Why are you even surprised?
  10. Captain Crunch is the most fearsome pirate of them all.

    Followed, of course, by myself.
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  11. Wouldn't Captain Crunch be the Navy officer who chases pirates?

    Cereal piracy!
  12. Aren't we all pirates, though?

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  13. Ass pirates are so under-appreciated.
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  14. How did you have any to begin with? Seriously, I want to learn your trick, because mine's been lost for years.
  15. Shouldn't the hosts of Pirate Bay be #1?
  16. What about Gangplank?
  17. What about gangplank?
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  18. That's about the tamest internet comment section I've ever seen. How have you not lost your faith in humanity yet if all it took was a bunch of people acting as if Jack Sparrow was real and one guy mildly insulting Obama to destroy it for you?

    I mean, it's a comment thread. On the internet. Honestly I think my faith in humanity has been restored slightly since not a single one of them started some sort of dumb religion debate or used the word "gay" as an insult. Additionally, most of them have pretty decent grammar. Sure, they could work on their punctuation and capitalization a bit -- but nothing atrocious. And, again, no really stupid debates. Oh, and the Obama-bashing could've been way worse. Honestly, this is one of the best comment sections I've seen in quite a while.

    You're improving, humanity. You're improving. Good job.
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  19. @Kaga-kun, don't let your guard down. Humanity just wants you to think that so it can drop its next bombshell on you unsuspecting.
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