Faith in humanity.... Fading...

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    This.... This is so wrong :[

    He was fired from his job because he saved someone outside of his lifeguarding zone? What? How is this the "greatest country" when people are getting punished for helping others?
  2. ^That has got to be the best reaction image for this ever.
  3. Faith in humanity is a silly concept. I have faith in C'thulu. Like we should.
  4. Gibs <--- 10 internets
  5. It's terrible how humanity is now-a-days. =/ Instead of doing a good deed, that guy is punished for it. What the hell is a lifeguard supposed to do if they don't save a life?! Even if it was out of his zone, it should be more important that he saved a life instead of making that beach look bad. >:I
  6. On a more serious note I should add that there are likely non human actors involved in this event. The company which owns the beach and it's composite regulations is a non human actor. It doesn't get happy, it doesn't get sad, it does not feel pity or anything, it just runs it's program. Often when we see people acting in 'inhuman' ways their actions are being influenced or overtly controlled by nonhuman actors, ideas like corporations, nations and religions, which we have invested so much power in that they literally gain a life of their own. There is no reason to expect such actors to act in a human manner for words and concepts lack the biological underpinnings of emotion and creativity. Rather there is every reason to expect them to act in the manner of a machine, cold, analytical and inflexible. When human beings are subservient to such ideas, either by choice or force, they become extensions of them and their behavior mirrors their essential inhumanity.