Fairy-Tale Noir: New Arcadia

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  1. "New Arcadia, a city built from the hard work and sweat of the Grimm Foundation. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, brothers and creators of the organization wanted this city to be a beacon of hope and freedom for those who want the best out of their life. Overtime the city grew, attracting many more lives with its promise. Ironically it was through this that the promise faded. Unprepared with such rapid growth, crime flourished. Gangs rose up from petty thieves and soon huge crime families appeared from the darkness. Organizations built on blood and bodies in more ways than one saw the city as a perfect opportunity to thrive. Snow White and "The Kitsune" have since become the major crime bosses of New Arcadia, but make no mistake, for The Kitsune has Snow White wrapped around his own finger. Nobody knows just where The Kitsune came from or even what he looks like aside from a few that have the luck of running into him. Sadistic and maniacal, Cruel and intelligent, he is definitely to be feared. All that is known is that the he doesn't bring order withing the ranks of the underground, but crazed rampage. As both of them work together, the city will slowly fall into their palms. The long night is quickly approaching, the storm is about to hit New Arcadia harder than it's ever been"


    Is the setting of the RP Idea I have right now, it's a revival of one of my older ones, to which I'm seeing if there's an interest for it? Essentially it's a darker, grittier, slightly more grounded approach to the Fairy Tale theme, only with a Noir atmosphere slapped on for good measure. Any folklore/Urban Legend/Fairy-Tale character will have a noir twist to them. it's not meant to be a "Fairy Tale world, but modern spin!" to it, so magic is very limited for now, unless you have good reason to have it for your character. It's a 1940's to 1950's time for New Arcadia, so Gangs roaming the streets, mob families do their stuff and Loan Sharks "collecting" their pay are more common in this setting.

    So? sound interesting? have any questions? let me know! And I'll work on the OOC! also, refrain from calling characters as your own just yet, wait until the OOC is up, some might just be NPCs.
  2. As CO-GM and the Fox...
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  3. As a sucker for this concept, consider me interested, but I do need to make sure I can handle the other RPs on my plate.
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  4. Consider my interest checked. ;)
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  5. So essentially "The Wolf Among Us" style game? I'd be interested in that if y'all are okay with having a newbie.
  6. Still unsure about the fairy tale bit but Noir has me down pat.

    Will pay attention.
  7. Far less fantastic in tone. The Fairy Tales is more a theme. Each charachter have similarities with their Tale counterparts, such as The Fox/Kitsune wearing a fox mask and being a agent of chaos. A trickster personality.
  8. Hmmm..... I see, this might not be the one for me then. Not that it's not a great topic. I'm just rarely in the mood to rp in a world that is too realistic. Hope y'all have a great game though.
  9. Dammit Drago.
    Y u do dis.
    Now I have another thing to look at.
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  10. This sounds very interesting. Can I join?
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