Fairy Tales Don't Come True

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  1. I have two different ideas for an rp, but someone would have to play the female since I am terrible at playing them.

    Well the first idea is that two races of beings have been at war for many centuries- most of the time it's over land. The one race is of draconic nature and the live in the plans and deserts of this land. The other race- which can be anything (like for instance elves) and they live in the great forests of this land. Once long ago both kings were good friends and there wasn't any wars, that was until resources began to diminish and such. After centuries of war the two kings finally get together and come to a peace offering. The Draconic King would offer his only son while the other king would offer his only daughter and make an arranged marriage. And the princess is sent off to live with her new "in-laws" for two weeks to learn their way of life with the prince helping her along the way as in return the prince must do the same with the princess helping. But things don't go according to plan because the princess doesn't want anything do to with the prince or the marriage or his people...in fact she possibly might be prejudice against them- the prince doesn't like the idea either, for he doesn't like the princess for the way she acts, but only does it because it's his father's word. The princess constantly is distant from her husband to be, but the more she spends time with and gets to know him...the more she begins to change her feelings about him...

    And the second idea is a beauty and the beast-ish type rp. Except with a few differences- the princess is from a far off land and she ran away because she is being forced to marry a prince that she doesn't even know or love. And at a final meeting between the prince and her father- the king- the prince murders him. Witnessing this, she runs away, being pursued by men that the prince had sent after her. She get's stuck in a very bad snow storm, which causes her to loose the men(for now) and being cold, hungry and weak she stumbles through the forest, trying to find shelter. That is when she comes upon a castle that she thinks is abandoned...but has one inhabitant- a prince...a prince who was curse at birth to turn in a beast...a werewolf....
  2. Ello^^ both plots sound pretty good
  3. Ok, would you mind if we did the first one?
  4. not at all^^ I have a half demon, quarter human, quarter elf princess who would good for that role
  5. lol ok that works perfectly. Well I will be going to bed soon, so i shall create CS when I get up
  6. kay^^ I can't wait!
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  7. Name: Malfoy Koku
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Draconic Demon (Draconian)
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  8. I wouldn't mind doing the second one with you, and I can play either role so yeah lol
  9. Ok, I would ask if you would play the princess then.
  10. Ok I can do that
  11. alrighty well I have to think of my character and then I will post my CS
  12. Ok, I'll do the same lol
  13. Name: Celeste Tsukimono
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Race: 1/2 demon, 1/4 human, 1/4 elf
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  14. Yay
    so will ot be over pm or forum?
  15. This will be in a form.
  16. I shall get both of your rps posted ASAP.
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