Fairytale and fable inspired rp???

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  1. Hello!

    So, hear me out.

    Please, please please....

    Just keep reading.

    If you don't like the idea after you get to the end-- let me know and I will send you cookies.

    What if old characters form story books, fables and fairy-tales were some how in the real world? Yeah, I know-- there's a show called Once Upon a time about this-- but I've never seen it and I don't just mean Disney tales.

    So, pretty much, my idea is that many 'fairy tale' characters live in tight clusters around the world. Maybe a large group in a few different areas? Like... One city or town in most countries? Well, what if some of these characters aren't even human? You know... >_>;; Like, ooooh-- let's sayyyy, the Big Bad Wolf? But they magic makes them look human? Call it a Glamour.

    Yeah, I'm done beating around the bush... I've been reading the Dresden files for far too long and I'm a big fan of fairy tales in their old dark twisty forms... I'll just post a character sheet in a spoiler attached to this post, as well as a hook idea in a separate spoiler.... If it seems like something you might be interested in let me know.

    PLEASE NOTE;; this would be a rather mature rp. Foul language is okay, as is violence. Just no character killing without the other players say so.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Bigby [Big-bee] Wolfe

    Race: Wind Spirit/ Wolf mix

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: (Human)Caucasian, Black hair, brownish-orange eyes 6 foot tall
    (Wolf) Silver fur, 8 foot tall, Red eyes

    Job: Detective

    Location: Chicago, IL USA

    Powers: Minor Wind magic, extraordinary sense of smell and sound, quick reflexes

    Weaknesses: Silver blades or bullets-- odors that are too strong

    Family: Winter Wolf (Mother), North Wind (Father), various brothers and sisters

    BG story/ Fairytale origin: Three little pigs, Little Red Ridinghood, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The dog and The wolf, The wolf and the Crane, The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats, the War of Two Wolves

    Born hundreds of years ago in the Old Lands, when fae creatures and humans walked the earth together, Bigby is refereed to a rather childish cliche-- the big bad wolf. A long time has passed and the world has changed since those days, and so has the wolf.

    There are a number of ways this sort of RP could go but listed below are just two hooks-- as well a a third spoiler link to show you how I write. Please take the time to look them over and PM me if you think you might be interested!

    Hook A (open)

    Detective Wolfe is new to the city of Chicago, transferred in from Sunny Florida. After a messy Internal Affairs investigation pinned the blame on him for the 'mysterious' disappearance of a suspect that was being held over night.
    He has been assigned to the Special Ops unit of the Chicago PD, a unit where most end of the line officers are put to keep them busy until retirement. Or-- officers who perhaps were a bit too ambitious found themselves as punishment-- with no chance of transferring back out or raising up the ranks... Still, there are some officers in the SO who have seen something, well, 'Special'. Be it stumbling upon trolls under a bridge, or having worked on cases with no logical answers-- some of the officers in the SO know there is more to the world than meets the eye.
    Now, Wolfe has to get his new partner to warm up to him while they try to solve their first case-- a grisly murder involving what seems to be some sort of occult ritual. But maybe his partner is more than she seems as well?

    Hook B (open)

    Wolfe has opened his own PI business in the Bronx-- though he only takes on cases that interest him personally. Known in the shadier parts of the city a regular, there was once a time when people of the underworld used to fear him as something of a 'hitman'. Now though, a strange twist of events, he finds himself on the other side of the law.
    When someone from the Old Lands steps into his office, looking to hire him, Wolfe is called to face both his recent and distant past in the midst of trying to build a new future. Can he really stay on the up and up, or is he really just a bloodthirsty wolf afterall?

    Writing Sample (open)

    Wolfe sighed as he leaned back in his office chair, running a heavy hand down over his face. "Christ almighty." he swore. It was all over the headlines...

    A human heart, found in a woman's post box. How quaint. Now all sorts of nasty rumors would be flying around-- and since the media got a hold of the story, he would be hard pressed to get close enough to investigate in any other way than officially. Cops would likely be on regular patrol all around the block. With the mayor busy with the upcoming election, there was no way he would be able to call in any favors either. Right now, everyone wanted to just keep their noses clean.

    "This means things are gonna be nasty." he groaned. He sat back up quickly and snatched his phone off the desk. Three new messages. Four missed calls. All from her. Damn.

    With a grunt he rubbed the back of his head... There was still a nice sized lump from the night before, and a nasty migraine was beginning to set in to boot. He stood up and grabbed his coat, tossing it on over one arm as he stumbled to the door before regaining his wits. Coffee. That's what he needed before anything else. Some quick energy and caffeine to fight off the fog in his head before dealing with this mess.

    Right sooo--- again these are examples. If you're at all interested please let me know! I know the idea SOUNDS childish, but in my mind it would be pretty awesome. I don't expect a whole town of fairy tale characters, but perhaps a few are running around? Hell-- maybe you wanna play a normal person and wanna make this more of a werewolf type of rp? Lemme know! <3
  2. I'm interested!! Mostly in the first hook
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