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    Mystic Academy, Orlando. The birthplace of a widely prestigious school, centered around making sure your students reach the ultimate peak of their academic improvements. Teachers of many varieties, a wide selection of courses and and a top notch kitchen staff. What more could one possibly ask for? Though just like any other Academy drama is just around the corner, friendships are made and others are ruined, couples get together and at the same time couples break up. Where will your story lie in the foundations of this lovely school.

    "Oh you must be wondering who the hell I am. Well I'll tell ya..I'm Margo. One of the many rulers of the universe. Yeah, I know. Such a boring looking woman. Well let me tell ya, I sort of just reached into the dimensions of all of your favorite little fairytale characters and threw them into the little game we call real-life. Making their stories only a little different and watching to see how long they can survive in such a place where not everyone gets their magical happy endings and things don't turn out the way it all happened in the books. You should watch too, it will be fun"

    Interested? That's great! Well if that's the case, then you can be anyone you want to be. Animated movie characters, disney classics, or Grimm's fairytale. Maybe even do a little mixing of each version. Whatever you come up with, it's sure to be great. Now if your planning on joining, here's the CS!

    Appearance (Picture/Pictures)
    Spirit (what character you are)
    Best Subject
    Worse Subject

    The Poor Unfortunate Souls

    Alina Pharr-Sleeping Beauty
    Carmin 'Red' Small-Little Red Riding Hood
    Bigsby Wolfson-Big Bad Wolf
    Ariella Triton-The Little Mermaid
    Chelsea Glasglow-Cheshire Cat
    Belle Levet-Belle/Beauty
    Delynnaria Delenix-Elsa
    Esme Calypso-Esmeralda
    Marshall Hatter-Mad Hatter
    Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Locke-Goldilocks
    Rampion Woods-Rapunzel
    Allistair Liddel-Alice
    Jim Hawkins-Treasure Planet

    Coming Soon AKA Reserves

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  2. Appearance (Picture/Pictures)

    Alina Pharr


    Around Men- Timid, clams up, nervous, fearful, obedient.

    Around Women- semi cheerful, likes to talk, kind, generous.

    When Alina was 8 years old she was attempting to sew a dress for her dolly when a gas leak in the house made her fall into a coma. In the hospital she was constantly raped by a male nurse. She slept for 7 years before she woke up. Alina takes therapy to cope with the changes of her body, and the memories she can recall from moments while she was unconscious. For the past year or so she has been drowning herself with tutors on all kinds of subjects. At the request of her parents, she is joining Mystic Academy as a Sophomore. Alina is unsure how much longer 'studying' will keep her mind at peace. Maybe she can find something stronger at school?

    Sleeping Beauty

    Alina is an only child who adores her three Aunts. Parents are together and happy.


    Best Subject:

    Worse Subject:
    Home Economics


    The "?" are the ones I wasn't quite sure/understood. Also I wasn't sure if you'd be okay with my history...
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  3. I'd like to reserve Red Riding Hood, if that's okay? c: I'll put the profile together to post in a bit.
  4. Of course! Can't wait to see it~
  5. Oh, ahah, I didn't even notice you were the creator. Hello, again~
    I guess it's safe to say we have similar taste in RPs. :I

    Appearance: (Picture/Pictures)

    Name: Carmin "Red" Small

    Age: 16

    While usually a friendly person, Carmin likes to keep to himself when he can. Naturally charismatic, he often finds himself surrounded by others, though he never lets them become too close. He doesn't like the responsibility of having good friends and always having to keep them pleased. Though he doesn't often have the chance, he enjoys walking alone through nice, quiet places and just enjoying the scenery.

    Carmin was raised for the first few years of his life by his grandmother before she passed away. With no other relatives, he went into foster care, but was soon adopted out of the system by an already large family. As the family owned a locally famous bakery, he was raised learning to bake, clean, and serve customers. Though he didn't mind, he was basically adopted as free labor. As he grew older, he became increasingly unable to stand spending too much time in the bakery, and now handles most of the deliveries, instead, when not in school. Though still not paid for his efforts, he does like getting to bike around town and enjoy the fresh air.

    Spirit: Little Red Riding Hood

    Family: Carmin lives with his adoptive father and mother, Eric and Rose Small, as well as three older brothers, an older sister, and a younger sister. You can imagine why he doesn't enjoy hanging around the house or bakery.

    Grade: Sophomore

    Best Subject: Home Economics

    Worse Subject: Physics

    Home Economics
    Art III

    You know how ridiculously difficult it was to find a picture? Ridiculously.
    I hope he's okay. c:
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  6. It is quite safe to say, that we have similar interests! He's great though, thanks for joining! @Kaz
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  7. Appearance (Picture/Pictures)
    Name Bigby Wolfson
    Age 16
    He is often quick tempered and fights others when provoked. He realized that he has a dark side and he battles with it along with the voices in his head.
    History Bigby grew up in an abusive home with a father that would beat him and a mother who was on drugs. He would often focus on his guitar playing. He was given as guitar as a gift from a teacher he had. as he grew older he would blackout and when he came to he found that he did terrible things to people. He didn't like this so he began to self medicate. now all he deals with is the voices in his head.
    Spirit Big bad wolf
    Family: He lives in foster care with a bunch of other kids being the oldest.
    Grade: Sophomore
    Best Subject: music
    Worse Subject: math
    Electives: music, art, boxing, sparing
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Ariella Triton

    Age: 16

    Personality: Ari is a very unique person, a girl who collects various trinkets from all over the world wondering what's beyond the world that she lives in now. She's bubbly and optimistic, always enjoying the time that is spent when she is in the water. A generous, caring and loving person she is always willing to help someone in need. Despite this though, she is incredibly rebellious, always taking off from her house as the clock chimes midnight, getting into arguments with her bodyguard and forcing her best friend to adventure with her to places he would never even think of going. She's stubborn and hotheaded, always craving something more then what she has.

    History: Ariella grew up as the youngest of a hoard of six children, a group of overly dramatic girls if were going into specifics. Her mother dying when she was only three years old, in a terrible accident and her father being left for the girl's care. A man who worked at a highend business claim, soon hired a variety of workers to take care of the girls instead of him, and that's where Ari's bodyguard Sebastian came into her life. A sarcastic Jamaican man, who always tried to keep her away from the life she wanted to live. Though meeting Florian at a young age, the chubby little blonde became her best friend and they did almost everything together. Best friends, two pea's in a pod and never anything more despite the obvious crush the smaller boy had on her. She became fascinated with a boy who's father was a rival of her father's for many years, maybe even a little obsessed with him and all at the same time she was being watched by a power hungry woman craving for her father's attention. Mr.Triton finally decided to place her and the rest of his daughters in a boarding school where they could be safe from anything that may come their way.

    Spirit: Ariel from The Little Mermaid

    Family: Her father Mr.Triton, and her sisters (too lazy to name them all, because hella of a lot of sisters. sheesh)

    Grade: Sophomore

    Best Subject: Music

    Worse Subject: Mathematics

    Electives: Swim Club, Chorus, Art ​
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  9. More people need to join~ :I

    Is it okay to bump threads on this site to get them noticed, or what?
  10. @Kaz I think so..BUMP
  11. Well, we could just discuss the thread while we wait for more sign-ups. Or something. Like. Can people be school staff, too?
  12. Maybe a banner should be made for this thread???

    Also i think i'd like to join if thats alright with y'all, but I'd have to pick a character.
    I'm a little torn between Jim from Treasure Planet, Eris from Sinbad, and Mulan from well Mulan.
    Any thoughts?
  13. I'm gonna say go with Jim because I'm bias like that. c: He's adorable.
    I suppose I'd be up for making a banner if I had help coming up with a design..
  14. @Kaz Maybe using the picture of the school itself as the background of the banner with a bright eye catching colour for the title "Fairytail High" I know I tend to click on the brighter coloured banners because they draw my eye to the corner and i'm like, "What on earth is that?"
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    Rampion Woods.


    16 years old.

    Rampion is a bright, bubbly girl. You can always find her laughing at something or just beaming brightly at others. She's a bundle of sunshine and joy. While she can be energetic and talkative, she can also be shy and quiet. She has her moments when she likes to take time to herself for a while. In these moments, she is quiet and tranquil, a complete opposite from when she's with other people. These are the moments where she lets her mind wander and she thinks about life and the world. After that, she's back to her bouncing, friendly self.

    Rampion is a very caring person. It's a habit that she has buried deep inside of her. She will always be the first to run to an injured person and make sure they're okay. She doesn't have to know the person personally to care for them. She'll care for anyone and everyone. Her heart is one that seems to be made of gold and it shows in many of the things that she does.

    Rampion is also a curious girl, always asking questions and coming up with outrageous theories. She likes to learn and fill her mind up with lots of knowledge. She likes to look at things and be able to come up with a bunch of facts about it in her mind or out loud. It's not like she wants to be a know-it-all, it's just that she likes the feeling of knowing. But she also likes to sit and make up her own theories and conclusions about things, even if they aren't accurate.

    Another thing that plays a big part in Rampion's character is how artistic she is. Sure, Rampion might not be able to draw, but she can create masterpieces in other ways. With her giant imagination, she likes to write stories like there's no tomorrow. Sometimes, she doesn't even write them, she just thinks about it in her mind, daydream about it. She also has a knack for music and can play beautiful pieces on the piano. She also likes to make up her own pieces now and then.

    Rampion has been living with Dame Gothel, or her mother, for as long as she could remember. She's been told that she was placed on her adoptive mother's porch. She was in a wooden basket and had a pink blanket covering her, only a few months old. Dame Gothel never told her what happened to her parents or why they had placed her on her doorstep. All she knew about them is that they were her neighbors and were very nice people. Rampion wonders about them often.


    Is living with Dame Gothel, her adoptive mother.
    Doesn't have any siblings.
    Doesn't know what happened to her parents.


    Best Subject:

    Worse Subject:

    Creative Writing II.
    Gardening Club.

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  16. so many characters i can't decide!
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  17. @Kaz I think i will take Jim though, since your right he is a cutie!

    @AllisonHushx I might not be able to make it tonight but can i go ahead and reserve Jim from Treasure Planet just incase someone else tries to get him before i can get a CS done?
  18. http://i.imgur.com/3aX96es.png Something like this..? I'm bad with figuring out what color and font to make text, but I tried..
  19. Omigosh, that's so cute and cool.
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