Fairy Tale High School

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  1. Kay, so I'm trying something new.

    I want to make a roleplay, with not just me as the GM but one other person as a GM (or maybe two others). I'm not always around, so it'd be good to have some to manage the rp when I'm occupied with something else. Also it's good to have someone around to plot and brainstorm with.

    So here's the basic plot that I have and once I get some bites, we can chat a bit and I'll decide whether we'd work well as Co-GMs. Then we'll take the plotting to pms...Or keep it in the interest check, your choice.

    Okay so, plot!

    Ever heard of that mini series Ever After High? Well I want this high school to be like that except without the children of the fairy tale people. This one will be focused on fairy tale characters, main and side. There will be no 'play your role' and 'follow your destiny' crap like in Ever After High. People can be whatever they want, except they need to stick to the basic personality of the fairy tale characters that they've chosen to play. So for example...Peter Pan would not be a responsible young man. He would be an immature little prick. Kidding. He doesn't have to be a prick. xD

    Soo...Anyone wanna help me brainstorm it out? The only non changeable rules for plotting that I have at the moment are these;

    No magical powers.
    No talking animals/No anthropomorphic animals.
    The school is not a boarding school.
    It's rated PG-13 for language.

    Oh and the name is totally temporary.
  2. Oh oh pick me pick me! I wanna join. Love this idea!
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  3. You want to join or you wanna be a GM? :O (Which of course you can join and be a GM)
  4. If you'd like me to be GM I'd be more than happy to help you out!
  5. Reaaaaally? :D Cause that would be awesome. :3
  6. Yeah totally!! I can PM you and help out as best I can!
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  7. Awesome! Unfortunately I have to go to sleep right now, but tomorrow!--Err...Today I guess...Cause it's like...I didn't know it was this late. T.T
  8. haha okay I'll send you a PM reply to it in the morning!
  9. I wanna join <3
  10. I WANT TO JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE FAIRY TAILS!!!!!!!
  11. @Noceur

    Great, well the other GM (Adira) and I are working out the basics at the moment, but I shall let you guys know when it's finished and posted, kay? :3
  12. YEAH!!!!! but may I ask can I have Red ridding hood X3 I really WANT to be her....
  13. Crap I was gonna take her... I guess I'll be belle or Snow White <3
  15. So is this kind of like the Fable series but in a high-school, cause that's a cool idea.
  16. @TheGDeer

    The rp is Disney themed so unfortunately, Red Riding Hood isn't included.

    I dunno what the Fable series is. o.O
  17. *sigh* No one ever dose.
  18. I'll be beauty (Belle) like said XD
    Can I be Prince Charming too? Ouo

    I already have face claims for them
    Miranda kerr and james dean XD

  19. Is it like Mother goose?
  20. I know fables 8D I've been waiting for a RP about it //sob. But most made seem to die quickly
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