Faith and Blood

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    Albany, Attican Run, North Territories, Empire.

    Even though the thick mist the smell of smoke and death hung in the air. Here and there a figure moved, picking over the bubble, their indistinct silhouettes bulky under their cloaks. There were no cries of the wounded, even before the detachment of the Emperor's daughters, the battle nuns of the holy Inquisition were dispatched whomever had put the village to the torch had done their work with brutal efficiency.

    "Mother superior..."

    Ellian Kurt, the abbot who had raised the woman under his command like his own children spoke, his aged frame resting upon a chair, carried by servants, the lectern before him bare, the precious parchments he carried sealed against the moisture laden air.

    Approaching him was an older woman, her face scared but her eyes still burning with the fire of battle.

    "We have found nothing, my lord."

    "Very well. Marshal the sisters. We will return to the abbey and send our report. We have wasted enough time here."

    A company of elite holy warriors dispatched to investigate a peasant village's destruction, even if neither spoke it they knew this was out of the ordinary. There were only very few who could have signed the order. The Holy Inquisitors who protected the empire from enemies from without, and within.

    As the order to withdraw was being bellowed through the unit a squall of rain cut through the fog like a scythe through chaff and almost immediately a call came from the edge of the village, something had been found.

  2. In the village of Rute, a quiet sort of place with but a worry, save when an Inquisitor was in town, tiptoed about their business. The Inquisitor herself was finished with what brought her there and the remains of the accursed were being swept away as the new lord was adjusting to his new position. Not that she cared one way or another about the lord, he could do what he pleased as long as he abided by the Emperor's decrees. No, all the Inquisitor cared about was the meal in front of her.

    The one that came to her shoulder was someone she knew long enough that she didn't even pause as she continued eating, listening to the words whispered into her ear. Her eyes narrowed as she swallowed her piece of meat and as she took her napkin to dab her mouth she gave instructions on who she wanted with her.

    With the acolyte melting into the shadows almost, she finished her meal, knowing her will was being fulfilled.


    The hood was as much to keep the rain off as it was to keep the face hidden as the group sat uptop the hill looking at the ruins of what was once a village. Whoever, or whatever attacked this village had been very thorough. "There seems to be the Order," the Inquisitor said without pointing, as she looked at where there were some woman in armor, not all of theme, but the ones she would talk to. Without another word she road down the hill and into the village. They would not be expecting her, and that was fine by Aurora.
  3. Ian himself had been enjoying a meal prior to this ride towards the charred remains of a town. Had this interruption not gone on, he could have avoided getting his protein stolen away by his feathered companion. Every once in a while, he'd shoot a glare at the owl who flew above him. She knew at this point that he would get her back for the thievery.

    The odor of death was recognized in an instant. Even with the cloth tucked around the lower half of his face, the foulness made it all the way to his stomach. Suddenly, Ian was grateful for not filling up at mealtime. To add to the melancholic view, rain came crashing down on them. Good thing he had his hood on, though it might get soaked through if this kept up for long.

    He stopped his horse at the hilltop where Aurora was, giving him the chance to take in the sights. The invaders left little to nothing. At least, it seemed that way until he spotted a group of females going in a particular direction. Right about the same time Inquisitor Aurora spoke of them. Perhaps they'd uncovered something. Whether or not that was the case, she was already making her way downhill.

    Ian signaled for Twig to fly ahead and find a perch where she could observe for anything suspicious or interesting. As for the ranger himself, he only went down the slope and to the entrance of the village. Curiosity grew the closer he got. However, he decided to wait for further command, since she hadn't said if she wanted them to follow her or stay put. Seeing the situation now, he could understand why she rode off in such a hurry.
  4. The smell of death reached him long before the view of it did, but the lean redhead sitting tall in his saddle didn't seem to be affected at all. Not surprising, considering the way he'd been living up until now. He didn't have to say anything though. The keen-nosed would already have noticed and the rest would upon climbing to the top of the ridge.

    The sight that greeted them was nothing new. Smoke like a fog. Charred foundations of once-were homes. The puddles the battle nuns marched through were redder than his hair. Yeah. This is a familiar sight, one he'd steeled himself against a decade ago.

    Head turning slowly, taking in the sight, Sojin whistled. "Looks like we missed the party," he commented, a smirk curving his lips. "Hey, bring me back some of whatever that is that smells so good, boss!" he called after the Inquisitor woman as she rode off down the hill.

    Don't do anything unless ordered to. That was the first thing he'd had to learn upon his completely and utterly willful joining of this absolutely lovely sunshine and rainbows team. So he waited right there, not that he had much choice because his horse was tethered to Mister Ranger's.

    Sojin sighed, rolling his head back on his shoulders, staring up at the dismal sky while he struggled to scratch the itch on his palm - not an easy feat when one's hands were bound together.
  5. Cries began to follow them, search parties noticing the group and hurrying through the thickening rain to alert the abbot. One or two raised bows or drew swords before their leader's seal was noticed.

    "Yes yes, what is it?" His palanquin was already halfway up the hill when a muddy sister reached him.

    "My lord... inquisitor... in the village." she panted pointing in the direction she had come.

    "By the emperor... then it rains it pours..."

    Visibility was worsening rapidly as the party moved through the ruins. With word having spread of instead of weapons they were getting the sign of the eagle, two hands crossed over the chest in salute.

    "My lords..." a boy in rags, one of the abbot's servants threw himself into the pooling mud before them. "The abbot humbly requests that you follow me. There has been a discovery." he spoke the high tongue of scribes and nobles but very poorly, the guttural nature of the common tongue seeping in at the end of his sentences. He rose and scrambles off as if afraid to be trampled by thier horses if they dallied, picking over rock and ruin with a startling agility. Through he rain two more figured came into view, one kneeling, the other tugging on her cloak.

    "Sister faith... we are to gather on the rise, an inquisitor has come... what are you doing..." she spoke in an urgent whisper.

    "Offering a few words for the souls lost here, if we do not who will...?"
  6. Aurora's horse paused for the boy and she listened to his words. With only the slightest of nudge she indicated to the horse that they would follow the boy. The rain was in all honesty a blessing. The smell of decay would have wafted on the winds had it been a sun soaked day. This way the dampening effect made it easier for those not so seasoned and even the most battle hardened would not be ungrateful to not have their senses completely assaulted.

    Still it was dreary and somber and peace would be only with those that brought it in themselves. Aurora uplifted her lips briefly upon hearing a murmuring that suggested some here would do just that as she passed. When she came to within almost comfortable talking distance to the abbot's litter she reigned in. "You have found something Lord Abbot?"
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