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  1. Luna was so Happy to be standing in front the world know guild, she had been trying to get to magnolia for weeks now, the guild was as huge and she thought it would be but now standing in front of the door she had no clue on what to do. she bites on her lip wondering if she should walk in, she reaches out to grab the door handle but stop sacred to walk in, what if they do like her or think she isn't right for this guild or think she's weird, so many things where going her mind at the moment. she told her mother that she will join and help her, she wasn't rich and her mother needed help with her bills
  2. "Shut up Flame Brain!" A blue haired man yelled at a salmon haired young man as they pushed against each other.

    "No, you shut up Ice Princess!" The other young man shouted back.

    Ugh, this was what Gajeel had been putting up with for the past two weeks when he had been forced by Master Makarov to team up with Natsu and Gray to complete a mission that only their magic together could beat. "Why don't you both can it?" He grumbled under his breathe, not wanting to join in on their idiotic banter. In all honesty he was pretty close to turning his hand into a large metal mallet and slamming it against both their heads until they passed out. As they reached the guild the Metal Dragon Slayer pushed past his guild mates when the guild came into view to see that a woman was standing there as he arrived behind her. "Oi, shrimp, are you going in or what? If not then move it."
  3. Luna let out another sigh before getting startled by a booming voice quickly turning around she comes face to face with a chest? well that weird why would...she looks up to have red pricing eyes staring down at her and her whole body turn's white "o.oh I'm sorry mister I didn't mean to be in the way" she said with a shaky voice before stepping to the side. wait was he part of the guild why was that he was tall handsome but also scary to look at. She watched him walk inside with two other people who seem to be fighting as they were walking maybe this time she can walk in now that the door's were open for her, peeking inside the inside was huge too taking a deep breath she stands up tall before walking inside right be hide the three men.
  4. Hmph, at least he still had it in him to scare those who were in his way. Lately Gajeel felt he was getting a bit soft after joining Fairy Tail, though he would still beat the crap out of the idiots who ran around and caused havoc in the hall. Once she was out of the way he strode past her and into the guild, followed by both Natsu and Gray who were continuing to argue.

    "Hey, we're back!" The two yelle din unison then glared at one another and argued about who was the one to say it.

    "That's it I've had it! Fire Dragon's Ro-"

    "Ice Mage: Lanc-"

    Just as Natsu and Gray were preparing their attacks, a fist struck Natsu in the side of the face while a foot struck Gray's stomach and sent the two flying into the furthest wall. "Shut up you idiots!" Gajeel growled as he red eyes looked at the two mages that were now lying on the table. Shaking his head he walked over to the bar and grabbed a mug only to be met by Elfman who spouted something about him not being a man because he launched a sneak attack. "Not my fault if they're too stupid to see it coming." Was Gajeel's only comment as a small figure hopped down from the second floor and struck him on the head before landing on the bar and speaking up.

    "You're one of the reasons why we need some many repairs." Makarov scowled the red-eyed Dragon Slayer before his soon noticed the woman now standing in front of the doors. "Well hello there." He said with a large grin that seemed a little pervy, "Welcome to Fairy Tail, is there something a young ,beautiful, woman like yourself needs?"
  5. Luna was just in shock to see what happen just a moment ago to boys fight than out of nowhere the red eyes man just kicked both there butt's. she jumped when a voice called out to her she stood there to sacred to really come in other because what just happen "H.hello. I...ah..i was wondering Sir if I can join this guild I mean if that's ok I understand if you say no" she said it was clear that she was scared to ask and the being told that she cant but if that was so she can try with the other guild's. this in honest this was her first place to ask and it will other hurt more if she cant join this was her most loved guild she hears so many good story's about this place and how nice the people are but now she isn't so sure after what just happen a moment ago.
  6. Hearing Makarov address someone, Gajeel glanced over with a bored expression to see it was the woman who had been standing outside the doors. So she did have the guts to come in after all. His eyes looked her over for a minute before returning back to his drink and the bar as a plate of scrap metal was deposited in front of him. Without a moment's notice the young man began to eat as the Master of Fairy Tail chuckled softly at the girl's nervousness and shook his head with a large grin.

    "Of course you can join our guild, Fairy Tail is open to everyone!" He stated and all the guild members, excluding Gajeel, Laxus, and the two knocked out mages, cheered in reply with grins of their own. "No need to be nervous, we'd be happy to consider you one of our family members, I am Master Makarov." Feeling she was a little scared he glanced at Gajeel. "Don't worry about the two he hit, they'll be back up in a few minutes. He may not look like it but he's a big softy on the side." That got a snort from the Dragon Slayer in reply. "Now my dear, what is your name and what type of magic do you use?"
  7. Luna smiles turn to a big grin on her face when hearing that she can join the cheer from everyone made her feel so much better, she was so happen to hear that she so badly wanted to run in with her arms open like a kid, but she walks in instead. "I'm so glad I can join this Guild I hear so many good thing's about it in fact this was my first stop I was worry that you may say no and have me look some where else." she said walking over to the Master of the guild he was so small but she was sure that he wasn't weak "I'm Luna Fink Sir and my power's are earth I can control plant's like flower's and I can move the ground under you feet" she said with her hands up and try to seem like she was fearful and scary.
  8. "No, no, no. We would never turn away a friendly face and smile of someone looking for a guild." Makarov replied and several members of the guild nodded their heads in agreement. "We only decline some people when we believe they're joining for evil reasons, or wish to use our name in order to live an easy and carefree life." Upon the mention of what her magic was he nodded. "Earth and being able to control plants, that certainly in unique. Perhaps it might be a Lost Magic." The old man then chuckled at how she was position. "It is nice to meet you, Luna, welcome to your new home and family; Fairy Tail!" Once again the members roared and he gestured towards a white-haired girl that was manning the bar. "That is Mira Strauss, she will give you your guild mark." Then the old man turned slightly to look at the female mage. "Mira, can you give Miss Luna her mark and help her settle in and answer any questions she has?"
  9. Luna smiles sweetly at him before nodding her head she knew that her power's were not like any other, her mother told her she was born on a full blue moon night one that rarely come's around, she claps her hands in happiness "oh thank you so much Master Makarov I promise to never do anything like that" she said grinning with glee before looking over at Mira. "Yes Master and Welcome to Fairy tail Miss Luna" She smiles at her before makes her way around the bar with a weird stamp, that had to be the stamp to say she was part of Fairy tail. she smiles at her before showing where she wanted it which was on her shoulder black on the right side, after getting the stamp she asked a few things like where she get a job/quest and where she can stay. Mira pointed over to the broad where quest where at and as for a place to stay she had to find that out herself. "well ever happy to have another Family manber to join us and I hope you find what you looking for and don't worry about the other's everyone here is nice so you don't have to worry about getting into fight's" Mira said with a help smile and Luna followed but she really wonder about that it seem everyone gets along besides the red haired one and the blue haired one, but than again maybe they just don't like one another but that was ok she didn't mind it now. "Thank you again Mira I'm so happy that I can join"
  10. "No need to thank me and I have a feeling you won't." Master Makarov smiled back at her. This girl seemed like Mira and a few other of heir female members so he felt she would fit in just fine with them and be a big hit with the male ones too. Seeing she was being taken care of, the old man looked over at Gajeel. "Now..Gajeel, come with me."

    As Makarov talked, Natsu and Gray recovered and were once again doing their own thing; though sooner or later they'd like come over to Gajeel and demand a fight. But he might just give one just for the hell of it and also beat some crap into the Salamander and Ice mage. While eating he absentmindedly listened to Elfman as he ranted to another member about how real men only did something, he wasn't really interested to hear the rest. Going back to his scrap metal and drink it was once again interrupted when the Master's voice was directed towards him and he looked over with the blade point of a katana sticking out of his mouth. With a crunch it disappeared into his mouth and the Iron Dragon Slayer swallowed. "Right." Getting up from his seat Gajeel followed the old man a few feet away from the others.

    "So, how did the mission go? Anything to report or any difficulties with the mission?"

    "Unless you want to count Salamander and the Ice mage's stupidity and constant bickering, no, there wasn't any. We put the monster down before it could do anything else." Though they had caused a lot of damage during the battle so there was no doubt Makarov would get some kind of letter about that.
  11. Luna smiles sweetly before kind of looking over to see Makarov and the other guy walk off "Hey Mira who is that guy?" she Asked as she was really sure who most of everyone was "oh him haha that Gajeel the Iron Dragon slayer but don't worry he may look scarey but he really a softy like the Master said" She said with a happy smile on her but Luna well not so much she wasn't really about that but oh well. "oh" she said softly before getting a chill down her back that look he gived her sure didn't say soft " Natsu Gray come over and say hi to the new member!" Mira yell out as she waves over the two boy Luna quickly try to get her not to do that but it didn't woke
  12. "I see, that's good that you three were able to protect that village. I'm sure they're happy for their lands to be safe." Makarov smiled up at the large man as he stood on a table. But since nothing had been said then they didn't succeed with the second half; looking into the sight of a dragon flying over the same place just weeks before. Crossing both arms over his chest, Gajeel simply nodded his head while feeling a pair of eyes on him and searched the room until his red orbs landed on the new girl. What was a girl like her doing in a magic guild? Turning his attention back to the master he shook his head. "As for the dragon sighting we didn't find any trace."

    Hearing their names called, the two mages looked over at Mira curiously before walking over. Arriving Natsu looked at Mira and then Luna. "Hey, I'm Natsu."

    "And I'm Gray." Though now he was only wearing his boxers and hadn't seemed to notice that yet.
  13. Luna smiled shyly at the two before giving them a short wave "I'm Luna" she said sweetly before really noticing that Gray was in his boxer and that made her blush madly as she had to look away shyly "Gray your naked again" Cane said from the bar as she takes a drink of her, Luna glances back before between her finger's seeing as she was hiding behind them.
  14. "Nice to meet you, Luna." Natsu toothily grinned, "Welcome to Fairy Tail, you're a part of our family now." The Fire slayer then broadly stated and thumped a fist on his chest. That was until he heard Cana's voice and looked over at Gray. "Hey, Ice Queen, why is it every time we get a new member you strip? You exhibitionist." The salmon haired boy said.

    "Good to meet you." Gray then added with a smile, that was until he heard Cana and looked down and sighed. "Again?" Then he looked over at Natsu agitatedly as a brow twitched. "Shut it flame brain, it's not like I can help it." He retorted and started pulling on his clothes.

    Before Natsu could retort someone arrived behind them and hit both of them on the head. "Can it you idiots." Gajeel told them coldly while eyeing them with his crimson glare before turning his gaze to rest on her. "So you did join shrimp. I surprised, it looked like you were about to wet yourself just from looking at the doors." He smirked with his usual laugh. "Gihihi."
  15. She smiles at the both of them before kind of laugh they fight like married people. "thank you" she mutter before being kind of taken back by when Gajeel hot them in the back of the head. she feels so small when he was near which was weird seeing as she only seem him for the first time. she looks down when he called her shrimp but that last part really made her feel small like a kid "you cant blame me.....this is my first time joining a Guild you know... beside who are you to make fun of my you bully" she said with a slight glare as she stand's up to him at first she may have sacred of him and seem like she cant take care of herself until she sudden had a shot of courage but in all honesty she was intimidated by him
  16. Natsu and Gray both grumbled and the Fire slayer was about to pipe up and shout at Gajeel, likely to challenge him to a fight before he was dragged away with Gray. The person taking them away, Erza Scarlet likely to scold them and cause some physical pain for the damages she thought they likely caused. Not noticing their absence Gajeel arched a brow and took a step forward while leaning towards Luna; his piercing red eyes new leaving her. "A Greenhorn huh?" He teased and when she glared he snickers and raised himself back up to his full height. "What's that, feeling spunky now that you're in a guild are we? Gihihi." Then he took a few steps closer so eh was towering and looking down at her. "Big talk for someone so little."
  17. She didn't back down she wasn't he need to be nicer and well she didn't have to be mean and pick fight's with him but she knew if she didn't hold her own he was going to pick on her more but than again. "yeah that's right what if I am? what are you going to do about it bolt head?" she said placing her hands on her hip and look up with a glare she hears a few people going 'ohhh' as the only person who goes up against him was Natsu, but she was really sacred of this guy after all who wouldn't the way he hold's himself and his eyes she just cant stop getting scared over than she never seem anyone with red eyes like his before.
  18. Gihihi. This chick was really something, despite her nervousness and obvious fear she was actually standing up to him. It was impressive and he could also see the fire in her eyes as she even met his and wouldn't back down to his intimidation. That was something he could respect. Raising his hand many of the members gasped, thinking he was going to strike her or do worse and were surprised when he did something completely knew. Gajeel started laughing and patting Luna on the top of her head. "For a shrimp you're pretty feisty, seems you'll fit in fine squirt." Then the Iron Dragon withdrew his hand and turned away. "I'd watch yourself though, if I was like my old self I would have broken every bone in your body and then hung you up for everyone to see." With that and a smirk he walked away.
  19. She stood her grounds when he lifted his hand to she thought with along with everyone else that he was going to hit her but not he patted her head. she relaxes only for a moment as she was taken back by this, but that change when he said the last part, when he walked away. She stood there ever thought she was brave until she started shaking like she was cold as she turn around with a fearful look on her face nearly everyone had a sweat drop over there head's at how she was now "that was scary" she said she was glad that he was out of ear shoot to hear her say that.

    She soon stood there after that moment as she tries to the his name trough her mind she heard his name somewhere but she can seem to place her finger of it, but than it hits her hard as she has this Shocked look on her face now she knew his name after she thought about it, He was Gajeel the Iron Dragon slayer from the guild of phantom lord's there was a huge story about them going up against Fairy tail. she looks over her should with this fear-ish look on her face as her eyes look over at him.
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  20. Leaving the guild Gajeel yawned and glanced at the horizon before he started walking again. Since there was nothing else to do right now he'd probably walk around town and see what the vendors were selling. Maybe he could find some rare and tasty scrap metal for him to chow down on during a mission or free time. Meanwhile, back at the guild, some of the other mages sighed at what she said. "That's nothing, you should have saw him back then. He was like some kind of beast when we fought him and he'd actually do it to. He even hung Levy and her team on a tree after beating them."