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  1. Things had been quiet lately and Erza had simply been taking care of simple requests lately to help Lucy pay her rent for this month, a regular occurrence with the Celestial Wizard but Erza cared about all the members of Fairy Tail, possibly more than was normal but she was super protective of everyone in the guild, she also happened to more often than not take new recruits under her wing and help show them around the guild, now that the guild had grown it was drawing in more people than before. Often times the whole guild surprised them by being loud and welcoming, surprisingly this turned away more people than it drew it. As most people came to Fairy Tail expecting a strict guild, even though they were known to destroy a lot of things, particularly Erza's usual group the cheerful air of the guild sent quite a few prospects away from the guild. Erza herself didn't mind all that much though, she thought the guild was fine as it was anyway, with all it's brawls among the guild members and everything else...except when her cake was threatened, then Erza joined the fray.

    Today was one of those days, Erza had sat down for her favorite sweet and to just relax after a job and Natsu and Gray had started fighting almost immediately, until Gray was tossed by Natsu straight at Erza and he landed on her cake. "Wha...What...? You...You destroyed my cake!" She yelled at Gray even as she re-quipped into her Black Wing Armor and started raging against both Natsu and Gray who immediately ended up fearing for their lives, it was quite a sight though, anyone who walked in would find the two hot headed idiots tightly clutched in Erza's grasp and squeezing their heads hard enough that their faces turned red.
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    Dylan stared straight ahead as he watched the group of his new companions attack one another, resulting in the destruction of Erza's cake. He hadn't been a member of the Guild for long, but Dylan had learned very quickly that you didn't mess with Erza, or her cakes. As the two members hid themselves away for fear that the shouting red haired woman would kill them where they stand, Dylan reached his hand out and grabbed the rice-ball he had been snacking on earlier. Gently tossing the last piece into his mouth and chewing on it, he stared off at Erza. For somebody who had an extremely short temper, she was actually pretty nice. He had only seen and spoken with her a handful of times, but Dylan didn't really get the feeling that she was as mean as she made herself out to be. She was attractive as well. She was already a very "developed" woman and her constantly wearing skimpy armours was a slight distraction for Dylan when he was around her. In fact, twice during the argument with Natsu and Gray, Dylan found himself staring at Erza's butt and thinking it looked nice. But, his eyes quickly averted away from her shapely rear and moved back to another part of the room, trying not to be a weirdo.

    "Hey Erza," Dylan called out, waving his hand casually to her. With a smile, he reached beside him and grabbed a small packaged cake he had purchased along with his rice-cake earlier that day. "Did you want to have my cake? I don't think I'm going to eat it, plus it seems like you might like one."
  3. Erza stopped threatening Natsu and Gray as she turned towards the recruit she had been keeping an eye on lately, though she hadn't spoken to him much she could tell he held promise so she turned to him and tilted her head just slightly. "Oh Dylan hello. It's good to see you around the guild. Have you been doing well with your requests?" The fiery red head smiled before tossing another death glare at the pair behind her who had been about to fight again. Erza's weakness was well known to her guildmates so she perked up almost immediately upon being offered the cake, but she shook her head before she took it, "Are you sure you don't want it Dylan? I mean...I would gladly take it off your hands if you really don't mind."

    The offer had Erza requipping into her regular armor though as she approached the new recruit before looking him up and down, it wasn't a criticizing gaze but it was analytical, as if sizing up his potential. This was the third or fourth time she had examined him like this though in the span of his time in the guild. "Hey, come sit with me for awhile Dylan. I actually want to talk to you about something." Erza went to sit back down patting the seat next to her, to prove the point of her invitation again.
  4. Dylan looked at Erza with a raised eyebrow when she spoke about keeping the cake. Dylan shrugged and held up the wrapper from his rice ball. "I already had a rice ball so I'm good. Take it, I don't mind. Its gonna go to waste if somebody doesn't eat it, so have it." explained Dylan before she mentioned wanting to talk with him. Then, she offered him a seat next to her as opposed to sitting at the adjacent table by himself. Dylan was never really one for company, but he figured he should get to know his fellow guild members more, so he nodded and got up. Quickly sitting down beside her, Dylan leaned an arm on the table and casually asked "What's up?"
  5. Erza smiled and took the cake which she stuck a fork in and bit into happily before turning her attention back to the person next to her. "it's actually about your requests and things. You're still new so I thought you may want to join me for awhile, go on some higher ranked jobs and get a bit more experience. Something about you has made me want to keep an eye on you myself as well, so I won't say it's for an entirely unselfish reason. I want to see what you can do." Despite the fact she had phrased it as a question her brown eyes were lit up with a determination that told him that he probably didn't have much of a choice, she had dragged off Natsu and the others before she would more than likely do it to him too. She at least used her bossy nature to a somewhat nice degree, it was a fact that most of the people Erza had taken to train turned out to grow pretty strong within the guild; and quickly too. Though that made one wonder how hard she must have trained them. "So? I'm going to get a job after this cake and you'll come with me...right?" She munched on her cake again smiling, there was some kind of mischief behind that smile though.
  6. Dylan looked at Erza with a shrug when she offered to have him accompany her. "Sure, I'm down. Whenever you're ready to go, let me know." he said casually, putting his arms behind his back and stretching his body out. As the stretch concluded, Dylan let out a massive yawn and blinked a few times. "Uhh... Man, I need to get outside. I think some fresh air will wake me up... You ever get really tired, Erza? I mean like, really tired? Like the "you can't even wake-up" level of being tired?" Dylan asked, looking at her with a inquisitive gaze. "I know as Guild member's we can't really afford to sleep in anymore, but man, I have had those days. I think I'm having one right now, it really sucks. I'm trying to stay awake, but I just feel so... Lazy. GAH! I hate being idle! I wanna help out the Guild... Maybe that's why I wanted to go with you. Well, that and the fact that I need more training, but I think I'm really getting stir-crazy from hanging around here all day."

    It was clear that Dylan was just trying to be friendly and strike up a general conversation, but he almost seemed whiny when speaking about missions. He had no idea what some of the tasks could become, or how dangerous they were right off the bat. The way he formatted the last few sentences was like hearing a kid impatiently complain about waiting for his cartoons. But, he didn't mean to be cocky or impatient. He was just incredibly tired of doing nothing of importance because he was a new recruit.
  7. Erza laughed as she listened to Dylan complain, it was amusing to her, "Well I'm sure coming out with me will be an...interesting experience for you. I have had those days though, even I can get so tired I don't want to get up, those are usually the nights all of us stay at Lucy's...Hmm I wonder if it has to do with the fact I would rather spend time with my friends on those days... Anyway while I finish this off...I'm going to trust you to pick out an A or B ranked mission for us, okay?" The red head smiled as she began to finish off the cake though she did wave a hand at him and laughed a little nervously, "Please Dylan, ignore what I just said, I tend to ramble about odd things sometimes." She was probably referring to the fact she had admitted to being lazy just because she was around people she called friends. That just went to show how she cared for her regular team, no matter how mad she got when they destroyed her cake. After she had said this though the red head placed her head in her hand and...seemed to space out, thinking about something or another, from the forelorn look on her face though it could be guessed that she was thinking about something unpleasant.
  8. Matsuyo looked at Erza with a chuckle when she mentioned the legendary sleepovers at Lucy's. As much as he wanted to say he knew exactly what she was talking about, all Matsuyo had heard about those nights was that it happened every once in a blue moon and everyone seemingly had a great time (until they pissed off Erza). The only other guild-tales he had ever heard about was when the females wound up drinking all of the guild's booze, prompting varied reactions from each (he heard there was something about Lucy purring and Erza demanding that the men kneel, but aside from that he knew next to nothing). However, when Erza's face accidentally slipped into a troubled expression, Matsuyo looked at her and gently tapped her arm. "Hey, Erza? You okay? I hope I didn't bring up a bad memory or something... Still learning the ropes around here, after all."
  9. When Matasuyo tapped her arm Erza blinked and came back to herself, quickly wiping the forelorn look off of her face before narrowing her chocolate eyes at him. "I was merely thinking of a friend I miss dearly, that's all. Hey Matsuyo, didn't I ask you to find a mission for us?" Erza's sweet smile was a little scary, she was actually a little annoyed he hadn't done what she asked, there came the part of her nature that was naturally bossy and she didn't say much more to him, while waiting on him to pick up a mission for them she began stretching and covered her mouth slightly to hide the yawn that had risen up. "Bring the mission outside once you pick it, I need some air and I want to do a few exercises." She called this over to Matsuyo half-way out the door and once outside breathed deeply before beginning a string of exercises to wake herself up.
  10. Matsuyo stared at Erza as she suddenly turned against him, sounding very strict all of a sudden. Quickly jumping up without even so much as a "Yes ma'am", Matsuyo dashed off to the new message-board where the missions were posted. He stared off at the missions for a minute, looking at the selection before him. What should he pick? There were some basic delivery missions, a mission that dealt with examining some kind of sick animal species, but the most interesting one that caught his attention was this mission:

    The Geomancer's Lair (open)
    Rank: S

    Job Requirements: Explore the ruins and uncover their secrets,

    Job Location: The outskirts of Talonia

    Job Description: The City of Talonia has been experiencing a great deal of odd whether, pouring rain one minute, scorching hot weather the next, followed by freezing snow storms. Sightings of strange elemental creatures have been spotted when ever one of the drastic change in the whether occurred. A random scout followed one of the monsters back to an ancient temple that's thousands of years old and goes down miles down into the earths crust. After a long period of instigation the scholars of Talonia have discovered that the shrine was built to appease a powerful god like spirit, and a recent earth quake has shattered it's shine. Now countless elemental beings roam the temple attracted to the forgotten spirit like moths to a flame. Work your way through the depths of of the Geomancer's Lair and appease the gods unrest, to save the town of Talonia.

    Reward: 10,000 Jewels, whatever armour/weapons the Forgotten Spirit may have manifested into reality, and the gratitude of everyone in Talonia. Reward will be given in Talonia once proof of success is provided

    Looking at the job, Matsuyo realized that he was nowhere close to being ready for it... But something in his gut told him to take it. Those people needed help and he was going to see to it personally that they got what they needed. Quickly grabbing a pen, Matsuyo expertly redesigned the words so it would appear to be an A ranked mission, then gave it an extra run-over so it looked like it hadn't been edited. Quickly wrapping it up and sticking it into his pocket, Matsuyo made his way to the guild-building entrance. When he arrived, he was greeted by the sight of Erza's buttocks, as she had been bending over doing a stretch. Quickly turning his head away, Matsuyo cleared his throat and said "I-I've got the mission. We need to investigate a cave on the outskirts of the town of Talonia... Elemental monsters have been showing up and it seems like the town's suffering from severe weather effects as a result. Time to k-knock some heads, r-right?" It was clear that he was a little uncomfortable at that moment.
  11. Erza held out her hand smiling, "Let me see the request, please? I would like to see it myself." She noted that he was obviously uncomfortable but said nothing about it, he was a new recruit after all and had been asked by an S class wizard to accompany her, who wouldn't be nervous? That's what she thought anyway. Upon not beig forthcoming with handing her the job though he would find himself under Erza's hands feeling around before she reached into his pocket and took hold of the paper there. She looked over the job, unaware of its edit and nodded slowly.

    "I see. This is a high ranked A class mission...the reward is minor unless the elemental spirit spawned in some amazing weapons and armor." Thinking about the armor and weapons had Erza smiling broadly, this mission would do nicely to give Matsuyo better weapons, and maybe some armor. "You'll train with me along the way. Since it is an A class mission and you are still fairly new, we need to get you trained up at least a little else I have to do all the work myself." Nodding sagely she pocketed the request and at some point; while he had still been inside, she had gone to get her huge amount of luggage which she began pulling behind her. "Oh dear...I recall we need to ask Mira how long it'll take to get there, walking or otherwise."
  12. Matsuyo nodded at Erza when she spoke about getting information about the mission and its destination, shrugging at her. "We can always just walk... I think Talonia is only a few miles North of here. Besides, I could use the exercise... Did you want me to carry that luggage, by the way? Not that I'm saying you're unable to carry it, but I just figured I'd ask since I'm the new guy and since I like to consider myself a gentleman." said Matsuyo, taking a deep breath as he inhaled the crisp and cool spring air. "Man, I love spring. Things always seem so peaceful when the flowers are in bloom and the animals are coming out of hibernation... Although I really prefer summer, mainly because its so nice out... Not to mention I was born in the summer."
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